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Ethereal Muff; First-time with a couple on a remot

She follows me down a winding trail through the fir, cedar and spruce forest to the shoreline of Georgian Bay. Waves gently lap against the shoreline of smooth, multi-colored pebbles, the air is heavy with the sweet scent of the surrounding forest, and the surface of the water is bright with countless tiny reflected beams of the sun as if there is a gigantic disco ball in the sky casting its sparkling radiance across the water to the edge of the horizon. Jennifer, my wife, happily wanders over the smooth stones and feels the water. Watching her joyful, sprite-like movements and peering into the luminous, translucent water as if it is a medium to determine the future, I sense that Jennifer and I are on the verge of something momentous that will either make or break our fracturing relationship.

Whatever form the day assumes, I feel it is to be effervescent with new life and liberating for Jennifer and myself. It is sure to involve this beautiful location on the Bay and the intriguing couple we met last night. If my feelings amount to a daydream, then it is one to aspire to.

Georgian Bay is a short distance by trail from our cottage on Gillies Lake, yet it feels like a world away. The trail weaves for about a half mile through the boreal forest where black-throated green warblers sing, and down a two hundred foot escarpment of limestone, to the shore. The scenic view from the shore, and the peacefulness found here, causes Jennifer and I to suspect we’ve gone through a portal to splendor, serenity and happiness, and are now walking in a dream.

Jennifer and I look into each other’s indigo eyes and smile, for we especially need such an ethereal and beautiful world now. There has been some distance between her and I recently.

Two years into our marriage and we are not spending as much time together as we used to. Our relationship seems more routine than it is passionate and exciting. The magic has dissipated, replaced by complacency and indifference. Even sex, now once a week or less, seems more mechanical than passionate. We reached a plateau in our relationship and need something, a spark perhaps, to take it to a new level.

Jennifer, a slim brunette with beautiful blue eyes, a face like Elizabeth Hurley, a small, five foot four inch, narrow and girlish frame, and average sized yet ample breasts, is attractive at 32 years old. What she may lack in the form of more pronounced curves, which is what I prefer, she makes up for with her fierce ambition and energy.

This ambition makes her at once an object to be both desired and feared. Desired because she is unreservedly passionate when given attention. Feared because her appetite for attention is insatiable and malleable. The knife cuts both ways.

Jennifer will do just about anything, even become another person, in order to obtain the attention she hungers for. One morning as Jennifer and I were looking out the window of our apartment in Arlington, she boiled with envy as an attractive blond walked by in a flashy, designer business outfit. The woman, then strutting through the gate of our apartment complex in high heels, caught my attention because of her attractive bubble shaped ass.

“I’d look like her if I had her clothes” Jennifer seethed.

My wandering eyes betrayed my own insatiable nature when it comes to women. Believing fervently that sex was something I should save for the woman I loved, despite testosterone telling me otherwise, I waited until I was 23 to cum inside a pussy. Yet there I was at 32 with my beguiling, alluring wife at my side, watching the swinging curvaceous ass of another woman walk out the gate.

Jennifer and I are both insatiable, each in our own way.

One of the best ways to mollify our cravings for attention, whatever the sources and substances that allowed us to feel this way, is through aggressive and energetic sex. A few months ago while Jennifer and I spent a long weekend attending a wedding and rehearsal in Atlanta, we barely closed the door of the hotel room before she, resplendent with jewelry, in a one piece thin blue dress that clings to the outline of her body, and with carefully sculpted dark brown hair that took half the morning to prepare, positioned herself on hands and knees on the bed. I eagerly lifted the dress high on her waist, shifted the hot-pink panties down her bare round thighs, and as the panties hung on one of her ankles, slid my bulging cock, dripping with pre-cum, into her wet pussy. Since we had sex a few times already this day, I held her white ass cheeks and waist for longer than usual, working up sweat that dripped from my brow onto the narrowest part of her bare back, before creaming her pulsing sopping pussy and holding it tight on my throbbing, cuming cock. We haven’t had such passionate, energetic sex in a while, and are desperately in need of it.

There have been plenty of opportunities for such sex since our Atlanta trip, yet nothing has triggered the kind of assertive sex that Jennifer and I crave. Instead, it all seems mechanical and passé. Our relationship is suffering because of this. We need something innovative and different that brings us to a new level and that is better and more satisfying than before.

It is like Jennifer and I are stuck looking out our apartment window at the attractive blond strutting by with her bubble ass and fancy clothes. Jennifer wants to be wanted, and I want the blond. Somehow, if we desire our relationship to continue, Jennifer and I both need to get what we want in some form or another.

Arriving at our cottage after two days of travel from Virginia, I am eager to spend some time alone with Jennifer in the surrounding peaceful and serene environment. Distant from the constant distractions and relentless noise of the city, it is easier to think, to understand circumstances, oneself and others, and come to terms with any problems. I hope that in such an environment Jennifer and I may reignite the flame of passion between us and thereby rebuild our relationship.

It is hard enough, however, just finding some time alone with Jennifer. Even though our cottage is on the edge of the wilderness, it seems someone else is always close by or threatening to make an appearance. Inside the cabin obtrusive relatives and thin bedroom walls conspire with prying neighbors outside, to diminish any time Jennifer and I might have alone together.

It becomes clear that if Jennifer and I are to find the peace and stillness we desire, we need to wander farther beyond the cabin and its accompanying neighbors and relatives. We are determined to walk to Georgian Bay the next morning. There we expect to find our serene, undisturbed and beautiful Eden. The only apparent threat to our plans and expected bliss is a seldom used dirt road along Georgian Bay. The road links a tiny village to a remote lighthouse. If Jennifer and I are not discovered by people driving by, we may yet be heard or seen by them as they tumble out of their vehicles, as they often do anywhere along the road, to enjoy the Bayshore. However, on weekdays there is less traffic on the road and tomorrow is Wednesday. Jennifer and I are determined to risk an intimate outdoor tryst.

Late in the afternoon, just after deciding upon our escape route to Georgian Bay, Jennifer and I encounter an intriguing couple as we, and they, walk by the cabins along Gillies Lake.

My eyes are instantly drawn to the woman with straight shoulder length raven hair, a white t-shirt and khaki trail shorts composed of a thin, quick-drying fabric. Her tight fitting t-shirt and shorts cling to her body so that the hourglass outline is clearly visible with nary a fold from neck to legs. The only apparent ridge is in the shape of a camel-toe between her legs. Her bare thighs are round and shapely along with her ass, which taper to a slender back and waist. It is just the way I prefer a woman’s body. I’m definitely an ass-man. Her succulent round large breasts dangle unrestrained by any bra, like ripe fruit. The circles and tips of her nipples are clearly visible in her tight shirt. Flower patterned cotton panties peek into the space of skin between her shorts and shirt. Her legs appear a little wider apart than with most women. One peculiar and endearing feature is her slightly upturned and narrow nose.

As I look into her emerald eyes she straightens her back, slightly thrusting her breasts forward as she does, and slyly smiles, as if encouraging me to look over her breasts and everything else.

I saw the same sly smile as I woke up in the Georgetown University Hospital after ligament surgery on my knee. Nude except for a loose fitting, thin and mostly open hospital gown, I opened my eyes to see the hot young and fit blond anesthesiologist deviously smiling at me. It was just her and I in a big room. One might think that the first thing a patient would do upon waking from surgery is check their body for the damage, yet I can’t forget this woman’s cunning, erotic smile. I did not want to look away. I couldn’t look away. Her look was so seductive and arousing. She seemed partially ashamed and yet fiercely proud of something, and I couldn’t help but think she had been looking at my goods while I was asl**p. It seemed like there was an erotic secret she was keeping that she dared not whisper in my ear. Had I been more sensible in mind and body, I would have asked her what the secret was.

Returning to the boreal forest of Ontario, there is a beautiful and sexy raven haired stranger before me with the same cunning and arousing smile as the Georgetown anesthesiologist. I vow to discover what she is smiling about and make her feelings known. Whatever the cost, I don’t want to fail to take advantage of such an arousing smile again.

The cost of discovering this strange woman’s secret could be significant. My roving eyes alone could cause Jennifer to explode into a jealous rage, as often happens.

Once, with Jennifer at my side in the Assateague Island National Seashore Visitor Center, I complimented an attractive blond, a park employee, who was answering our questions about the park. I merely said “I like your hair” and it triggered a hurricane in Jennifer. She waited to unleash her fury, at least, until we were outside the visitor center. Once there, safely beyond the hearing distance of the woman I complimented, Jennifer raucously prodded me to “go back inside and have sex with her!” Jennifer continued to dress me down as people streamed in and out of the visitor center giving me dirty looks.

“Never say that to a woman” Jennifer scolded me “unless you want to have sex with her!”

At the present time, however, Jennifer is captivated by the man with medium length dry brown hair, slight sideburns and blue eyes. Distracted by him, she either doesn’t notice or care that I’m eyeing his mate. Like myself he has muscular legs, yet his arms are more built up than my own. At about six feet two, he is three inches taller than I am. He is square jawed, clean-shaven, attractive, young and apparently well off. He wears lightweight black shorts and a fancy checker patterned short sleeve shirt. Jennifer is making the same solicitous motions with the man as his mate is with me.

As big as he is, he might be even more of a threat to me than Jennifer, if he should be the jealous type. Yet he likewise is looking Jennifer over, from head to toe, hungrily like a tiger sizing up a meal. Heedless of my stare, he watches her, looking over every inch of her body and pausing to seductively peer into her eyes.

I feel a strange mixture of relief, apprehension and lust. I am a uncomfortable with Jennifer and the strange man staring at each other so full of apparent desire, yet also relieved that I can stare at the woman in the same manner without fear of retribution from either of our mates. As with having sex out in the open, I’m a bit fearful that someone may interrupt at any moment, yet wildly aroused at the opportunity that is unfolding, perhaps because of the riskiness and newness of it all.

The couple, Tanya and Owen, just purchased a fancy new cabin nearby. They look clean, healthy, in-shape, kind and respectable. Their flashy jewelry and recent cottage purchase, betray a certain amount of wealth, stability and discriminating ability. They agree to meet us tonight at a campfire in front of our cabin.

The campfire on the shoreline of Gillies Lake, built with maple logs that I cut, split, hauled and stacked, crackles and glows beneath the stars. Since we are so far from bright city lights, there are innumerable sparkling stars, steadily moving satellites and occasional meteors in the atmosphere above. An arm of the Milky Way galaxy, with its accompanying dark matter, is clearly visible in a wide streak across the sky. It is August 11, near the peak of the Persied meteor shower, and there are many shooting stars. Jennifer sits next to Tanya on the windward side of the campfire, with Owen and I flanking them.

The night is warm by north country standards, the large fire produces steady heat and since it is so late in the summer, there are no mosquitoes, so we all can afford to dress lighter than we otherwise might. In the soft glow of the firelight I admire that Tanya’s thin cotton jogging pants and light sweatshirt seem like they are made to fit her individual form. I’m practically hypnotized by her tantalizing round thighs, robust breasts pressed against the sweatshirt, and the camel-toe mound between her widely spaced legs.

Tanya relishes and gives back the attention I lavish upon her. She returns smiles, looks into my eyes and laughs as I tell stories. As time passes, she rests her hands on my arms or legs any chance she gets. I am free to give and receive attention since Jennifer and Owen are distracted yet again with each other. Like a schoolgirl with a crush, Jennifer laughs at all Owen’s jokes and her eyes follow his movements. They flirt with each other at every opportunity. As the night goes by and Jennifer and Owen come close to one another while going back inside to get a drink or adjusting the logs in the fire, they slightly touch each other as Tanya and I are doing. We find out, to Jennifer’s apparent delight, that Owen is a massage ther****t.

With Tanya nearby, my wife’s evident attraction to Owen doesn’t occupy my thoughts much, nor does the attention that Tanya and I lavish upon each other much bother our spouses. All four of us each have something we desire and that occupies us. Everything is balanced for the moment. Conversations between the four of us flow easily and uninhibited. Alcohol assists the free-flowing talk, yet no one among us is drinking heavily.

Since she was a c***d, Tanya, like me, has been enthralled with this area, the Bruce Peninsula, with its translucent, refreshing waters, mysterious and serene forests, and inherent beauty and peacefulness. On one side of the Bruce Peninsula, which divides Lake Huron from Georgian Bay, there are natural and pristine sandy beaches that extend for many miles. The Georgian Bay side is rocky and wild. As with a lover, Tanya returns to the Bruce Peninsula at every opportunity.

Believing that beauty is better appreciated when it is shared, Tanya and I introduced our respective spouses to the splendor of the Bruce Peninsula. The introductions included, in each case, bringing our spouses to Bruce Peninsula National Park, where limestone cliffs meet Georgian Bay to form natural swimming pools and a mysterious grotto with turquoise light streaming into it from the water below.

In the national park there are moderate sized cliffs that I have been jumping into Georgian Bay from since I was a teenager. The feeling of launching into the air from a height far above the water, and falling for a few seconds, is exhilarating. Tanya loves to jump there too.

Jennifer, despite her usual boldness and eagerness to try something new and exciting, was strangely timid when faced, for the first time, with the prospect of jumping from 50 feet or so, into Georgian Bay. It is rare that Jennifer displays her vulnerable side, as she did when looking into Georgian Bay from above and considering whether or not to jump in. Such a display of helplessness in her, brings out the protective and nurturing side of myself. At such moments, I love her immensely, completely and infinitely, and I will do anything to keep her from harm.

Owen sympathizes with Jennifer and jokes that Tanya f***ed him to jump too.

“Can you believe what that crazy bitch wanted me to do?!” exclaims Owen while simultaneously smiling at his mate and exciting the other three of us to equal passion, for or against cliff jumping.

Tanya and I choose the same side and adamantly defend cliff jumping, while Jennifer and Owen attack it vehemently. All of our arguing is in a good natured way. It feels good to take Tanya’s side so passionately, and with all four of us arguing so ardently. We fervently emphasize our points and emotions by gesturing with our hands, looking deep into each other’s eyes and putting our hands on each other. I become entranced with Tanya’s heaving breasts, the opening and closing of her full, substantial lips, her energy and enthusiasm, her thighs in motion – rotating and spreading before me as if she is dancing, and especially the vivid, bobbing triangle shaped mound between her legs. I enjoy watching Jennifer moving and bouncing in much the same way, and with Owen amorously following her movements. It all feels like foreplay between us. The more passionately we argue, the more aroused we each become.

As the argument dies down, I reveal to Tanya and Owen that Jennifer and I are taking the trail to Georgian Bay tomorrow morning. Amazingly, they have not discovered the trail yet. We encourage them to try it. Tanya gives me another sly, seductive smile, which I relish.

Jennifer continues to argue about the cliff jumping, bringing up the scene from the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” where Mila Kunis encourages Jason Segel to jump from a cliff into the water and he ends up hanging from a vine, dangling over the ledge, screaming like a girl and ultimately falling in unintentionally and helplessly. Recalling the scene, we all laugh.

Jennifer mentions that she likes Jason Segel, despite his belly.

“Yeah” Tanya chimes in “he is charming, attractive, manly and funny, much like Vince Vaughn. I can see why Jennifer Aniston liked Vince.”

They inquire of Owen and myself about actresses that we prefer. I mention Scarlett Johansson, as Scarlett has a curvy, enticing body with breasts and ass tapering to a slender back. I am thinking to myself that Scarlett’s body is a lot like Tanya’s, and hope Tanya is thinking the same thing too.

Owen mentions Hillary Swank and we all express surprise. He defends himself.

“She’s scrappy and spunky, and she has nice lips. Who wouldn’t want to throat fuck her!?”

We all laugh.

As the laughter lessens, I admit I haven’t tried “throat fucking” anyone.

“You never tried throat fucking?!” Owen asks in astonishment “You must, you simply must, it feels so unbelievably good, Tanya is amazing at it!”

Owen becomes conscious of getting ahead of himself and speaking before really thinking about what he is saying. He pauses because he isn’t sure if his audience is ready for what he has to say. He goes back to the subject of Hillary Swank.

“All I have to say is I’d love to see Hillary’s lips wrapped around my cock.”

“We know what you like Owen” Tanya says with a smile “let others say what they like.”

Finding all eyes on her, Tanya mentions how much she loves sex outdoors, and how natural, peaceful and stimulating it is there. A woman after my own heart, I think.

Pleased with the territory that we have ventured in, I echo what Tanya has to say about outdoor sex and add that I like a natural muff “slightly maintained and trimmed, and a balance between what is given to a woman naturally and what she can improve a bit. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

“I like a large cock!”Jennifer chimes in, chastising and slightly embarrassing me for being so wordy.

Owen looks into her eyes and asks “how about more than one?!”

Now it is Jennifer’s turn to be embarrassed. She doesn’t answer Owen. She looks at me with her vulnerable eyes.

With the cat now out of the bag, Owen continues impulsively and excitedly.

“Tanya and I just tried it out. We started a few months ago. It’s amazing. You have to try it. You haven’t?! It’s liberating and exhilarating. It brought our relationship to a new level. We haven’t had better sex. The great thing is that the sex keeps getting better the more we do it.”

Tanya nods and smiles as Owen talks. Jennifer and I look at each other with slightly raised eyebrows.

Owen resumes his plea.

“Having sex with other couples helped Tanya and I become closer. It goes back to a primal human need to experience variety, multiple partners and the immense amount of stimulus that can’t be provided by just one person. We’re wired to have multiple partners, men and women. Women need multiple partners because a single man doesn’t often last as long as she does. Her orgasms can and should continue once she is aroused to have them. The sex is fantastic! Men need other partners because, well you know.”

Owen continues unabashedly in this mode until Tanya interrupts him.

“Don’t shove it down their throats Owen, let them talk it over amongst themselves.”

Yet she adds “The sex IS amazing, and you’d like it.” She looks at both Jennifer and I for emphasis.

The fire crackles, loons call to each other from the distance, and a meteor shoots through the sky in the ensuing silence.

“Make a wish” says Tanya, sweetly.

I close my eyes and envision her sweat pants and panties crumpled at her ankles, her bare round ass-cheeks and wet pussy pumping on my erect cock,.. and even a second shaft for Jennifer.

We are all smiles as Owen and Tanya leave for their cabin. Jennifer locks her eyes on Owen as mine zero in on Tanya’s swaying, round ass in the moonlight.

I want Jennifer and I to go with them, yet believe it is prudent to discuss things alone with my spouse first, especially considering Jennifer’s temper. I wonder if Jennifer is going to stomp my guts out, as she has done so often in the past and like she did at the Assateague Visitor Center, for merely flirting with another woman. Maybe she is just waiting for Tanya and Owen to be out of hearing distance before she sinks her fangs into my neck?

I take a cautious look at Jennifer. She doesn’t look angry, rather she looks pleased, so I venture to ask “would you like being with them Jen?!”

She turns to me, puts her hands on her sides as if she has something stirring to say, smiles and says “let’s do it!”

“You wouldn’t mind him touching you, and (pause) Owen having his cock in your mouth and pussy?!”

“Would you?!”

I think of Jennifer with another man, with Owen, and her taking cock in various ways, and I am strangely aroused. I never thought I would be. Is it because of this particular night that the four of us spent together, the mood I’m in, the openness we enjoyed, the lack of sex I’ve had recently, the particular personalities involved, or everything put together? This and other questions swirl in my mind. Should I be jealous? Should I be more protective of Jennifer? Is that what she wants?

“I’m kind of turned on by it.”


“Yes” I seek to reassure her at the risk of going overboard, because I desire it so much myself “I want to see you with him, I want you to be with him, I’d love to see you taking his cock in various ways, watch him cum in your pussy or cum on you if he feels like it. It makes me want you more. I think it will enliven our relationship. I think he has a gigantic cock and I want to see you on it!”

“Really?” she asks, thrilled.

“Yes, please, let’s do it!”

I’m shocked at what we’re saying. Is this a wild dream?!

“What about Tanya? Do you mind if I fuck Tanya?!”

“Not if I get Owen’s cock!”

Now it is Jennifer’s turn to reassure me that this is truly what she wants.

“I want to see you with your face in Tanya’s wet pussy, her lips wrapped around your cock, you cuming inside her pussy. I think it is hot. I want you to fuck her! I want us to fuck together.”

“Honey, just to hear you talk that way is so erotic. This is just the spark we need Jennifer!”

We kiss beneath the starlit sky, with a whip-por-whil calling in the distance, and the flames of the campfire flickering in the darkness like our rising spirits.

“We’re going to have a big day tomorrow! Oh, we should have agreed to be with them this night! I wonder when they will get up? Let’s go for a hike to Georgian Bay in the morning, get out and about, then go see them!”

The sight of Georgian Bay, now sparkling in the morning sunlight, causes me to feel like I am a world away from cares and concerns that once weighed heavy upon us. Jennifer is wandering along the shoreline picking up pebbles, looking out across the sparkling water. I’m enthralled with her bare, round, athletic thighs and watch her moving along the shore. My cock rises as I think of spending the day with her and Tanya.

We are near the seldom used dirt road. I’m not sure if Jennifer is in the mood for sex now or if she wants to risk getting caught in the act by someone passing by, yet I’m certainly in the mood.

Jennifer notices I’m watching her movements, smiles and moves closer. She straightens her 5 foot 4 inch frame and nervously brushes her medium length brown hair. She is wearing a cotton t-shirt with no bra and black shorts. The outline of her round breasts is visible in her shirt. I watch her bare thighs from different angles and ache to slide my cock between them, into her wet pussy.

Jennifer notices the bulge in my shorts. With no words, she leads me by the hand a little ways into the water, loosens my shorts and tosses them on shore. Revealing my animated cock in the sunlight, Jennifer crouches, throttles my rigid shaft with her lips, and slides me in her mouth. Repeatedly she thrusts my cock into her mouth, from my purple head and down the shaft, both now drenched with a mixture of saliva and pre-cum. Her lips are near my ballsack as my cock slides deep in her throat.

I moan repeatedly with pleasure as I feel her soft lips and throat wrapped around my most sensitive organ, listen to the slurping sounds she is making, and see my shaft disappearing and reappearing from her mouth. “Oh, suck my cock” I urge her on “suck my cock Jennifer!” In the silence and stillness I hear my wife sucking, sighing and slurping, and watch her lips move up and down on my wet shaft as it throbs with pleasure at her touch.

Standing, she strokes me with one hand before eagerly removing her shorts. In her tight pink panties I see the outline of her muff, which wildly arouses me. As she removes her shirt, her round, perky breasts and nipples greet the sunlight. The pink panties move down her round, bare thighs, are tossed on shore and her triangle shaped muff emerges.

With her pale body and the bright creamy colored limestone rocks as a backdrop, the dark muff stands out from her body and the surrounding landscape.

She smiles, bends slightly and slides my wet cock into her mouth again, working it with her tongue and lips, and alternately stroking me with her hand. I moan with pleasure, focusing on her lips wrapped around my shaft and the muff bobbing in the middle of spread legs.

At any moment someone may drive by on the road and see us, yet the slight risk is energizing and exciting. In any case, we should be able to hear a vehicle coming from a good distance away and be able to move out of sight if needed.

I moan with delight as Jennifer repeatedly sucks and strokes me, wrapping her beautiful Welsh and sprite-like face and lips around my purple head below, and sucking the wet shaft up to my balls. As gentle waves lap against our bare thighs, I plead for her pussy. We haven’t had sex in more than a week and my cock is aching to be in her. She eagerly sucks my cock as our spirits rise for the energetic outdoor sex that is to come.

Jennifer turns to the shore and wild forest, in the same direction I’m facing. With the sun at our backs, I run my fingers through her hair, massage her shoulders and arms, gently kiss her lips while leaning over her right shoulder, hold her in my arms and reach around to her muff with my hands. I massage the outside of her pussy and move my wet cock along her sensitive inner thighs as I do.

With our feet in the refreshingly cool water and upon a smooth white limestone ridge, she tilts her head back and moans as I massage her increasingly soaked pussy and clit.

I ask if she is ready for me and she bends slightly so her pussy is the same level as my cock. I feel her sun-warmed thighs with my hands and with my most sensitive body member, look into her indigo eyes and feel her white ass. Putting a hand between her legs, she slides my hard, wet cock to the lips of her sopping pussy. we moan together with delight as the purple head of my cock glides into her pussy, followed by the shaft, up to my balls.

Standing on smooth limestone with our feet immersed in Georgian Bay and our bare skin absorbing the sunlight, I glide my thick wet cock repeatedly between her wet pussy lips. The sound of the gentle lapping waves resembles that of my thighs slapping the back of her ass-cheeks, as my large wet cock repeatedly merges with her wet pussy. Increasingly the slapping and moaning gets louder, and the tempo quickens.

I clench her waist and one of her bright white ass cheeks as we fuck, to better direct the thrusts of my cock in her wet pussy. She stands slightly higher on a rock below and lifts her ass in the air, adjusting it so my pumping shaft is the same level as her soft, wet pussy. Our pre-cum lightly runs down her thighs into the clean, clear water of Georgian Bay.

As we begin energetically fucking together, I hold both of her ass cheeks to stop her body as it moves forward with my thrusting, keeping her ass at the point where the head of my cock almost emerges from her wet pussy lips. Jennifer’s entire muff, along with my merging balls and shaft, are soaked with our combined pre-cum. With jiggling breasts and her mouth open wide, I furiously glide my cock in her pussy.

“fuck me, fuck my pussy!”

Her pussy, famished after so long without sex, begins to throb with my cock.

“Cum for me Jen, cum on my cock!”

In the sunlight and translucent water I clench Jennifer’s ass and keep her throbbing pussy merged with my cuming cock. After going so long without sex, my shaft throbs and spurts with waves of cum in Jennifer’s silky soft pussy. I feel her pussy pulse on my cock as her body slightly goes limp and trembles.

Our combined cum, building from more than a week without sex, flows from her creamed pussy. We are as one with the waves, sunlight and forest.

In the crystal clear water of Georgian Bay we wash our nude bodies and kiss. I run my fingers through her tawny hair and tell her that she is beautiful. I feel and admire her thighs, round ass, breasts and muff.

After being so long out of the sun, my ass looks whiter than the smooth, bright rocks along Georgian Bay and we both laugh at this. Relaxed from the refreshing swim and sex, we sit together on the smooth, bright sun-warmed limestone, which feels wonderful on our bare skin.

We both spread our legs, enjoying the sensation of sunlight on body parts that rarely see it.

I confess to Jennifer that this is some of the best sex that we’ve shared together.

“Better than throat fucking Tanya?” Jennifer inquires.

“Just about” I respond, laughing.

“You know, I’ll swallow your cum if you’d like.”

My cock rises as she speaks these words. Jennifer notices, smiles, inches closer, kisses me and strokes my hardening cock. She continues stroking until it is fully erect.

“You want to throat fuck me don’t you?!” she teases me while continuing to play with my fully hardened cock.

“I do, oh yes!”

She spits on her hands, rubs the saliva over my fully erect baton, leans forward, throttles me with her lips and runs them down most of my length. As she grips and strokes just above my sack, she works my head and upper shaft with her lips.

She pauses and I stand and straddle her with my erection close to her pretty face. I run a hand through her hair and gently hold her chin up with the other. She looks up at me with deep blue eyes, smiles and opens her mouth wide. I brace the back of her head, she strokes me and gently directs my purple helmet in her gaping mouth.

Jennifer wraps her lips around my wet shaft as I slowly glide it between her ruby lips and deeper into her mouth. I move much of my length back and forth between her soft lips before gently yet firmly holding her head and leisurely sliding my entire length to the back of her soft throat. I moan with pleasure as her lips almost reach my balls. At first she struggles a little to maintain her composure, yet soon gets the hang of it and takes my shaft deep in her throat. Sometimes she holds her lips near my ballsack until gulping for air. As she does, pre-cum strings from my purple head to her lips.

Energetically throat fucking my wife for the first time, with my hands on the sides of her head, her lips wrapped around my thrusting wet shaft, her bare breasts jiggling in motion with my repeated thrusts, her legs spread wide and dark muff tantalizingly bobbing between them, it is a while before we realize someone is watching us.

Alert for the sound of approaching machinery, we missed the sound of footsteps.

“Whoa!” I say, as my cock pops out of Jennifer’s mouth. She attempts to cover her muff with a hand as I attempt to do the same with my cock.

Tanya and Owen are almost as shocked as we are.

Owen breaks the silence first.

“I told you throat fucking felt good. You two didn’t waste any time about it did you?!”

We all relax a little.

After a moment of awkward silence Owen, sensing another opportunity, makes an inquiry.

“Did you give any thought to what we talked about last night?”

“We liked it, we liked it a lot, we like you both a lot” I stammer, still a bit shocked at their appearance.

Perhaps our bodies were communicating better than my mouth, for we were all, quite involuntarily, coming closer together.

As Owen looks up and down over Jennifer’s small, naked frame, cute face, bright indigo eyes, athletic thighs, ample breasts and dark triangle shaped muff, a big bulge appears in his shorts.

Jennifer, staring at the humongous bulge growing in Owen’s shorts, licks her lips.

Tanya, in khaki hiking shorts and t-shirt, smiles in the sunlight as she peers at my hardened shaft, only recently removed from Jennifer’s mouth. I’m mesmerized by Tanya’s enormous round breasts as they, due to her excitement, heave up and down beneath a thin layer of cloth.

The four of us amorously look over each other’s bodies, pondering what to do next.

It is Owen again who speaks first.

“You know” he tells me “it is much nicer for her, as she’s sucking your cock, to have someone paying attention to her. She’ll do a much better job with your cock when she’s properly motivated and prepared. Why don’t you both lie down and I’ll show you what I mean.”

Jennifer and I look at each other and smile. Owen glances at Tanya, who nods in approval.

Complying with Owen’s request, I choose a flat, smooth and slightly sloped stone near to Jennifer, and lay on my back with my erect cock facing my nude wife. Tanya and Owen, still clothed, move next to us.

As Owen approaches, Jennifer turns her head and follows him with her eyes. Owen positions himself behind my wife’s nude form. He kneels so he is almost touching Jennifer, looks into her eyes for a moment, runs one hand through her hair, and begins to massage her shoulders. Soon he is conjuring his masseuse magic and Jennifer begins to purr at his touch. She relaxes, closes her eyes, leans back and sighs. She spreads her legs so her dark muff is fully exposed in the sunlight, purring all the while.

Tanya, taking a seat on a rock beside myself and Jennifer - so close that the three of us are almost touching, fixes her eyes on my hard cock and smiles. As she returns her gaze to my face, I lean forward and gently touch her upper arm. Our eyes lock and she continues smiling, letting me know it is alright to continue. I massage her bare arms and shoulders, watching her luscious breasts rise and fall with each breath. As we kiss I reach my hands underneath Tanya’s shirt and work her bare back, massaging as I go.

My wife, nude before me with a strange man rubbing her bare back, continues to purr. Contrary to what a husband might be expected to think, the sight is extremely arousing. I do not feel jealousy because; A) I am sharing the experience with Jennifer, B) She is turned on and I like watching her when she is, C) I get to see her experiencing pleasure from different angles than if we were alone together, and D) the stranger’s buxom, big breasted, raven haired wife is alternately kissing me and hungrily eying my erect cock.

Tanya’s large round breasts come into view as I take off her shirt. I continue to massage her back as she softly moans in delight. My massaging hands move to her lower legs and curvy thighs. I kiss the outside, then the inside of her thighs and unzip her shorts, revealing pink cotton panties with daisies imprinted on them and a slightly damp and dark mound. Tanya shifts her shorts down and takes off her panties to reveal a beautiful dark, triangle shaped muff. I slide one hand over her pussy, gently massaging the outside.

Jennifer’s nipples grow hard and erect as Owen works his way from her shoulders down her bare back. His muscular arms ease the muscles in the small of her back. Jennifer spreads her legs wide as Owen kisses her neck and massages her thighs and ass cheeks. As their lips lock, Owen moves his hands near Jennifer’s pussy, slowly working her groin muscles until he cups one hand over her pussy and strokes the outside of her hood between his fingers.

With my erect cock before them, I intently watch my wife’s wet pussy as it is stroked. Jennifer leans back and reaches for Owen yet, since her back is to him, she is not in a position to do anything for him. Instead she leans forward, looks up at me, holds my cock and strokes it. She begins sucking it hungrily, greedily and vivaciously.

Tanya leans forward and runs a hand through Jennifer’s hair. I stroke Tanya’s wet pussy.

Owen watches the back of Jennifer’s head bob up and down on my shaft. As Jennifer leans forward on her knees, sucking and stroking me, Owen holds her bright white ass cheeks with both hands and admires her pussy. He takes off his shirt, loosens his shorts and pulls them down along with red silk briefs which are moist with pre-cum, to reveal a massive, thick, erect cock. Jennifer, while holding my wet shaft in one hand, turns her head to watch as Owen reveals his erection. She appears very pleased as she returns to sucking me.

I turn and bury my face in Tanya’s pussy. She spreads her legs, leans back and moans.

Owen alternately strokes his thick, long cock, bringing it up to full length, and massages Jennifer’s pussy. As my wife’s head bobs on my cock and it disappears and reappears in her mouth, her ass and thighs brush Owen’s cock.

“Are you ready for me, honey?!” he asks graciously.

“Yes!” answers Jennifer.

With Jen’s hand guiding his massive wet shaft between the lips of her pussy, Owen squeezes her ass cheeks as he enters her and moans.

“Oooaaah, oh!”

Jennifer rocks back and forth with the repeated thrusting and reversing of Owen’s massive cock inside her. Jennifer alternately sucks my cock and lifts up her head, with mouth open wide, and moans loudly. She braces herself on my body as Owen’s thrusts propel her forward. The sound of their thighs slapping together and the scent of their pre-cum in the air, drives all of us wild with lust.

As I eat her pussy, Tanya leans forward and helps stroke and position my shaft in Jennifer’s mouth.

Owen goads Jennifer to suck my cock and offers her a reward in the form of his fat, wet cock sliding into her pussy. Jennifer sucks my cock with much vigor, energized by the pumping wet cock behind her. The more Owen works my wife’s pussy, the better she services me. At the campfire last night he predicted this would happen. If I didn’t just have sex a short while ago, I would have cum all over Jennifer’s face by now.

Tanya and I pause as we see, feel and hear Jennifer on the brink of cuming. Both Tanya and I hold her and run our hands through her hair as she slides and pumps wildly on Owen’s massive cock, her bare ass repetitively slapping against his upper thighs. He holds both her ass cheeks and slides his shaft deeply and rhythmically into her pussy. Jennifer’s breasts rock back and forth as Owen’s colossal cock unrelentingly slides into her wet, soft pussy.

The sight and sound of Jennifer’s pussy being fucked, drives me wild with pleasure.

In the wilderness and unrestrained by societal constraints that often frown upon a woman having a loud orgasm, Jennifer shouts to her heart’s content as she takes Owen’s cock.

With her mouth wide open, her ass cheeks flattened on Owen’s groin and chest, his muscular arms pressing her cunt on his cock, and Tanya and I petting and holding her, Jennifer trembles, shouts and clenches Owen’s wet cock with her pussy, cuming in spasms of pleasure.

Owen, on the verge of releasing his sperm in my wife’s pussy, keeps his immense shaft in Jennifer’s muff, but doesn’t cum. He wants to cum on her.

Tanya brushes back her raven hair and thrusts my cock, from the purple sensitive head down nearly to the sack, in her mouth. She gurgles with my cock deep in her throat, and her cheeks bulge with the outline of my cock as she works it in her mouth. Sometimes she pauses and with pre-cum stringing from her lips to the tip of my cock, she strokes me with her hands. I moan with pleasure. As she strokes and sucks me in the sunlight I watch her jostling breasts and her enticing bare muff between her slightly spread legs.

Jennifer, meanwhile, holds Owen’s shaft with one hand, just above his balls, and tenderly sucks on his sensitive purple head. She slowly makes her way down his length, lubricating with a mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva as she goes. When not sucking him, she strokes him. He moans with pleasure.

Resting her bare ass on a flat boulder that is level with my waist, Tanya spreads her legs as I move in between them. Her stiff, round breasts heave up and down in excitement and anticipation as I massage her thighs, suck and fondle her nipples, and work my way to her groin with my lips and tongue.

With Tanya’s muff just inches away from my tongue, I listen to the slurping sound of my wife sucking another man’s cock a few feet beyond.

Jennifer is on her knees, alternately putting Owen’s cock in her mouth and stroking it. He slides his length as far as possible into her soft mouth, and she gurgles slightly as he reaches her throat. She works his cock, which is trembling with pleasure, with lips and tongue and strokes it until it is throbbing and about to cum. She pauses and lets the passion subside a little before again bringing his gigantic cock, drenched with pre-cum and saliva, right to the brink of cuming. With his balls on the verge of spewing their load of pearly cum all over my wife’s pretty face, Owen refuses to let her turn away again. He firmly holds Jennifer’s chin with one hand and with the other furiously strokes himself. His purple, cream-coated, trembling shaft hovers near Jennifer’s lips and flops on them as he jerks off.

My wife doesn’t resist. She waits patiently with her ruby lips and open mouth tantalizingly close to the flailing, wet shaft Owen is wildly stroking. He moans loudly and irrepressibly, about to splurge pearly cum on Jennifer’s face. Upon determinedly gripping and squeezing his colossal cock, it throbs, spews and repeatedly sends streamers of white cum all over Jennifer’s pretty face, upon her neck and bare breasts, and into her hair and waiting mouth.

Before the white spew subsides completely and while his cock is still convulsing in undulations of pleasure, my wife tenderly swallows the top of his still-trembling shaft. Owen shouts with unrestrained pleasure and energy.

A stranger’s cum dribbles down my wife’s face, neck and breasts, and drips from her lips as she works, with hands and mouth, his gigantic, quivering, purple cock. I am wild with lust and pleasure upon seeing my wife’s attractive face frosted with another man’s cum and her lips with a massive, trembling and creamy cock inside them.

Tanya too is aroused by watching a strange and beautiful woman working her husband’s cock with her pussy and head, and watching him spew his cum upon and into her bare body. Tanya gently pushes my head towards her muff and squirms in anticipation of pleasurable contact. My tongue lashes into her wet pussy and I taste her.

As I work Tanya’s wet hood and clit with my fingers and lapping tongue, Jennifer and Owen move to our side to coax and assist us in the upcoming action, as Tanya and I assisted them. Their groins are drenched in, and redolent of, combined cum. Jennifer runs a hand through Tanya’s dark hair and with the other helps prop up one of her round, bare thighs. Owen firmly clasps one of Tanya’s ankles, holding her leg up, and massages her substantial round breasts. This seems to be one of her erogenous zones. With all three of us massaging, kissing, petting, holding and coaxing her, Tanya moans and purrs. I continue to stir her pussy with tongue and fingers as my hefty, fully erect cock throbs in anticipation of entering her.

Tanya pleads for me to come into her. Rising with my lips swathed in her juice, she guides my eager cock into her snatch. As I grab an ass cheek and thigh, and slide my shaft into her wet, silky pussy, we both moan. My length repeatedly disappears between the wet lips of her pussy, then emerges again up to its purple head. My balls jiggle as they slide back and forth before her soaking muff.

With a hand on one of Tanya’s ass cheeks and the other on her waist so that I can better direct my cock into her, I rhythmically slide my cock in Tanya’s wet pussy. Her large breasts move as I fuck her, she impulsively moans and shouts in pleasure, and my moist shaft vanishes up to my balls in her snatch. Our combined pre-cum drenches cock, balls and muff, and drips down Tanya’s inner thighs.

“Fuck me, oh yes, fuck my pussy!”

With each thrust of my cock in her muff, Tanya’s substantial breasts jostle and jiggle.

Jennifer and Owen enviously watch my creamy cock pumping and gliding in Tanya’s wet muff. As much as I enjoyed watching Owen slide and plunge his gigantic cock in my wife’s pussy, and spew cum on her face, it is even more satisfying to fuck another man’s wife in front of him AND my wife. Further, they are encouraging and assisting us as we grind, sweat, moan and, in Tanya’s case, shout.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me!”

The more Jennifer and Owen massage, encourage and pet Tanya, the wetter she becomes. Owen props one of Tanya’s legs up, massages her firm breasts and nipples, and slowly moves his hardening cock to her mouth. Tanya gingerly sucks him when convenient, as she receives an additional cock in her wet snatch. Jennifer supports Tanya’s other leg and slowly moves her fingers to Tanya’s engorged mound.

We all work in tandem with each other. When Tanya pauses, I pause too. Tanya then sucks Owen’s cock and lets Jennifer rub her clit. Until Tanya is ready for my cock again, I lightly kiss her open thighs or massage the outside of her pussy. I’m rewarded with a wetter pussy, and louder and more delighted moans and sighs. I do my best to not cum until she is ready.

Tanya flexes the tendons in her thighs as my cock slides in and out of her wet muff. Pre-cum dribbles from her pussy and glistens in the sunlight. There is a rhythmic slapping sound as Tanya’s round white ass cheeks meet my muscular thighs. Before my face are Tanya’s jostling breasts and my pulsing, fat cock is immersed in her sodden muff.

“Oh yes, oooohhhhh yes, fuck my pussy!”

I feel her whole body rise and begin to tremble. In bursts of cum my cock throbs in Tanya’s silky, pulsing pussy. Tanya’s pussy and my cock pulsate together. I hold her ass-cheeks tight and press her cuming pussy on my cuming cock. Drenched pussy and cock combine together with mingled cum.

“Yeah, ooooahhhh” I moan “what a pussy!”

I press Tanya’s pulsing, creamed muff on my wet shaft by holding her perfect round bubble-ass as she squirms in pleasure. My entire cock and balls are soaked in our mingled cum.

Flanked by my quick to anger spouse on one side and Tanya’s muscular husband on the other, I just spewed a load of cum in her muff. I run my hands over her curved breasts, thighs and stomach, and she runs her hands through my hair. Owen and Jennifer massage her arms and thighs.

“I thought you’d like it” Owen remarks with a smile.

Jennifer and Owen are first into Georgian Bay. Tanya and I release our embrace and join them. It is mid-August and the clear, clean water of the Bay is as warm as it gets.

The Bay is calm, though mild, successive waves still faintly lap against the limestone shoreline. In places the waves smack upon firm stone, reminding me of thighs slapping upon ass-cheeks.

There are only a few tiny communities in the Bruce Peninsula. Because we are surrounded by wilderness, for the most part, and Georgian Bay is broad, chilled and deep, the water is fresh, unpolluted and free of plants and their debris. Underwater in Georgian Bay, with its translucent water, I can see for quite a distance.

I watch Tanya and Jennifer under the surface of the Bay. Their nude bodies are slightly blurry and seem weightless as they swim. I admire their dark muffs in the water and the way their legs spread as they kick. Their pussies drift in the water like clouds in the sky.

Above water Tanya and Jennifer smile and splash like colorful songbirds taking a bath. When their breasts and muffs become visible above the water, my cock bulges and grows.

I tell Jennifer that I really enjoyed watching her sucking and receiving cock, furiously fucking from different angles, and experiencing such pleasure while enthralled with another man. She laughs and tells me that she enjoyed receiving it.

Tanya and Owen smile and have a similar discussion nearby.

Tanya stands on a rock with her bush and round thighs out of the water. Fixing her hair, she puts her arms behind her head and, as she does so, her huge breasts rise and jiggle. She looks at me and smiles as I am aroused.

As the four of us emerge from the Bay, I am mesmerized by Tanya’s white bubble ass swaying with the steps she takes. She, turning to notice my fully erect cock, approaches me, crouches down, smiles and begins sucking and stroking me.

As I moan with pleasure, Jennifer and Owen come over. Jennifer crouches beside Tanya and waits for her turn. Once Tanya pauses, Jennifer swallows and fondles my cock in her place. I moan with ecstasy and urge them on. They take turns caressing me, slurping as my cock slides between their lips. Pre-cum strings from their lips as they trade my cock back and forth between them. They begin to improvise. Tanya strokes my cock while positioning the purple sensitive cap in Jennifer’s mouth.

Owen, waiting patiently, strokes himself to an erection nearby. Jennifer turns to suck him, then gently pushes him back so that he lies with his back on a smooth boulder.

Tanya motions for me to lie down. When I do, she crawls on top of me. I grab her waist with my hands as she, smiling, positions my cock in her pussy lips. She hovers there with just the wet, purple head of my cock past the lips of her pussy. She is warm, soft and wet. She opens her thighs wide and cowgirls me. I moan in ecstasy.

Jennifer is on all fours on top of Owen. His moist cock repeatedly disappears in her mouth up to his balls. As she jerks and slurps, ribbons of shiny pre-cum string from her lips to his pulsing cock. He eagerly eats her muff and she, with his shaft in her mouth, purrs with pleasure.

Tanya slides her pussy on my cock. Her round breasts flop around as her dark cunt repeatedly smothers my shaft. Admiring the strong tendons in the round upper thighs, legs spread wide with dark muff in between, and the lips wrapped and moving on my shaft, and listening to Tanya and Jennifer moaning, drives me wild with lust.

Tanya turns to a reverse cowgirl and guides my purple cock, wet with our combined pre-cum, back into her muff. Her round, bright white ass-cheeks and wet pussy lips furiously pump on my shaft. I spank her ass, making her ass-cheeks momentarily pink. This increases their movement and heightens the intensity and velocity of her moaning.

“Move your pussy on my cock (spank), work that pussy!”

My wife, held in the air by Owen’s muscular arms, faces him with her legs wrapped around him. Her white ass moves up and down on his gigantic, thick, pulsing cock. He clutches her upper thighs as he fucks her. Practically beneath them, Tanya and I hear and see Owen’s cock sliding into Jennifer’s pussy. Her ass cheeks wildly glide up and down on his thrusting wet shaft, which repeatedly vanishes into her pussy and reappears again.

Owen’s wife slides up and down on me as I clench a thigh and ass cheek, better directing our thrusts yet careful not to interfere with the rhythm. I am aroused with the sight of her bubble ass working up and down like a pump on my cock, legs spread wide, round thighs and creamy cock-filled cunt between. I clench her narrow waist, pleased in feeling the warm, wet pussy upon me. Our shiny, slippery pre-cum mixes together, drenching my smothered cock below.

The view from beneath Jennifer and Owen, with his cock repeatedly submerging into her pussy and reappearing again, is different, fascinating and extremely arousing. A man doesn’t often get to see his wife’s pussy being driven by a cock from such an angle, nor, for that matter, by the cock of a stranger.

With Jennifer being held in the air, it is like I am watching her muff floating in the water again, only this time that muff is filled by another man’s titanic purple pumping cock.

Tanya and I pause to watch Jennifer and Owen who are furiously fucking nearby. They look and sound like they are close to climaxing. Tanya leans back and I stroke her clit and look over her shoulder at her rising and falling firm breasts with nipples turned skyward in the sunlight. My shaft is rooted in her pussy and drenched, along with my balls, with our mixed cum. In this manner, we watch our spouses at their peak.

Jennifer’s small frame fits easily in Owen’s muscular arms. He grips her upper thighs as she maintains a loose grasp on his shoulders. He directs her, with spread legs, on his cock like a doll.

“yeah” moans Jennifer with each thrust of Owen’s gigantic wet cock “yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Using Jennifer’s thighs, Owen presses my wife’s pussy hard on his wet shaft which trembles in convulsive pleasure. Undulations of delight radiate out from the fusion of cock and pussy. The lower shaft and balls of his massive and thick purple cock vibrate along with Jennifer’s pussy. Cum drips down her round thighs and ass cheeks.

“Yeah, cum in my pussy, yeah, yeah, cum, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Owen holds her tight on his spurting cock as Jennifer squirms, her pussy quivering at the height of pleasure and arousal. Their joyful cries reverberate off the nearby cliff.

Owen cums in bursts in Jennifer’s soft, wet, trembling pussy. Her body wriggles, yet her pussy is pressed on his massive cuming cock. His balls quiver as they release their load. Jennifer squirms in ecstasy, cums in waves, her mouth wide open, her wet white ass-cheeks vibrating in his hands, her whole body trembling, and cum dripping from her pulsing, wet pussy.

Extremely aroused at the sight and sound of our spouses sharing an orgasm, Tanya and I are anxious to get going again. At a slight touch to her bare back, Tanya moves forward so she is on all fours. I firmly grip her round ass-cheeks below her tapered waist and slide my full length repeatedly and furiously in her wet muff, doggie style. There is nothing more sexually charging on a woman than her heart shaped ass narrowing to a slender waist, and my cock plunges into the wetness beneath this most pleasing sight.

Tanya energetically moves her sopping muff on my shaft with a bright sheen of pre-cum glistening in the sunlight upon it. I grip her ass cheeks, occasionally releasing a hand to spank her. As the repeated thrusts of my cock shift her forward, Tanya braces herself on a boulder.

There is little danger of pre-ejaculation now. Having cum twice in a short period of time, my stamina increases as I work to cum a third time. I can last with Tanya’s pussy the way I persisted with Jennifer’s in the Atlanta hotel room. As I furiously fuck her, Tanya’s muff just gets wetter.

“Cum with my cock Tanya (spank), cum with me!”

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh, fuck me!”

As her pussy begins to throb, I hold my cock in her muff and press her round white ass firmly upon me. I feel her pussy pulse on my cock and her ass cheeks and legs tremble. She squirms in pleasure as I hold her close and spurt cum in her soft, wet, silky pussy.

There is no word for husband or wife among us now, only friend.

As Owen and I share some water, just as we shared the pussies of our mates, Jennifer and I plan a future visit to our new friends in Toronto. We will play our fantasies out. For one, Tanya will star as the sly and naughty anesthesiologist I encountered in Georgetown, and Owen and Jennifer will act as intruding doctors, discovering us in the midst of having our way with each other, and ultimately joining in.

Jennifer and I surely moved a step closer in our pursuit of mutual happiness and bliss.

All four of us listen to the mysterious and eerie calls of loons in the distance and feel the warm sunlight, soothing breeze and glacier smoothened limestone on our bare, cum-drenched bodies.

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