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Modeling the Kama Sutra (part 1)

Call me Steve. I was in my late twenties when this happened. At that time I was still young, fit, and attractive enough to star in porn videos. No, I was not ‘hung like a horse,’ but rather my erect cock was only slightly larger than the average American man’s. However, I almost never had any trouble controlling my erection and my ejaculations, and I could act. Together with my attractiveness, that was enough to make me star quality. But after a couple of sex videos I got turned off to that industry’s style and increasingly began to worry about sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS. So I dropped out of hard-core porn videos. I remained open to less hard-core acting and modeling, though, so that’s how I was contacted about the Kama Sutra project. Of course, the Kama Sutra project turned out to be pretty hard-core too, but initially I did not know that.

In essence, the idea was that a man and a woman, both fairly young and sexually attractive, would model and act out every sex position in the Kama Sutra for a series of videos. Unlike ordinary photo shoots, this would not be merely still photos with the couple in the positions. This video set would cover each of the 64 sex positions from start to finish – or rather, from foreplay to afterglow. There would be only one couple involved, so they had to be versatile and hot lovers. I suppose that one could see this as just another hard-core porn video set, but something about it struck me as different, so I considered the proposal seriously. The director/producer Sam had seen my work in the regular porn videos and he quickly made up his mind that he wanted me to be his man for the Kama Sutra. Certainly I was flattered. Sam also was approaching the project as more than mere porn. In his hands, I could see that it would have elements of art and history, to say nothing of genuine sex education that could actually benefit most of the interested viewers out there. The more we talked about the project, the more enthusiastic we both became. It was infectious.

On the other hand, some of my major concerns with the porn video business were infectious too – I mean the sexually transmitted diseases. Sam quickly dispelled my concerns by telling me how thoroughly he and his staff were medically screening the candidate young women. What really convinced me was the thoroughness of the medical screening that I myself was subjected to over the next couple of weeks. After that, I really believed that whomever Sam paired me with would be as disease-free as I was.

Eventually I met the young woman that was to be my sex partner for the next few months of video shooting. That pushed any lingering doubts from my mind and started my cock on the road to stiffness. She was a gorgeous, petite, brunette with a vivacious personality and a sexual excitement that stirred me, to say the least. I learned that Diana (nicknamed ‘Di’) was 22 and thus a bit younger than myself. She was also less experienced, having never done any real sexual modeling or acting. Her background that led to her being considered a candidate was her work in nude modeling for art classes. Di proved so desirable in that field that Sam heard of her and sought her out to interview. Then her special qualities propelled her to the top of the candidate list.

Those special qualities were many. Di’s flexibility and petiteness were important for the Kama Sutra project because she needed to assume and perform in so many diverse positions, plus I would have to support much of her weight during many of them. The fact that she only weighed about 100 pounds was a big plus. Additionally, her great personality and joy of life showed through at all times, also making her a natural. But above all her desirable traits were that Di proved to be such a hot lover. She had claimed, and interviews with some her prior sex partners confirmed, that she orgasmed almost every time that she had sex, very often multiple climaxes per session. Moreover, her very expressive face and easily aroused nipples and clitoris never left any doubt that her sexual excitement was real and powerful. In fact, the stiff nipples of her pert B-cup breasts showed through her blouse almost as soon as we began to discuss the Kama Sutra project. She also blushed charmingly when she admitted that she always got quite wet and slippery for coitus. Sam and I approved.

While Sam discussed the project with us, Di and I stripped naked so that we could become more comfortable with each other. It was clear that both of us liked what we saw in the other person, with whom we were to be paired so intimately. Of course, my cock was at full hardness and so were Di’s cute nipples. We could not keep our eyes off each other’s naked body, which pleased Sam and augured well for our successful couplings to come.

During the preliminaries, Sam had introduced the history of the Kama Sutra to both of us. Di was much less familiar with the ancient Indian book than I was, but she had heard that it did include a great variety of sexual positions, some of which were quite unfamiliar to most modern folks. Sam told us that there were 64 different positions recognized and recommended by the book’s author or authors, eight categories with eight different positions within each category. His video set project would cover all 64 from foreplay to afterglow, as I already said. Each time my penis (or *lingam*) would fully probe Di’s vagina (or *yoni*). It was crucial that the viewers all see without any doubt that we were enjoying full penetrative sex in each position and that we both orgasm at least once in each position, so that everyone could see the maximum benefit of that position. Not only would they see how to use that position correctly for sex, but they would also see for themselves how pleasing it could be and what it was particularly good for.

Apparently Sam had needed to talk with Di many times before he had sold her on participating in such an uninhibited and intimate sex video project. She understood that the project would require her to have full penetrative sex with a stranger at least 64 times and that it would be videoed for mass distribution world-wide. Her body and face would be on full display for quite a few hours of such sex; there would be no way to hide from the possibility of being recognized by some people. Moreover, Di had a natural modesty that told her that sex should be reserved for her fiancee or at least a boyfriend, if she were not engaged. But Di was engaged, and that was part of the problem. All that her fiancee knew was that she did nude modeling. She didn’t think that he would approve of her doing actual sex videos, even if they were artistic, historical, and educational. And once they actually married she thought it would be much more difficult to hide the true nature of her daily work from her husband, so she planned to stop the work when she married. But the very good money to be made and Sam’s persuasiveness about the unique merits of his high-class project had sold each of us in turn – me much more easily than Di.

Sam asked Di when she was to be married.

“About five months from now.”

“Good. That gives us just enough time and a little to spare for contingencies.”

“How do you figure that?,” I asked.

“Well, I know that you’re both really good at orgasming; that’s one of the main reasons that I selected each of you. But I can’t expect you to perform to your maximum more than once per day. So we’ll do one position each day. You will both do your best to show the joy of the sex position and to cum – real orgasms – in each position. Hopefully you’ll be as well-matched as you seem to be,” smiling and nodding significantly in recognition of how aroused Di and I had made each other without even touching yet, “and most days we will get a great shoot that we can use. But I understand that there may be a few days when one or both of you can’t be at your best. Likely one or both of you can’t climax for some reason, or Steve cums too soon despite his well-known control. In that case we will re-shoot that position on some later day and get a better result. Knowing that you can always have a second chance can take the pressure off you, so that you can relax, enjoy the sex in each position, and cum with each other all you feel like.”

“That sounds great,” Di said, then blushed.

“Yup,” I agreed, gazing admiringly as Di’s wonderful, tight body, glowing and stiff-nippled.

“So you see we need 64 days for the 64 positions, plus some extra days for re-shoots.”

“But that’s only between two and three months of days, not five months,” I commented.

“But you’re forgetting Di’s period. We don’t want to shoot videos when she’s bl**dy.”

“Oh, of course. So that’s why you say that five months is just enough time, plus a little extra to be sure.”

“You got it. And it looks like you two are ready to start today. That’s good, because every day here in the studio with my staff costs a significant amount of money. This is a big project and even if it sells as well as I think it will I can’t afford to pour good money down the drain while my stars decide whether they’re in the mood. Since you seem to be in the mood right now, let’s get going.”

Di and I agreed, with both of us showing some eagerness but Di’s being mixed with lingering hesitations.

“Okay. Now it’s very important that you both get completely into the loving sex with each other. We want as much feeling – great feeling – as possible, real passionate sex with real orgasms.” Di and I nodded. Di was wide-eyed.

“Now try not to say each other’s name. If you do that now and then, it’s okay, as we will just edit it out of the sound track. But we don’t want to have to do that all the time, got it?” We nodded again.

“For today we will start with the most basic and popular of all positions, in both ancient and modern times. Of course, I mean the face-to-face position that we now call ‘Missionary.’ That should be good for you two to get comfortable and intimate with each other, without being too stressful or athletic.”

We agreed that it made sense to start with ‘Missionary.’

“But first, you need to have some foreplay; it would not look real or natural without some loving foreplay.”

“But before we start I need to know when Steve will be putting on a condom,” Di stated.

Sam shot her a distressed look. “I guess you don’t get it, Di. Steve won’t be wearing a condom. Our viewers don’t want to see all these sex positions demonstrated with a condom separating the man from the woman. They want to see real intimate, loving sex, with no artificial barrier between the man and the woman, just real natural sex that way it was supposed to be. They need to see the woman and the man cumming and know that it’s real. They’ll want to see the proof. To have Steve wearing condoms will ruin that and this whole project will be a failure. The whole point of this Kama Sutra project is that it’s all real and so many people can live better love lives by learning from it. If they know that it’s just more ‘safe sex’ then it will not be nearly as exciting to them and this video set will not sell very well. Why do you think that we’re paying you so well? Why do you think that I had you undergo such thorough medical screening? You know that both you and Steve are disease-free, don’t you?”

“Yes, . . . but . . .”

“But what?”

“But, . . . but I’m not on the pill. I could get pregnant.”

“What? You aren’t on the pill? And you signed on for four or five months of full sex, daily except during your periods?”

“Well, I just assumed that the man would be wearing a condom,” Di said, lamely and bashfully. “My fiancee always uses a condom. I had a bad reaction to the pill and so I don’t take it. I don’t have any other protection,” she explained.

“Jesus, why me?,” Sam exclaimed. “Where are you in your cycle, right now?”

“I should be ovulating sometime in the next two days. It’s really dangerous right now.”

“Look, we need to video real sex with internal cumshots and creampies – sorry, that’s industry jargon for the man shooting his semen inside the woman’s vagina and then after they finish we show his semen leaking out of the woman’s open vagina. That’s basic to this whole project. We can’t be ruining it with a condom.”

“I’m sorry,” Di whimpered in embarrassment, “but I’ll get pregnant for sure!”

“Look. I know what we can do today. I’ll send one of my staffers down the block to the pharmacy. He can get you a tube of contraceptive gel to make it pretty safe. Then for the future you can go to your gynecologist and get a diaphragm fitted; that won’t show in the videos because it’s all up inside you.” He turned to a staffer. “Jack, go to the pharmacy and buy a tube of contraceptive jelly with the applicators. Get that bio-adhesive kind, because that makes a film that clings to the cervix and is more effective with less volume. That way there will be less gel to leak or dilute Steve’s semen, so viewers will never be able to see that Di’s womb was protected. To them it will look like Steve is always inseminating Di’s unprotected womb and perhaps impregnating her.”

“Yes, boss.” Jack departed.

“That makes a huge difference in how exciting the videos will be, if the viewers can think that you’re really unprotected and maybe getting pregnant – from completed sex in 64 different positions – then they will be so much more excited.”

“That IS an exciting idea,” Di admitted, blushing again. Her nipples looked even harder, if that is possible. “As long as I’m actually protected . . . .”

I agreed. “I can’t wait. Shooting my sperm right into Di with no condom – almost every day for the next four or five months – that’s going to be heaven! I can just pretend that Di is completely unprotected and that I will be knocking her up with my baby! Jesus! I can’t wait.”

Di looked at me with a mixture of intense excitement and embarrassment – probably more excitement than embarrassment. She licked her lips. Her eyes were wide. She blushed some more. I saw her legs move apart a bit, allowing me to see that her pussy was wet.

While Jack was out buying the contraceptive gel we had more time to admire each other before beginning actual foreplay. As instructed, both of us had trimmed our pubic bushes and Sam’s staff had completed the trimming. They had left mine a bit longer than Di’s, but neither of us now had pubic hair long enough to cover anything important. Di’s was trimmed short, so that it merely showed the pretty but natural shape of her private hair patch. It was delightfully silky and dark, despite being so short. That avoided the unnatural shaved look and better fit the natural, artistic theme of the Kama Sutra video project. They had left enough of my pubic bush that it would tease Di’s body when we were coupled, but mine would not hide any important action until we were locked so tightly together that it would not matter.

Jack returned with the contraceptive gel. As she was opening it, loading the small applicator with gel, and inserting it against her cervix (as best she could feel), my mind was pondering. I knew that contraceptive gel by itself was not fail-safe protection. Heck, almost no method of contraception used alone is perfect protection, but gel alone was a bit more risky than some others. Maybe Di didn’t know that; it certainly seemed that way. Probably Sam knew what I knew, but neither of us was going to throw another monkey wrench into the gears and stop that first video shoot by telling Di that she might not be protected enough with just gel alone. Of course, even if Di was about to ovulate, bio-adhesive gel alone was good enough (if properly applied) to protect pretty well for one or two fucks. However, to rely on gel alone for 64 or maybe 80 daily fucks right through her ovulation every month might not be good enough. But Di would be getting a diaphragm in the next few days, right? Why should I worry? I did notice that Di seemed to be unfamiliar with the gel applicator, so perhaps she was not inserting it quite right to protect her cervix?! I said nothing, but my cock spoke for me by throbbing at its most-firm condition and leaking clear pre-cum. What I would give to plant a baby in Di’s womb! That was the most exciting thought I had ever had, and I was very experienced in sex!

Di indicated that she was ready, so we melted into each other’s arms and began to explore each other’s body. At first she seemed reluctant to kiss me on the open mouth, but then she realized that she had to kiss me for it to be real. To me it was funny that Di seemed to accept the idea of fucking me more easily than kissing me, but to some people an intimate kiss is more intimate than a fuck, I guess.

Once she got into it, though, there was no stopping Di! She was every bit as hot as we had been led to believe. She seemed to forget the cameras. Our hands were all over each other’s body and so were our mouths, whenever we could stop kissing. I just loved Di’s small, firm tits and their pebble-hard nipples. When I dipped into her pussy she was so slippery wet that I knew we could start copulating whenever the time seemed to be right. Her clit was so stiff too, and very responsive, with my attentions making her jerk and gasp when I made good contact.

Before long Di was pulling me toward the bed. She climbed on in front of me and spread her legs wide in a blatant coital invitation. The cameras had no trouble picking up how slimy wet Di was; we always saw the raw takes right after our sex video sessions, so that we could see what we had done right and what could be improved. Going slowly, to emphasize the position after all, I climbed aboard her and slowly moved to enter Di’s body. Di reached out and lovingly guided my throbbing hard penis into her very-ready vagina. Her whole vulva was flushed, swollen, and shiny with her natural lubricant. We cooperated in wiping my cock head all over her sex, making a big show of the exciting contact while wetting my thick rod. Then acting as one we guided my *lingam* into her *yoni*, both of us groaning in pleasure as I sank into her slick, silky sex sleeve. I kissed her and she responded in kind, blissfully. At that point I think you could have turned off the cameras and Di would not have changed anything, she was so into the sex with me. I was thrilled! Being the practiced professional, I was more aware of the studio setup and activities than Di was, but making love to Di was beyond anything that I had yet experienced and I was being swept away by the strength of her genuine feelings.

If there were any doubts about Di’s feelings, they were dispelled as soon as she began a series of powerful orgasms. She made it very obvious that she was cumming, and it looked as if she could not have disguised her climaxes if she had wanted to. She was very vocal, usually without using words, and she often jerked and thrashed vigorously. I was sure that Sam must be appreciating her ability to cum so much. This had a powerful effect on me; I was so excited that I had difficulty holding off as long as I wanted to and believed Sam wanted me to. But there was no way I wanted this sex with Di to end, ever. She was the hottest woman I ever had! Of course, there were limits to how long even I could hold out while fucking a woman so highly sexed as Di. When I slipped up and allowed myself to think about the idea that perhaps Di had not applied her contraceptive gel correctly and perhaps I would be planting a baby in her womb, that immediately triggered my orgasm, which was as f***eful as any I had had in my life. In greatest ecstacy, I squeezed Di in my arms, and poured my soul deep into her body through my penis. At least, that’s how it felt to me. The cameras, we later saw, caught just how devastated I was by this act of inseminating the lovely Di. I felt as if I had transferred everything I had into her body and it must necessarily begin a new life growing inside her. It was my body’s fondest hope at that moment, and it conquered every other thought, though I was dimly aware that Di was cumming again, with me, and showing unrestrained joy.

Then we were the very epitome of blissful afterglow, tightly joined together and both completely shattered by the overpowering experience of each other’s sexual passion. It was so strong and genuine that there had to have been real love expressed by both of us; we both knew that to be true, even though we had just met and we did not convey the idea with words at first. We just lay there united and, as we gradually regained control over our actions, simply loved each other in any way we could. Our kisses and caresses were so tender and not f***ed. Anyone would be able to see that our feelings were real and not mere acting. We had just set the bar very high for the other 63 positions! Eventually we were able to speak.

I spoke first. “I . . . I have never in my life . . . you are incredible!” She smiled and kissed me.

“If all the Kama Sutra positions are sex like that, then I want to spend the rest of my life doing the Kama Sutra,” she stated, glowing happily.


“I feel so much of your cum deep inside me, right against my cervix.”

“Mmm, I like that. That’s where it should be, right against your cervix.”

“Maybe some of it went through my cervix, huh?”

“Oh god! Do you want to start me going again?” But then I decided to stick with the general outline for these position sessions. “First, let’s see what we did already, okay?”

Di nodded, smiling, so I gradually eased back from her hole as I turned to the side, thus giving good camera views of my slimy penis pulling out of Di’s well-fucked baby hole. I flopped down onto my back beside Di, with my left knee d****d across her right leg. My enlarged but softening cock rested on my left thigh but was still connected to Di’s cunt by a strand of my semen. Only when we saw this in the replay of the raw videos did we realize just how great this lingering connection looked. It was so hot! And the cameras showed my penis dribbling some last semen onto my thigh skin. But most eyes would have been on Di’s open birth canal, from which a thick column of my pearly whitish semen welled and slid down across her anus. It did not come steadily but rather in little pulses driven by Di’s post-orgasmic contractions. Sam could not have wanted better proof that I had in fact filled Di’s ‘unprotected’ body with my sperm. Close-up cameras lingered on our spent, drooling genitals while other cameras studied our loving faces and soft caresses. Finally Sam told us that the session was over.

Sam and his staff told us that they had never seen a better session. We would have a hard time topping that ‘Missionary Position’ video. We were better matched than he could ever have hoped. We looked like we were the perfect lovers. Di and I could only agree with Sam, and Di was now just a little bit embarrassed to be so taken by a ‘stranger’ so quickly after meeting him.

When we sat to watch the raw videos, Di was so impressed that she began to stroke her clit and squeeze her nipples and tits. Sam and I smiled at her to let her know that it was okay to be turned on by watching what we had just done. She held off cumming until she saw me pumping my sperm deep inside her, then she convulsed in yet another orgasm. After that she was again able to talk.

“That is so hot! Look at how much you came in me! Look at all those sperm gushing out of me! So that’s what it looked like. It did feel like a lot. You really pumped me good, didn’t you? I almost wish that all those sperm could still be inside me. I still feel some of you inside me, though. I hope that contraceptive gel works, ‘cause otherwise you’ll make me pregnant. I don’t think my fiancee would like that, would he.”

“No, probably he would not, though you never know about some men,” I commented.

“Really? There are some men that would want their wife – their fiancee, I mean – to get pregnant by another man?”

“Some men yes, but not most of them. Probably your fiancee wouldn’t like it.”

“I don’t think he would. Anyway, I shouldn’t. I used that bio- . . . bio- . . . gel.”

“Bio-adhesive,” I said, but I bit my tongue when I was prompted by my conscience to tell her that it was not completely reliable contraception, albeit it was pretty good.

“But it’s such a hot thought that your sperm might be swimming where they’re not supposed to be, and maybe they will be waiting for my egg when I ovulate and they could make a baby in my womb. That’s so hot to imagine! But they better not. If I did get pregnant then I would have to bear the baby.”

“Why? Don’t you believe in abortion?”

“Well, yes and no.”

“What does that mean?”

“I mean that in the abstract, politically and legally, I fully support the right of a woman to choose. But if I myself ever got pregnant – whether it was intended or not intended – then I could never abort the baby growing inside my OWN womb. I just could not do that and I would bear the baby and be the best mother that I could be, regardless of how I became pregnant.”

“Oh, I see what you mean,” I said. Meanwhile, my mind was silently considering the idea of my baby planted in Di’s sexy womb. It was such an erotic thought that I could not keep it out of my mind, especially now that Di had proclaimed that she would not abort a bastard but instead would carry it full term, no matter what.

Sam had almost no improvements to suggest; he was thrilled with our first effort. If we could even approach that result with the rest of the positions then we would have a guaranteed best-seller, he affirmed.

The next day Di and I copulated in a position where we were sitting face-to-face with her thighs over mine while fully joined where it counts. She clung to me by my shoulders and upper arms while I guided her hips in their dance on my granite-hard shaft. Some call this ‘The Goddess.’ It was another great position for intimate expression of affection. We kissed a lot but spent most of the time leaning back and grinding our genitals together. That was great on Di’s clitoris. At times I pulled us closer to fondle and suck her great stiff, responsive nipples. Di climaxed several times, with her dark brown hair flailing around behind her as she leaned backwards and hard onto my rigid cock, trying to get it even deeper within her as she spasmed uncontrollably. When I came into Di it felt as if I were trying to blast her right off of me with the f***e of my liquid injection. To prevent that from happening, I clutched her down onto my sex with all my power. As before, feeling me sperming her depths triggered Di’s final climax. Maybe we had equaled the first session after all!

Again, we were powerless to uncouple for a while after our simultaneous climax. As I said, that position was one of the best for showing intimate feelings for each other, and they just naturally flowed between us. On one level we had to be in love, despite the fact that we had just met the day before, we were being paid to do this, and Di was engaged to another man.

When we pulled out my semen immediately rushed out of Di’s dilated baby chute. With us still rather entwined and myself mostly blocking the cameras, I ad-libbed some semen play. I caught most of the mess as it spilled out of Di, then held up each messy ‘handful’ before doing something sexy with it. Some I smeared all over Di’s finely trimmed pubic bush, matting it into an obscene tangle. Some I brought to my mouth for a taste of my own semen tainted with Di’s cunt juices before offering it to Di for her turn. I saw a moment’s hesitation cross Di’s face and I realized that this uninhibited act was a new one for her, but she quickly followed my example and soon I had her tasting and swallowing some of my sperm. Later dribbles of semen I painted on Di’s hard nipples and all around them on her goose-bumped areolae. Finally we shared a spermy French kiss.

Sam thought that he was happy with my sperm-play ending, but he wasn’t sure. Everything else was perfect, but he would have to see whether other people thought that my ending was a plus or a minus. (The vast majority gave it a thumbs-up, so it stayed in the video.)

I had seen Di apply her contraceptive gel, and I knew that gynecologists and diaphragms were not instant, so I was not surprised that I did not feel a diaphragm inside Di’s vagina as I fucked her the next few days.

On the third day I noticed that Di was very slippery wet inside, as always, but I had not seen her apply her contraceptive gel before we began our foreplay. I knew that once we began our session we could not stop for her to apply the gel, so I had to assume that she had done so when I could not see her, perhaps before coming to the studio. Perhaps she was toying with my mind? Perhaps she had inserted the gel but wanted me to wonder whether she had done so or not? If so, then her ploy was working. I really did wonder, and it was so hot for me to imagine sperming her womb when it was really unprotected and when she was ovulating, as she had told us she was due on that day!

The day’s position was one called ‘The Wheelbarrow.’ I stood facing the bed. Di was held horizontal, face down, by our combined efforts. My cock was locked tightly inside her wide-split cunt with her thighs wrapped around my hips and held there by my hands on her hips. Di’s upper body was supported on her elbows with her upper arms straight down to the bed. Thus ‘The Wheelbarrow.’ As I inserted myself I wondered whether Di was truly unprotected while she was ovulating. That position would be at least as good as most for flooding her womb with my sperm, I knew. Whether she was really unprotected or rather she was merely toying with my mind to spur me to greater sexual heights, I didn’t know, but she did begin to escalate that issue.

She began to speak, making sure that the sound man would get every word. “Oh god! You are thrusting in so deep. I can feel your cock trying to pry its way through my cervix into my womb. I don’t think you can get it all the way in there, but maybe you’re spreading my cervix open a bit. Do you think that’s possible?”

“Maybe. It does almost feel as if your cervix gives a bit – opens a bit – each time I push against it.”

“Oh, that could be really dangerous. You know I can’t take the pill. Do you know that I’m ovulating today?”

“Really? Then I really could make a baby inside you.”

“Yes, it’s possible. It’s risky.”

Was Di telling me that she was truly unprotected?! Or was she just acting for the camera and messing with my mind? I knew that there was no way to interrupt the session and ask her the true situation. I would just have to play along and find out later.

“That’s such a sexy thought – making my baby inside your body.”

“Yes, it’s so hot. But it’s dangerous. I’m excited but scared. Can you feel how hard my nipples are? I’m so torn.”

I took the not-so-subtle hint to move a hand to her tits, which put more weight onto my other hand shifted under her pubis, onto my cock, and onto her arms. “Yes, they are so hard.”

“And my clit. Feel how hard and excited it is.” I moved my tit hand back and strummed her clit.

“Your clit is the hardest I’ve ever felt. When I stop stroking it and just feel it I can feel your heartbeat in your clit. You must be really excited that I’m about to impregnate you.”

“So you’re really going to do it?! You’re really going to cum inside me and fill my womb with your sperm while I’m ovulating?! You’re going to make me pregnant?!”

“I’m about to do my best!” And that I did, hosing her maybe-dilated, maybe-unprotected cervix with my best load of virile sperm. If she was just trying to goad me to greater sexual performance, she sure succeeded.

“Oh my god! You’re sperming inside me while I’m ovulating!”

I think it was both my finger on her clit and the thought of me sperming her womb that once again brought Di to climax simultaneously with my own finish. This young woman was incredible!

We could not hold ‘The Wheelbarrow’ through those powerful climaxes. We sank to our knees and Di rested her chest on the side of the bed. I hugged her from behind and I settled into my natural loving post-coital caresses. In that position, Di could really only receive caresses, though eventually she did twist her head around back far enough to kiss me sweetly.

“Wow, lover, you really did me good that time. I wonder if you made a baby inside me?”

“I wonder too, but that’s such a hot thought. I hope so.”

“Do you really?,” Di seemed to mean that question, but how did I know what was real until after the cameras stopped?

“Mmm,” was my only reply, as I nuzzled the back of Di’s neck.

Of course, eventually I pulled back out of Di to show the proof that I had cum inside her, as always. ‘And the viewers will think that she was really unprotected while she was ovulating. And how do I know that she wasn’t?!,’ I thought.

In this position my withdrawal allowed the semen leakage to flow right down Di’s erect, unhooded clitoris, on into her trimmed pubic hair, then down onto the floor between her legs. I quickly moved to the side to allow the cameras to have unblocked views, but I made certain that I could enjoy the spectacle too. My heart lurched when I thought about possibly having made a baby in the wonderful Di. After letting most of the spillage flow without interference, I inserted my fingers into Di’s open birth canal and pushed in as far as I could.

“I can feel so much of my semen still inside you, despite all that’s leaked out. I really creamed you good. Some of it is pooled against your cervix, which I can feel now. Can you feel me pushing?”

“Oh yes. That feels . . . I don’t know . . . sort of sexy-good and sort of sore, all at the same time.”

“That’s because I’m trying to push my sperm through your cervix with my fingertip. I’m trying to push your cervix a little bit open so that more of my sperm can get through and find your egg. After all, you are ovulating today, right?”

“Oh yes, I’m ovulating! I’m scared that you’re pushing my cervix open. I can feel it!”

“Yes, your cervix feels like it’s a bit open now. I think your cervix normally opens up a bit around ovulation – that makes biological sense for maximizing the chance of reproduction. I’m just trying to open it even more to make sure that my sperm ‘catch’ you and make my baby inside you.”

“Oh god! Yes, I can feel it! You’re really doing it!”

“This is so sexy! There’s no barrier protecting your fertile womb and I’m trying to f***e more sperm through inside to get to your defenseless egg. So hot!”

“Yes, so hot! But I’m scared about becoming pregnant! Oh god, I’m cumming again! Ohhhhh!”

“See, that thought excites you too. Hey, your cervix is bouncing up and down in my semen!”

“Ohhhhhh. (gasp) Excited, (gasp) but I’m scared.”

“Too late to worry. I’ve done my best to impregnate you.”

“And now all I can do is wait to find out if I’m pregnant.”

After a few more of my loving caresses, Di turned around and kissed me passionately as we huddled beside the bed over the puddle of leaked semen. Sam cut the cameras and we all sighed deeply.

Immediately I asked Di if she was really unprotected and she confessed that she had applied the contraceptive gel but had played her role for the cameras and to see how much she could turn me on. Well she found out that the idea of planting my baby inside her unprotected womb was a HUGE turn-on for me.

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