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The Alexis Ford Series: Episode 1: First Meeting

Jan stood there in his favorite entertainment store.

You could get absolutely everything there, the magazines and comics were there, as were the DVDs and CDs.

Now Jan had broken off all ties with his former crushes and had developed a new one on another person.

She was just as human like he was, but there was a slight difference to all those other crushes.

This one was a pornstar.

Just seeing a picture that she did as a photoshoot or an image of ones of her porn movies had lured him in.

Made him stop what he was doing and feel the change in his pants.

He still loved not wearing briefs, especially on hot humid days like this one.

And this time it were shorts and not large jeans.

Now he found himself in front of the porn DVDs.

His instinct was to pick one of Alexis Ford's DVDs, but the problem was, there were so many!

He just couldn't pick one.

So he had all of them in his hands and sifted through them, looking back and forth at the front cover and the backcover to see which would spark more of an interest than the other one.

"Hey, if you want my advice, you really should go for "Squirt Girl: Alexis Ford" but hey, it's really up to you, just a really good suggestion/recommendation."

The DVDs clattered to the floor.

That voice!!

"Hey, look what you're doing!" the female said as she scooped them up.

"Uhm, the DVDs aren't in those cases, you know? They are stored at the counter..." Jan said as he turned in her direction...

...And felt that familiar surge in his shorts!

"Alexis! What are you doing here?!" Jan asked in shock.

"Oh, just hanging around my favorite store. Was in need of some CDs myself." she said with a smile, then looked down and saw the state he was in.

More importantly, the erection he was sporting.

Alexis licked her lips as she grinned back at him.

"My God, you are really affected by those covers of my DVDs aren't you?" she whispered as she came closer.

"Alexis, we can't... we're in the store!" he whispered back.

"But we're so far in the back. Nobody dares to come here." she whispered as her hand slid lower to cup his the contents of his shorts.

"I'm Jan by the way." he whispered in a pleasant moan.

"Nice to meet you..." she said with a sigh as she took her hand off him.

"I understand if you don't want to get caught, Jan."

And here I was hoping for some fun that's not recorded on camera she thought with a sigh.

"T-Tell you what, Alexis."

"What's that?" she asked him as she took a step back.

And here she had gotten her hopes up.

"Come home with me." Jan suggested.

"We can be alone there." he continued.

Now where's the fun in THAT? Alexis thought without showing it on her face.

Of course now she's not going to be interested anymore, Jan thought as he looked at her while awaiting her answer.

"Oh alright, Jan," she said as she stepped closer and smacked his rear.

"Because you're quite attractive. I'll wait for you to pay for the DVD and then we'll meet outside, okay?" Alexis asked.

Did he feel another inch that was added to his already hard cock?

"Alright," he said as he hugged her and kissed her deeply.

Then he dashed off to the cash register to pay.

"Whoa." Alexis thought with a smile as she watched him run off.

What an incredible kiss that was.

Yeah, a kiss that was given very quickly but who cared about what kind of kiss it was?

A kiss is a kiss.

Browsing through the rack of CDs she didn't really find anything of interest, then watched as he paid for it.

The owner of the joint didn't even look at Jan with a curious glance because of his DVD of choice.

Maybe he had bought porn movies before?

Getting the DVD wrapped in a package he gratefully accepted it from the owner and wished him a good day.

She hadn't told him that the owner and her were good friends.

Not in a sexual way, but just great friends.

Alexis winked at the owner.

The owner waved back as he watched her leave the store, right after Jan had done.

"So that was fun, huh?" Alexis asked as she caught up with him.

"Yep, it sure was."

Then Alexis growled out in frustration.

"What's wrong, Alexis?"

"You!" She said as she stepped in front of him and pointing her accusatory finger.

"You make me so fucking wet between my legs and you won't even let me have my way with your erection!"

"Alexis..." Jan said as he blushed, "there are people watching."

"Great, let them watch." she told him as she kissed him hard.

He blushed even more.

"I don't live that far away." He told her.

"Then what are we waiting for?!"

He started to run away as he pushed away the urge to cry.

It wasn't his fault he didn't want to have an audience when he would have sex.

Alexis chased him for one block and then another.

"Well, here we are." Jan told Alexis as he opened the door.

Alexis just nodded as she walked inside and started to explore his house for his bedroom.

Jan followed her and had just closed his bedroom door when she dropped her clothes and stood naked before him.

Goddesses, those breasts, that perfect shaved pussy...

She smirked as she saw that erection again.

"Look I'm sorry about wanting to jump you, yes I know it's what I do for a living, but you are really hot, Jan. Any girl would be a stupid bitch NOT to jump you!"

Jan had no words for what he heard coming out of her mouth.

His favorite pornstar really found him hot?

"Pleeeaaaasee, Jan, take your clothes off for me. I need you so bad." Alexis told him as she sat on his bed.

Jan pulled the shirt over his head and his pants down while he slid out of his slippers.

"Oh Fuck!" She exclaimed as she saw his cock.

"That's quite some dynamite you are packing."

He wasn't going to ask "really?" he just wasn't.

As he moved his way towards her on his bed, Alexis shifted her body so she was lying on his bed with her breasts touching the sheets.

When Jan was close enough she first kissed his stomach, then pulled him closer by the pull of his ass cheek and slid her lips around his cock.

"Ahhhhhhmmmmm Alexis!" Jan moaned out as he felt her do that to him.

He'd always had dreams of Alexis Ford doing this to him and now it was real.

Jan scooped up her hair to prevent it from interfering with her Goddessly sucking of his cock.

She even slid his cock out of her mouth and back into her mouth again and again.

It felt so fucking good, he couldn't wait to fuck her, or maybe have her tits between his cock as he fucked those.

"Baby, you're so good!!! Ahhhh yeah!!!" Jan cried out.

He let go of her hair and that was the moment she slid his cock out of her mouth again but she didn't take him back in.

She stabbed her pussy with her nails.

"Come on, baby, please fuck me!" she begged him.

Jan slid inside her without a stupid second of 'did she really just ask me that?' and kissed her breasts before he kissed her ruby red lips.

"FUCK Yeah!!!" Alexis said as she made her moaning sounds she always did in her movies.

Even the phrase "Your cock's so good inside me, baby" and "You are fucking me so good I love it baby" and "give me more, fuck me harder honey"

Then she squeezed her tits and smirked.

"I know you want it, Jan. Titfuck my titties."

He slid out of her and immediately pushed it between her breasts.

"Ahhhhh Yeah, Fuck Them!!!" Alexis groaned.

That went on and on while Jan slid his fingers inside her pussy.

First few jabs had been one finger and slowly it had changed into his whole hand.

Until they got their orgasm.

Jan shot it against her chin and lips, careful not to have it shot in her eyes while Alexis came all over his hand that was still inside her pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah, that was so good baby." Alexis told him as she smeared his cum all over her body until her body glistened with it like it was sunscreen.

Jan plunked his hand out of her pussy and licked off her sex juices from each digit.

He'd NEVER ever dreamed of fingerfucking her like that before.

Yeah, maybe four fingers a total but definitely not his whole hand.

"So... this means what exactly?" Jan asked Alexis as they lay on the sheets.

"You want us to be exclusive?" Alexis asked him as she trailed her fingers over his chest.

"It would be a start."

"I'm sorry, sweetie, but it's my career and I can't just love you back. How awkward would it be if we were boyfriend and girlfriend? Why you'd get so jealous of my fellow pornstars, be them male or female."

He tried not to show sadness.

"I understand, Alexis."

She kissed him.

"But hey, that doesn't mean this is just a one-time thing, my friend with benefits." she said.

He kissed her back.

"Thanks, Alexis."

"My pleasure, Jan."

But then later on they did have to hug and he did have to let her walk out of his house.

But not before she had signed her DVD she had recommended him to buy.

To Jan With Love,

Alexis Ford.

End of Episode 1: First Meeting

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