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My first gay experience with an old man (pt. 4)

So there I was face-to-face, well face-to-chest because he was a lot taller, with the same man that I've been fantasizing about for 3 weeks. I was able to see him perfectly now since we were in the light and I was pleasantly surprised. He stood about 6' tall with a nice build. He had a nice tan which accented the white hair on his head and barreled size chest. He was wearing a tank top, which fit him well, and the same style of running or fitness shorts that he wore before.
He looked down at what I was holding and said with a sarcastic smile, "that seems like a good one"
and when I looked at what I was actually holding, it was a massive anal plug that I would never have been able to use. I was in such aw seeing him that I didn't realize what I had picked up.
Embarrassed, I put it back and said, "no, not for me" and gave him a little smile.
He started asking me if I was a regular there or somewhere else but I told him "tonight" is only my second night. Seeming a little shocked, he said, "your first time at one of these places and you had to watch an old man jerk off, I hope it didn't ruin your night." I said, "no, not at all" and gave him the just the slightest of a flirtatious smile. At this time, I was feeling a strange sensation throughout my body and began to get very aroused. What was this guy doing to me? He then asked if my friend that I was with a few weeks ago was my boyfriend. I didn't know what to say because I've kept so quiet about my past so I just sort of mumbled out the words, "no, well, i dont know" then he said, "it's okay, no one will judge you here" so then i just told him we were c***dhood friends that experimented with each other.
He mentioned that he likes to go there on the nights his wife has her friends over for cards. When I heard that, I actually felt a little saddened to learn that he was married, but why? " I'm 18, he's like 70" is what I kept telling myself but in the end, I guess age and marriage didn't matter.
He mentioned that they were running a good movie inside and that I should check it out. I said, "ok" then he gave me a smile and wandered back down the aisle to where the magazines were.
I couldn't help but to stare as he walked away.
So a little while later, I stepped into theater and noticed that a few people were in there but were sitting towards the front. I was still a little nervous about the whole thing especially because I was new at it and being there by myself so I sat towards the back near the wall.
A few minutes later, the movie started and I forgot the title but the opening scene was two really built men kissing each other. Instantly I was aroused and noticed I was getting hard.
A few minutes later, the door opened and there he was again. He quickly spotted me and started moving my way. There were a lot of vacant seats but he passed them all and sat next to me. He leaned over close to me and said, "is it okay that I sit here?" I nodded yes and he gave me a little smile. When he leaned in towards me, I noticed that he smelled so good.
Now he's sitting next to me and we're both watching the movie. I've never seen a gay porn movie but right there on the big screen was a guy getting ass fucked by a guy built like a Mac truck. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and by this time, I was rock hard.
I glanced over to Vern and he too was rock hard and he was rubbing the outside of shorts. I couldn't look away. Again, I'm staring at this guy's cock that I don't even know.
He turned his head and saw that I was staring at him and what happened next would change me forever. (continued)

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