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Written to me 4

I arrange to meet you to take you shopping, I buy you whatever you want. we buy shoes, lingerie, clothes, anything that takes your fancy, We joke and flirt in all the shops as though we have been together forever, you try things on and then parade in front of me in the shops, I buy you what you want and soon we have more bags than we can carry. We head back to my hotel with all the bags and head up to the room. We enter, i put the bags down, and before I know it you are in front of me, dropping to you knees and taking out my long have I dreamt of this moment. You take you time. using your mouth and both hands sucking me like the pro you are. i grab the back of your head forcing my cock as deep as you can take it.. Before long - I've been hard most of the day watching you, my cock twitches and fills you mouth with cum, like the good girl you are, you swallow it down. licking your lips and sucking me dry. Looking up smiling at me you ' show time' stand up, gather up the bags and head to the bathroom. I pull out a chair and get my camera ready. Your try on all the clothes we have bought, coming out each time strutting your perfect arse, pushing out your big tits, pouting, smiling and teasing. Your size 8 body perfect in all the clothes we have chosen and you pose for more and more photos. When you are down to your final outfit, you tell me to put away the camera because it is time for a private show..

You are wearing purple suede studded ankle boots. Matching yellow thong and push up bra. On top of that you are wearing a really short, tight silver and shiny dress. Your arse is barely covered by the tiny dress, your tits are bursting out of the top of the dress and your straps are showing. The perfect picture of a slutty bimbo. Knowing that there was a big chance this moment was coming your have prepared some music on your ipod and take it out and put it in the ipod dock in the room. Standing in front of me, you begin grinding and dancing to the music, putting on a slutty lap dance for me, pushing your tits in my face, not letting me touch you, pushing you pussy on my cock, now hard again through my jeans. Slowly you begin to strip until you stand before me, wearing just the boots, your bare pussy dripping as you finger it for me. I can take it no more and stand up and pick you up. You wrap you legs around me and for the first time we kiss, I explore your mouth, tasting you for the first time. The smell of perfume fills the air and I am completely intoxicated by you and everything about you. You rip open my shirt and take it off me, I can feel your tits pushing against me. I walk to the bed, throw you down and undo my jeans, you lie back, knowing what is coming, a smile on your face, your legs spread, I kneel and push my tongue in your sweet teen bald pussy, licking your clit tasting your sex, you are so wet from the build up from the day. You grab my hair and pull me up to your mouth. We kiss againa nd you can taste your own pussy juice as my cock rests against your bald cunt. With one swift movement I thrust my cock inside you, filling you completely, you gasp and grab my ass, digging you nails into me flesh pulling me even deeper inside of you. My pelvic bones rubs your clit and in no time your are moaning and telling me to fuck you harder. I grab your hands, push myself up and begin to thrust in and out of you, faster and faster until you are calling my name and screaming that you are cumming. I feel your body writhe and spasm underneath me as your orgasm takes over you. I enjoy seeing you face as your orgasm keeps cumming. I pull out of you, turn you over, grab your tits and fuck you even harder and faster from behind until with one final thrust I lift you off the bed and come deep and hard inside of you.....................................

We collapse on the bed breathing hard from the fuck we have just shared that has been months in the making. But the night is not over yet, time to get ready to show you off. You disappear off to the shower and I ring down for champagne to get us going again.

As you come out of the shower I greet you with a glass of champagne and then sit back to watch you get ready. I enjoy watching you dry yourself, your hair, applying you make up, all the whilst drinking back you champagne. you sit naked as you do it and it takes me all my time not to grab you and take you back to bed, but I am also desperate to show you off. You dress in a pair of patent red platform heels we bought, some tight black leggings.. You have no thong on, the leggings are practically see through and your ass in on full show You put on a push up bra to show off your tits and cover it with a see through crop top, ensuring that your tits, like your arse, is on full show. As you finish your champagne I quickly shower and dress and then we head down to grab a taxi to a club. Everywhere we go you are the centre of attention attracting looks and whispered comments from jealous girls and admiring boys. I have booked us a VIP booth and we don't need to wait at the queue, straight in and shown to our table like the slutty princess you think you are. The place is jumping and as the drinks flow we dance, you grindin and putting on a real performance on the dance floor and podiums, loving the way you look and feel, enjoying the attention. We are all over each over, touching feeling kissing all night. I'm surprised we haven't dropped to the floor in the middle of the dance floor and fucked in front of everyone, it feels like we are alone and no-one else is around us. Its getting late and we are both getting really d***k, so we grab a taxi and head back to the hotel room. I practically have to carry you to the taxi and up to the room, you can barely stagger on your heels let alone walk. I lift you in to the room and lie you back on the bed. I lie next you and with the last bit of energy you have you stand remove your shoes and leggings and straddle me. You push your bald orange pussy in my face and I take my time licking every inch of your clit and pussy and also teasing your ass with my tongue You remove your bra to play with your tits and move back down my body. you undo my belt and release my cock. You spread your legs and sit on my cock and begin to ride me like a porn star. Flicking you hair, playing with your tits, grinding you clit, fucking me to your rhythm. You control the fuck and tease me when you feel be cumming, lifting off and then sliding back down until finally you feel me cumming, I buck under you and push you high in the air as yet another load of cum fills you pussy. You collapse next to me and kiss me before we both pass out d***k and exhausted........................

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