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The housewife and the boy

my friend wrote this, hope you like as much as i do!

When I was 15 I was horny, I mean REALLY horny, I was horny morning , noon and night, and also most times in between, I would get turned on by just about anyone with a female pulse, all I could think of was sex sex sex and more sex.
My Mother had a friend ( Gladys - glamorus huh?! ) and her husband used to make model airplanes, this was something I used to have a interest in and I had been given a huge model of a Harrier Jump Jet for my birthday so my Mum suggested that I build it round at Gladys' house so he would be able to help if I got stuck.
So I used to go over a couple of times a week to work on this model and one day Gladys asked me in ( the workshop was in the garage ) for a cold drink, we sat at the table and chatted and she asked if I had had a girlfriend, at the time I didnt and told her so, in fact I'd only ever kissed one girl. Well the conversation turned to sex, I honestly cant remember if it was me that led it that way or her but I do remember being so turned on that I took my cock out and began stroking it under the kitchen table, Gladys couldnt see this as she was sat opposite me , the bl**d was pounding in my ears as I talked and I found myself telling her about everything I fantasised about, she must have been interested as she kept asking questions and I finally asked her outright
if she would have sex with me. Gladys went quiet and I thought I'd blown it, I was terrified, what if she told my Mum? or worse, my Dad. She glanced over her shoulder towards the back door and I thought I was dead, I thought she was looking for her husband and I was about to get my ass kicked. She must have seen the misery on my face as she laughed and told me her husband would be home soon but why didnt I come round tomorrow at lunchtime to do some more work on my plane? I couldnt believe it, was this woman inviting me round at a time when her husband was at work? Would I finally get the chance to see what sex was all about?
I mumbled that I'd see her tomorrow and rode my bike home in a daze, all that night I tossed and turned and I must have wanked myself half a dozen times. I had an exam that morning but I remember not being able to concentrate and as soon as I could I shot out of the exam hall and rode round to her house, I was unbelievably excited but scared stupid as well.
Gladys was in her forties, quite short , nothing special really but at that moment she was the only woman in the world. I walked into the kitchen and she was there washing up at the sink, this is it I thought to myself, do or die and I reached around her cupping her breasts in my hands, my hard on was pressing into her back and felt like it would explode, my hands moved down across her stomach and slid clumisly beneath the waistband of her track pants. " John " she said " I'm not sure we should be doing this ", I didn't know what to do or say so I just kept going, under her panties and into her pubic hair, my fingers forcing themselves down till I felt for the first time the silky warm wetness of a womans pussy, I must of flicked her clit as she groaned and pushed back against my throbbing cock. I kept going, I had no idea what I was doing I just knew I wanted to touch her, touch inside her. " Not here " she whispered and turned around , she kissed me and walked off towards the bedroom and as she rounded the corner she said " give me a minute the come in ok? ". I stood at the sink in shock, this was it, this was the moment I lose my virginity. I sniffed my fingers where they had been inside her, the smell of a woman. I took out my cock and began stroking it but had to stop as it felt like it would cum after just a couple of stokes so i f***ed back into my shorts and headed for the bedroom.
The room was dim but not dark and Gladys was lying on her back on the bed wearing just a black see-through nightie, I could see a dark triangle of hair at the top of her thighs and to this day its the sexiest thing I have ever seen and why I find pussy hair so exciting. I walked over to her and stood gazing at her body, her nipples pressed against the flimsy fabric like two bullets.
Without a word she reached for my shorts and pulled my cock out, it looked bigger than I'd ever seen it before and she began to stroke it, that was all it needed and it began to twitch before unleashing several spurts of hot cum all over her nightie, its drops like diamonds on black snow. " Don't worry " she said " we'll get it going again in a minute ". She did, but I'll tell you about that after you leave some comments about whether you enjoyed this or not.
Thanks for reading so far, part two is up to you......!

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