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It was a nagging ache in my bladder that woke me over an hour before I had set the hotel waking service was to call. I carefully disentangled myself from the arms and legs that held me mometarily trapped beneath the bed sheets. There was a slight stirring from my companion but she just went back to sl**p. I stumbled over several articles of clothing s**ttered across the floor and nearly twice threatened to send me crashing down onto the floor, but I managed this obstace couurse and made it into the bathroom.
When I returned to the bed I noticed that in her sl**p my bed guest had kicked away a portion of the sheets which left her ass exposed to the soft spill of morning sunlight seeping in through the partially closed curtains. Her ass was very white and it gave off a lovely glow. I leaned forward and gave each cheek a gentle kiss. I went and opened the sliding glass door that led out to a small terrace and allowed a breeze into the room.
It was a very late night. Last night Anne Heche and I showed a group of Showtime executives the finished film of Call Me Crazy based on Anne's autobiography. We sat in th back of a small but very state-of-the-art screening room and observed the nervous seating shifting, especially during some of the more vivid sexually charged fantasy sequences involving a demon who's true indentity is revealed at the end. The vibe that I was getting was that they did not like what they were watching. This was confirmed when I overheard one whisper to another: "Are we really going t air this?".
Anne was seated next to me, whispering encouraging words into my ear such as: "You're giving them all hard ons." She had either not heard the previous remark or simply ignored it. The project started with a passing comment I made when I met her at a party and told her that her book would make an interesting movie. "I think so too," she said. Months later I get a call. "It's Anne...Anne Heche. Do you still want to do our movie." I had actually forgotten the suggestion and said sure. One group calls another, lawyers throw in their two cents, corporate parasites jump in and eventually when were given the green light to pursue the project. We worked on the script together. I polished it up and cut out a lot of pointless scenes. Constructing a script was not such an easy endeavour as one might be mislead to believe. But it eventually came to something that I would want to film and has some degree of pride in after it was released.
Anne was adament about starting in it, even despite the numerous sex scenes we had written, both straight and gay encounters. She shrugged it off. "I've fucked on camera before. It wouldn't bother me," she said and nothing more was ever said on the matter. She was cast as herself. This being a Made-For-TV project I was not bringing my A-game to the set. It was easy money and the shoot was realitivly quick. Anne was forbidden into the cutting room while I was in the process of editing it and held a private screening for her when it was ready. We were alone in a screening room together.
During my collaboration with Anne I learned that she was a highly sexualized person and it did not take her long before she made her advances. This happened during writing sessions while we were writing an especially erotic scene. She began pacing the room like a caged cat. I was very attracted to her I have to admit. She had a very appealing androgenous quality to her that I found very arousing. She told me abot wild sex parties she had while she was dating Ellen Degeneres. "Man, could that woman suck pussy," she confessed one particular evening as we were taking a break. She was wearing a white tank top t-shirt that was so shear that it was just a whisper from being transparent. It worn intentionally to incite me, I deduced. She needn't be so obvious. I wanted to fuck her, but a let the game continue.
"Is the rumor true?" she asked me as she was stretched out on the sofa.
"Which rumor?" I asked.
"That you have the biggest cock in Hollywood," she said and looked over at me intently awaiting an answer.
"I don't know about that. Does size really matter?"
"Yes it does," she quickly responded. "I've had guys with tiny cocks in me and it left little impression."
"Maybe it's all psychological?"
"Tell that to my pussy. She likes big cocks," she said and erupted into laughter and nearly slipped off the couch.
I lunged forward to catch her and my hand slipped under the barely existant t-shirt. This action provoked a big radiant smile from Anne who planted a long deep kiss on my lips, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. Nothing more I disliked in a woman was timidity. Anne had no such restraints about expressing her emotions especially when it pertained to sex. She very candid about it during the whole writing period we were together and confided numerous secrets upon me that I swore would never pass my lips.
I am guessing that the t-shirt was quite expensive and was very careful not to damaged it as I lifted it up over her head and tossed it over the back of the couch. It was not the first time I had seen her naked---well, in numerous movies she has been in various states of undress or twisted into some absurd sexual pose.
She managed to at last open my pants and extracted my cock and her face lit up as if it were Christmas morning. Her only response was: "HOLY SHIT!!" before she began sucking on my cock. I was surprised how much she managed to get into her mouth. Most girls got merely a fraction in but Anne devoured about half before relinquishing it with a long gasp and rubbed her jaw. I ripped down her jeans and buried my face between her legs.
"I doubt I can eat pussy as well as Ellen or any other lesbian but I'll give it my best," I said and went earnestly to work and before long she was moaning like a woman possessed and thrashing violently on the sofa. For such a petite woman she was quite strong. Her body is lean and athletic and her pussy was neatly trimmed leaving a soft tuft of blond pubic hair
After about ten minutes or so I position myself for the inital penetration. Anne spread her legs as wide as they could humanly go and eagerly anticipated that moment, but I enjoyed the tease and the frustrated whimpering was music to my ears. Her was glistening and open to me, bubble-gum pink and sweetly perfumed with the aroma of her desire.
"Stick it in...stick it in...." she began chanting in a hushed voice, her hypnotic blue eyes open and gazing with such fierce intensity into my eyes. Her legs folded rond my back and I felt my hips being urged downward.
But there was no point prolonging the moment and positioned my engorged cock towards her waiting pussy and sank it in for an inch or two before withdrawing it. She was surprisingly tight. Her hips rose up off of the sofa in anticipation of more. I did not disappoint her and drove onward with more instance and provoked a long deep shriek that momentaarily made me feel as if I had hurt her. I paused and did not continue until I was assured that this was not the case. She wriggling and writhing beneath me like an undulating snake. I resumed pounding her, our mutually perspired body slapping loudly against on another. Anne never shut her eyes during the entire time. Her gaze roamed wildly from my face down to my cock as it slipped in and out of her cunt.
Suddenly she wanted to be on top. I silently regarded this as a relief as I was getting a bit fatigued and panting a bit now. She was in some crazed delirum when she sat astide and let herself sink slowly down onto my cock, riding it with an ever increasing momentum until she reached her orgasm and nearly launched herself toward and came damn near close to ramming herslef into the coffee table. I caught her and restrained her movement as best I could but her body was very slick and slipped easily through my grip.
The entire night was spent fucking and resting, fucking and resting. On and on until I was drained. I had been with only a few women who could match her sexual stamina. I thought anal sex might in some way pacify her but it just provoked a new level of mania. Her petite figure might lead one wrongly to assume that she easily subdued, but this was far from the case. It was a sexual workout of head spinning proportions. But I was to learn that every sexual encounter was not so intense and time consuming as this first one, although I never what to expect each time out.
After the screening for theShowtime guys Anne and I headed back to my apartment down in the Village. The sex was pleasent and gentle that particular evening, but I had to be up early the following morning to make a scheduled appearence with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb and their little show. I showered, dressed, and left a note for Anne telling her that I'd be back by lunch.
When I got the call that my limo had arrived I quietly slipped out the door and downstairs to where the limo was waiting. I expected a bear of a man to come lurching out of the car to open the door, and was shocked to see a tall, slim Asain woman step out and greeted me with a warm smile before opening the door. I slipped inside and remembered something Anne warned me about when meeting Kathy Lee: "She is the cougar supreme. Even before there were cougars she was a cougar. Watch yourself." The comment jus made me chckle a little.

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