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Message for my MILF wife

Letter of intent for my Lovely

Tonight my dear your are to carry out my intentions and wishes decribed in this letter.
You are follow and act out every detail of it's contents.

1. You WILL shower and clean yourself thoroughly. You WILL freshly shave your legs and ALL pubic WILL be smooth to touch all over. And knowing how much you 'love' cum in your hair, I would suggest that you slick back your hair. I expect your lips to be matching your new glossy red heels.

2. You WILL proceed to use your biggest dildo for at least 1hr
prior to my arrival. I expect your cunt to be warmed up and stretched and ready for my anticipated arrival.

3. You WILL contact me via text/photo, stating and showing me that you are ready to serve. You WILL send me evidence of a swollen and gaping cunt, that will entertain me through the night.

4. You WILL, on my arrival, be lying up against the bedhead in a semi sitting position, with your legs spread nice and wide for me. You WILL be wearing the PVC corset and long latex gloves that are hanging up in the wardrobe. The blindfold also on, as expected. The dildo will also be still inserted, awaiting for my inspection and approval.

5. You WILL NOT speak unless asked to. You WILL do exactly whatever is demanded of you, without complaint.

Tonight is all about me, about what i want, and you WILL give me full control of your body as my play thing to use as i please......

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