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My first gay experience with an old man ( pt. 3)

Nor were we shy about being naked in front of each other because of our past experiences. While he was driving me home, we talked and joked about the theater and Scott remarked again how horny it made him and I said the same thing but it was the old man jerking off that did it for me. He was shocked I said that then joked that I should have sat next to him to see what would have happened. I jokingly said, "you're crazy" but it wouldn't have been a bad idea.
At this time, we pulled up in my driveway and before I turned to leave, Scott grabbed my arm and said, "wait!" then I noticed he was rubbing his cock, which was noticebly hard. He said, "what about a blow job for old times sake"? He knew i wouldn't say no because I used to love sucking him off. So I told him to lay his seat back, which he did, then I unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick, hard tool. I immediately started sucking up and down on it and he kept telling me that I was the best at it. I was really getting into it and after just a few minutes, he blew the biggest load deep into my mouth but I didn't let a drop spill. When he was done, I zipped him up, gave him a wink and said "goodnight".
When I went inside, I was still so horny so I drew a bath with baby oil and got in. I started thinking about my evening and Scott but I found that I was getting more excited from the old man. Just thinking about him was getting me hard. I started stroking myself with my eyes shut then started fingering my asshole. I was pretending it was him inside me and I started to stroke faster and faster. I blew my load within minutes then just continued to lay there and soak. All I could think about was him. Who was he? I kept asking myself. I couldn't stop thinking about him.
A few weeks later and a week after prom, I got up the nerve to go back to the bookstore to buy the anal plug I wanted. Scott left for the Summer for work so I had to go by myself. I remember wearing a pair of short white shorts and as I walked, I felt like the new car being unveiled at a car show. Everyone was staring at me and I even received a few winks. I kind of liked the attention. When I walked down the dildo aisle, I couldn't believe it, there he was. I felt like a schoolgirl seeing her idol for the first time. I quickly turned and acted like I was reading one of the boxes and when I looked up at him, he was looking my way then gave me a nod. I gave a nod back with a little smile then kept on reading box that I had just picked up but was just staring at the pictures at this point. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't even realize he was now standing only a few feet from me until I heard in a deep, manly voice, "you were here a few weeks ago with another guy weren't you"? I looked up and it was him talking to me. I said, "yes" then he asked if I was alone tonight and I said, yes" then he stuck out his hand to shake mine and said, "I'm Vern" and I said, "nice to meet you". (continued)

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