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Oedipus takes the train

Day 2...

It was the second day of a 10 day trip.

18 year old Danny and his mom Diana were taking a very long overdue vacation.

The first was spent covering distance to get to the Rocky Mountains. The trip including stopping at some point each day for an afternoon or evening at some interesting spot. Lots of amazing scenery and a lot of walking to do. The train was nice and modern and they did have a compartment. But rather than the 2 beds they had booked they had a single couch. The beds having collapsed and been removed from the other side on the last trip.

The train was full and it was take that compartment or skip it. Danny said he could sl**p sitting up and she was small enough to sl**p on the rest. He was half right. The first day was all traveling but the second was busy. Diana was beat. And as she lay trying to get comfortable she cursed.

"Something wrong mom?" he asks.

"Yes dammit. This excuse for a couch stinks."

"Yeah. Really. But ya know we are stuck with it and what passes for carpet under us does not pad much. You said you could not sl**p there even with extra blankets remember?"

"Of course I remember what sort of idiot do you...." she start to rage and then stops sharply.

Tone softer, "Sorry. Tired."

He nods.

"Look I have an idea. Lets give it a try. Sit up for a sec."

She pulls the blanket with her. It was October and a little chilly. He had been sitting against the corner with both long legs on the ground. Now he rotates so that his right leg is along the back of the couch and his left is down on the ground. Pillow behind him he slides down a little so he is not quite upright. Putting a pillow against his shoulder he uses his other hand to wave her closer.

She eyes him for a moment. But logic is non-functional at the moment anyway so what the heck? Moving up against him she puts her pillow behind her as she lay against his right shoulder facing outwards. There is a moment of shifting for both of them. She pulls the blanket over her.

"Comfy?" he asks.

"Much more than I was. We will see." she is not an easy woman to please.



He actually falls to sl**p easily. One arm around her. Diana however just sort of drifts. Her mind not wanting to sl**p. This feels good. Feels like a long time ago. Divorced 3 years now. But there was a time when she was happy. A little smile touches her lips.

She snuggles up against him. His strong tall body cradling hers.

She drifts some more.

Dark thoughts not quite dreams. Her Ex. The fights. But those slowly fade and she thinks of the better times. Ok some kinky times with little private secrets. But hey nothing that wild. She does... miss it though.

She wiggles. He shifts and instead of away holds her a little tighter.

Diana begins to think of one of the better times. Reliving it slowly. Without realizing it she is moving too. Her generous ass slowly moving. She is on her side half sitting with her butt pressed against his left leg.

Reaching out she grabs his left shoulder. Bending to slide off the pillow and onto his shoulder. Shifting her hip to balance herself all without any actual thought. Lost in the near sl**p dream. Maybe it is her body acting all on it's own. Maybe the fact that her wiggling and moving has shifted his cock up along his left leg and gotten it hard.

For whatever reason she shifts one last time and her sweat pants and panty covered crotch presses along the length of his shaft. In the dream the sex gets intense. Her ass moves. Rubbing herself along his hardness.

Faster. Wet and hot now. Still not awake she shudders. In the dream he cums like a geyser in her hands and in reality she cums too.

She is not awake.

He is.

Day 3

"Holy shit." he mutters for the 100th time today.

He had woke up because he felt like he needed to pee. Something wet touching him triggering a primal reaction. As he opened his eyes he had not really understood. But the quiet groan and the shudder clued him in. Danny had not dared to twitch for at least a half hour. He had controlled his breathing as much as he could. Thankfully she had shifted back to her pillows and pretty much passed out.

In the morning as soon as he could he locked himself in the bathroom. Plenty of noise. He almost tears his pants down. Cock out and throbbing. Hand wraps around it.

Every moment of last night plays out. Over and over and over. His hand pumps. His balls ache. He pants. When he cums it feels like the back of his head is going to come off. Every muscle shakes. Spraying the wall with blast after long blast.

When he can think again he looks at the mess. His hand still on his cock.

"Holy shit."

Diana woke up feeling great. Ok a little stiff in a few places but much better than yesterday. The two of them go canoe's today and it is a lot of fun. The river is beautiful and quiet as they float along. It is a long day though. Nearly 11 pm by the time they have eaten and gotten back to the compartment.

He is trying to act normal. She does not seem to notice. When they get comfy again with her once again against his right shoulder on the pillow it seems very relaxed and natural. But thoughts of baseball are the the only thing that keep his dick relaxed.

They don't talk much at all. Worn out from the day's adventure. She drifts. Comfortable. Warm.

Danny expected to have to wait for a long time. But her breathing steadies and she relaxes quickly. Hard to tell how many minutes passes. But he slowly lets his control shift. His hand on her side moves now and then. She feels soft under his fingers.

He moves. Slowly but each shift rubs his cock against her ass. Thoughts of right and wrong have already been banished. He moves a little faster.

She shifts in his arms and he freezes. Face going a little pale. That expression changes when she shifts again her face sliding off her pillows and against his right shoulder. Her round bottom moving too. He almost dies when the sl**ping woman presses down on him. He feels heat.

He should wait for a moment but he does not. His hips moving and his cock sliding along her again. There is the faintest of response back from her. He thinks this must be what the twilight zone feels like.

Just before he cums. This morning he thought the back of his head was going to explode. Today it is his whole fucking body. He sees spots and trails before his eyes. The intensity of it makes him groan deeply. It seems endless too. Almost bouncing her as he humps and grinds.

Danny had the brains to pull on a condom before going to bed. Was a little tricky to keep it on and not sport a raging dick in front of mom.

He lays and breaths and she just cuddles against him. Her ass still moving just a little against him. This will continue even as he drifts off to sl**p....

Day 4

Diana had a great day on the 4th of the journey. A charming little town. Full of odd little shops. Danny was bored in about 5 minutes. So armed with some cash he took off to explore. He found a place where you could rent dirt bikes and run a few different courses. You had to prove yourself on each before they would let you ride the next. The last one was a full size competition course. Massive jumps and a lot of nasty fast turns.

Danny grinned and took out a bike. After a few runs on the first track he requested a qualifying run. He beats the required time by quite a lot and gets 9s on his style points. He moves on to the next track. By the time Diana finds him he is running the last track during a practice phase.

"I knew you would be here." She says standing next to him.

"You know I love bikes. I could live here."

"And you know I worry. This is dangerous."

He grins and says, "Yes. It is. Want a ride?"

Her eyes widen and she takes a step back.

"Are you crazy? It would scare me to death."

"Yes. It would. Want a ride?"

He sounds so supremely confident she finds her torn. It was totally nuts. But he did not sound like some k**. Certainly not her son. He was talented with trophies to prove it. She knew he was an excellent rider. But the very idea terrified her.

"Yes. I do."

He helps her get on the back of the bike grabbing a helmet from one of the Staff. Shows her where to put her feet. Pulling her arms around his waist and her tight against him.

"Hold on tight. Everything will be cool if you just hold on and don't panic. You know I love you and would never, ever, ever let anything hurt you right?"

"Yes I do. Take me for a ride. Show me what you can do." she says with almost no trace of fear.

No fear and a pulse between her legs.

That night he is so exhausted that all thoughts of doing anything just fade. He does not worry about where his cock is but it happens to be down his left leg. She on the other hand has been horny since she climbed on that bike. It was terrifying and thrilling. She shivered remembering both. Snuggling down with him she drifts.

Not comfy she shifts. Still not comfy she curls her legs and slides down a little. Her right hand dropping down to his thigh. Diana is not really awake at this point. It is all sensation and odd random thoughts. On top of it all the need.

When her hand slides down just a little on his thigh and across his cock her reaction is instinctive. Pressing down on it she sighs softly. The human body working as it does his reacts too. Same sort of instincts even. He starts to get hard.

Drifting partially into dreams she enters an erotic land.

A man is tied down to a table.

She pumps his cock and torments him. His cries making her laugh.

Her view centers on the spear of flesh in her hand...

In the real world her hand is moving slightly along the end of his shaft. In the dream the man groans and she pumps faster. In the real world both are breathing harder. He dreams too. In his mind his lovely mother is screaming his name.

In the real world he cums. In the dream there is wetness and a fountain.

Day 5

In the morning...

She wakes up and heads into the bathroom. A scent catching her nose. One she knows well. She sniffs and raises her hand. Her eyes widen and she licks a finger. Diana stumbles backward. It is a good thing the wall is only about a foot away. She smacks into it feeling a little dazed.

Diana looks at her hand. With a convulsive twitch she stuffs three of her fingers in her mouth. Eyes closing. So many things running through her mind. Chaos. Impossible. Crazy. So wrong she cannot even think in concrete terms. But as the minutes past her mind calmed.

Something had happened. But one thing was clear. This was male cum on her fingers. It could only have come from one place.

Her son.

The day is another busy one. Danny and Diana are very touchy feely today. Hugging and holding hands. Other mom's express jealousy at how close they are. Other sons snort and make rude comments. Everything goes well.

At night as they both lay together neither can sl**p for some reason. They shift and move. First one and then the other. They apologize more than once. But both understand the other and try to get comfy.

Finally he sits up even more and pulls her up with him. One of the pillows falls away. This seems to kinda work for both of them because for a long time they just breath.

It just starts. She shifts a little so her breath runs along his neck. His hand drops down a little and is on her ass. She moves again. So does her.

A very slow very subtle rhythm begins.

A little grind. A little rock. He gets hard. She gets wet.

They are not asl**p.

But there is no acknowledgment of each other. Eyes mostly closed. But another shift and his cock is pressing along part of her covered slit.

When you are half asl**p in the middle of the night time just does not seem to apply. Who knows how long they move against each other. Her hands clutch at him. Her mouth makes a slowly expanding wet wring as she holds a bit of his teeshirt in her teeth.

They do not move any faster until the very end. She groans and floods her panties. He grinds and sprays inside his shorts. There is a hot bubble of warmth wrapped around them. Hands move across each other.

She is drifting when she feels him kiss her cheek.

"thank you." he whispers.

Day 6

Today they did not touch at all during the day. It was awkward. Everyone noticed that too. The questions hanging over them. Finally they both sat at opposite ends of the couch.

"We have to talk about it." she finally starts.

"Why? So you can tell me how terrible I am?"

She turns her head sharply. He feels guilty? This is already not going as she expected.

"You are not terrible. It... it was my fault. Not sure why I did that. Wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong."

"Your fault?" he is confused.

She blushes a deep scarlet.

"Yes. Something happened the other night. I should have just put it out of my mind. But I didn't. Last night was my fault." she confesses.

"What happened?" Danny asks intensely curious now.

He too is surprised. But his mind is racing forward now. Seeing amazing possibilities. This sudden shift making him far bolder than even with the bike ride.

"I don't think I should tell you."

"I think you should. We cannot hide things mom. Not now. Tell me please."

She blushes more and turns away. When she speaks it is to the wall.

"I had a dream. Or maybe a memory. But I must... I must have acted a little of it out. In the morning. I cannot say it....." there is a long pause. "In the morning there was some of your semen on my hand. I'm sorry. I am a horrible person." she says with a catch in her voice.

He responds strongly, "No you are not. It is just the train. This fucking couch. Stuff has been happening since the second day. Nobody is to blame. Especially not you. You are wonderful and don't you think anything different."

She looks at him with red eyes but lots of questions in them.

"since... since the second day?"

He nods.

"Yeah. We have to sl**p wrapped up together and ya know things just happen. Look mom I am fine. I love you. Lets just get some sl**p and not worry about it."

She looks stunned. Head literally pulling back.

"Not worry about it? Are you nuts? We.... I mean I..." she just trails off.

"Yes I know. So? I need sl**p and so do you. Want the floor instead?"

"Anything but on top of you will be fine." she snorts.

He reaches out to grab her wrist. He pulls. She resists a little but he pulls with his other hand. She ends up back up against him as he flips off the light.

"Danny stop." she says firmly.

He looks her right in the eyes and stays flatly, "No."

They stare at each other. She nudges against the arms that hold her in place. They don't budge.

Diana sighs and lays against him. That one little no holding her in place. She knows that if she fights he will let her go. She just.... doesn't want to. Not really. She should. But here in the private place she sighs and lays her head down against the pillows.

She also feels close to him now. Like the barriers have all been breached and she can tell him anything. Tell him the one thing she has never been able to tell anybody.

"I kinda have a fetish. For cum. I. Well I used to... milk your dad all the time. He was not good for much but he indulged me in that. Every other day. I miss it."

He should be stunned or shocked or something but he is not. Danny crossed over a day or so ago.

"I am sorry he left you. He is a moron sometimes."

She nods and then well it just kinda starts. He rocks her a little. She sighs. They just don't stop. Diana finds herself just slowly shifting across his chest. Hips shifting slowly. She does not understand what is happening but it still does.

When he feels her ass first start to press against his hard cock he groans softly. She smiles a wicked little smile in the darkness. Rubbing her butt against him now. Feeling herself get wetter and wetter. Her nipples already are aching. Hard tight points on her chest.

"Come here." he whispers as his hand goes under them and he makes her move.

Danny moves his throbbing dick still trapped in his sweat pants to point up into his belly. She comes back down on top of him. A long deep intake of breath from her as her crotch comes down across his shaft. Fully on top of him.

She gasps when both of his hands come down on her backside. Taking big handholds of her generous ass. Moving and squeezing which just makes her press down harder on him. Diana is lost now. All thoughts and logic are just gone.

Starting with one long grind she starts to move against him. He groans and explores her ass. Hunger drives her and she moves faster. Her nightshirt pushed up already. Only her panties and his sweats between them now.

Faster. Both breathing harder.

She grinds herself right over the edge.

Face down close to his ear she whispers, "I'm.... gonna.... cum.."

And she does. Hard. Violent. She bites down on his shoulder to keep from screaming. He bucks up against her. Danny feels consumed by lust. Yet somehow he does not cum even with her humping on his cock.

When she does slow down she sticks a hand down between them. Feeling the head of his cock. She grins and slides down. She pulls his sweats down just enough to free his cock. One hand wrapping around it. She looks up at him. Eye shining and wicked.

"May I?" she asks.

"Yes. Please." he answers with a sigh.

Diana lowers her mouth on her son's throbbing manhood. She can taste precum already so she does not waste time. Hand around the shaft. Lowering her head to kiss and then take it into her mouth. Tongue going to work. She starts to bob up and down. Danny is amazed at how much she takes but has little time to admire her technique.

It feels too good.

He cums. Spraying inside her mouth. She moves her head back keeping the head inside. Drinking deeply. Her other hand goes between her legs. Wet sounds echo in the room as her fingers blur across her slit.

Before he is done shooting she is cumming too. He actually feels that through her mouth making his last blast extra powerful. Diana does not stop for another minutes. Lightly sucking on him and licking the velvet shaft.

She crawls back into his arms without a word. They fall asl**p.

Day 7

Today they have reached a sort of balance. They are in physical contact a lot during the day. To others they are getting along very well but not to the somewhat disturbing heights of earlier in the trip.

She comes out of the shower to find him sprawled on the couch in a robe. He got in the shower first and has been waiting patiently reading a book. When Diana comes out of the little room he grins.

"I think I need your help mom." he says sounding rather earnest.

"Oh? With what love?"

He moves and loses the robe. Laying flat on the couch. His cock slightly quivering on his belly. Naked of course.

"I think I need a hand." he says and cannot suppress the grin.

She looks at him and there is a deep, twisty, hot shiver. A wave of lust. She licks her lips and drops the robe and towel on the floor. Kneeling by him she looks at his hands and up at his face. He puts his hands behind his head. She nods and strokes one finger very lightly over his dick.

The rod of flesh twitches and bounces up off his flat tummy. She sighs softly and feels the heat in herself. She touches him more. Just a single finger. Very light little strokes. Looping around the head. He moans softly and his cock gets harder.

She soon as it standing up all on it's own. His body lightly quivering. Her other hand comes up to cup his balls. Going slow and easy with them. When she wraps her fingers into an O and moves them down his cock still not making full contact his hips push up.

She grabs the shaft tight near the tip. Squeezing now. Stroking a little but most just really holding onto it firmly.

"This is my cock?" the words come out of her lips without thought.

For just a second she freezes. Those are words from the past. She was not sure she wanted to go where they lead but still she had said them.

"Yesssss." he hisses out.

Her left hand squeezes his balls just the tiny bit more than before. Nothing near pain but still.

"Yes ma'am" she states flatly.

His eyes which had been closed slam open and he looks at her.

"Yes ma'am." he says as he puts his head back down and closes his eyes.

Diana is more than a little freaked out at the moment. She is also hotter than hell. Her clit and nipples achingly hard and she was waiting for the first drip to run down her leg.

Her head lowers down and her lips wrap around his cock. Danny cannot believe how good it feels. He realizes that not doing anything like this let him focus. He did not have to hold back at all she would take care of that. There was a moment of darkness over ma'am but he put that aside for later. For now the sensations she was producing in his dick were too good to ignore.

Pulling her head back she does something new. Both hands come up and she lightly scratches his hardness. His breathing goes deeper.

"oh fuck that feels good." he murmurs.

"Does my cock like that?"

"Yes.... ma'am."

"I'm glad"

She is really good at this. Somehow she has learned things few women do. It is like he was handing his own cock with the direct knowledge he has. The scratching is intense. Just hard enough for sensations to ripple through him but not harming him more than a touch of redness building up.

She takes the shaft back in her hand and licks on it. The she looks at him and slowly gets one of her own fingers wet.

"What about this? Does my cock like this?"

Her hand goes below his balls and that wet finger first circles the little ring of his ass a few times and then pushes a little into hit.

"woaw. that is.... dirty. but yeah. yeah I like it." he says groaning.

She lets him get away without the ma'am cause her own little pussy is throbbing so hard she is rubbing herself against the side of the couch. Arching her hips a little to get solid contact.

"I want my cock to cum for me now."

She lowers her head onto it. Lips, hand, and tongue working together. Her finger start to slowly slide in and out of his ass. He is breathing hard. His hands want to reach out and grab her. His hips arch.

He cums with a deep harsh sound. She goes into bliss. The feel of it making her grind herself against the couch smearing it with her wetness. Drinking him down. Feeling the pulses in his cock. Feeling the power of it. Her cock. Her cum.

She is greedy and keeps sucking on him until he starts to go limp. Little dribbles leaking out to be gobbled up. Finally she lays her head down on his stomach.

"thank you." she says but she is facing away from him. Maybe it was meant for the cock.

Danny is just blown away. It was the focus and purity of solo sex but ramped up by like a 100. It was amazing. Stunning. The little shadow from before still lurks but it barely touches the feeling of contentment he is experiencing right now. Barely.

It takes him a long while but finally he moves. Sitting up he pulls her up onto the couch. He is a little insistent and she ends up on her hands and knees facing away from him. When his hands spread her wet slit open and his tongue licks along it she moans long and low.

"Oh god yes. Please lick me. I want to cum so bad."

He does and while not as experienced as she by a very long shot he does know the basics. Long licks for a while and then shorter ones to tease the hard bud at the top. Pushing his face against her to stab his tongue deeply into her. Then more licking.

But it is when he locks his lips around her clit that she quivers. She has somewhat large nipples and clit. Nothing overly odd but they do stick out more than most. Her clit when fully hard extends half and inch out of it's hood. Long enough to see the vague similarities it has to a male dick. Her husband never liked it. But the young man between her legs now is pulsing his lips around it and making her thrash against the couch.

60 seconds of having her clit sucked and she explodes in a violent orgasm. Pushing back hard against his face. Trying not to wail and scream she just vibrates and shakes. He rides her the whole way. Losing his hold on her little bud but licking and feeling the gush of cum out of her. Realizing for the first time that girls cum pretty much the same way as guys.

He realized too that he liked the taste of it. Wondering if it ran in the f****y with a chuckle.

What happens next is fast. Danny stands up and with one move thrusts his very hard cock into her pussy. She is still feeling the waves of pleasure and the cock brings more. She throws herself into it. Not thinking at all. Just feeling. She even says.

"Fuck me. Hard."

Which was the plan anyway. It lasts for all of 3 minutes. During which she cums again, twice, and he explodes and buries himself deep inside her. It is an amazing few minutes. So raw and so powerful the memory of it will make him hard and her wet for years to come.

They slump together. They move into sl**ping positions still naked and dripping. They nuzzle and all is warm and fuzzy.

Just as she is falling asl**p the realization of what just happened hits her. It is somewhat hard not to jump up off him and scream in fear.

Her son just came inside her.

Day 8

Danny's thoughts the next were focused somewhere else entirely. The squeeze of his balls and the ma'am was bugging him. It just. Well it just bugged him and he was having a hard time understanding why exactly.

His mother had not hurt him. It was a playful threat and she was sucking his dick at the time. The little game was great. He was 18 years old and had a horny cumslut to play with. Hard to complain there. But still...

He remembered something from 2 years ago. His birthday. Three girls had grabbed him and managed to hold onto him long enough to spank him a few times. After about the 4th blow he had gotten violently angry. Breaking free easily banging the girls up in the process. They had ended up in a huddle on the floor while he screamed at them.

None of them had ever spoked to him since. One had been his girlfriend too.

It just hit him. And the thought was like a missing piece of himself fitting into place. A word. Meaning. Understanding. The word rolled around in his head and produced the most wicked smile that had ever graced his young face.

To say it felt like magic. It had a power and he felt it filling him. The word lingering in the air.


Later that evening...

Diana starts off stern.

"Last night you did something that cannot happen again. If I get pregnant by you... That just cannot happen." she says as she tosses a large box of condoms at him.

He nods and sets the box aside. He is sitting in the middle of the couch.

"Fine. Rubbers when I fuck mommy. But there is something I want to talk about." he too has a little stern going.

This attitude surprises her since she had expected remorse and perhaps an apology.

"What... what is that?"

"We need to make a little deal. I will let you play your little games with my cock. It is your cock. However you are mine. Starting with your ass."


He reaches out to grab her by the wrist. Pulling her forward she goes across his lap. Reaching up he flicks on the radio a little loud but it is not too late yet. That and the noise of the train are a fair bit of cover sound. He pushes the robe off her butt and it hangs onto the floor.

"I did not like you squeezing my balls and making me call you ma'am."

Smack! his hand lands on her ass with a good sting.

"I am not some little pussy you can control." he states.

Smack! Smack!

She is moving but not fighting all that hard. More stunned than anything. Wanting to speak but her words keep getting drowned out in his or the sharp slaps on her ass.

"So here is the deal. I will play your toy, ma'am and all. But otherwise you are mine completely and I don't want to play any more games about it. I know what you are now. I know what you want."

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

"You are a cumslut. A horny little cunt that wants to be filled. Say it! Say I am a cumslut."

"Danny! Stop. Don't make me do this."

Smack! Smack! SMack! SMack! the last two harder and she howls and shakes.

"Say it." he says rather calmly actually.

"I.... am... a cumslut." she manages to get out.

SMack! SMack!

"Oh come on you can do better than that."

"I am a cumslut." she says clearly and it truth be told with a little bit of relish.

There is a rush in him. Power. Damn this feels fucking good. He rubs her ass now. Hand dipping down to lightly stroke her slit.

"Very good. Now say I am your slut to do with as you will."

She takes a deep breath. The hand stroking her feels so good after the smacks. It is only for the trip Diana. Why not?

"I am your slut to do with as you will."

"I am a bad girl who deserves to be punished."

"I am a very bad girl and I do deserve to be punished." she cannot help but giggle a little bit.

His hand comes back up to make circles on her slightly red backside. Spreading her cheeks open for a moment to examine her a little more closely. Already starting to treat her body like his property. He could not describe what this feels like if you asked him. But it is gooood.

"From now on when we are alone you will call me... master."

She turns her head to look at him. Suddenly not quite so sure. But then he thinks of herself calling him that and she cannot deny the pulse that races out from her hot crotch. She moans just a little.

"Yes master. I am yours now."

Victory. So sweet. And damn does it make his cock hard.

"Then my sexy slavegirl. Open that box. Wrap my dick and I am going to fuck you until we both pass out."

"Yes master."

Day 9

Sometimes life is kind. On the stop the night before a couple had left the train. One of them was feeling ill. This left an open cabin with a single bed. Danny and Diana grinned like idiots at each other while the porter was telling them the news.

They moved into the new room.

She had decided to really throw herself into the role. For a couple more days she would be devoted to his every need and whim. There was a little shiver as she imagined some of the nasty things his 18 year old mind might come up with.

"Does the new room meet with master's approval?" she asks honestly wanting to be sure.

He looks around. Mostly at the bed. There was a couch on the other side of the room like the one they had been sl**ping and fucking on. This was much better.

"It does. Did you accomplish your task this afternoon?"

She blushes as his hand comes up to fondle her left breast. She only has a light dress on. Thin cloth with nothing underneath. The porter could not take his eyes off her when he had been there.

"I did master. Although I am a little scared."

"That is the point. It means you did what you were told."

"I will do anything you ask. May I ask one small favor of my master?"

He was really enjoying her tone. This was not a game. It was not sarcastic. She meant it and it made him feel like a god. This was just so right for him. Ok the mom part was really, really, really wrong. But there were other girls in the world. Other women too.

"You may ask."

"Please fuck me in the ass tonight. You have not done that yet and I want you to." she says with a blush.

He grins and nods, "Very well slave. I will bend you over an give you a good dirty buttfucking tonight. But first you are going to perform for me. Get the stuff."

He strips down to his shorts and gets on one end of the bed.

She goes for a bag and peels off her dress. There is a few minutes of boxes being opened and plastic rustling. He enjoys watching her bare butt move. Little flashed of her pussy making his cock start to pay attention too.

Diana climbs onto the other end of the bed. She has a huge fake cock with her and a little bottle. There are also a pair of clamps. Propping herself on pillow she spreads her knees wide. Pink little pussy spreading gently. Gleaming traces of moisture already on it.

"Put on the clamps and give me a nice show slave. Fuck that huge cock for master." he says with lust in his voice.

"Yes master. This thing is bigger than anything I have ever had in me. I am scared of it. But I will do as I am told."

Taking the two clamps she pinches first one and then the other nipple. They get hard and then she winces and kicks her feet as the clamps close tight. She adjusts them a little.

"Tighter." he says softly.

She screws them down whimpering.

The bottle is opened and the massive cock is made wet and slick. Her hand stroking her slit as she brings the wide head against herself. Sliding and rotating to slowly settle firmly against the entrance to her wet depths. Diana shifts her legs more and thrusts her crotch out a little more getting a better angle.

She pushes. It hurts. She pushes more. It hurts more but the head slides in a little. Deep breath.

Relaxing just a little she slides the big toy inside her. It is 10 inches long and a good 6 are buried now. Diana throws her head back and her thighs shake. Body adjusting but the pull hurts. A lot. As it fades the slow rush of heat and wet builds.

When she looks over at his she sees three things. He is naked now. His cock looks rock hard and his eyes look like they are on fire. Lust all over his face.

"It hurts master but I won't stop. I am going to fuck myself good and hard for you."

"Then I will reward you for that my slave." he says with clear satisfaction in his voice.

She pulls the cock slowly out. Whimpering a little as it tugs sensitive skin. Her pussy gripping it tightly. The push back in is easier as is the one that follows. One hand goes up and touches her clamped nipple. There is a little rush of pain but this one makes her moan. She does it again harder. She slides the cock in and out faster.

He watches in amazement. Raw pure sex. Every second the desire to take her grows. Afraid if his cock gets any harder it will burst.

Just the huge girth of the fake dick and the intense sensations from her tortured nipples are sending Diana on a fast spiral to an orgasm. Looking at him watching. Knowing she is doing this because he ordered her to. She always knew she was a little submissive. But the time with her no good husband had brought out only the hostile Dom side.

She felt whole for the first time is a very long while. In this most bizarre of situations. As wrong as it all was it was just simple. She was serving her master. Wanting to. Needing to. And those thoughts were spiraling through her head as she groans and fucks the cock fast.

When she cums she pulls the cock out and rubs her clit hard. There is a small spray of cum as she convulses up off the bad. Her wide spread pussy muscles clamping down in the ripples of the climax. Her ass hits the bed a moment later but her fingers have yet to stop. Wave after crashing wave burning through her.

Panting hard she looks at him, "Did I.... Did I please you?"

"You did. Now up on all fours. Point that sexy ass at me. I want it. I want to fuck it. I am going to put my hand over your mouth and I want to hear you scream as hard as you can."

Her eyes widen a touch followed by a lustful grin. She flips over and her generous ass is pointing and wiggling at him. Her hands reach back. One on each cheek she spreads herself open to him. He moves to her. Coated in her juices already the head of his cock slides across her tight ass ring easily. He had planned on going slow but she just pushes back against him,

There is a long moment where her ass is resisting. Tight. A little grunt from her. A deep breath from him. Then in. Cock sliding deeper. Her little cry but then pushing back more.

"Fuck me hard master. You have made me yours. Show me how much you mean it. Make me scream. Make it hurt. Fuck me until I am nothing more than a crying little bitch. When you wish to cum please shove your cock down my throat. Pull it out of my ass and stick it in my mouth."

Her words get her exactly what she wants. More than he thought he would do. Her ass gets fucked. Pulling back and thrusting into her. Giving her a good deep ass reaming. Balls slapping against her crotch.

He enjoys her ass. She enjoys being taken. Leaning down he nuzzles along her neck. His hand snaking around to her right to caress along her jaw. Then something new.

He kisses her.



She kisses back.

His cock stabs into her as his hand wraps around her mouth.

"Now my little cunt. Cry for me." he says in a voice she has never heard.

He starts to fuck her harder and rougher. His crotch smacking into her with more and more f***e. The already tortured muscles of her ass burning more with each second. But there is more.

SMAck! SMAck! SMAck! SMAck!

One hand is across her mouth and the other is smacking her ass every other stroke. Hard. Already red her bottom is slowing catching on fire. Diana is grunting and starting to sob a little.

Thrust! Thrust! SMAck! Thrust! Thrust! SMAck!

He fucks her without mercy. Not even thinking about what he feels just using his cock to push his mother as far as she could go. He wanted to break her down. It was just a primal need he barely understood but he wanted it. Bad.

The first tear hits his hand. He smacks her even harder. SMACk! Almost his full strength. She does yelp loudly against his fingers. But he also hears a muffled word.


He grins like a predator pouncing on dinner. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! For a long moment he just beats her ass hard. This gets him what he wants.

A long scream barely contained by his hand. Tears running down her face.

Now he fucks her again. Feeling it. So good. So powerful. His cock feels a mile long. She is his. So completely. So totally. Nothing has ever felt like this. It is like he has stepped into a whole new world.

Pulling his cock out of her. Forcing her to spin around. Pulling her up my the hair to shove his aching cock down her throat. Seemed so natural. The cum was psychedelic. He saw trails of light and glowing spots. His balls emptying themselves down her throat. She took it all this time. Face mashed against his crotch.

He grinds for a long time. When he lets her go she looks up at him.

"Master is pleased?" in such a hopeful voice despite the panting.

"Master is very pleased." he manages.

"May I cum now?"


She flips over pointing her crotch at him. Grabbing up the discarded cock she pushes it back into herself. Holding it in place her hand becomes a blur on her clit. She arches up. Her ass shakes.

Fingers making loud wet sounds that go along with her harsh breathing.

She looks him in the eyes as she convulses near climax. Hissing out one word and as she does so flying over the edge and cumming hard.


Day 10

When it is finally time to leave the train they are more than a little reluctant. Even as the porter knocks on the door for the last time she is on her knees sucking him. He has to pull her up making her protest.

"We have to go mom."

"Don't wanna." she says pouting.

"Lets go."

Outside they set their bags down in a corner. It is a long walk to the car. They are out of the main flow of traffic and nobody is paying attention to them.

"Danny you know we have to go back to normal now right?"

"I know that is what you want."

"It is how it has to be. This was... well it was amazing. I will cherish the memory. But now it is over."

He moves to her. Hand going around her waist as he pushes her back against a wall. Hand going inside her pants and down her ass. Two fingers find their target and invade her ass.

She looks at him with a touch of fear in her eyes.

He smiles back and says very softly...


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