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It all started in the hotel bariAs the duty manager I got called to the bar to deal with a complaint. When I got there I was sent to you, a very good looking mature woman who said your 1982 bottle of chateau neuf was corked. As I apprached you I noticed you had a figure hugging pencil skirt on and i took a sharp intake of breath as I noticed the suspender belt outlined and a panty vpl.

I was aware that my dick was getting hard I sat down oppisite you hoping you hadnt noticed the bulge in my trousers. She leaned over giving me a glimpse of her ample bossom. "what you going to do about my wine" she said in a husky voice. I started to tell her that I was repalcing it. shesat back as she listened and crossed her legs slowly I glimpsed her white panties and stocking tops and started to blush. " you like what you see?" you purr I get fluster and try to deny it but your legs open and i can see your lovely satin white panties. You laugh and close your legs as my staff bring a new bottle over. After theyve gone you lean over and whisper "come to my room when your finished you naughty boy" you pick upp your wine wink and walk out very elegantly.

I finish my shift and decide to come upto you room I knock and after a minute you open the door you pull me in and kiss me on the lips I kiss you back you take my hand and lead me to the desk chair you push me into the chair you rub me through my tousers and you can feel me getting hard. "you see your are a naughty boy what am i going to do to you" you whisper in my ear. You stand up and pull your skirt up slowly my cock is straining now I love being tease I can see the top of your stockings "dont touch mre you command" you sit on the bit and start taking one of your stockings off I breathing very fast and getting so hard.

you stand up and run your stocking down my face you then tie my legs to the chair with it. You pull my trousers down and unleash my cock. 2i want you to wank while I strip for you". I start rubbing my coock as you take off your shirt and reveal a satin lacy bra you unhook the clasp and let the bra drop to the floor your ample breasts get me rubbing faster. You lean forward and let me lick one of your nipples. I start nibbling on it and feel it getting hard. 2Pervert keep wanking you say and push my head away. Omg Imso turned by you you stand up walk away you unzip your skirt and let it fall to the floor. you still have one stocking on and the suspenders look good you start rubbing your pussy through the satin material of your panties. "we will cum togethr" you tell me. You still wont let me touch you but I can see how wet your getting your starting to pant as you starting rubbing yourself faster and faster. Your panties are getting wetter and you strt to writhe about as you bring youself to orgasm you scream for me to cum on your panties i shoot my load over your panties you rub my spunk into the satin and moan as your orgasm takes hold.

You lay panting for aminute you then pull your panties off and give me a sniff i smell both our sex juices god its good. You tell me to get dressed tkae the stocking off me and kick me out. "thats all you getting pervert make sure you available next time Im here" You shut the door on me I smile as i go down the corridor thinkiing what a lady and how did sshe know what turns me on

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