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The road to lesbianism, my first taste of the swee

This is a true story

I had been crazy about guys my whole life. But after my first love James went away to college I was devastated. I tried having sex with other guys, but I just couldn't get into it. It wasn't appealing to me anymore.

So my cousin Kiki, who is a lesbian, suggested that I get with a girl. Having the mind of a hetero I was grossed out by the thought. I told myself I would try one more guy, and if I didn't get off I would try it. So I had sex with this guy named Josea, who had a 13 inch dick. I thought it was going to be the best of my life, and it was horrible. Deciding that I had nothing to loose I took Kiki up on her offer to set me up with one of her lesbian friends.

I had to grow huge balls to even get dressed and show up to meet this lesbian woman. I had talked to her on the phone, I told her that I was wearing a hot pink dress and glittery heels. I sat there, waiting at the table she had reserved for us. Looking lonely as fuck when I heard her voice. I turned to be greeted by a beautiful face and a seemingly nice body, disguised in grotesque clothes. Her name was Maricruz. She wore a red Coogi shirt with matching Coogi jeans and red and black Nike classics. Her hair was braided in long cornrows down her back and she had the most beautiful bright green eyes. I could tell it was her real hair, I couldn't help but think about how much prettier she would be if she took the braids out and straightened it. She looked like man. In every sense of the word, she looked like a man. She also looked alot older than me. Being 16 at the time, that made me feel a little uneasy.

Although she wasn't the easiest on the eyes, she was a very smooth talker. She was funny, and she seemed to never run out of conversation. I was enjoying her company. A little more than I thought I should've been. 2 hours later I was she was picking up the check like a true gentleman, and we made our way to our cars. She suggested that I follow her to her place.

After we got there she offered me a drink. Vodka, which was what I wanted at the restaurant, but couldn't have because I was too young. The drinks kept coming, and I was slowly letting go of my inhibitions. I think that was her plan. She kissed me suddenly. It caught me by surprise but the excitement of it was electrifying. She kissed me again and I instantly felt myself getting wet. My panties were soaked in less than 3 minutes. I felt like I was about to cum just by kissing her.

She unzipped my dress, and slid it down my shoulders exposing my tits. She took my nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard. She gently nibbled on it while she massaged my other breast. I felt shocks go through my entire body as she pulled the dress completely off. Knowing the real reason of our meeting I hadn't worn any panties. She kissed her way down my stomach to the top of my pussy. She teased my as she kissed my inner thighs. I was about to tell he to stop teasing me when she took my whole clit in her mouth. She licked and sucked my clit. She slid 2 fingers inside me. I was loving is when she touched a spot inside me. I didn't know what it was but it felt amazing. She told me she was hitting my G-spot. I had heard of it but I never found it. I felt a little embarrassed that my inexperience was so noticeable. She kept hitting my G-spot as she sucked my clit. I was about to cum for the first time with a woman. Her fingers were so deep inside me and she told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I grabbed at the air as an orgasm flooded over my body. I screamed so loud i'm sure the whole complex heard me.

Sweaty and out of breath I sat up and told her how great that was. She came up and kissed my face as she told me "Next time it'll be your turn." I got dressed and headed to my car. As I drove home I knew my life was changed forever. I was a lesbian, or bisexual at the least. That night changed everything.

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