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Turning into a whore... for the second time

It was a week since I had my first encounter in the sex cinema. The seven days flew by rather quickly, although I couldn't get the the whole thing off my mind. I loved being treated as a whore, as property of this stranger with a magnificent cock. And I was supposed to meet him... today.

There was no point k**ding myself that I didn't want to go. In some moments, I was trying to deny my new identity, but another part of me just wanted to go there and be used. That part was a lot stronger. That was the reason I was standing in the hallway of the cinema, waiting for my dark stranger to appear. And I didn't wait too long. When he appeared, he smiled and I immediately kneeled. I was fascinated by my Master – within seconds, I felt completely drawn to him, losing my free will.
“Hello, bitch,”
“Good evening, Sir.”
“Have you missed me?” he asked, taking out his already semi-hard cock.
“Yes, Sir.”
“Show me how much you missed me.”
I kissed the head of his beautiful rod and gently licked the whole length, before giving his freshly shaved balls another kiss.
“How many dicks have you sucked before, slut?”
“Just yours, Master.”
“I thought so. You are a talented cocksucker, but you evidently didn't get a lot of practice. And the cock of your master demands what?”
“My Master's cock deserves the best blowjob in the universe.”
“Exactly. You need to swallow a lot of cocks before you're worthy to suck mine. Now strip, whore.”
I obeyed immediately, as I already lost any feelings of shame. Master reached into his bag and took out a pair of black stockings.
“A gift gor you. Put them on, I want you to be a pretty bitch.”
“Thank you, Master.”
“These are yours now. I want you to buy yourself some matching panties, bra and high-heels. You are to dress like a real slut for every meeting with your Master.”
“Yes, Master,” I nodded as I put on those stockings.
“You look perfect,” he laughed. “Today, it's training day. We'll go to the biggest room.”
“What should I do, Master?”
“It's easy. Just crawl around on all fours and politely ask other men, if they'd like a free blowjob from a little whore. Explain to them that you need practice, since you are obsessed with cock. Of course, swallow every drop of cum and let everyone have fun with your body. You are not allowed to jack off and you are not allowed to get your dick sucked. You may use your hands, but remember, you are here to suck cock, not to give handjobs.”
“Of course, Master. I'll do everything you say.”
“Oh, and be polite. These are men and you're just a bitch that can only dream of becoming one. Sucking real mens' cocks is a privilege for you. Show them some respect. Give them the freedom to use you as they want. Except for one thing – you haven't yet earned it to get fucked in the ass, so that is not an option. Now get inside. I'll be watching you.”

I crawled into the room and was immediately noticed by all the men in there. They shifted their attention from a big-titted blonde on the screen and looked at the naked thing, crawling into the front. I couldn't tell, but I'd guess there were about eight other men inside. My Master walked in and sat in the back. I knew that I was watched now. I got to the first row of seats, where a man, clearly older than 50 years, was sitting. My mind was set so firmly on being a slut that I didn't even think about his build or anything. There was just one thing that interested me.
“Hello, Sir, sorry for interrupting, but I would be glad if I could suck your cock,” I broke the silence, speaking loud and clear, so that everyone could hear me.
“I would like to suck your cock, Sir. It's free and you can cum in my mouth.”
“I... no, sorry,” he replied, looking really confused.
“If you change your mind, my mouth is here for you to use.”
I proceeded to crawl on to the second row, when I saw another man, signaling for me to come over. I came closer.

“Well, what do we have here. A pretty slut,” he laughed.
“Thank you, Sir. Would you like a blowjob?”
His thick cock was already out, so he just pointed at it. Without hesitation, I swallowed it and took it deep into my mouth. I used my hands to play with his balls. For some reason, it tasted almost as gorgeous as my Masters' tool. I thought Master would appreciate my enthusiasm, so I sucked even more vigorously, tapping the tip of the cock with my tongue. And I guess that was exactly what I had to do as the man grabbed me by the head and with a silent gasp, he pumped his load. It was a lot of salty, but tasty cum and I couldn't swallow it all. The man pushed me away immediately and without a single word...

...and right into a group of three guys, apparently waiting for me to finish. Still tasting the hard cock I just sucked off, another one was rammed right down my throat. Then it was replaced with another... and another. After swallowing three more loads, I stopped caring about whose cock I was sucking and how big it was. I just wanted to suck some more, eat more cum, be an even better whore and please my Master. Between an exchange of hard cocks in my mouth, I saw him at the entrance, observing my skills. He looked slightly disappointed, so I tried to deepthroat the cock I had in my mouth. Surprisingly, it belonged to the man that first declined my offer.
“Hold it, bitch!” he yelled as I gagged on it.
I was running out of breath, but he pulled out in time, only to slap my face and f***e it back inside.
“You like that, don't you?”
“Yes, Sir, may I have more?”
“You can have my cum, but you have to beg for it.”
“Good Sir, please, may I swallow every drop of your cum? Your cock is gorgeous … please... cum right into my whore-mouth.”
He put his cock back inside and after a few seconds of sucking, I could feel the pulses before the dick erupted right inside my mouth and prepared, I swallowed and swallowed.
“Thank you, Sir, it tastes wonderful,” I said.
He just laughed and put his cock back inside his pants. I wanted to ask for more, but my Master pulled my hair and half-dragged me out, into the bathroom, for me to clean up. I couldn't even thank the men for giving their dicks to me.

Then, I knelt before my Master again. Emotionless, he told my the judgement:
„I am not impressed, bitch. You'll need a lot of training before you're good enough to suck me off. However, I like your enthusiasm.“
„Thank you, Sir.“
“As a reward, you can lick my asshole and give me a handjob.”
As quickly as possible, I was kneeling behind my Master, licking his gorgeous ass and carefully jerking him off. I couldn't believe how hard and thick his dick was. It felt so good when his body trembled and a big load of cum splattered over the bathroom floor. He immediately put his pants back on. Then, he took out a notebook and a pen from his jacket.

“You're still a stupid slut. Buy an outfit suitable for that position. Write down your phone number and e-mail address, so I can give you orders. Oh, and don't even think about jerking off, or even touching that pathetic little cock of yours. I can sense that... and if you disobey, you'll be punished. And you don't want that, now do you?”
“No, Sir.”
“Thought so. When I'm gone, lick up all of my cum and go home. And think about our next meeting.”
“Yes, Sir. Goodbye, Sir.”
He turned around at the door.
“I might fuck your ass next time.”
Those words echoed through my slutty mind as I licked his cum off the floor.

(NOTE: Sorry it took so long to write this. Suggestions and comments are more than welcome. Feel free to check out part one.)

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