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I was groped by this dominican guy on the train...

Okay so i jus recently signed up for this site and i fell upon some vidz of girls being groped by guys in crowded places lol ...i always said too myself that if that happened to me i would turn around and cut somebody....So one morning i was on my way too in college i go too bmcc in downtown was early and raing out so i had on my Fitch sweats and my rain boots wit the hoody too match my i got on the 2 train on lenox ave uptown harlem...the train was okay not too crowded until we stopped at 96th street...a bus load of people got on the train and usually i turn too face people so noone can bee behind me...but it was so packed that i didnt get a immediately i feel someone kinda too close...i didnt really over react because i didnt wanna bee that girl that bugs out on the train cuz she thinks someones tryin too touch everything was good for a couple of minutes..until i feel the guy behind me swaying back n first i figured it was train making him i stayed quiet...but about 1minute into that i can feel this bulge bumping my ass like right in my ass crack....if u kno anything about ambercombie and fitch ..the womens sweats are very thin..n the hoodies are very my whole ass was out i kept quiet for a couple more seconds...then i feel the bulge go away and i felt kinda relieved..but then i feel something warm and this time i filled the length of my ass crack..i immediately knew wat was goin on...but as my profile reads im kind of nasty ;-)... So i turn around and this guy was kinda sexy...dominican lookin wih nice hair and kinda in i didnt smile or anything but i jus turned bak around as if nothing happened...when he saw me look then not say anything i could almost immediately feel his dick get harder..and it was kinda filling my crack and still goin almost touching my thighs..he was hung like a i squeeze my cheeks together grippin his dick wit my ass crack..i did that for about 2minutes straight...i know he wanted to fuk da shyt outta me after that..hell j would of if i was him i feel him lifting his big ass dick and positioning the head right at my ass hole..and i never did anal before so this feeling was new too me...he started pushing that big ass dick head into my ass crack puttin pressure on my ass eyes got wide and i almost made a sound...but it felt good so i started pushing back toward him..i could almost feel his dick head in my ass i kept squeezing my ass cheeks together and makin my butt hole retract around the tip of his dick...i wanted him inside my ass so bad..he was so big i know he would of been deep in my stomach moving my k**neys around i feel his dick get real stiff ..the it starts pulsating and at that moment i knew i was screwed..i was so into the moment that i forgot eventually he would cum..and omg did he cum alot came thru my sweats boy shorts were soaked in the ass crack and i could feel it sliding down my ass crack..i had on lime green sweats so i knew everyone would see the cum stains so the nex stop was 72nd street..he got off the train...there was cum on the floor on my boot and my leg..and a big glob of white thick cum on my ass of my i toom my hoodie of and tied it around my waist..and rode like that for 8 more stops on the train..i had to sit in skool with his cum in my ass crack..on my panties and my clothes smfh...but would i doo it again?...hell fukin yeah..that was sooo nasty and so risky it had me wet for a week thinkin about wen i go to school in the morning i wear sweats with no panties under and i bring an extra pair jus incase somebody blows another load on hasnt happened since then..but im always ready and waiting..xoxo;-*

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