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Camping Trip part 1

I am 26 year old white bi sex guy. I usally go camping a couple times a year with some friends which is mostly a drinking fest. This spring we decided to go to a local state park in my friend Todd's pop up camper. It was Todd, Shane, and myself and we planned to stay for 9 days. Todd is a str8 guy and Todd will sometimes play bi if no one knows. I am a little more open with love of sex no matter with who.

The first night we where camping we had way to many drinks and the next day was rough that evening Todd and Shane decided to go to the bath house and shower to go into town to a local bar. I decided I would just stay at camp and take a nap to recover from the night before. I was in the camper sl**ping when I heard a truck pull up at the site next to us I looked out the window and noticed a white guy in his mid 50's by himself. I listened as he was working to level his rv when I figured I would get up and give him a hand. I went out and introduced myslef and he said his name was Steve I helped him get the rv leveled and hooked up and told him if he needed anything to just come on over. I was soaking wet with sweat after helping him so I went back to our camper to cool down a bit before I showered. I almost had feel asl**p when I heard a knock at the door I opened it up and it was Steve he had a bottle of water he offered and told me thanks for helping. I replied it was no problem at all and asked if he wanted to come in. He came in and sat at the table and said it is hot in here and I agreed the pop up AC was not great but still better than outside. He offered me to stay with him in his RV it was alot cooler I eagerly said I would like that if he had the room. He said it was just him so he had plenty of room. He got up and started to leave and said he was going to the bath house to shower I said that sounds like a good idea I was going to get my things ready. I was about to leave when my phone rang and held me up about 5 minutes. When I got to the bath house it has 3 showers and Steve was getting in the middle stall and someone else was in the front stall so it only left the handicap stall in the back corner. It was the best stall to get because it had 2 shower heads and 1 seat and 2 benches in it. I got naked and cut the water on and waited for the water to warm up from freezing it was not warming up when I noticed the hotwater valve was closed. The stalls are made from blocks and the wood seats and benches are attached to the walls. I climbed up on the bench to reach the valve when I turned the valve on I glanced over into the middle shower and saw Steve washing off. I eased back a little to stay out of site but still watch as he washed his body. He turned towards me a little showing me his cock and I was shocked at his cock it looked like a porn star's cock. I have 7" and it made me feel small and it was limp. It was hanging mid thigh with soap and water running down it. My bi side took over as my cock got rock hard I started stroking it slowly and kept watching Steve's cock he reached down and grabbed it and I looked at his face and he was standing there with a smile looking right at me. I hopped down off of the bench and got under the water spraying and was hoping he was not offend. I heard the water shut off on Steve's shower and I just stood under the water kinda embarrassed to step out so I decided to just stay in the shower until he left the bath house. I was standin with my head up against the wall when I heard the shower door close I turned to get out of the shower when I noticed the door closing was my shower door and Steve was standing with a towel wrapped around him in my stall. He still had the same smile on his face as he dropped his towel on the floor and said you can use it for knee pads if you want. I was instantly relieved and super horny I reached down and grabbed the towel and folded it and dropped it to the floor and go on my knees. Steve walked slowly into me so I could grab his cock and press to my lips. I kissed the head and shaft a few time before I started to lick it. It was getting even bigger and harder as I licked it. I then opened my mouth as wide as I could and took his cock into my mouth. Only the head and 3-4 inches would fit and I was not even half was down. I kept sucking his cock as he grabbed the back of my head and gentle guided my head to take him in and out of my mouth. I took my hand and rubbed his balls as I sucked him. He was hard as a rock and I was slowly sucking and rubbing when he pulled out his cock and started slowly stroking it. I kept putting my mouth over his head and licking the pre cum when he said don't worry I will feed you. I smiled and went down to his balls and started licking and sucking on them, he put one leg up on the bench giving me room to slide under and rim his ass. I could tell this was new for him he was a little jumpy at first but relaxed quickly and moaned as I rimmed him. He was stroking his cock a little faster so I decided to check to make sure I didn't miss any cum so I took his head into my mouth as he stroked and I started rubbing his ass with my finger and fingered him a little when he moaned loudly and started cumming in my mouth I sucked it letting the cum flow out of my mouth down my chest. I squeezed his cock and got the last bit of cum out and swallowed it down. I got up and Steve asked if I was still going to stay with him this week and I said yes.

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