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My first gay experience with an old man (pt.6)

So about a week later, I finally got up enough nerve to give Vern a call. I wasn't sure what I would even say but I called anyways. After a few minutes into our conversation, I immediately felt at ease because he was really nice and made me laugh a few times with some of his funny remarks. After getting to know each other a little better and learning about each other, the conversation turned sexual like I was hoping it would. He wanted to know about my sexual past, why I was interested in him and what my fantasies were. A little embarrassed, I told him about Scott and that he was the only guy until that night in the theater. I also told him that I found myself more attracted to much older men but didn't know why then he said, "because older men know what their doing and can teach you things." With a little giggle, I said, "I guess."
So I asked him why he did what he did if he's married and he just told me that he had his reasons but he too had another side to him that needed to stay hidden. I told him that I was always nervous about doing anything because of all the diseases but he assured me that he was completely safe and has only messed around a few times.
He asked me how I felt after that night and I told him that I couldn't stop thinking about it because it was wonderful. He said that he liked it too.
He then asked if I would be interested in coming over for dinner the following night and maybe taking a dip in the pool because he was going to be alone for the weekend. I said, "sure" then he gave me the directions to his place then we said goodnight.
The next morning, I felt like a school girl getting ready for prom and was filled with excitement. As usual, I shaved my entire body then went to the tanning bed to work on my tan. I always tanned in the nude because I hated tan lines. Plus I knew I had a nice ass and the tan made it even better. I even shaved my pubes just in case even though I didn't know what to expect. God! Is this what girls go through when they go on a date? I jokingly said to myself. This is crazy!
Finally the time came for me to show up for dinner and my evening was just about to get even better.
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