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At A Friend's House

Every now and then, you get one of those dream hook ups totally out of the blue. Such was the case when Jason started a Chat with me. I popped up his profile. There were no pictures and not much information on the page. I might have just ended the chat right then, when I noticed there had been very few visitors to his page and that he was new on the site. So, I gave our chat a bit more time and started firing questions at him.

Turns out he was 18 and was staying alone at his parent’s, house sitting for them while they were away for a couple weeks. He gave me a description, said he liked my profile and wanted to know did I want to come over for an afternoon of fun. I said yes. He told me to park in the back. I was fifteen minutes away, jumped in the car and drove over. My heart was racing and I had a hard time not to speed and get pulled over by a cop. When I got to his door and knocked on it, I noticed my hand was shaking with excitement. He opened the door and he literally took my breath away.

Jason was 5’10”, a young 18, with sun-bleached blonde hair. He was wearing tight gym shorts and nothing else. He had a sunburst tattoo around his navel. He had a solid, hairless chest and was smooth all over. I stood with my mouth agape when he brought me back to reality.

“Well, are you coming in?”

I entered and he locked the door behind me. We went downstairs to the well finished basement where it was nice and cool. As I followed him down the stairs, I could see his back muscles rippling under his skin. Jason wasted no time as he came over to me and put his hand over my basket, massaging my meat through my shorts. I didn’t know where to begin. I reached out and gently pinched one of his nipples. He seemed to like it. I put both hands on both of his pecs as I played with his nipples, fawning all over his chest. He had a nice six-pack. I took one in my mouth and gently nibbled on it. Jason backed off, took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom.

He peeled off his shorts and stood there with the most magnificent cock hanging between his legs. It too was hairless, as were his balls. It made him seem even younger to me. I asked him if he was really 18 and he only smiled at me. Mesmerized again, I stood there staring at him. He came over and pulled my shirt off over my head. I reached down and grabbed his cock which was lengthening and thickening up quickly. He pulled my shorts and underwear down and dropped to his knees. He lifted my cock and began tonguing my balls, taking first one into his mouth, swirling it around with his tongue before releasing it and doing the same with the other. Then he slowly licked his way up the underside of my cock. As he got to the tip, he inserted my now pulsing bone between his lips.

I have quite a bit of foreskin and Jason used his lips and his tongue to roll the skin off my knob. As he peeled back the tight skin, he licked my knob all over and then slowly guided my cock to the back of his throat pausing only when his lips rested in my trimmed pubes. I thought I was going to fall, I was weak kneed. Jason, sensing this, pushed me backwards onto the bed and climbed up between my legs. He began to work my cock with tremendous skill that belied his age. He sucked all of me into his mouth and down into his throat. He would swallow every inch or so as my cock claimed more of his throat. The massaging sensation was phenomenal as more and more of me bore into him. He took all of me with the ease of a skilled cocksucker.
He bobbed up and down on me. My loins were stirring. There was no way I would last at this rate. Gently taking him by his cheeks, I lifted him begrudgingly off my cock.

“You’re going to make me cum,” I told him. “I don’t want to cum yet.”

Smiling, he moved up my body, crawling all over me. His mouth found one of my nipples and his lips locked on it. He flicked his tongue back and forth across my erect nipple as he sucked it gently, sending shivers through my body. He moved to the other one and did the same thing. Then he sat across my stomach, staring down at me. His cock was almost poking me in my chin. He was over ten inches, probably ten and a half. He had about a five inch diameter. I brought my hand up to it and grabbed it around the middle. Yes, it was real. Jason seemed to take pleasure in watching me as I examined his cock and gently pumped up and down on its length.

He rolled off me onto the pillow beside me. I jumped up and positioned myself over his rod. Absolute magnificence. I rolled his ample foreskin back and placing my lips on his knob, I got my first taste of him. I was hooked. I gave his knob a sponge bath and began my descent down his pole. I got about eight inches in me. While it impressed me, Jason wanted me to take it all. He stood up beside the bed. I hung my head over the side. He stuck the knob into my mouth again. As I tongued and sucked, he slowly pushed more and more gently in. When his balls slapped against my forehead, I opened my eyes. I had all of him in me. I reached up and grabbed my throat. It was stretched tight. As Jason slowly withdrew, I could feel his knob as it passed over my hand.

When his knob reached my mouth again, he reversed direction. I got a quick breath of air in before he sealed off my tube again. The feeling of his cock as it slid down my throat against my hand again was pretty incredible. I was so pleased with myself for taking all of him and not gagging. Jason withdrew again and slowly, methodically starting fucking my face. He started slowly at first, but in no time, he was slamming my skull pretty good. In the position I was in, it felt incredible as his cock filled and stretched my throat very comfortably as it pistoned in and out of me. His balls slapped against my forehead. I reached over my head and grabbed his thighs, pulling him into my face. My hand found his balls and as he pushed all the way in, one hand held him deep while the other massaged his balls into my nose, face and eyes. Jason was fucking me furiously now and with his quickening pace, I knew the inevitable was coming.

Even though I felt him cumming the whole way, his first squirt just blew down my pipe into my gut. But as his second, third and fourth were pumping out, he had backed off, allowing me to capture most of them in my mouth before he plunged his cock deep again. I swallowed around his cock. When he withdrew again, I swallowed a mouthful before he thrust the rest down with his plunging cock. When he was through pulsing, he plunged in one final time, to let the few remaining drops drip into my throat. I bathed his cock an inch or so at a time as he slowly withdrew it. When he just had his knob left in me, I swirled my tongue around it and cleaned every bit of cum off him. As his cock left my lips, the tip of it brushed my nose as it bounced free.

As I sat up, I was a bit light headed as the bl**d rushed from my head. But standing there, I could see his cock was still hard. I reached out and leading him by his cock, I brought him up on the bed. As he lay there, I massaged his balls and slowly jerked up and down his amazing meat.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he asked.

“Would you?” I responded pleadingly.

He reached over and took a tube of lube out of the night stand. Squirting some on the tip of his cock, he greased up his pole. It was evident that I was going to ride him. I grabbed the lube, squirted some directly into my hole and worked it around with my finger. Then, climbing over top of Jason, I squirted a final dollop on the tip of his cock and placing his knob right at my pucker, I slowly began to lower myself onto him.

He was so rock hard, it hurt just getting him past my pucker. His cock filled me entirely and I was nervous and tight as he approached my sphincter. I stopped to catch my breath. Taking a deep breath, I lowered myself further on him. He stretched across and through my ring. Once by my ring, the rest of him just flowed up and into me as his knob snaked its way home. I was startled, but it wasn’t pain any more, it was total pleasure. His cock tip was through my ass canal and into my lower bowel. I could feel his tip resting up against my inner wall. I felt every vein in his cock as he stretched my chute tight. I threw my head back to absorb the pleasure. Jason thrust up into me from the bed.

Incredible. I moved forward on him about an inch and the pleasure from the move shot right up my spine. Positioned comfortably now, I bobbed up and then back down. While it was the most amazing sensation, I probably only got to move about 5 inches and while he was again buried deep inside, there was a ton more pleasure to be had if we adjusted our positioning.

“Fuck me, while I lay on my stomach,” I said.

I rolled off, laid face down with a pillow under my hips. As Jason positioned himself at my hole again, I relaxed and he entered me again. There was no pain this time, just the ultimate in pleasure, but now for both of us. Jason got into a nice steady rhythm and in no time was withdrawing to the tip and then plunging back in until his balls slapped against me. Forcing my ass back to meet him, we fucked like this for an eternity. I never wanted it to end. Jason had tremendous stamina, but he too was becoming over stimulated from the tight chute squeezing his cock with each thrust in and each pull out. As his loins stirred, he grabbed onto my side, raising my ass a bit higher. His speed increased and his thrusts felt like they were growing deeper. As he got close, he pounded hard. As his cock stiffened and grew, he bellowed out loud that he was cumming as the first pulse shot up through his cock and into my lower bowel. Jason followed this with several more thrusts, each one releasing another rope of cum into me. Spent, he collapsed on top of me, with his cock imbedded deep in my hole. I tried to move, but his body tightened, pinning me to the mattress, as he held me still while he savored his orgasm.

I would have stayed there forever, but we had already spent almost two hours. Jason offered me a shower. When he got off me, his cum was oozing out of my ass. I plugged myself with a finger as he turned on the shower for me. I was thrilled when he jumped in with me. I love showering with a friend and in no time, he had me hard as a rock. He dropped to his knees and sucked me off in the shower, not letting go of my cock until he had sucked me dry. As he stood, his cock was rock solid again. Dropping to my knees, he skull fucked me straight on. This time I gagged and tears welled in my eyes, but I didn’t care. I didn’t know if we would ever be together again, so I wanted to get as much of him as I could.

For the third time cumming, he didn’t take as long as I thought he would and I was still surprised by the volume of his third load. As he buried it deep into my throat, I sucked my way back to his tip. I poked my tongue in his piss slit as the water cascaded down on my head. He was spent. I had it all. For the first time since my arrival, his cock went back to the semi hard state I had first seen it in. We soaped each other up, rinsed off, dried ourselves and dressed.

“My parents just left,” he said. “They are gone two full weeks. Think you can make it back?”

Oh yeah! I can make it back.

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