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He Fixed More Than Just My Cable TV.

Television sucks. I've had more fucking problems with cable television than it's worth. I don't know why I keep it, but here I am again, waiting for the cable repair man to show up. Bored, and when I'm bored I start getting horny. I'm sitting on the couch waiting and I start playing with my nipples. Flicking, making circles with my fingertips, squeezing. My cock is starting to come alive when the doorbell rings. Shit. Interrupted by the fucking cable guy. I get up and open the door. Surprise, he's kind of sexy. He's young, maybe 30, 35. He's slight, maybe 5 ft 8 or so, and no more than 135 pounds. And his dark skin looks flawless in the morning light. I must have looked like an idiot staring at him with my mouth open. "I'm Charles, I came to fix your cable."

I led him to the television cabinet. He turned the box and the TV on and began changing channels to recreate the problem. Indeed it was tiling, badly. It was only then that I realized my horrible mistake; I had left one of my porn movies in the DVD player and the DVD case was laying next to the cable box…in plain sight. Worse, it was one of my favorite classic gay movies: "The Bigger The Better". Now I'm NOT in the closet, but I'm still not comfortable flaunting my sexuality, especially to a complete stranger!

"I think I know what the problem is." Charles broke the silence. "Your signal is weak. I'll check the connection and cables outside. Give me a few." Out he went. I scurried to get the DVD out of the player, into the case and the case back into my bedroom with the rest of my collection. Charles coming back in when I came out from the bedroom. "I think it was your splitter, I replaced it. Let's see if that worked." He turned on the TV, changed channels a few times. The picture was clear, no tiling. "Looks like that was it." He paused and looked at me. "I planned an hour for this stop and it only took a few minutes." He looked down at the stand where the DVD case was a few minutes ago, and then looked back at me. "I hope I'm not being too forward, but I noticed that you have a copy of "The Bigger The Better." Silence. I didn't know what to say. Charles once again broke the ice. "I love that movie, it's one of my favorites. Rick Donovan's cock is so sexy, and when he fucks Peter North I can't help but get hard." Oh my god! Charles is gay too…

We looked at each other in silence. I was speechless. My heart was pounding. Charles to the rescue. "I prefer top. How about you?". Smiling. I swallowed and replied "Bottom". Another few seconds of silence. "Like I said, I've got some time. You're kind of sexy, and since you're a bottom and I'm a top…" Charles lay his hand gently on my shoulder. My heart was coming through my chest…and my cock was starting to press against my pants. I smiled and that was enough. Charles came to me and we kissed. Oh what a wonderful kiss! Soft and full, warm, wet. We pressed into each other, pressed our crotches together. While our tongues danced around each other I could feel how stiff he was as well.

I rubbed his manhood through his pants. It felt huge. I couldn't wait. I went to my knees. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, slid his zipper down, slid his pants to the floor. His cock was straining against his jockey's. Now it might have been sexier to tease him a little, maybe play with it through the jockeys, kiss it, take my time. But I couldn't wait. I slid his jockeys down and he sprung free. And let me tell you, it was gorgeous! Thick, long, uncut, veined beautifully. Rick Donovan has nothing on Charles.

I pulled his foreskin back, kissed his head and ran my tongue around his glans. Charles was already hard as a rock. I could barely get my mouth around it, but I wanted him badly. I slid my lips over his glans and down his shaft as far as I could. He moaned. I slid back across his glans, stroking his shaft with my hand at the same time. My head was spinning. Charles was groaning. I worked him for what seemed like an eternity as he gently stroked my face, neck ears. He had stamina, he simple wasn't going to cum until he was ready.

I was lost in the moment when he whispered "Would you let me fuck you?" I stopped and stood. I kissed his beautiful lips and gave hime my soft tongue. "I would love to have you inside me!" I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. I took my KY out of the nightstand drawer, set it on the bed. We stripped. His body was perfect; thin, muscular, and nearly hairless except for the small perfectly groomed patch that he kept just above his cock. I kneeled on the bed, squeezed some KY into my hand and gently rubbed it onto his shaft. His erection returned quickly. He glistened. Charles put his hands on my shoulders and turned me toward the bed. Doggie style. He squeezed a little KY onto his fingers and began massaging my ass. One finger in gently, then out. Again, and again. Then more KY and two fingers. He was very gentle. "Your ass is perfect, so smooth and sexy. I love the way you keep it hairless. You're really tight though. Are you sure this will be OK? I don't want to hurt you…" I replied breathlessly "I want you inside me. Take your time, be gentle. It'll be fine."

He didn't hesitate. He pressed his stiff cock against my ass. He rubbed it over my sphincter a few times and then began to press. I relaxed. He pressed gently. "You can press harder baby…" He pressed. His head began to slide in. I relaxed more. His head slid in further. Oh my god it felt wonderful! He pulled out and put some more KY on both of us. "Ready?" "Yes!" He pressed it against me again, I relaxed. It slid in further, still not quite all the way. He paused. "It feels really good Charles, please put it in me!" "OK, I'm just afraid I'm hurting you…" "No baby, it feels really good…fuck me please!" Charles pressed into me again, I relaxed. His beautiful big cock slid past my sphincter muscles and slid deep into me. It took my breath away. Oh my god it felt so good. He paused again. "You OK?" "Please fuck me Charles, fuck me gently!"

Charles began sliding in and out of me, very, very gently, very rhythmically. Always bringing his cock just to the point where he felt like he was going to slip out, but never slipping out. We rocked together. My head spun, my ass was full and I was loving it. Charles was moaning, rocking slowly, hands stroking my back, my sides, my ass. His balls gently slapping me. Sweating. Moaning. Filling me. Oh my god I hoped it would never stop.

Charles pulled out of me. "roll over on your back…I want to kiss you when I cum." I did as Charles said. I raised my legs and rested them on his sweet, sweet shoulders. He slid back into me gently, slowly, deeply. He paused, leaned in and we began to kiss. Soft sweet kisses, tongues dancing with each other. Wet. He began rocking. I played with his nipples. He moaned. Kissing, rocking, moaning. I could feel him stiffen, he was getting close. His sweat was dripping on me. Rocking, he felt so good. Kissing. Tongues. Nipples. Stiffer. Stiffer. He tensed. He bit my lip. He kissed me harder. Deeper. Moaning. Stiffening. Throbbing. He spilled into me. Oh my god! Hot, throbbing, his semen filling me. We kissed harder. He began to slow, his kisses became gentler. He gently laid his full body on me. We fell asl**p in each other arms.

Charles always makes time when he's going to be making calls nearby. We see each other at least once a week. And we fuck with the same passion that we had the very first time. As time has gone on we've changed roles a few times. He loves to suck my cock, and he loves to let me fuck him once in a while. I even keep a few toys that Charles likes in my drawer; nipple clamps, anal beads, you know, some fun stuff. And a few lacy things, because Charles likes to dress me up now and then, and man he makes me feel sexy when I'm dressed up! Love? I don't know. But Charles is the most gentle, sweet man that I know. And that cock of his! I get hard just thinking about it baby.

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