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The best way to get grounded

When you’re horny… when you’re REALLY horny… you’re horny! If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. And most people over the age of 17 have been there at least once.

I was at that age, one night when I was in that mood. Fortunately for me though, Sarah, my then g/f was in a similar state of sexual frustration. So when I started throwing tiny pieces of grit against her bedroom window one night, she was scared and angry, but also curries and totally turned on!

Her parents were not terribly liberal – not many parents were with their 17-year-old daughters back in the 80s. It was about 7pm and she was doing homework. I should have been too, but at that age, all I could think of was sex.

She opened her window: “Tim!” she protested angrily, while trying to shoo me away but I just started breaking into the garage instead. She told me to wait – she would be down to let me in… But I had to be quiet. So I waited.

Sure enough she came down and let me in – reluctantly. Despite her protestations, I barged in and we immediately started kissing and groping. It felt like there was a sledge hammer in my trousers. And when I put my hand up her skirt…. Well let’s just say she was feeling horny too!

So I bent her over, threw her over her dad’s car and ripped her panties off. I literally ripped them off and hitched her skirt up. I undid my belt buckle and pushed my trousers down. My cock was already at full length and she was so wet I slid in easily.

Well, I say easily, I had got a bit carried away and thrust away so hard I made her yelp. But that did not deter me. I started thrashing away like my life depended on it. She grunted and bit her lip as I thumped away as violently as I could. It felt great.

I felt dizzy with passion and just wanted to vanish inside her; the feeling was indescribable. I was nowhere near coming but the pleasure was unreal. Like nothing I had felt before and only really felt 3 or 4 times in my life. A really rare moment. As always it over too soon.

A noise from the house made my heart pounce and we both just froze. Then her father’s voice calling her made me pull out of her with a jerk as frantic as the one I entered her with. I pulled my trousers up and tried to tuck my bulging cock away as best as I could. She straightened her skirt and looked at me panic-stricken.

“Stay calm!” I said to her as I stuffed her ripped panties in my pocket; I could not do my trousers up. She had bright red cheeks and her hair was all over the place. I slunk behind her dad’s car and she scooted off towards the house.

She made some feeble excuse about looking for the cat food or something and vanished. Her dad came into the shed – he suspected something. If he had found me I would probably be dead. Knowing him, he would have probably called the police. I was so horrified I squeezed into a cupboard and just prayed.

It went quiet but I just stayed there and eventually managed to do my trousers up. At least now if he found me it looked less like what it really was.

Over an hour later, I heard the door to the garage open again. Then my girlfriend’s voice called me. I opened the cupboard’s door and saw a horrified-looking Sarah, searching the room with her eyes. She smiled, relieved and then just laughed and immediately stifled a giggle.

She came over and told me her parents would be going to bed in a bit and that I could not go as they were in the back room and would see me leaving if I did. The front entrance to the garage was locked – she was going to try and get her dad’s keys to let me out.

In the meanwhile I had to stay there and to keep me warm… she undid the buckle on my trousers and yanked my trousers and pants down in one go. She crouched down and took me in her mouth.

The shock was amazing. I rapidly got hard and she just kept phuking my cock with her mouth. When it was at full glory again she used her hand and mouth to wank me off and I started feeling dizzy again from the passion. I slumped back into the cupboard, barely able to support my weight and fell onto various sharp tools and things her father had. I banged my head on a shelf and groaned.

She paused for a second, long enough to look up at me and laughed. She looked she incredibly sex in the half-light of the open door to the kitchen I almost exploded. But the sharp shock had distracted me somewhat. She was incredibly turned on too – it was obvious by the way she sucking. She would jolt her head down fast and hard.

The tip of my cock hit the back of her throat… and kept going a bit! Fast enough to stop her from gagging she kept on doing so, making happy gurgling sounds and leaking slimy streaks of saliva all over the place.

Then she stopped! She looked at my horror-shocked face and giggled as she skipped off giggling. Her little skirt dancing around her legs as she did. When she got to the kitchen door she stopped, hitched her skirt up and wiggled her bare bum at me.

I clambered out of the cupboard and shuffled over to her best I could. One hand was holding my trousers up the other was waving her torn panties at her. She stifled another giggle and carried on wiggling my bum. I Grabbed her as she braced herself in the door frame and stuffed her panties into my trousers and guided my dick towards her pussy.

She arched her back and after a bit of a wiggle I was inside her again. I took it nice and slow this time as her parents were in the next room watching TV. I didn’t want her groaning, I didn’t want my body slapping noisily against her and we both wanted to make sure we had plenty of warning should her parents start moving.

It was completely insane. I was driving myself in and out of Sarah’s gorgeously tight pussy and it quickly got wet and slimy and the feeling was sensational.

I was getting close to exploding and though I had a condom in my pocket, I daren’t stop to open it, don it, and then carry on. So I pulled out, knelt between her wide open legs and started eating her out frantically. We were both totally swept away. I licked her clit, then buried my face deep into her pussy till I thought I was gonna pass out. Then I licked her bum and alternated. Before long we were breathing heavily…

“Sarah?” Came her mother’s voice from the other room. We froze.

“Yeah?” she tried her best to calm herself. I stood up and grabbed my trousers.

“What you doing… Misty’s bowl is empty I think. Have a look while you’re there, will ya?” Her cat walked from the living room round the corner into the kitchen and meowed.

“Yeah, was just checking!” She explained. “Gonna clean them out and put some fresh food and water out for her.”

I stroked her bum and guided by dick inside her again and started rocking. Misty meowed again impatiently and I humped away with similar abandon.

“What you doing there anyway?” her dad asked this time. God I hated that guy. His sentiments towards me were similar.

“Er… Just came down to feed the cat.” Sarah said while I carried on shafting her ever so slowly and gently. “Home work not going too well – need a break!”

“Come and watch Eastenders with us” her mum said. While her dad tried to be more helpful “Anything I can help you with?”

“Sure…” she joked: “Geography: Have you ever been out of Grimbsby, dad?”

“Sure…. It’s North Yorkshire I’ve never been out of.” He replied.

That is where I decided I loved that girl! I carried on humping her slowly. Occasionally I would throw in the odd deep, hard thrust, just to shock her. She tried to conceal her rasping, gasps by laughing.

“Ah! – hah, hehehe Ah-ah-ah!”

“You ok?” they chimed. I slowed down terrified we had been found out.

“Sure…” I thrust hard and she had to gasp for air. “… it’s just that dad cracks me… “ and then I thumped inside her with a loud slap “..up!” she yelped trying to sound normal.

Again I stopped petrified the noise had alerted them but they blithely carried on chatting. Sarah kept her back arched offering me her glorious arse and pussy. Misty meowed again impatiently and started rubbing herself against Sarah’s bare legs. Us shagging in the door way did not seem to deter her at all. It was hilarious and sexy at the same time. The cat was obviously quite used to me and it must have been starving to carry on begging while we carried on banging.

“Stop being cheeky you,” he replied from the living room as Misty carried on meowing “and get that car fed!”

Sarah f***ed another false chuckle and picked the tin of cat food up and a fork and combined with the cat bowl started using them to make sounds as if she was feeding the cat. The allowed me to speed up a bit and gave several fast, deep, hard thrusts as Sarah tried to compose and distract herself by stroking the cat.

“Hello Misty? Are you a hungry cat? Here I have some lovely food – a fed kitty is a happy kitty!”

She looked back at me and smiled sexily. I know exactly what she was getting at.

“Look at how affectionate she is now she wants to get fed!” The only way I could stop myself from laughing was to hammer away at her glorious tight pussy. “You are one cheeky and crafty little pussy cat! Come here!”

“Oh! What a lovely happy purring sound you make when you want something. Tell me what you want? What is it? You want… this?!” I synchronised my every thrust with each and every single silly innuendo she made. And then, holding her tight by the hips I pulled her onto me with as much f***e as I could muster while manoeuvring my hips down a bit and pointing my dick at a more dangerous angle. I reached depths I had not reached before but she merely paused her speech and carried on undeterred.

I repeated my power-thrust and she just grunted. It was not an audible grunt but I kinda felt it inside her throat. It’s hard to explain but I really did feel a guttural grunt. It was amazingly sexy and just spurred me on. I repeated my deep power-trust. The tip of my dick reached depths never reached before and it was incredibly tight and hot.

Now I grunted and she did too. Audibly! But the TV drowned it out. So I thrust again. I was so close to exploding, to this day I have no idea how I stopped myself. I felt her moisten up inside and she clenched. Her entire body turned red and she trembled. She was cumming!

I just thrust again and she put whatever she was holding down and steadied herself with her arms on the door frame as her legs trembled. She grunted again audibly and shook. I repeated and then she let go. She let out a progressively serious and loud “oh!... uuuu Oh!.... uph… OH! – Aaaa. Aoooh!”

I totally froze, buried inside her to the hilt. I decided there and then we would both be dead in the next few minutes. I envisaged her parents walking through the door to be faced by their daughter, red-faced, watery-eyed, biting down a terrible orgasm, as the boy-they-disliked-her-hanging-out-with had about 7” of swollen cock buried all the way inside her until-now-assumed-virgin pussy!

Then I imagined myself pulling out of her just in time to splurt a massive load in front of them all over the kitchen floor, the cat, and even Misty! It was classic.

“What’s up Sarah?!” I heard her mum say.

“Nothing…”, Sarah replied. She started rocking back and forth as I had frozen into place. “Misty getting hungry…” She tried to conceal her gasps again by laughing: “… she is now playing with her claws out – ouch!”

All the while she rocked back and forth, me still too scared to move. “Ok-ok!” she continued. “Enough playing – there you go!” This time she composed herself enough to open with trembling hands the cat food and start scooping it out into the bowl.

She had to stop rocking now as she needed her hands to do the job, but I had managed to sufficiently compose myself co carry on rocking. This time I was much gentler, trying to mimic the way she swayed on my cock when left to her own devices.

It went quiet as the cat started eating and Sarah took a few moments to take a few deep, silent breaths to steady herself. She arched her back again and reached back and opened her bum cheeks wide. That allowed me to sink even further inside her without the need to hammer her loudly and I just lost control.

I managed to pull out in time and exploded all over her. I grabbed my cock with one hand and yanked and a splurt of spunk flew out onto her bum, her skirt, her top. One flew all the way into her hair and she had to stifle a giggle again. I was totally lost, barely able to stand up. I had to steady myself this time – with one hand on the door frame the other yanked at my cock.

Sarah spun round her face bright red, glistening with perspiration she crouched down and the last few jolts of spunk landed on her face, her hair, again and she did her best to lap it all up. It was incredible. I staggered backwards and leant up against her dad’s car and clenched my eyes tight shut.

All I could hear was my heart – with every heart beat my cock throbbed. Sarah did her best to follow me. She pushed my hand away and started sucking on my still twitching and dribbling cock. Eventually it got too sensitive and had to push her away. She smiled sexily and licked her face and fingers greedily.

Then she grabbed her torn panties out of my trouser pocket and wiped the spunk that had spilt on the kitchen floor. She then giggled, pointed at the cupboard I had hid into and said loudly. “I’m off for a shower. Early night, methinks!”

As I tried to get up as she threw her dirty, torn panties at me and she gestured with me to keep quiet. Then whispered: “Gonna see if I can find dad’s keys to the shed- SH!” and vanished inside closing the door behind her.

I shuffled over to the cupboard, straightened myself and climbed inside, keeping the door ajar. My mind was racing. It was now approaching 9pm. Back door to the garage was out of the question as it was in full view of the living room. I suspected the curtains would be drawn by now but was too horrified to check. The back door of the garage, even if Sarah could find the keys and slink back down – doubtful – I knew made a massive racket so that looked an unlikely route of escape.

As I half stood-half sat in the cupboard my horror of the passing time and the lack of exits gave way to the realisation my cock was still as erect and painful as before. As if I had not even cum at all. Only a lot more sensitive. Look back, now, I am so envious of my teen libido – unbelievable!

By about 9 I heard noises again. Sarah had come back down in her gown and made some excuses about checking on Misty before she went to bed. She had not found the keys and that I should come inside. They lock both garage doors at night and even the kitchen door. The only way out was through the front door. So she made me take my shoes off and slunk me past the living room and sent me to hide in her room.

I hid under her bed and waited. She had a shower, she chatted with her parents – I swear to this day she was doing it deliberately – and then she returned to her room. The plan was to let me out of the front door as soon as they went to bed. I was mortified. I said I’d be home by 9. It was a school-night and that was my curfew.

But that soon went out of my head as she put her hand on my cock and burst out laughing again. I smiled back at her and she started unzipping my trousers again. She started sucking my cock that just felt like a crowbar – only much hotter. Soon I pushed her off me and helped her onto her bad. She only had a single bed but my, did we put it to good use!

She had just come out of the shower and was still wet and smelt of soap. Eating her out was heaven! I ate her pussy like a demented thing – I was still very horny and so was she! She came… twice, I think! I flipped her over and played with her gorgeous bum and then just pressed the tip of my cock between her legs and slipped inside her again.

It was heaven. That position always has me cumming too soon but having recently cum I managed to last a bit longer and relished bouncing on her bum cheeks as I got in as deep as I could. It was heaven.

But then she started slapping me and tried to get up. I thought I had hurt her at first, but she had heard her parents shuffling down stairs and panicked. I was delegated to hiding under the table until she was certain they had retired to bed for good.

I managed to stay there for about 30 seconds before I got too restless again. We carried on chatting in hushed voices for a bit and then I got her kneel on the floor, and lean over her bed as she pretended to finish off her homework. I groped around and found her soft, soaking pussy. I rubbed her clit and fingered her as deep inside as I could. I knew jerking my hand back and forth hard tortured her G-spot and she gasped and groaned. She gently gyrated her bum making sure I hit all the right spots.

I then manoeuvred her so that I could plant my head between her thighs. I lapped away at her lovely pussy and she settled down, pressing my mouth into her own wetness. It was difficult to breath but deliriously good – and amazingly naughty at the same time.

I used my hands to stroke her legs, her bum, finger her pussy when my tongue was on her clit and finger her bum hole when I tongue was squirming inside her. I could tell she was loving it by the was she wiggled herself. She tried chatting to me while I did that. Telling what she wanted more or less of. Then I let my hands creep up and I grabbed her boobs. I pinched and tweaked her nipples and she shut up.

Her hand went to her clit and rubbed furiously. She planted her whole weight on my and her other hand spread her cheeks a little bit. My tongue got so deep inside her I could taste her lovely G-spot and she came again. She shuddered and trembled and clenched her legs tight around me. I managed to hold my breath long enough to ensure she was a happy girl but had to practically push her off to not die – though it would have been a very happy death!

She was good enough to spare me though and we both lived to shag another day. Her parents were coming up stairs though. So I eased up my assault on her nipples, her nether regions, and her clit. I kept my head between her legs though but she had sat up a little so that limited my options.

Someone knocked on her door:

“Sarah?” am ale voice enquired.

“Yeah?” she said slapping my hands and my face in a reprimanding fashion, as I tried to stop her from straightening her gown.

“Can I come in?”


The door opened and her dad peered in.

“Geography?” He enquired.

“Yuuuuup!” she sang in a bored fashion. Moving ever so slowly, I kissed the inside of her thighs and stroked her legs and bum.


“Erm… Tectonic flow?”

Where she was getting this from, is beyond me. She was a very good student – compared to me anyway – and she had no homework left. She very rarely struggled with homework.

“Tether’s farm? 3 miles down the A118? I knot it. James Tether’s b*****r and I were in the same year….”

“Get on with you!” her mum interrupted as she pushed him into the room and peered round the door herself. I started tickling her outer lips with tongue as I could reach much else. I slowly brought my index finger to my mouth, licked it and started rubbing her bum hole. She was always a little apprehensive about that but she would not protest too much. “You ok darling?” she continued. “Ignore him!”

If only she knew what her ‘darling’ was up to! I think she must have enjoyed it a little as she allowed me to carry on. I took my sweet time and carried on lubing my finger with my own saliva and repeating my administrations to her bum hole.

“Yeah, no problems. I’m done here anyway.” She fainted a lithe stretch followed by a f***ed yawn.

“Going to bed anyway… it is… “

“Yeah, I just switched the news off – can’t stand it. So I guess it’s just gone 10!”

My curfew was 10. I pushed a well lubed finger into her equally well lubed bum hole and I got as far as my first knuckle and wiggled it about playfully.

“Your dad usually likes the news…”

“Not tonight.” he said. “Seen it all – heard it all…”

“It’s probably not gonna be about Grimsby, anyway!” Sarah joked. She was on top form that night! My finger was getting wetter and more slippery with every application if a new layer of saliva and gradually her bum hole was getting more forgiving.

They both laughed and wished her goodnight.

Minutes later we were both in bed. It felt amazing. We were both naked under the covers, cuddling and squeezing and kissing passionately. My cock was still rock hard and kept digging into her belly but I did not care. I was burying my mouth into hers and inhaling and swallowing her lovely smell and flour. It was awesome.

“Condom!” She whispered as she rolled me onto my back.

“Left pocket” I whispered back at her. After a few minutes of fumbling, my cock was safely tucked away in the condom and she clambered on top of me. With a bit of a wiggle and a help hand or two I was inside her again.

She slunk deeper and deeper down until I was completely inside her and then she got comfy and planted her face on mine. She practically ate my face as she moved ever so gently and slowly up and down on me. After a fashion she started licking my face like a dog and sniggered naughtily. I found it an immense turn-on and I think she did too because my face was soaking. She never stopped moving but she kept such a slow rhythm I could not cum. I desperately needed to blow my load but she would not let me.

Then she sat up, at an angle that pressed my dick hard against her G-spot. She bit her lip and dug her fingers into my chest. She rocked but the bed protested noisily so she contended on moving really slowly and I slunk slowly down ensuring her pussy devoured my cock like she had devoured my face only seconds ago.

I reached up and grabbed her tits and played with them for gently for a bit. The rougher and harder until her nipples were erect, hard and swollen. Then I grabbed them hard and pulled and she came – again!

She turned bright red, her face, her chest, her tummy, her shoulders and even all the way down her arms. She looked like a lobster. It was lovely. Her head slumped forwards as carried on doing this to herself for another 10’ or so – occasionally looking up and smiling and then letting her head slump forwards as she carried on rocking.

Then she fell forwards and landed heavily on, sobbing and let out a sigh of infinite relief and pleasure. We cuddled like that a bit and my hands were free to roam down and they started kneading her lovely bum cheeks again.

“I think I came another… I lost count. There were loads of little ones. I wanna say 5 or 6 but it sounds… impossible?!”

That spurred me on. I had only come once. We gently rolled over and now I was on top. We wiggled about a bit and then I was in her all the way again. I pressed deeply into her and rested on my left elbow as my right hand lifter her left leg up in the air. I was still on top but at an angle to the left. A glorious angle that allowed my to press her one knee further and further up, until it was practically under her armpit.

She arched her back and closed her eyes in bliss as I gently phuked her. This allowed me really deep entry and she was catching her breath in deep, rasps that she managed to keep to whisper level. Though I had to be slow and gently the depth and pressure of my administration was perfect. I was gonna blow my load and I was thankful for the condom now as it meant I could carry on without interruption.

My cock was being relentless to her poor pussy and I f***ed a more advantageous angle with every thrust. I just wanted to vanish inside her. She lifted my head, buried it into my neck and muffled her yelps. My cock felt like it was swelling some more in both girth and length as it stretcher her insides to the max.

Her hands went to my head and she grabbed my hair and pulled painfully. I thought it was only fair, considering what I was doing to her and it just made me phuk her harder and as I hit rock bottom would give a frantic jerk from side to side. She pulled my hair, yanking my head to the one side and howled a high-pitched, throat-squeal into my neck as she bit down onto me like a vampire.

I lost it. I jerked and then froze. I was past the point of no return and the next few thrusts were so hard they made the bed squeak nosily – and then I froze again. The first explosion was such a massive relief it almost hurt. My cock felt like it swelled up still further and my hips rocked uncontrollably.

What felt like several seconds later the 2nd splurt followed. This time it was definitely neck and scalp that was hurting. Fortunately she relented and let go of my neck. She pulled my head down so that her mouth was at my ear.

“Oh… my… god…” she whispered into my ear through gritted teeth. Interspersed between each word was a long pause. At first my cock rocked violently inside her as it exploded again. I felt my nut-sack physically contract as several other explosions carried on – somewhat less f***eful. As I thought the f***e of my explosion was ebbing there was a slight pause and my hips jerked involuntarily again.

“…god” she said again. I carried on gently rocking as my cock carried on thrashing, throbbing and chucking its load inside her… well inside the condom – thank god!

“Oh… my… god…” She said one final time through gritted teeth. I was happy! My dick was happily moving in and out of her and it was now becoming uncomfortable for me now. I gradually eased up and slowed up and stopped and slumped on top of her.

After a few minutes I lifted myself slightly to rest on my elbows, while still inside her. She straightened her legs to a more comfortable-for-her angle. I stayed on top of her gently rocking inside her. My cock did not feel like relenting. We cuddled and kissed and chatted in hushed voices for a few minutes and it was pure heaven.

“You’ve come twice and are still humping me? What’s going on?” she enquired.

“Dunno. It’s insane. It feels so tight and amazing I just wanna stay were I am and carry on for a bit longer, if that’s ok?”

“Sure thing. I’m just worried you will get into trouble at home.”

“I’m for the chopping block I think, but I aint moving!”

“Ok, whatever!”

So we carried on making love, slowly and gently for a few minutes till I could take no longer.

“I wanna cum over your belly, your tits, your face… ” I growled hornily.

“Hehe, ok as long as you do not get it in my hair again – just had a shower. It’s a bugger to get out!” she smiled at me blithely.

I humped a bit more and then pulled out of her, slipped the condom off and tied a knot in it. I shuffled up and placed a knee either side of her waist and started wanking myself furiously. I could tell this would take a while as I had fairly recently just cum twice so I closed my eyes in concentration.

She played with her tits and lifted her head and flicked her tongue ever so gently over the tip of my bell end. I think she wanted to take me into her mouth but I was jerking so frantically she could not. The sensation of her tongue gently tickling my red-raw bell end was astounding.

I felt myself gently reaching the top again, so I slowed up. She pinched her nipples and pulled her tits upwards and I placed my cock in the canal between them. She squeezed them tight over my burning shaft and I titty-phuked her for a bit. Again she flicked her tongue out at my cock. Each time I stroked in and just before I pulled back she would exhale warmly on me and her tongue would tease me in the most glorious manner imaginable.

I got impatient and grabbed my cock in my hand again and thrashed my self. My left hand grabbed a handful of boob-flesh and in seconds and was exploding again. Much less furious this time it landed on all over her tits and rubbed it in with her hands while giggling sexily.

At last my cock shrunk away and allowed me to put my trousers back on with relative ease. I stuffed the used condom in my pocket, in the same pocket where her torn panties were. I looked at my watch. If I ran home I would only be an hour late, I thought.

As Sarah and I tiptoed downstairs, my sore prick reminded me I would not be running anyway tonight. Instead I got home after 11 and ended up being grounded for a week. But Sarah and I, now happily married for 9 years regret nothing about that night!

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