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Gone to the mountains for a vacation with some friends. We had a two bedroom condo with the most beautiful view. There was my female friend Kristy and the other couple, Steve and Megan. Kristy's parents spent two nights with us. So I gave them our room, nothing with them being my friends parents. More of how sl**ping on the pull out sucks, plus Kristie's mom is extremely hot for 62 years old grandma. Plus I want to smell her moms sent in my bed mmmmmmmm. She has this sweet smell without using any perfume.

That first night we all were getting cleaned up and ready for bed. I had on loose cotton shorts with a wife beater. Kristy with natural big titties and a ass to die for. She was wearing tight tank top trying to hold her large nipples with butty short panties showing off her tasty camel toe and an ass that would not stop. Steve has this large muscular body. He had a pair of weight lifting shorts that hug his package very nicely and showed that hard ass and a loose t'shirt. Megan had a nipple T with her cute little cheeks peeking out of silk boxers. A nipple T is a tank top that is cut off just at the nipples. Kristy dad had pj bottoms and a hairy strong chest. Her sexy mom had this silk purple teddy that laid just midway on her sexy thighs. Her large full ass pulled the teddy up her thighs as she walk. I could not take my eyes off of her. Every move she made I was watching, and it was obvious to all, BUT I didn't care.

I was on the balcony watching the heat lighting across the mountains, awesome site. Steve joined me for the night light show. We got to talking about Kristy's mom hot sexy body. The more we talked the more I was getting aroused and noticed Steve's tightly warped package was getting pretty swollen. The head of my cock was sneaking out of my loose cotton shorts and Steve said shit Megan is asl**p and I can't get a bj until morning. I just laughed at him. He then said being I can't get a bj from Megan how about I give you one? All I did was spread my legs and he swallowed my cock in one gulp. Licking my balls and sucking my hard cock felt so good. I busted a big nut all over his face. He stood up against the rail and I leaned forward and rubbed his package. Freeing his LARGE cock and swollen balls. I ran my tongue up and down his long thick shafted. Twisting my tongue around his helmet as I take ever inch of his cock. He grabs the back of my head and rams his cock deep in and out of my throat. Not once did I choke on his meat. I took every drop of his cum down my throat.

The next night after dinner I was in the bathroom flossing my teeth. Kristy's mom came into the bedroom talking to her husband in the living room. Then she closed the door and I heard the door lock. As I stood there cleaning my teeth she started to undress. I don't think she knows that I'm in the bathroom. I stand there watching her in the mirror. She stands there fully naked giving me a beautiful side profile of her tall slender body. She starts to put on g'string panties. It runs through my head this is my opportunity to make a move on her. So I walk out of the bathroom as I didn't know she was there. She jumped out of her skin but did not cover any of her body. Nor did she say a word to me. My cock was instantly hard and she noticed it. I took a step back and stumbled over the corner of the bed. As I fell back onto the bed Kristy's mom jumped on top of me like a hungry cougar. Putting her sweet smelling pussy in my face. WOW...... this was so awesome having my female friends mom sit on my face. She arched her back and thrashed her hips across my face. I didn't care to take a breath or not, I just wanted to please this awesome woman. She grabs the pillow and covers her face as her sweet smelling pussy floods my face with cum. She then turns around and 69's me. Slapping my cock, pulling my balls and folds my legs back exposing my ass. She then runs her tongue across my taint and into my hole while her lushes tits cup my cock. HOLY SHIT she just became my new dirty girl. As I eat her sloppy pussy and feeling her rock hard nipples rub my stomach I blow a major load of cum on her titties. She thin raises up and her ass is on my forehead and pussy in my face and cums again. Kristy's mom is a freak she is licking my cum off her tits and gives me a snow ball. It was so hot for a grandmom to fuck my face and drain my cock. She tells me to just lay there and watch as she gets dressed. Rubbing my cum into her skin like body lotion. She gets dressed and walks out of the bedroom. I jump up and go back into the bathroom and get dressed. I keep smelling her sweet pussy sent in my goat't. Waiting as long as I can before I walk out. So I do and who is sitting there and watching me Kristy's dad. He is a very large bear and I feel like 10 foot tall walking pass him with his wife's cum on my face. BOY oh BOY did I get a look from him.

The next morning I wake up to Kristy riding my cock and rubbing her large natural titties in my face. DAM.... I thinking to myself I had a blow job from a male friend, grandmom's pussy juice on my face amd my female friends pussy on my cock. This vacation is turning out to be the best EVER.

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