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My Friends Hot Granny

When my friend reached 21 he had a big f****y party.As i had known him and his f****y for a long time i had been invited.He had a fairly big house so it was held at home.It was a great night with lots of good food,drink and a disco playing top tunes to please all ages.As the night wore on i saw his gran sitting on her own and asked her up to dance.Although she was 62 she could have easily passed for someone 20 years younger.She was dressed in a short skirt,that enabled her to show off her fine legs and a nice white blouse that emphasised the curves of her still firm breasts.After dancing for a while they started playing slow tunes.As i went to sit down she said she wanted to carry on.I was now hoping that she didn't notice my by now stiffening cock.She slipped her hands around my waist and nestled her head in my neck.As we danced slowly around she whispered in my ear

'My you have grown into a big boy'.

I hoped she was refering to my height but after she said this she grabbed my butt forcing me closer too her.

'A very big boy indeed'.

By now i needed some air and went outside.I sat down in a quiet corner of the garden.She came out and sat next to me.She apologised if she had embarrassed me and i said

'Thats okay.It's just a bit weird having my friends gran talk like that'.

'Well it is true what i said.And you were obviously turned on'.

In a slightly embarrased voice i said

'..i was but it didn't seem right'.

'Why?.We are both adults.And i am flattered that a much younger man could still find me attractive'.

At this she leant over and kissed me.This turned me on even more and i knew that i wanted more.She must have felt the same as she took me by the hand and lead me further down the garden to a summer house.When we got in there she said just to relax and go with the flow.

'I want you as much as i think you want me'.

With this she kissed me hard again and her hands explored my body.She worked her way round to my by now very stiff cock and said

'I think we need to take this in hand first'.

She unzipped my trousers and freeing my cock from my pants gasped as she saw how big it was.She told me to sit down on the chair and knealt before me,licking the tip of my cock before taking my cock deep in her throat.She proceeded to suck enthusiastically on it as if she hadn't enjoyed this in years.After a while i told her to lay on the sofa in the summer house as it

'..Was my turn to pleasure her'.

I removed her by now very wet panties and,putting my head between her legs,i began to flick her clit with my tongue.This cause her to moan softly and i proceeded to slip a finger into her moist pussy.I carried on licking her clit as i built up a rhythm with my finger.Before long she was having her first climax and she came all over my finger.When she had finished climaxing i buried my head between her legs again and poked my tongue into her wet pussy licking her hard and fast.

'Oh god.Thats beautiful.Its's been years since i enjoyed anything like this'.

As i continued to lick her pussy with my tongue she pushed my head deeper into her.She began to writhe as another orgasm washed over her.She gripped my head with her legs as the orgasm continued and my face was being soaked in her pussy juices.When the orgasm finally stopped she said to me

'Would you make love to me now.I really need to have sex right now.It's been years since i had a man and i need to feel you inside me right now'

I said

'I would love to.You are an incredibly sexy woman.And it would be a pleasure to satisfy you'.

I pulled her to the edge of the sofa and pushed my cock against her pussy before easing it in.She gasped as i fed my cock ever deeper.She wrapped her legs around me and said

'God that feels good.It is so long since i had a man inside me.And you are definitely all man'.

I proceeded to build up a steady rhythm as i pounded my cock into her pussy.At first it was tight but it soon loosened up and she was soon taking all of my cock deep inside her pussy.As i began to fuck her harder and faster i could feel my cock beginning to get even bigger.I sensed i was about to come and she said

'I don't want you to come yet'.

She told me to pull out and said for me to sit on the chair in the corner.I sat on there and she came over and straddled the chair,grabbing my cock and easing it back into her soaking wet pussy.Her large firm breasts were now right in my face and i reached for them as she began to ride up and down on my cock.I unbuttoned her blouse and released her breasts from her bra.I took them in my hands and began to lick her hard nipples before sucking on them.This seemed to turn her on as she began to buck wildly on me.

'Oh god that's good.God i am ready to come.I hope you are.I want us to come together'.

I had reached that point a couple of times so when she shouted out

'Oh god.This is it.I'm coming'.

I held back no longer and let the full f***e of my cock explode.I shot my young come deep inside her.As we came together i could not believe how powerfull a sensation it was.

'Fuck thats good'.i said.

'You naughty boy.Talking like that in front of an old lady'.

'A naughty old lady who has just been fucked by her grandsons best friend'.

At that we both collapsed in a fit of giggles.She leant over and kissed me passionately and i got the feeling she wanted more.

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