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Dangerous Liaison

Her lips quivered slightly, beautiful, pouty lips that just begged to be kissed. He took that as his opening; he thrust forward his strong arm rippling with muscles ending in a wicked blade. The motion was quick, snakelike, a flash of steel in a darkened alleyway, glinting despite the gloom.
She ducked and twisted, a mesmerizing display of grace and economy. One small hand, pale, almost delicate-looking latched onto his wrist like an iron band. The other hand formed a fist, pulled back and struck at his heavy elbow. A faint cracking sound was followed by a yelp and the guard dropped his weapon.
Coraline grabbed it mid-fall, swung it around and slid it neatly up into her assailant's gut piercing his heart. His cry was cut short as his eyes goggled down at his own blade sticking out of his chest. He stood there for a moment before his eyes rolled up in his head and he collapsed.
The blade slid easily back into Coraline's hand as the dead guard fell. She stood over him for a long moment standing exactly as still as he was, just looking at him, at his face. All the sounds of the world around just seemed to fade away. A single tear worked its way slowly down her cheek and her head sunk a little lower.
Beth watched her partner out of the corner of her eye while wiping the bl**d from her own weapon. It made her heart ache to see her colleague, her friend so miserable. Glancing back down at the dead man she had just finished off she thought: 'we also have a task to finish'.
Coraline knelt down, one hand holding the dagger, the other stretching out to brush her fingertips along the dead guard's foot. Her auburn hair d****d down shielding her face from view. Silent sobs wracked her small frame.
Beth was at her side in a moment, protective arms wrapped gently around her friend. Slowly she spun Coraline around until she was able to rest her head on her friend's. She breathed in deeply smelling the faint scent of citrus, light and happy, something to ward off the gloom of the alley.
Coraline mumbled something far too softly to be heard yet Beth caught a glimpse of it.
"I don't know," she said quietly.
"Why?" was the plaintive response. Coraline dropped the dagger and raised her head. Beth leaned back but their faces were still mere inches apart.
"Why?" she said again, "why is there so much killing?"
Her eyes were hazel, now bl**dshot but usually her eyes almost glowed. Beth stared into those eyes, felt a deep connectedness with them, the kind that only so rarely comes in a lifetime.
"I don't know," Beth said again softly, her voice quivering ever so slightly. Coraline stared for a long moment back into Beth's eyes then her arms encircled her friend and pulled her close resting her head on Beth's ample bosom.
Beth lowered her arms to Coraline's waist, then pulled her friend closer yet. She felt the warm trickle of Coraline's tears down along her breasts, it sent a shiver of warmth throughout her body. She leaned her head down and gently kissed her friend's temple. Her breath warm on Coraline's cheek she said, "it will all be okay."
Coraline clenched her eyes tight and snuffled her nose. She buried her face in Beth's cleavage, letting her friend's warmth fill her nose. Letting her friend's comfort cool her eyes, her face.
All the death, the bl**dshed was just too much to bear. It seemed to drag on forever separating them from those few happy memories before this all started. Coraline felt raw, like an open wound that refused to heal.
Coraline leaned forward raising her head until her lips could reach Beth's neck. Her soft lips placed quick kisses along her jaw-line until she reached her ear. Coraline's hands moved down Beth's back, her nails sliding a line of fire on the curvaceous woman's skin.
Beth brought one hand up and cupped Coraline's head, their eyes met for the briefest of moments as a spark born of lust and need and want shot between them. Then their lips met and the flames of passion consumed them.

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