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My Second Affair Part II

Six months into my affair with Stan and things just could not be better. I mean how many women get to have sex with a guy then return home to their husband for more? Not wives that cheat on their husbands behind their backs but wives who are shared by a loving husband that wants his wife to enjoy life? How could it get any better? I was about to find out.

My birthday was approaching and Stan and I had not been out dancing for a couple of months. My hubby insisted that I go out with Stan that night to celebrate my birthday by dancing my tail off and having a good time. For some reason we danced to more slow songs than normal. Perhaps he was being a little more romantic. Perhaps he was warming me up for later. His hands spent a lot of time on my ass as we danced and the fact that other people were noticing that only encouraged me. We spent about three hours dancing and Stan said it was time to go. My thoughts were that it was getting time to cum.

Stan lives alone so I was surprised to see another car in the driveway. Not knowing whose car it was nor why they would be there puzzled me. I hoped that nothing happened that would cause Stan to have to leave. We enterred the house to find Ken sitting on the couch, three glasses of wine on the table in front of him. I knew Ken as he had worked with Stan many times. In fact had my hubby set me up with him instead of Stan I would not have complained. As he uttered the words "Happy Birthday" to me it all sank in. Ken was my birthday present. My hubby has known for years that I have fantasized about having sex with two men so he and Stan arranged it.

In fantasy land I never had a problem having two cocks in me. The second cock, made of silicone, could be anybody I wanted. But in reality? My mind raced and my heart beat faster. I was a nervous wreck. OK, an excited nervous wreck. Being naked and having sex with one man who is not my husband was one thing. But having yet another man see me naked and fuck me? Could I possibly do it?
Could I really have sex with two men at the same time?

Stan led me over to the couch and sat me in between him and Ken. They handed me the wine and drank a toast to me, saying they hoped this would be a birthday I would never forget. Once we put down the glasses the air was tense. I saw a knowing glance between them and felt their hands touching my body. Stan's hands were on my knees and Ken reached for my breasts. It was not too late for me to back out. How far would I go? I got my answer rather quickly when their hands almost in unison landed on my thighs, sliding under my skirt. I opened my legs wider. Their hands rubbed up and down my thighs, each of them barely making contact with my pussy as they reached the upper areas of my thighs. I realized my panties were getting wet. There was no turning back. I was going to enjoy this birthday as much as I possibly could.

Convinced in their own minds that I was going to accept the gift, they began to undress me. I remember wondering what Ken was going to think of my body. On my feet between the two of them I was soon naked. Ken smiled and simply said beautiful!". I was led into Stan's bedroom and gently laid on the bed, Stan on on side and Ken on the other. Hands and tongues and lips toured my body. My eyes were half open as I enjoyed the attention. I felt my legs being separated and lips and a tongue licking and kissing my thighs. Hell, I didn't even know which of them it was. And I didn't care. My titties were being gently sucked and I tensed up when I felt his mouth covering my pussy. His tongue split my pussy lips apart and delved inside the moistness. I reached for a cock, the only one near and began to stroke it slowly, and pulling it toward me. Moments later it was so close to my mouth I could taste it. And I did. I wanted so much for them to get to the point. Fuck me! My mouth and pussy were so horny.

But they did not seem to be in a hurry. I pulled his oock to my mouth and let my tongue lick the head. That first taste of precum was delicious. Working it deeper into my mouth I began to suck his hard cock. He reached down and gently pinned my head on the bed and took over, working his cock in and out of my warm mouth. My pussy needed the same attention. I reached down for the head that eating it and f***ed my pussy against his face. I was ready for his tongu to be replaced by some hard cock. He got the hint. Moving up I felt the head of his cock rubbing around my pussy, separating the lips and easing inside. Oh, yes! That is what I needed. I moaned as much as I could with my mouth full of cock as each inch of his cock enterred me. Fully inserted I ground my body against his and he began to fuck me. I was more than willing to let them do the work. All I had to worry about was having an orgasm.

It was an experience I had dreamed about for many years. Two men making passionate love to me. And it was lovemaking. Not just fucking, not just sex. Making love. I began to cum. A nice steady flow of my pussy juices oozing and beginning to cover the cock that was making it do so. The cock in my mouth was throbbing a lot more, a sure sign that it was ready to explode. The same kind of throbbing was being felt in my pussy. Together their cocks began to slide in and out of my mouth and pussy as my body tensed up and the feeling of complete satisfaction was about to occur. I had to open my eyes. I had to know which cock was going to fill which hole. I began to breath harder and moan louder as I looked up to see Stan's face. OMG! Ken was fucking my pussy. Just over an hour before we were sitting beside each other on the couch and now I was taking his cock in my pussy. He was fucking me and I was letting him. No, wanting him. Wanting him to fuck me. Wanting to feel his cum spray inside me. I got my wish just moments after Stan's cock erupted in my mouth. As I struggled to swallow his cum I felt Ken's last few hard thrusts pounding me and the inside of my pussy being sprayed with his cum. Our bodies locked together, each of us straining to drain the other of every ounce of cum that their bodies could produce.

There was a lot of heavy breathing as we separated, me in the middle of the two men that had made this birthday a very special one. It is a common courtesy for to thank someone for a gift and each of them certainly deserved to be thanked. Individually.

Maybe I need a Part III?

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