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Auntie Haley, s****r Lilly and my fucked up world.

"How are you going pencil dick, have you had a wank today" it was fun being woken from a great wet dream with those words from my s****r Lilly! We had developed a sort of love/hate relationship since the numerous encounters around the house this year.

I wasn't exactly sure where I stood with her, firstly she would be nice to me and then not so. Lilly had made it a habit of sneaking into my room late at night to administer my 'punishment' This started with an insult to which I would ignore to be followed by a hand reaching under my covers and grabbing my cock. She was as regular as clockwork. A big night out, being stood up by a boyfriend or just plain horny, In time I became her wanking bag!

Auntie Hayley didn't make things easier. her coming to stay for these holidays just complicated things. Lilly had confided in her all the shit we had been up to so now it was two of them onto one of me. It was a tough call and since I had now had sexual encounters with both, I had to play it cool. More than any normal 15 year old deviate could handle anyways!

So here we all were again Auntie Hayley was looking after me while the folks went to dinner and a movie. She was her usual funnily antagonising self. Lilly was home also as her date had stood her up suddenly.(mad boy) Liquid refreshments were served and shit was being talked. One thing that had not spoken it's name was the lust triangle that we found ourselves in. I had been physical with both these women but I was playing it cool, like Fonzie, way cool!

"Why does your s****r call you needle dick" asked Auntie Hayley. "I don't know" I replied "maybe you should ask her" "I dare you to get it out Jackson, cmon prove your not" she said. " Im not getting my dick out Hayley" I said "end of conversation"Ok, Awkward moment. Lilly was red as she didn't know that Auntie Hayley and I had a little rendezvous in the hay shed days earlier. Lilly had confided in Hayley but she didn't know that I knew - this was going to be interesting to say the least!

The ladies went into the kitchen and I continued to watch tv for a while. Time passed till suddenly Auntie Hayley and Lilly burst into the tele room wearing school uniforms. "We have been playing dress ups - do you like girls in school uniforms"? I only had time to say "yes" before Hayley grabbed Lilly's pussy through her uniform and said "Do you want some of this"?

Hayley got down on her knees and started nibbling on Lilly's pussy through the uniform fabric. I felt my boyhood swell and I was glued to the chair as I enjoyed the view. "Come over here Jackson, said Hayley, "taste this sweet forbidden fruit" I couldn't move, I just watched Auntie Hayley pull aside Lilly's white panties and tongue her beautifully manicured slit. Lilly had some work done on it and it was now bald with a little tuft of hair at the very top of her mound, it looked girlishly exquisite! Hayley continued to tongue the area like a skilled cunning linguist!

Lilly then broke away from Hayley's grip and proceeded over to me. "I love cock Auntie hayley". With that she proceeded to break my cock out of my pants as I sat there and just stuck it down her throat as far as it would go. Gurgling noises ensued as she stuffed it in further and withdraw then in a little further again.

Hayley straddled my face and shouted "lick this you little fucker" and I obligingly stuck my tounge into her wet hole. Hayley grabbed my head in a sign of satisfaction and pushed me in even deeper. "That's right, needle dick, keep licking you little deviate" Hayley said. As I looked down I caught my s****r looking up at me, cock stroking my in her hand like she had done months before. When she got that look in her face she was determined to get me off.

"Not so fast Lilly" exclaimed Hayley, "I want some cock now" Auntie Hayley then lowered her very wet pussy onto my cock and rode me like a Kentucky derby winner! Lilly just grabbed my balls as Hayley rode. "Fark" she shouted as she slid up and down and side to side. I was not sure just how long I would last!
The three of us were intertwined in a pool of sweat and lust.

Hayley hogged my cock and she was not going to get off. "Cum for me little cocksucker, you fuckin deviate" Hayley just rode and rode and rode.

They both finished me off as Hayley rode me slow and Lilly milked my cock juice into my Auntie's waiting cunt. Hayley flapped her tits in my face to stifle the loud moans as I squirted over and over into my Aunts hole.

They both wiped their wet hands on my head and went off to the bathroom to wash up.

The sight of both my AUNTIE AND s****r leaving the room in their school uniforms will form some of the best memories of my life Im sure!

My name is Jackson, I'm 15 and I'm a sex a holic - He He!

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