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She Hulk xmen

She Hulk put the X in Xmen
By lilguy
She Hulk has some fun with colossus

Note- This was a commission I did
The Xmen were in the middle of New York Fighting the b*****r Hood of Evil Mutants. Cyclops was on top of a building taking shots from afar, and so he could watch everyone and bark out orders. Storms was picking up cars and slamming cars toward Magneto as they fought. Wolverine was running using his claws slicing through people
“Time to die LITTLE MAN” Blob Said tossing Colossus through the building
Colossus was spitting bl**d
“Ahhh poor mutant” Blob Said
Suddenly they heard the ground shake. Suddenly someone came jumping through the sky. She landed on the ground making a huge dent into the ground. She Hulk was standing there, in her skin tight green and white outfit one piece suit. She was wearing high heal boots even though she stood 7.2 without. Her huge beach ball size breasts were pressing against the shirt. Her muscles stood there dripping with sweat. She held a naked and bruises Mystique by the hair. The Evil mutant tits and pussy was bruise. She had black eye.
“Is this yours…found her causing trouble in my I cause trouble of my own.” She said wiping some pussy juices
“Stay out of this little girl” Blob Said
She Hulk kicked him in the balls making him scream in pain. Colossus jumped out his back and put the palm of his hand over his face smothering him. Colossus stayed on as Blob tried to get him off. She leaped in the air, and smashed her tits into him smoothing him. She grabbed his head and pushed it into her tits. He could breath passing out.
“Good fighting” Colossus Said
“Nice…Colossus right. Been watching you. Maybe after this we can meet up…and I can give you a real fight. But this time involving us with some clothes off.” She Hulk Said
“Maybe tonight” Colossus Said
“Be looking forward to it” Her Hulk said leaping into the fight
Later that night
She Hulk moved in the danger Room and kiss Colossus. Colossus grabbed her ass giving it a nice squeezed. The both had beers in their hand.
“So what this place like a Holodeck” She Said
“Kind of” Colossus said rubbing his crotch into her “Mixture of hard light holograms and robots. We made upgrades to make any fighting scenario we could think off. The Xmen won’t be here for a while. They are off on a diplomatic mission. We got this place all to you”
“Ohhh Really” She Hulk said biting his ear
They both were a bit d***k. She Hulk was dripping out of her outfit heaving her breast into his face. His face was buried into her tits, as she put hand down his pants and grabbed his hard steal rod.
“You got any special scenarios” She Said
“I made a few adjustments” Colossus Said “Protocol 12”
The room change. They soon found them self on a beach house with a huge heart shape bed with silk covers, and a hot tub. Although outside wasn’t the beach. It was a sandy planted with 3 moons, or at least a holographic replica of it. It was a planet that had rings of diamonds and crystals around it that sign sparkling lights in the sky. The planet had beautiful lakes and rivers. The room itself had a nice 70; s vibe, lava lamps and shag carpeting. The rugs were black wallpaper that had leopard skin patterns to it. It felt so real
“Beautiful” She Hulk Said
“It was a planet we fault the Skrulls on ounce. We called it the crystal planet” Colossus Said
“Enough of the guided tour baby” She Hulk Said
She pushed him down on the bed.
“Can we get some music in here” She Said
“Computer plays Music Track A45” Colossus
“Mmmmm is that Motown nice” She Hulk said dancing around as she kicked of her heals.
She dances around, to the music, grinding her body to the beat. She grabbed her shirt and tore it open with her bare hands revealing her bare breast, and dark green nipples. Her body was ripped, showing off big muscles, 18 inches biceps and broad shoulders. Her long green hair covered her breast as she had a look of pure lust in her eyes. Her green eyes twinkled under the light as she seems to be staring at him like a piece of meat. Her adrenalin was pumping and heart was beating fast. She had to be careful in her sexual conquest; she could rip a man apart when she got horny. It was like the hornier she got the stronger she got, and her lust seems to have no limits. Sometime she liked being on top and tossing a man around like a rag doll dominating them or fucking a woman like their complete whore. Other times she was the one that liked being treated like a slut, being taken from behind and having her hair pulled and her ass slapped. Sometime she liked to lose control. Colossus didn’t have many clothes to take off due to his outfit. She took off his vest, shoes and pants showing his metal hard penis. It was big and thick at least as long as 12 inch. It was wide and thick like a soda can. He stroked it as thick pre cum dripped down. She licked her lips squeezing her heavy green breast together. Being an Xmen he seen many of a big pair of tits but these things was massive, swaying back and forth. They were so firm and perfect. She was pure sex. Sweat dripped down her tone body, having droplets of sweat going through her six pack abs. She took a sip of beer chugging it down. She crushed it in had hand and tossed one of them across the room. She grabbed another can and poured it onto her breast and let it dripped down her breast.
“Thirsty” She Hulk Said
“Oh Yea” He Said getting up
She Hulk used her foot to push him back a bit, stretching out her long legs. She squeezed her breast together and brought them to her face licking the beer out of her breast. She let the intoxicating hit her head as she started sucking her tits. She squeezed her breast, licking her nipple. Her tongue circled around her nipples tasting the sweetest of it. She gave her tit a good suck letting the spit dripped down her breast. She had a wild look in her eye as her hair covered half her face. The beer made her breast glisten and stand out.
“Mmmmmmmmm…damm your wild” He said
She started putting her hand down her pants and fingering herself.
“You want to taste this, you want to taste this wet pussy. My powers gave my pussy a nice intoxicating smell. It dripping with pheromones that drive men wild”
“Damm I want to eat you up”
She pulled her fingers out and starts sucking her fingers, tasting her sweetest. She unzipped her pant spelling down showing a nicely shaved pussy, and big pussy lips. She was dripping wet, leaving a puddle on the ground. Her legs were long and sex, muscled up likes an athlete. She parted her pussy lips, showing the deepest of her pussy
“Think this is a perfect size for your cock” She said
“Sure you can take this. More people would be afraid of a metal cock. Want me to change back to my normal form”
“Oh no way…the harder the better. This way I don’t have to hold back”
“When you fuck me I want it long and hard” She said
She was shaking her hips to beat. She smiled putting her head back as she rubbed. The turned around showing off her ass. She bent off parting her ass cheeks, spreading them. She pushed her fingers deep into her asshole. Her hips were swaying back and forth. She got on to the bed and stood over him. She was fingering her pussy lips letting some of it dripped down. She got close to his face waving back and forth. His tongue was sticking out. She pushed his head back down and shook her fingers. She ran her fingers through her hair grinding in the air, keeping it over his face. The scent of her pussy juices floated over him. It was a very strong and erotic scent. Her never seen a pussy so wet.
“Like the view” She Said
“Oh taking mental pictures”
She sat on his face, rubbing her pussy deep into her face. She grabbed his cock stroking it back and fourth. He strong hands had a tight gripped, molding his hard cock into her hands. Her clit was nice and thick. He could get a good suck of it, licking the harder part of it. She moaned driving her clit toward his mouth, letting him suck. She grabbed his hair. Her strong legs gripped his head. Normally she had to be careful with her strength. She could crush someone head if she wanted to but with Colossus didn’t need to hold back
“Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooood” She Said “That fantastic
“Any Russia, we take pleasure in making sure a woman cums first. We consider this a true act of manhood.” Colossus said
“Well think I may have to defect”
“Best way is to lick it like a Sunday. But I guess it no cherry on top of this one” He laughed.
She grabbed her hips, squeezing her ass. His tongue was driving in and out. It was swinging back and forth inside her pussy. It circled inside her like a tornadoes as her wetness build. She started too blushed as she found herself coming closer.
“Right there, ohhh shit right there” She cried
“Mmmmmmm want to taste all your juices my not so little pet” He Said
He was licking the middle of her pussy like a long lollypop. She moaned as her tongue glided up and down her pussy. Droplets of pussy juices were dripping down her cunt. She put her back into it driving her pussy on him. Her breast were flopping back and forth and hitting each other. She grabbed her tit and started sucking it as she rode him. She was jerking his cock faster and faster. She spit on her hand rubbing up and down. She rubbed his cock head. She was twisting his cock. Her hair waved back and forth over his cock head. She smiled as she was filled with pleasure. She was biting her lip as she making the bed shakes.
“Get it nice and wet, going to the need it that way to add this into my pussy” She Said “Lick me while I stroke that fat cock. I want your cream to be all over. Oh shit licks me deep. Lick my wet cunt. I want you to feel my clit getting bigger. Do you see it coming out? That means your turn me on baby. Right…lick right there. Ohhhh Yes. Now pull on it with your lips right there. God your liking this. I can feel your cock getting harder in my hand. Your pre cum dripping down my hand now. Bet your cock extra sensitive now. Bet its getting real hard not to cum. Ahhh Yess…got your tongue is so good. It is driving me crazy, been a long time sense I got my pussy eaten out so well. Oh yea shoved your tongue in...Nice and deep now. In and out. Damm your pretty good with those hands” She Hulk Said
“Ohhh Fuccck” She Said
She screamed and started to have a multiple climax, soaking his face.
“Damm you taste”
She stood up and fingers herself.
“All right I think I am perfectly…but let me just makes that b**st nice and slippery first” She Hulk Said
She Hulk slid down the bed and grabbed his cock. He started licking his hard metal skin while stroking him. She grabbed his balls and put it in her mouth giving it a good suck.
“Ohhh fuck” Colossus Said
She was fisting it, rubbing up and down his shaft. He moaned as she rubbed her palm against him. Her tongue was going back and forth on his balls
“Damm where you learn to give oral like that” He Said
“Ohhhh you are surprise what we get down at the law firm. I loved sucking cock. That why most of the avenger still walk funny” She Said
She took his cock deep into her mouth. She felt it hit her throat as she worked it up and down gagging on it and bit
“Ohhh fuck yesss” She moaned
She griped his balls tightly working it in her mouth. She took it inch by inch.
“Yea take it…you nasty girl” He Said grabbing his hair
He was driving his cock into her mouth, making her gag. He wrapped his legs around him, letting her lips suck around her cock.
“Hard to make quips...with a big cock in your mouth” She Said
Spit was dripping down her chin as the balls were hitting her mouth back and forth. She grabbed his ass, molding his ass together. Her long nails were scratching his ass. Watching those cocked passed those green lips. It took all his will power not to explode. She smelled the scent of his big salty balls. The whole room was starting to smell like sex.
“Ahhh fuck” Collosus Said
“Fuck my mouth like a whore” She Said
She pushed a finger in his ass. He let out a moan as she was going back and forth. She slapped his ass, wanting it all the way in.
“Fuck me hard baby. Fuck me real hard.” She Said
She pulled his cock out, making a necklace of spit. She grabbed his cock and started rubbing it against her tit. She pressured her nipples against the head of his cock. Her tits looked glorious getting glazed with his pre cum. She took his big cock and pressed it between her tits, stroking it up and down. The spit on his cock made its own lube sliding up and down between her tits. She started licking her tit
“I going to suck the metal right off the cock”
“God damm your tits amazing. Knew your American girls were kinky but I never thought it be like this. You like getting tit fucked you dirty super slut. You want some cream on your green”
“Oh this just the starts baby” She Said
She grabbed his ass, milking him with her tits. She gripped the pillow making the bed shake. She was sucking with the f***e of a 1000 winds, soaking his cock. She was moving her tits up and down, slamming her tits against his balls
“Ohhh fuck” Colossus Said
He started to cum coating her big fat tits, with cum. He let out a moan as she went up and down his cock, cum splashing out of his cock. She stood up and started licking the cum off her tits. She seems to enjoy the taste.
“Ohhh right time to get rough”
She grabbed her by her hair and slammed her on the bed.
“Guess I don’t have to be gentle with a dirty super hero like you” She Said
“Baby I fucked the Juggernaught…think I can take it” She Said
“Mmm consider that a challenger”
He slipped his stiff cock inside her, pushing in and out. She moaned as she felt it slammed deep. She felt the head of his cock, hitting her pussy walls like a battering ram. He grabbed her hair grinding it in. His balls was slamming into her making her body shake
“Ohhhh fuck…so big”
“Does it hurt little slut” Colossus said slapping her ass with his steal hands
“Yes….but I like it” She Said gritting her teeth. Sweat was dripping down her face. She licked her lips grabbing and playing with her tits as she fucked him
He had handfuls of his hair as he orders the music to change. It was some Russian industrial heavy metal music playing loud. She was fucking her faster, enough to tears a normal woman apart, but just enough to give a girl like She Hulk intense pleasure. The room was shaking. He was slapping her ass to the beat. Her body was shaking as she moan louder
“Oh fuckkkk about to cum” She screamed
He started to cum sucking in his cock. Pussy juiced soaked his cock as he fucked her. He grabbed her arms and then wrapped her legs around his waist. She held her up by her arm stretching her out, fucking her while she held her in the air. He stood up, fucking her while standing
“Ohhhh God” She Hulk screams as she was being stretched out like a surf board “Ohhhh you’re tearing me apart…slammed deep inside me...slammed it till I burst. Fuck don’t you stop. Don’t you dare stop fucking my pussy you fucking bastard. God tear my pussy apart. Fuck me like a dirty whore. I want that cock to explode inside me. I want to my pussy to suck that cock till it spitting dust. I am going to fuck you dry you son of a of bitch”
“Ahhh you feel it pulsating inside you” He said “Can you feel the veins over you. No matter how hard you are. This cock will never go soft, it always solid steal”
“Damm I love it…..shit…can feel it in my lungs” She cried out. “Keep pounding body soaked with sweat”
“You going to cum for me my sweet” She Said “Normally Kitty would passed out by now”
“That the joy of fucking a real woman” She Said feeling him gripped her wrist tightly
Her body was convulsing as she was starting to cum.
“Ohhhhhhhh Yesssssss”
He spun She Hulk around and slammed her to the wall, show her legs were wrapped around her. She moaned of her breast were slamming into his strong chest. They could feel each other breast. They started kissing each other, sucking on each other tongues.
“Yea right….slam me till I can’t walk, feel my strong pussy muscles stroke your cock” She Said
“Damm you’re tight for just wild girls”
“That’s my you be surprise what I can do…watch this”
“Ahhhhhhhhhh Gooood…its likes it massaging my cock” He Said
She nibbled his neck as they were fucking back and forth. He slammed her on the floor, and was grabbing his legs fucking her wildly
“Ohhh shiit…making me cum” She Hulk Said

She grabbed his shoulder as her body was shaking. She started to get hit with a huge multiple climax racing through her body.
“Going to scream” She cried out
“Fuuuuck” Colossus Said
She pushed him down on the ground riding him.
“Come I want all you cum” She Said
She grabbed his cheeks and gave him a long lick across the face. She started sucking his nipples, rubbing her hands up and down her body.
“Ohhh shit”
She gripped him tight with her legs riding up and down on his cock like he was a bull. She grabbed his hands holding him down rocking back and forth.
“Going to cum” Colossus screamed
His shots stream of cum into her overflowing pussy as she rode him. She kissed him grinding into him. She started to cum slamming her hands through the hard floor, sending up shrapnel’s. The danger room flickers as the huge climaxed shook her body. He gripped her ass picking her up. Her dick was extra sensitive now. He moaned as her pussy was gripping. He wanted to fuck her all day. She scratches her chest making marks. She grabbed his hand and started sucking her fingers. She felt his body shake as he started to cum again. He couldn’t believe that he was cumming so many times so soon. Her pussy was still working on his cock sucking more and more cum every second. She buried his face into her tits as he was engulf in tit flesh
“Ooooo it good to be on top” She Said
“Not for long” He Said
He slammed her into the wall again making a huge dent. “Warning damage to the damage room” The Computer Said
“Yet the egg head fixed it later” He Said
She growled biting his neck
“Ahhhh Yes your wonderful” He Said
He bent her around and started fucking her ass.
“Slips in so easily” He Said
He thrusted into her making her cum.
“Because I’m a whore” She laughed. “You like the way my asshole massaging your dick”
“Shiiiiiit” He moaned “Loving it, your asshole can take it so deep”
“Cream my shithole you fuck” She Hulk Said
He put his head back as he felt her ass against him. He nibbled on her ear as his hard cock twisted in and out of his cock. His cock being steal was the stiffest and hardest cock she ever hard. He had a nice motion as she grinded into her. The place was crumbling around them as the fucked. He started to cum. He slammed his fist into the wall, making sparks fly from the computer wiring. They collapsed on each other.
Hours later the Danger room was trash
“Shit might be in trouble” Colossus Said
“Ahhh our teams can afford it” She Hulk Said
“The bill for the Damage. Mmmm worth every penny” Colossus Said

The End

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