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Tales of a Bullying "Victim" Part 2

A short journey later, after the girls waved goodbye to Molly who needed to be back at her home before 4, I arrived at a small housing estate, my captors practically frog-marched me towards Clarissa's home. We marched up the cold stairs and came to a stop at a front door on the 7th floor.

"Bring that bitch in." Clarissa ordered her minions as she opened the red door.

I was f***ed into the little poor looking flat and taken to a bedroom
at the back. It was mainly decorated in a pink and black coloured theme.
I suddenly had cold feet about the whole situation, the bl**d drained from my face as the reality of the scene hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted to run.

I tried to move but Lisa and Tanya had hold of my arms and I felt too weak to do anything more than to put up a pathetic struggle.

"Just put her there." Clarissa ordered pointing to her hot pink bed.

I was forcifully thrown onto it by the other 2 girls. I quickly sat back up and tried to stand to my feet but was pushed back down again.

"Where do you think you're going, slut?" Tanya smirked.

I tried to flee once more.

"Oh for fuck sake, hold her down!" Clarissa demanded impatiently.

Tanya and Lisa suddenly jumped on me, pinning me to the bed. I tried in vain to get them off but they just wouldn't budge.

"Sod it, tie her up!" Clarissa instructed.

"What with, Clar?" Lisa puzzled.

"These." Clarissa answered pulling out some pink leather buckled straps from the little wooden bedside table.

"Where'd you get those?" Tanya asked, giggling in shock.

"Dean, from the college across the road, he gave me then, said he wanted me to use them on him." She explained.

"Oh yeah, and did you?" Tanya responded, making idle conversation has the 2 girls took the straps and seccured my arms to the headrest of the bed.

"Oh yeah, course once I had him tied up I just left him there and got off with his b*****r instead!" She cruelly laughed.

"Oh that's evil!" Lisa laughed along, "I like your style, Clar!"

"Anyway, that's one loser I humiliated, let's focus on having fun with this pathetic loser now!" She sadistically grinned at me.

I was trapped to the bed, my arms tied up, helpless and at the gang's mercy. I never felt so vunerable in my whole life yet there was a part of me that found the whole scenario oddly intising. I felt both scared and helpless and at the same time so excited and safe. Whatever they had planned for me, I looked forward to it with eager anticipation.

As Lisa and Tanya got off the bed to look at me in a full picture, Clarissa suddenly jumped onto the bed and sat down hard on top of me. She rested her elbows right onto my collar bone as she rested her head in her hands, staring deep into my eyes. SHe purposefully dug her elbows into me, causing me great discomfort, which she knew and enjoyed watching me squirm.

"So slut, you got a boyfriend?" She playfully asked.

"N-no..." I replied, at that point in my life I hadn't come out of the closest yet so no one knew I was really a lesbian.

"Oh yeah I forgot, sluts like you sl**p around with anyone!" She teased.

"I'm not a slut!" I spat back. The room fell silent, the girls looked at me in shock.

"The fuck did this bitch just do?!" Clarissa blurted out, breaking the silence as she looked back over to her mates. She turned back to face me, sat up strait, and suddenly slapped me hard across the face. I whinced in pain as my cheek began to burn.

"Don't you dare speak to me like that! You fucking bitch!" She bitterly addressed me.

"Oh Clar, I think you better teach her a lesson for that!" Tanya told, egging her on. Speaking of eggs, that's exactly what I was going to be smelling, I could just tell by the look in her green dark eyeshadowed eyes what she was thinking. She even glanced down towards her belly and smiled a real evil grin.

"I think this bitch deserves some dinner, a nice EGGY dinner I think!" Clarissa joked, now rubbing her belly.

She got up, turned round, and sat back down on me. Her black tights covered ass pressed down on my face as she continued to rub her tummy. Her school skirt covering up my head, leaving me in darkness as I'm faced with her butt.

"Ooh girls, I'm brewing up a good'un here!" She joked as they all giggled at my prediciment. I could feel her tensing up and trying to push out a fart. My nose wedged between her small plump cheeks getting a strong smell of her butt.

"It's coming...!" She revealed with delight.

She leant forward just a little, my chin being pressed down on most now by her bodyweight, about half an inch of space lay behind my nose and her musky arsehole. I couldn't help but to breathe in through my nose, giving me a full whiff of her sweet musky scent, oh how I wished she was naked at that point so I could be given a full on sniff of her. Suddenly...

"Ahhhhh..." She sighed loudly as a big bubbly fart erupted from her ass right into my face. It was like my whole face was engulfed in an invisible cloud of stink. It smelt like a sickenly strong mix of rotten eggs and cheap perfume. I almost gagged. I was oddly disgusted and aroused at the same time. The whole humiliation of it sent shockwaves of pleasure down my spine and setting my clit on fire with excitement.

"You smell that? Does it smell good?!" Clarissa taunted, wiggling her bum onto my face. I coughed from the overpowering smell and could hear the girls laughing and teasing me.

"She's going to be smelling that one for weeks!" Lisa laughed.

"That's what little sluts deserve!" Tanya joined in.

"Thank god all that gas is only going up her nose, can't imagine how bad that must stink!" Lisa returned, chuckling.

Clarissa got off me, and stood beside me by the bed.

"I own you now, bitch," She told me. "and if you ever talk back to me like that again, well there's plenty more gas where that came from!" She laughed along playfully with her gang.

I couldn't help but eye her up. For someone so mean, she sure looked stunning. I guess that's how she's always gotten away with murder, if anyone looks at her they melt from her beauty, and when that doesn't work she just uses her feminine wiles to get her own way, and it always works!

I looked at her golden hair, her green eyes marked out with black eyeshadow, her pink plumped up lips pouting, and her sexy hourglass body and long legs.

"What are you looking at, bitch?" She questioned, almost sounding

"N-nothing..." I sheepishly replied, looking away.

"I think she fancies you!" Lisa quipped.

"Eww I think you're right..." Tanya agreed.

"Oh is that so? Do you fancy me, slut?" Clarissa asked, sticking her bum out to the side with her hand on her hips.

"W-what?" I nervously answered, "N-no I-I-I don-"

"You saying I'm unattractive?!" She blurted out.

"Oh no I didn't mean that." I tried to explain, not wanting to offend her.

"You calling me ugly?!" She interrogated.

"No! I think you're very attractive..." I replied more nervous now.

"Oh so you do fancy me then?" She laughed. "I think you're right girls, think she's a dirty lezza!" The girls laughed.

"N-no I'm not..." I lied.

"Yeah you are, you're a filthy carpet muncher!" She taunted. I felt close to tears at the bullying homophobic name-calling. Tanya and Lisa joined in, calling me more names laughing at my expense.

"Shut up!" I bitterly shouted, finally having enough.

"What you going to do about it, bitch? You're all tied up with no where to go!" Tanya declared still giggling inanely.

"Ooooh no you didn't just tell me to shut up! You silly little lezzy whore." She spoke down to me, her now angry eyes burning into mine. She leaned forward and slapped me hard once again. I whimpered turning my head into the pillow.

"Girls, leave me alone with her for a while, what I'm going to do to her for raising her ugly voice at me you DON'T want to see..." She intensly ordered, the tone of her voice suddenly turned very serious.

"Oh Clar, don't be too hard on her." Lisa pleaded, sensing things were about to go too far.

"Just go out girls, infact go out get some drinks, we're going to have a party later, I just need to teach this stupid tart a lesson is all..." She eyed me up like a lioness eyeing up her prey.

"O-ok Clar, come Lisa let's go." Tanya responded, walking out the room together.

They left the flat and Clarissa closed the bedroom door, locking it aswell as though she didn't want to take any chances of interuption.

I gulped in fear.

"W-w-what are you going to do to me?" I asked sheepishly.

"Oh you'll find out..." She answered cryptically.

"W-w-what about your parents, they must be home soon..." I tried to stall to find something to stop her.

"They went on holiday, won't be back for a week." She chuckled.

She walked over to me, got onto the bed, and sat on my belly.

"So are you really a lesbian or not?" She asked, sounding sincere.

"I-I'm not..." I softly lied.

"You know, it's ok if you are, be honest and I'll go easy on you." She calmly said. I paused not knowing if I should reveal my secret or not.

"Erm... O-ok I am..." I gulped.

"I thought so." She smiled.

"Y-your... ok with that?" I asked, expecting her to rip into me.

"Sure, truth is, I'm not really strait either." She revealed.

"What? B-b-but what about all the boyfriends you had?" I asked in complete shock.

"Oh they were just lies, I only pick on girls I find attractive yet know I can't have, it's my way of getting them." She explained.

"Wow..." I muttered, speechless.

"I'm really glad I got you right where I want you now though." She slyly grinned. She started taking her schoolshirt off, revealing her bra. She then ripped my shirt off, the buttons bouncing on the floor as they popped off. She opened my shirt up and started to rub my tits.

"W-w-what are you doing?" I breathlessly asked, still in a state of shock at what's happening.

"Shhh, just go with it..." She pulled my bra off, leaned down and licked at my nipple. I was so turned on that my nipples stood up fully erect. She then gripped it between her teeth, softly biting down on it. I whinced as she
hurted me.

"Ow, don't..." I groaned, she just giggled and carried on. She then started to gently suck on it, pulling it about with her mouth. I moaned softly with pleasure, with each suck I felt a wetness flow around my pussy. She suddenly stopped, and got off me.

"No more games." She confidently stated, pulling off her bra, skirt, tights and thong. Standing there by the bed now, completely naked. My knickers felt drenched as I was so very obviously turned on at the sight of her amazing young curvy body. She sat back on top of me, and started to grind her moist small puffy pussy on my belly.

"You like my pussy on you?" She asked seductively. I nodded. She moved further up on me and sat on my chest, my face between her thighs. I could smell the sweet aroma of her vagina so close to my face.

"You ever had pussy before?" She giggled. I shook my head.
"You're in for a treat then, my pussy is real sweet." She lifted herself up, and then sat fullweight with her fanny on my mouth.

"Well go on then, lick it, bitch!" She demanded. I did as I was told and pulled my tongue out and licked her. I never tasted a vagina before, and it was better than I was expecting! Tasted real nice and sweet indeed, I began to lick her lips and lick up inside of her. She grinded her sweet moist pussy on me, getting me to tongue-fuck her real good.

"Yeah, lick it good, slut!" She groaned in delight. I kept on going as good as I could, for my first time giving oral, I quickly picked up on what was good and wasn't good to do. I was a natural at it and felt pleased with myself.

"Yeah take it you bitch, it's all your good for!" She moaned with pleasure, she was really getting off on degrading me as she face-fucked me.

"Suck on that clit, slut!" She ordered, and screamed with intense pleasure as I started to do just that. Finally, I had her cumming!

"My cum taste good to you, bitch?" She asked, after screaming the walls down.

I moaned and nodded my head. My knees were shaking as the adrenalin pumped throughout my excited body. My nipples never felt harder and more poked out as I was turned on beyond belief.

She got off me and stood beside the bed, looking in the mirror to check her makeup and brush her golden locks.

"W-was I good?" I inquired, feeling like a brand new girl after that.

"Meh, I've had better..." She cold-heartedly stated. I felt gutted, after all I did for her she wasn't grateful.

"You know, you can have your way with me now," I heavily implied, "I mean I'm all tied up, you can literally do whatever you like to me!" I was desperate for her to fuck me in some way or another!

"Ewww why would I want to touch a dirty lezzy slut like you?!" She cruelly mocked. I was in shock at how quickly she changed her tone.

"I'm going to have a shower now, feel dirty having had your disgusting tongue inside me." She told picking up a towel.
"By the way, the girls will be back soon, and I know for a fact they ain't gay so their idea of having fun with you is just going to be good ol' fashioned bullying!" She laughed.

"But you're gay, I'll tell them what you're like!" I bravely engaged her.

"Go ahead and tell them, they won't believe you!" She smirked. Once again, she's going to get away with being a real bitch, there was nothing I could do about it, she could play with my emotions exactly has she wishes with nothing to stop her and she knew it.

"You really are a bitch!" I angrily snapped.

"Yeah, and what are you going to do about it? Silly little slut." She taunted.

"You're some piece of work, you know that?" I groaned.

"Sure am, and you know what," she paused as she grabbed some of her deep red lipstick and started rubbing it on my forehead, "there I think that says it all!" She giggled, she had wrote 'Lezzy Slut' on me.

"Aww don't you like that?" She asked mocking sympathy.

"Ah noo.." I moaned.

"Well you know what you can do about it? You can kiss my ass!" She laughed as she turned around and pushed her naked yet firm gorgeous butt to my face.

I went to bite her cheek but suddenly I heard a loud *poof* and felt a hot breeze flow out of her small brown hole onto my nose and lips. Oh God she had farted in my face again! It didn't really smell as bad as usual, just a strong musky smell, yet it was still very humiliating as she just then walked off casually laughing at me.

"See ya later, fart-face!" She teased and headed to the bathroom, and a few minutes later, I heard Tanya and Lisa walk in through the front door. They were giggling.

I knew I was in for a real nasty time at the hands of those bullies.

...and I couldnt wait for it!

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