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The Truth About Swinging 3

OK......Now,we know about what we want in our sex lives, and dont want.We know that we have not had to beg our spouse to participate,and they are an equal, responsible and accountable party to the swinging lifestyle.You know what to look for when,basically ALL that will answer you ads,prifiles on the swinger sites,are mostly going to be single males.Now,here's the supposed and alleged "main frame" of swinging---Meeting other couples.First off,you need to realize that you and your spouse are the "other couple," just like the other couple is the "other" couple to you.You need to realize that their interests are not---NOT going to be exactly the same as yours.In fact,after 20 years,my wife and I have yet to meet someone "like" us.Why? Why is this, when Im straight and she's bi,and we just like same room,wife swapping with the ladies enjoying each other??? Well....Its far more complex than you might think.A lot of people are swingers because they have more,uh....shall we say,more of an appetite for more just regular sex.A LOT of them are into BD/SM,whips and chains,leather,torture and humilitaion,or being humiliated.And thats OK.Thats fine,if thats what youre into,thats perfectly OK,as long all paries involved agree.But there are TOO MANY swingers out there,that wont reveal this until after youve had a few sessions with them,and you find out that theyre sizing you up for the bondage fantasy.Like I said in the earlier stories,this is NOT the time to reveal that youve been into BD/SM all along,and that youve LIED to try to get another coule into it,especially when the swinger ads are FULL of folks interested in this kind of sex-play.Which leads me to the BIKERS....A LOT of Bikers are into swinging.Now there are two types of bikers in the world,and ONLY two,the first,are the "outlaw' bikers who wear the patches,and are a really tough bunch.You will all but NEVER see these bikers in the swinger sites,because they are GETTING the kind of lifestyle they want.The second type of biker,are the upper middle class,professional urbanites,who want you to ~believe~ there some badass biker type,when in fact he's an ITT grad that is the Software analyst for some techno company,and his wife is a yoga instructor and a stay at home mom...If the biker lifestyle is obviously so FULL od swingers,why do they need to "meet" online??? Wouldnt you think that they would find each other in their regular meets and "rallies" and get together rides to save the whales or feed the hungry??? But---here the truth of it.They are NOT badasses,they are NOT "outlaw" bikers,they are "Fashion-Bikers," and these high dollar Harleys and "Honda-Davidsons(Japanese bikes made to LOOK like Harleys)are simply an "accessory," more like a status symbol,a token of their financial ability,or their willingness to go DEEP in debt. They are simply "urban porfessionals" Teachers,Managers,Cops,Lawyers,Doctors,Computer/Software/Techno Specialists, who simply cannot afford to be KNOWN in their professional lives to be "swingers." If someone at the PTA found out that the soccer mom is a swinger,she's going to be OUT of the PTA.If someone at the office knows he a swinger,he might join the long line of the unemployed.And then, there's the disgrace in front of their friends and families,but the outlaw biker,doesnt care,the "fashion-biker" HAS NO CHOICE to keep it a secret,even when they are right there in the SAME room,place or rally and/or ride,they WILL NOT, or rarely approach each other,though its on their minds.Thats why you might see a LOT of 'bikers' in the swinger lifestyle.If youre a fashion-biker, and cant meet other couples, while youre all together, and you have to go online to a swinger site to "find each other," I wonder how tough it was for you to get a date back in school,or college??? OK,On to the next couple,the "Classy,Educated and Professional Couple...." This couple are either what they say they are,or they're at least embellishing it.MOST of the time,their making more of themsleves than they are,they got their degrees at their local community colleges,which is all well and good,but they want you and your wife to think they are "Harvard grads." They want to come across as being "intellectual..." They are usually,ones who actually do have the better jobs,homes,they might have a boat---AND they might have a fine,candy assed Harley,too!!! They almost always think theyre better than everyone else,a lot of swingers cannot keep up with their "jet set" lifestyle,much less,will they allowed to swing with them...And---this is all OK,becuase its what THEY want,and they DO have a right to meet others LIKE them.But,more often than not,they are getting much actuion,inspite of the fact that they are the "Ken and Barbie" couple.The playing filed is narrowed down to the very select few,if not the "elite," for this couple.My wife once told a man in a couple that,this is "not about holding a wine glass,while quoting Shakespeare on your boat, while we "make love" and I cant tell, or DONT CARE if youre Nuclear Physicist or Garbage Collector when your clothes are off!!!!" You get the point about the upscale "Ken and Barbie,"classy,educated professionals." OK,there are three types of swingers,and we just discussed the "Ken and Barbie" coule.Next,we're going to the other end of the spectrum,the "Harold and Gladys" types... Harold is a blue collar guy,or is a laborer and Gladys works in fast food or the school cafeteria.She might even be in the PTA,and Harold might be part of the Youth Pastor program at his church where he is a Deacon( I shit you not,you'd be AMAZED as to how many swingers are religious)So,you can imagine the stress of that double life.Harold and Gladys might range form the fat,ugly and smelly all the way up to all but and almost the "Ken and Barbie" types,but they are most likely cleanand older,and attractive in their own way.But this is getting to be more of the "mainstream" of couples in the lifestyle.Bear in mind,that Im talking about MARRIED couples, so far.I have to hand to these overweight and "uh..."unattractive" types...They are ATTRACTIVE to each other,this all that counts,and they,MORE than any other of the three groups,post pictures of them FUCKING,and actually SWINGING, than the Ken and Barbie,or the more mainstream swingers.When you see a profile from "Ken and Barbie," its most likely of her, in expensive lingerie,holding a glass of wine,and he's showing off his abs he still has at the age of 39,that includes a view of their nice home,or boat...or Harley,but when you see profiles of "Harold and Gladys,they are MOST likely, and more often than NOT,out there getting the ACTION!!! Why? Because they dont care,they simply get out there and they ENJOY THEMSELVES,theyre beyond being stressed out about body image,or their social status,or other worries,they just go ahead and do what they enjoy.Now,sometimes their are "Harold and Gladys's" that seem to think they are supposed to GET a "Ken and Barbie" couple,and they are indeed,and I hate to say it,but they are looking out of their "league." Just as a homely and unattractive girl who does nothing to take care of herself,sometimes seems to think she's supposed have a man that can be on the cover of GQ,Forbes and Mens Health,all at the same time.Where as men,well,MOST men have lower,or no standards, and will fuck this girl,when no one else is around....OK,onto the more "mainstream couples" of swinging.My wife and I are in this class.We are the more mid, to even lower "middle class" of the mainstream of Americans.We're not "poor" but we definatley dont have the brass handle in life,much less the Silver Spoon.The people and couples in this category,are about as varied and as plural as anything in the realm of sex you can imagine.They are more and less BOTH Ken and Barbie,AND Harold and Gladys,with many variatiions in between.Most of these swingers are of all races,and all cultures you can imagine.Even religion.My wife and I were swinging with a Pastor and his wife,and we werent told of this until about after 3 evenings together.....Yep,indeed....Next we will discuss what happens when you mEET another couple in the 4th installment.....

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