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Helping Husbanda best Friend

My husband’s best friend Jeff had separated with his wife. Jeff was pretty torn up about it and was trying to get her back. He lives in South Carolina and she moved back to West Virginia. On the weekends Jeff would drive up and stay with us while trying to convince his wife to come home. It was pretty sad. Jeff is a very good looking guy and is always the life of the party. His wife was a nut case who didn’t want to be married because she said it made her feel old. Anyway Jeff would come to town and stay with us. He and my husband Ray would hang out and Jeff would try to see his ex.

One weekend while he was in town they decided to go to a local club and have a few beers. I asked if I could go along. They quickly agreed. The club was busy with the early crowd when we got there so we sat a table and ordered beers. We were just hanging out drinking and rhe guys decided to play pool and I went with them to watch. They both think they are good so it was fun to listen to them talk trash as they played. Ray won the first two games and Jeff had to buy the beers. They were on the third game and Jeff started accusing me of distracting him while he shot. We all laughed and when he got ready to take his next shot I pulled up the front of my dress and showed him my panties. He missed the shot and whined it wasn’t fair. We laughed and Jeff said I had to do the same when Ray was taking his shot. So when Ray was ready to shoot I turned around and pulled my dress up showing him my ass. He missed too and complained about me distracting him. I told them it was the first time anyone complained about me sowing my panties. They continued to play and Jeff was down to the 8 ball. He called a bank shot and the trash talk started again. Jeff said the only way he would miss is if I distracted him again by showing my panties. I got in on the fun telling him he couldn’t make the shot and I wouldn’t show him my panties but to put the pressure on if he made the shot I would give him my panties. But if he missed he couldn’t try to talk to the ex at all this weekend. He looked surprised but agreed telling me it was automatic. He made the shot and told Ray to buy the beers. Then he smiled at me and said pay up. I moved around to the back of the table where he was and pulled off my panties and handed them to him. He put my panties in his pocket and I told him I got the next game. Ray came back with the beers and I told him Jeff and I have the next game. He said sure and sat down. I racked the balls and Jeff asked what we were playing for. I thought for a minute and said if you win you give me my panties back. Ray spoke up and said will you give him when you lose? I said I’ll give him my bra. Well I lost very quickly. So I told them I would go to the ladies room and be right back. I went into the restroom and removed my bra. I walked back to where the guys were and handed it to Jeff. I was now naked under my sundress. They asked if I wanted to play again but I told them didn’t have anything left to lose. We drank a couple more beers and decided to leave.

On the ride home I sat between the guys in the truck. They played grab ass with me all the way home. When we got to our house I gave them both a show when I climbed out of the truck I let my dress ride up and gave them a wink. When we got inside they were calling me chicken for not playing another game. I told them they knew I couldn’t win and they only wanted to see me naked. They both agreed with me and Ray said we still do. I asked them to sit on the sofa together. I put in a CD and stood in front of them. I started to dance and tease them by pulling up my dress. Halfway through the song I had taken my dress off and was dancing naked for them. Between songs I asked Jeff when he had last seen a naked woman. He replied it had been a long time. The next song had started and I started to dance close to him and then turned and started to grind my ass into his crotch. I could feel his hard on as I rubbed against him. I turned around and straddled him putting my tits in his face. The second song ended and I told the guys they needed to strip for me. They were both naked very early into the third song. I told them to keep dancing and we all got a laugh as they danced naked with their hard cocks bouncing. I asked them to sit on each side of me and I took their cocks in my hands and started to jack them off. They were playing with my tits.

We were all very worked up and wanting more. I leaned over and started to lick Jeff’s cock and balls. I licked the pre cum from the head of his cock and then took as much into my mouth as I could. I slid off the sofa in front of Jeff as I continued to suck him for all I was worth. Ray moved behind me and I felt his cock rubbing my lips and clit. He then pushed deep inside me. We ere all moaning and going at it. This was the first time I had two guys at the same time. I felt Jeff tense up and he told me he was going to cum so I took his cock as deep as I could and he shot into my mouth. It was a huge load and I had to really work to swallow it all. Ray had been moving in and out of me slowly but after Jeff had cum he started to fuck harder. A few minutes later he came inside me. I kissed them both and we talked about how great it had been. I reminded the guys I hadn’t cum yet. So Ray tells Jeff to lay down and let me ride him. I liked this idea because I love to ride on top. I was looking forward to feeling Jeff inside me. His cock is very thick, it is almost as big as my wrist. I climbed on and slid him inside me slowly. It felt great! I was letting my nipples rub his chest as I slowly fucked his cock .After several minutes if me riding Jeff I sat up straight and asked Ray to let me suck him. I didn’t have to ask him twice. Jeff started to thrust his fat cock up into me and I started to cum. It was very intense and I had several waves of orgasm that lasted a very long time. Jeff rolled me over onto my back and fucked me fast and slow and fast again. He told me he was going to cum and I grabbed his ass and pulled him deep into me. When he finished he kept his cock inside me as he kissed me. When his cock was soft he pulled out and cum was dripping down my ass and legs. We got some beers and sat naked talking and listening to music. We all agreed it was a great evening. It was a start to us playing together almost every weekend.

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