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Bi-curious Dream

So, I had this very realistic dream the other night. It would have been the average frustrating sex dream where you wake up right before you orgasm, but this one was different. I was not with my husband or any other past lover, I was with a woman. I sensed that my husband was in the room watching, but I could not see where he was.

I remember she had a nice soft curvy body with large tits that just begged to be licked and sucked and fondled. She was a brunette, pretty but not drop dead gorgeous. She had on a red and black velvet corset that emphasized her cleavage, a garter belt, and cuban heel seamed stockings with a pair of black stilettetos. She slowly removed my lace chemise by first pulling one of my own ample breasts out of the cup that enclosed it. My nipples are pierced in both directions both vertically and horizontally, and my clitoral hood is vertically pierced. Need less to say, I am an orgasm just waiting to happen. She began to play with the piercings, sliding them back and forth while she worked my nipples to an aching hardness with her fingers. She then took my other tit out of its lace confines, and bent her mouth to it. The shock of feeling her tongue licking and sucking at my nipple made me immediately wet.

She began to kiss me very softly at first (I have never been with a woman before, so I was hesitant about her advances). I recall that her mouth was sweet and soft, and as we began to kiss each other more passionately, she slid her tongue into my mouth, and as we played with each other's tongues, I was growing more and more hot and I was completely soaking, and she hadn't even gotten there yet. I began to relax, and I put my fingers in her hair to pull her closer to me.

While we were kissing, she shocked me slightly by sliding her hand into my thong, She slipped just one finger into the hot wetness that was my pussy. She played with the very top of the ring piercing where it entered my clit hood. That is an incredibly tender and sensitive area (I have a fairly large bead in the ring). She played gently with the ring as if she had not encountered one before. She pulled at it. I moaned. She took two fingers and ran them down both sides of the ring, which will send me into orbit if it is done correctly. In the mean time, I had removed her corset and was playing with her large pink nipples. I licked at them and nibbled them as if they were my own clit. They grew hard underneath my tongue, and I bit her gently. She told me to bite harder, that it didn't hurt, and it made her hot. I began to hold in nipple in my teeth, biting down, and flicking my tongue across her hardening nipple. I was playing with the other one with my fingernails while I bit and sucked the other one.

By now, both her nipples were hard, so I licked and kissed across her chest to take her other tit in my hand to fondle, and lick, and bite.She asked me to stop, that she wanted to go back to my nipples (I guess the piercings were interesting to her). She kissed my chest, she kissed underneath my heavy tits. The she began to circle just the nipple with her fingernail periodically pinching it. Every time she pinched or bit my extremely hard nipple, I gasped with surprise at how different the sensation was with a woman. I had only experienced men, and they did seem quite sure what to do with the piercings (unless they were pierced too). I was playing with my other nipple, sliding the barbells back and forth as I circled the actual nipple with my finger occasionally stopping to pinch it.

She slipped the rest of my black lacy chemise off, and then slid her fingers down over my clit, stopping about halfway to the extremely hot, wet opening to my twat. She played with my "pee-hole" until I thought I could not stand it anymore. I had learned that I was very sensitive in the area years before. She began gently, and then increased in speed as she stroked me. I was on the verge of what I did not know. I was either going to come, squirt or both, not necessarily in that order. As it turned out, she was just teasing the fuck out of me, and had no intention of making me come just yet.

So, there I was on the verge of what was probably the best orgasm I was going to have in my life, and she just stopped. She kissed me again. God, her lips were soft. She then began to push my head gently down her stomach. I kissed her and licked her the whole way until I reached her spread legs. I kissed her inner thighs just close enough to her pussy that she could feel it in her clit. I licked one of her lips which were small and tight, and then briefly allowed my tongue to flicker over her wet hole. I stopped just long enough to slip my tongue into her hot wet pussy. She let out a moan, and tried to hold my head there, but I pulled my tongue out, and began on the other side of her twat. I ran my tongue up her pussy from her opening to the the tip on her clit. I couldn't believe how wet she was, and that just turned me on even more. I licked and nibbled and bit her clit, and played the top with my finger when when told me to stop; she was about to come and she didn't want to yet.

She reached down into a drawer in her nightstand, and pulled out some lubricant and a fairly good size dildo. She got a towel from the bathroom, and spread it beneath me. She then proceeded to apply a of of lubricant to my asshole, and then she slipped a finger into my ass. Good god, but that feels wonderful. She then took a butt plug, and gently inserted it into my ass to relax the muscles. I have never felt anything like that with a woman. Women are more careful and don't push as hard, I gasped as the widest part of the plug passed my asshole, god, was I ever wet by this point. i wanted to feel nothing but her tongue inside me and licking me from asshole to clit. But that wasn't the plan. She pulled the butt plug out, and I gasped again as the wide part passed through my asshole. The next thing I felt was a lot of lube being put on and into my ass. She sat on the bed, lifted my legs into the air, and inserted what had to be a 10 inch long, thick vibrating dildo. I couldn't believe how good it felt. She knew exactly when to go slow and when to push it in deeper and harder. She knew how fast to go, how much I could take. I was so excited and aroused that I sat up with the vibrator still up my ass, and began to kiss her hard, biting her lower lip, and sucking at her lip. She responded in kind, and handed me another vibrator. She handed me the lube and told me to push the toy as far up her ass as it would go.I obliged, and pushed gently and slowly at first and then began to push with some f***e into her ass. We both sat facing each other with the dildos up our asses, and began to kiss so passionately I thought I was going to come this time. God, her lips were soft but hard when they needed to be, her tongue was heaven and tasted so sweet.

The next thing I know she is pushing me back on the bed. She takes each pf my nipples in her mouth and bites; hard. Then she moves down my stomach and begins to very, very slowly nibble at my clit in between kissing each thigh so close to my pussy that it was literally driving me nuts. The flicking of her tongue over my clit was almost unbearable, and she seemed to sense that and moved down further to slide her tongue into my wet and waiting hole. I pushed up against her face trying to bury her tongue deep inside me. She found the "g" spot, and began to lick it, pulling her tongue out each time and then sliding it back in. She flicked her tongue against that spot until I began to feel the familiar muscle spasms the meant I was going to come. she could feel the spasms of my pussy with her tongue, and she stopped briefly and told me to go ahead and come. That she was going to blow my mind. I relaxed into the feeling of being tongue fucked by another woman, and I began to come. She continued to flick the tip of her tongue in that spot, and I could not help myself. I felt another wave of muscle spasms coming, and I came for the second time, I must have come three or four times with her.

Now it is her turn. She is still in her garters and stockings which just turned me on to no bed. I began by kissing her fully on her sweet lips, and slid my tongue into her mouth. We played the tongue dance for a while when I moved down to her ample tits and took a nipple in my mouth, "bite me, she moaned". So, I bit her, and she raised her chest to meet mouth. I took the nipple between my teeth and sucked and nibbled and bit her. I then began to circle her nipple while blowing lightly on her so the nipple would rise faster. Her nipple became hard and rippled under the ministrations of my tongue.She was playing with her other nipple when she asked me to go down on her. Now I was out of my element, I have never eaten a chick out. So, I decided to treat her clit like one of her nipples. I sucked and held it between my teeth while flicking my tongue across it, and at the same time I slid a finger into her hot wet hole. She rose to meet my finger, and asked that I put three fingers in her, so I did. She ground against my fingers with a great deal of passion. I was sliding in and out according to her rhythm. She began to breathe harder and harder until she was moaning with every thrust of my fingers, and my tongue working on her clit. I slid one finger out and began to play with her "pee-hole" and she began to come.I could feel the spasms against my fingers, tightening and loosening and tightening again and again. I continued to finger fuck her, getting hot again my self from her arousal. All of a sudden the spasms become incredibly hard and tight around my fingers, and the finger that was busy with her pee-hole began to feel damp. I couldn't believe it! She was going to squirt! She was breathing hard and moaning. She told me not to stop, that she was getting ready to come again, stay in the same spot. so, i did as I was told, and the next thing I felt was wetness as she squirted all over my hand, and the spasms of her pussy as she came again.

I kissed her between her legs, licking up her juice as I did so. She flipped me over for one lat round, but this much more gentle, and slow. As she finger fucked me, I played with my clit, and used the ring to make myself come again. She told me I was the first bi-curious woman she had been with that was obviously bi-curious because I guess I enjoyed it too much.

It was a weird dream, and obviously it has been embellished, but it does leave me wondering what it would be like to make love to another woman and to have that woman make love to me. I think it might be a highly enjoyable activity. Now, I just have too find the right woman. Could be very fun ;)

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