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My first femdom fist

I know many of the stories on this site are fabricated or at least embellished. I hope when you read this story, you believe me when I say this story is true.

Ever since a one night stand surprised me 25 years ago when she put her middle finger up my ass when giving me a blow job, right before I came in her mouth, I have been fascinated with putting things up my ass. I could not believe how intense my orgasms were and how sensitive all my erogenous zones are when my asshole is stuffed.

I never though of having anything better than an "average" sized dildo up my ass. When I hit my mid thirties, I tried bigger toys. I remember the first time I put a dildo up my ass that I couldn't get my fingers around, due to thickness, I had a big string of cum seep out of my cock. I was only half hard, but the feeling was so intense. When I finished my session in front of the full length mirror I was amazed at my half dollar sized ass gape.

A couple of years ago, for Valentine's Day, I went to a place where there are peep shows. I hired a girl for a private session. The take yoo to a room that has mirrors on three walls with a couch and chair. The place lets you get naked and jack off in front of the girl while some of the girls will masturbate in front of you.

The girl I got I had a few sessions with before. She loved watching me fuck myslef with toys. With a hefty tip, she agreed to put gloves on and see how many fingers she could get up my ass. To make the scene more enjoyable and fun, I told her to count out loud every time she added a finger and a finger did not count unless she was up to third knuckle.

She agreed and had me get in the doggie position. I had already used a few dildos to prep. The last one I used was thicker than my wrist. She started and quickly got up to four fingers. When she added to fingers from her other hand and said six, she told me to relax as I was clenching at times. I told her that relaxing was easier said than done and that she should try relaxing with six fingers in her ass. She giggled and then leaned over me and rubber her big tits on on my lower back. She told me to take deep breaths. After a few minutes, she said ś" and then proudly Ŝ".

I looked over my shoulder and she leaned to one side so I could see the 8 fingers in my ass. She then slowly pulled them out to her first knuckle and pushed them back in again. When she pullled her fingers out, she whould pull to the sides to further stretch my asshole open. After just five minutes or so of this action, I could not believe how the pressure/pain become less and the pleasure more.

Next, I asked to roll onto my back on the couch and but my knees up by my shoulders. I wanted a better view and I wanted her face close to my cock when I came. I had a black leather strap around my cock and balls which kept my cock hard and balls swollen. She agreed to this request.

Once on my back, she started back using the 8 fingers. Without me asking, she then started using just one hand, with her thumb inside the middle of her palm to make the shape of swan's head. I should have put two and two together at that point. She starte to push her swan's head shaped hand up to the third knuckles in a cork screw motion. With her other hand, she rubbed my belly and chest and told me take deep breaths. Suddendly, I felt a sharp pain, then some relief. Shortly after, I felt a flush over my body. My cock and balls felt ready to explode. She leaned to one side and said, look in the mirror. She had her hand and one inch of her wrist up my ass.

She said she had fisted pussy before, but never an asshole. She then asked if she could call the other girl on duty into the room to show her. I said sure. When the girl entered the room, she needed a moment for her eyes to adjust to dim light. She then exclaimed, you have your whole hand up his ass!

I told the girls I was getting sore and could I cum? They said yes. I asked the girls to get their faces close to my cock, which they did. They then agreed to spitting on my cock. I used their spit as lube. As I stroked myself, the girl with her hand up my ass, clenched and unclenched her hand. I came in a minute in the most intense orgasm of my life. Both girls smiled. As the girl took her hand out my ass, she told me she could feel my cock twitch from inside my ass every time I spurted. She thought that was way cool.

After giving her my tip, I cleaned up and drove home. I wanted to just pass out due to the intense post orgasm feeling. I did have a sore and slightly bleeding asshole, but I chalked that up to being an anal fisting virgin.

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