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Short but sweet

He was soft against my lips. Slowly getting stiffer. My mouth couldn't get enough, I wanted all of him. I took him in. I sucked gently. He moaned. He stiffened more. I ran my tongue around his glans. He twitched. He stiffened. He moaned softly. He wasn't hard yet, but he was getting there. I gently wrapped my hand around his shaft. I stroked him softly while I gazed at his cock. His beautiful cock. I kissed the head. Again. He stiffened. I took his head between my lips and slid him in and out. My wet lips passed over his glans. I think he liked it. His hard cock was long and thick. Cut. Veins bulging. Silken. Beautiful. I ran my lips along the side as far as I could. Not far enough. My cheek hit the wall. I love gloryholes and I hate gloryholes. I wanted to rub my face on his pubic hair, run my tongue up his stomach. Play with his balls. But all of that beauty was on the other side of the wall. I made do with what I had. I took him in and began working him hard. Sliding him in and out of my warm soft mouth, my hand on his shaft pumping. He moaned. He rocked. I could taste precum. I could here him breath harder. I knew we were close. I wanted him to cum so badly. I stroked and sucked. Stroked and sucked. I pulled back and admired him. His cock was throbbing. I kissed his head. Slowly wrapped my lips around him again. Pumped slowly. Gently. Sucked slowly running my lips across his glans. Back and forth. Not deep. Just his glans. He moaned. He stiffened. He poured into my mouth. Hot. Salty sweet. I savored very last drop. He panted as his cock began to soften. He said an awkward thank you and left. Alone again. Still horny. I waited for another.

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