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A First Time for Everything

I was young and hadn't even had my first orgasm yet. Hell, I didn't even know what masturbation was... I mean I was getting erections and liked rubbing them, but when the feeling got too intense I would stop because I wasn't sure what was happening. I had already discovered that I liked girls, and that they caused many of my erections... but this is before I found my dad's porn collection, so my experience was next to nothing.

Then one of the greatest days of my life happened. My mom and dad went to visit an aunt of mine, and left me with our neighbor.. who was also my mom's best friend. We lived in a great neighborhood, so all the neighbors were close. Anyway she had husband who traveled extensively, and a son that was a couple of years younger than me... but we all hung out together in one big group. Well we had been out playing baseball all day, so when we got home, we were filthy.

Vicki (not her real name) stopped us at the door and made us strip to our underwear so she could throw our clothes in the wash. I felt a little embarrassed because she was a few years younger than my mom, and absolutely beautiful in a Greek way... and as I said, I was getting erections quite often by this time. But I did as I was told and then she sent her son to one bathroom, and told me I could use her master bath.

I made my way to her bathroom and found she had a big tub, but no shower. So I drew a bath and climbed in. After I washed off I got out of the tub and was getting ready to dry off. Then suddenly the door opened and in walked Vicki... without even knocking. Now I was young, just barely sprouting some pubic hair and getting a deeper voice, but old enough to be embarrassed that a woman other than my mom was seeing me naked. So I quickly held the towel in front of me, hiding my young cock and balls from her sight.

She just casually walked in and said, "I wanted to put your underwear in the wash with your other clothes." When she noticed I hadn't dried of yet, she stepped to me and said, "You're dripping all over the floor, and you're going to freeze... I'll dry you off."

I didn't know what to do, so I just gave her the towel. But I was a little surprised when she went over and closed the door before coming back to where I was standing. She told me her son was wrapped up in a robe on the couch in the game room watching TV and eating a snack, so she could take her time.

She stood behind me and started drying my hair, and then she started doing my back before kneeling down and drying the backs of my legs. As she did, she moved the towel up and it brushed against my balls from behind. Then she slid the towel between my tight butt cheeks and dried my puckered little anus, and that was when it happened... my dick began to inflate.

I was mortified, and told her that I could finish. But she said she didn't mind, and then told me to turn around. I paused for a moment, hoping my erection would magically disappear, but it didn't... so when I turned around she was about eye level with my hard penis. Since I was still pretty young, it was only about 4-4.5" long... but at that age your penis is never harder, and mine was like a steel rod.

Vicki didn't say anything at first, merely drying my chest and arms, and then bypassing my obvious erection and moving right to my legs. But just when I thought no mention was going to be made of my condition, she began drying my penis and said, "Johnny's just starting to get these now, but he's not old enough to know how to make them go down." And then without warning, she dropped the towel and wrapped her bare hand around my cock.

She must have felt my whole body shudder, because she said, "You do know how to relieve this... don't you?" All I did was shake my head... and it seemed the knowledge that I had never masturbated caused her to turn a deep red. Then in a shaky voice she said, "If I show you how, you'll really like it... but it has to be our secret, Ok?"

I didn't say anything because the truth was her soft hand holding my prick was the best thing I had ever felt... so I just nodded. With that she had me sit down on the closed toilet seat (which had a soft furry seat cover on it... it was the 70's) and then she knelt in front of me. Then she said, "Now you just sit back and relax, and let whatever happens happen." And with that she began stroking my cock.

My whole spine shivered as she stroked me up and down. Here was this beautiful 30-something woman doing something to me that seemed like a dream. She looked up into my eyes and asked, "Does it feel good?"

I just nodded and groaned as I felt a tightness starting to build right behind my young balls. Vicki could see I was breathing faster, and asked, "Can you feel anything happening?"

Not knowing exactly how to describe it, I just said, "I'm starting to get a cramp down there... but it's a really good cramp"

Vicki just smiled and said, "That's because you're getting ready ejaculate... which means you're going to shoot your sperm."

Now I did know that sperm was the stuff that made babies, but being raised a catholic, I thought that you had to be married, and wasn't certain how the exchange between the husband and wife happened.

Now Vicki started moving her hand faster and the cramp was getting worse... or better depending on your point of view. I also noticed that she was getting a strained look on her face, and she seemed to be moving her hips in a circular motion. It wasn't until I learned more about the female body that I realized that she was masturbating by grinding her clit against her heel.

Now the pressure at the base of my dick was building to an unbelievable level, and when Vicky felt me starting to swell even more, she leaned forward, and to my shock, took my entire rock hard erection into her mouth.

"Ahhhh," I gasped as the most amazing feeling encased my bloated cock... it was warm, wet, soft, velvety... and something I had not yet even fantasized about. Then she began slowly bobbing her mouth up and down on my shaft just as she had done with her hand.

Now there was no doubt something was happening deep in my groin... and this new sensation made it feel like the base of my hard young prick was going to explode. Vicki must have sensed I was getting close too because she took me out of her mouth long enough to say, "No matter what you feel, don't worry... just let it happen," and then she sucked me back into her mouth and began moving her head up and down even faster.

Now I could feel her humping her hips up and down as she sucked me, grinding her cunt against her heel even harder... and at the same time she was starting to groan deep in her throat, causing her mouth to vibrate around my cock.

Just then something started happening. Vicki felt it too because she started sucking me faster and swirling her tongue around my sensitive cock head. My ears actually started ringing, and the muscles in my belly, thighs and groin began to tighten like guitar strings, and as I started saying, "Something's going to... Oh jeez... what's happenniinggg," I felt every muscle in my deep in my groin and at the base of my cock start to wildly convulse.

"ARRRRGGGHHH," I cried out as white flashes exploded before my eyes. I could feel the base of my cock turn into a pump factory... with each involuntary muscle contraction pumping something from deep inside my groin, up through my shaft, and into Vicki's waiting mouth. No words could describe the incredible pleasure I felt with each orgasmic spasm... I was cumming in waves.

I grunted and groaned with each powerful spasm, and after four of five spurts, Vicki lifted her mouth from my spewing penis and swallowed hard, gulping a mouthful of something down her throat. Then she leaned back gasping as her hand continued to stroke me, and her hips started grinding down harder on her foot. My cock was still twitching, and a milky white liquid was still drooling from the tip. I knew that must have been sperm, and what Vicki was doing made it come out.

I looked at her face as my orgasm started to wane. Her head was back and her eyes were closed tightly... and I could see some of my cum still on her lips, telling me she had swallowed the rest. Suddenly she placed one hand on my thigh to brace herself while the other continued to milk me, and then she let out a deep groan as her whole body shook.

"Uhh... Uhh... Uhh..." she repeatedly grunted as she kept grinding down on her foot. I didn't realize it at the moment, but I was witnessing Vicki having an orgasm.

Finally her body relaxed... and the twitching behind my balls stopped. She opened her eyes and looked at my cock, now covered with the remainder of the cum she hadn't sucked out of me. Without saying a word she leaned forward and took my still-erect penis into her mouth, and sucked the rest of my spunk from the head and shaft before swallowing.

Once she had caught her breath, she stood up and walked on shaky legs and got me a robe. The she looked at me and said again... "You must promise me you will never tell anyone about this... ever."

And until today... I never did.


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