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My mate's mum...

You remember the guy I had my first bi experience with, Chris?

His Mum was great, Sharon, always lending me her cigarettes, giving me alcohol whenever I went round. Always having a laugh, we were, a proper nice lady.

If I called round and he was out, she'd invite me in and we'd chat about nothing in particular, smoking cigs and drinking wine.

Well, one of these times I went round for Chris and he was out getting pissed somewhere. She invited me in and we chatted about school, television and the usual niceties. I had a few glasses of wine, and needed to nip to the loo (toilet, for any people outside the UK ha ha).

As I turned to go into the bathroom, I noticed that Sharon's bedroom door was open.

She was late forties, I guess. Not the best looking woman but not too shabby at all. Big boobs, big hips and a dirty mind - juding from the jokes she told me.

I knew she was in the kitchen, so I curiously crept into her room. On the bed was a bag of clean washing, presumably taken out of the dryer ready to put away.

I had to have a little look in the bag, and soon found a bra and matching knickers set, and a few nighties. The underwear was read, with silk and lace detail. Still being only a young lad, the thought of holding an older woman's underwear soon got me excited. Feeling the material against my fingers, I felt my cock stiffen and push against my jeans.

My heart was pounding by this time, as I thought about Sharon wearing these. As I was standing my her bed, my hand went to the front of my jeans and slowly rubbed the head of my cock. I was getting wet there already! I decided that the best thing to do would be to put them back in the bag.

I went to the toilet, and was washing my hands when she called “everything all right in there?” and I began to reply she walked straight into the bathroom!

“Come on, she said, I need to go” and ushered me, grinning, out of the room, locking the door behind her.

I turned to walk back to the sitting-room, when my eye caught again the bag on her bed, with the red underwear lying conspicuously on the top. Fuck! If she went in there she'd surely see them on top of the bag and know I'd been in her room. Touching her stuff.

I quielty went in and pushed the underwear into the middle of the bag and walked back into the other room, just as I heard the lock click open. Close call! Sharon walked in to find me stood in the sitting-room. “You OK?” she asked, “What you doing?” “nothing” I laughed, and we regained our chat/drink/smoke.

Half an hour or so later, I needed to go again, and got a few light-hearted jibes about having a small bladder. Upon leaving the bathroom again, I heard Sharon on the telephone. Realising this meant I was being ignored, I snuck into her room and again studied the underwear of my mate's Mum, more than twice my age.

This time, another glass or two later, I was horny as fuck and slipped behind her bedroom door. Letting my wet hard cock spring from my fly, I wrapped it in her knickers. What the fuck was I doing here? I thought, but it felt so good slowly working the shaft of my cock in and out of these red silky panties.

I moaned gently, it felt so good, and leaned against the wall, closing my eyes to savour the experience.

A noise made me snap out of this, as I heard Sharon coming toward her bathroom. “where are you?” she called, “have you fallen in there?”

I froze, what could I do? This woman, so friendly and kind, and so alluring, was going to expect an answer to that. I couldn't speak as she tried the bathroom door, and of course it opened. “where are you?” she asked, in a strange voice.

My heart sank as she walked into her bedroom. She didn't notice me at first, but as she turned to walk out her eyes widened. Her was her son's sixteen year old mate, stood in her bedroom with his cock dripping pre-cum all over her panties. Her lips parted, and I readied myself for the shouting that was surely to ensue.

“Well, what am I going to do here” she said. I stammered something but she shushed me. Oh shit, she's gonna call my parents, I thought.

I felt my hand being moved away from my cock. I realised my eyes were shut again. Open now, I was absolutely amazed to find her kneeling down in front of me. I decided it would be best if I said nothing here, and just watched, dumbfounded.

“I've just cleaned these, naughty boy” she murmured and took the panties from my penis. Putting her hand around it, she smiled up at me and slowly began wanking my cock back and forth. She kept looking at me as I gave little moans and she grinned at each one. She took her hand away and slowly unzipped the back of her dress, allowing it to fall around her waist.

Her boobs were bigger than I had thought, helped I guess by the push-up bra that she was wearing. I put my hands on them, my fingers reaching into the cups and finding with shock that her nipples were huge. “oooh” she moaned “that's good, let them out and give them a good feel.”

She helped me take her bra off and her white globes fell down a little, but still not as saggy as I would have thought. My fingers now on her nipples and palms cupping her tits, she asked me to pinch her nipples and started wanking my cock again, a little faster as each time I pinched she gave a little “mmmmm” noise.

I realised she was enjoying this which turned me on even more. Amazing! This woman was giving me a hand job and letting me feel her titties whereas a minute ago I thought she would chuck me out of her house!

Her mouth was partly open, and the tip of her toungue came out and licked my bell end. This was heaven, as my pre-cum dribbled onto her toungues, she was slurping it into her mouth and swallowing it down. She popped my cock quite suddenly into her mouth – all the way! This felt so good, feeling my cock bump the back of her throat, that I told her in a strained voice that I was going to spunk soon.

Taking it out of her mouth, she began to wank faster and much harder than before, while kissing the base of my stomach and licking the baes of my penis. I gasped and let out the weirdest noise and then my spunk was flying all over her neck, all over those amazing tits, and even a little on her face! I spunked for what seemed like ages, and she licked any up that went on me, my hands and then her own boobs.

Looking up at me, she grinned, and then looked concerned. “I shouldn't have done that” she said, “I must have had a few too many glasses – er, you'd better go. I'm sorry I shouldn't have”.

“It's OK” I said, I won't tell anyone! That was amazing, you're so sexy! Wow I want to do something for you now!”

She laughed. Nervously at first and then like she always did. “I don't think you could make me cum” she said, “But next time, we'll see what happens, shall we?”

I left soon after, and I don't think the grin left my face for the rest of the day.

I remember thinking that I knew Chris was away at his Dad's at the weekend...

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