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As Promised By Aunt Courntey

As promised by my Aunt Courtney, my introduction to sex wasn’t complete. She volunteered to be the “responsible party” on weekend when both of my parents were out of town. As a reminder of the earlier story (Aunt Courtney), was my mom’s younger s****r and always commanded the attention of any man in the room. She was about 5’ 7”, 135 pounds, green eyes, long auburn hair, shapely legs, full lips, and tits that I later learned were 34B’s.
She was single and often visited with us for extended periods of time.

Once my parents had left and we were alone, Aunt Courtney contacted a local friend of hers to spend the weekend with “us”. Joann arrived 2 hours later and joined us for dinner. During the meal, the two women were all over each other and very suggestive in their comments. All of this was probably done for my benefit. I had to shift noticeably several times in my chair to re arrange my hardon.

After the meal my aunt announced, “Let’s leave the dishes for another time and take our dessert in the den.”

Once we settled in the den, I noticed there was no “dessert”.

“Aunt Courtney, I would be glad to go to the kitchen and bring in the dessert.”

“No my fine fellow, that won’t be necessary, for you are the dessert.”

I didn’t know what she meant, but admittedly I liked the sound of this.

Aunt Courtney continued, “I would like you to perform for us. If you do, it will be more than worth your time.”

Perform, what could she possibly mean?

“What is it you would like me to do? I am a man of few talents.”

“What Joann and I would love to watch is a fine young man like yourself, standing in front of us and pleasuring himself.”

Did she mean what I think she meant?

“Do…do….do you mean you want me to stand here and jerk off?” I stuttered.

“Exactly, we want to watch you take your hard cock in hand, jerk it up and down while fondling your balls until you explode. We love to watch men jerk until they cum.”

This was so unexpected. The suggestion both embarrassed and excited me.

“Please, just for us. Remember, it will be worth your “trouble”.

Hesitantly, I made my way to the middle of the room and began to slowly remove my shirt. Once done, I loosened my belt, slid the zipper down, and stepped out of my jeans. There I was in front of two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen about to pull my boxers off and reveal my huge hardon.
I noticed that during my “performance”, the two women had gotten close on the sofa and were “performing” as well. They were kissing, rubbing each other’s tits and pussies through their clothes.

Well, I have gone this far. So with the promise of it being worth the “trouble”, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down and off.

I stood before these women with my hard cock jutting out and precum already dripping from the head. With a little encouragement from the two ladies, I took cock in hand and began to stroke.

The more I stroked, the more the ladies “performed” for me. Soon they too were out of their clothes, touching and tasting each other.

“I just love the way a man uses his hand on his own cock,” remarked Joann.

“Look at the pleasure on his face, the way his eyes seem to glass over,” added Aunt Courtney.

I was getting all the inspiration I needed from these two randy ladies. My hand began to fly. I jerked my cock until I felt my balls begin to tighten and my cock grow even larger, sure signs that I was about to shoot. Even the ladies seemed to notice.

“I think he is about to blow his wad,” said Joann.

With that remark, they both moved closer. My hand was a blur….and then my body tensed and with a huge jerk, the cum exploded from my cock, spurt after spurt launched through the air and much off it landing on the tits and faces of the ladies.

They moaned while they licked the cum splatters off of each other.

I was spent or so I thought. I watched with fascination as the ladies finished licking my cum from each other that they began using their tongues on each other. They quickly assumed a 69 position licking and slurping each other from pussy to asshole. Incredibly I became the voyeur and watched as tongues disappeared in cunts and assholes. All this had the obvious effect on my cock. Lost in my voyeurism, I was brought back to reality when my aunt observed aloud, “Would you just look at that?

Looking intently at my engorged cock she said, “That’s why we love our men young. It takes no time at all till they are rock hard and ready to perform again.”

There was no arguing the point. My 19 year old cock was rock hard and leaking pre cum.
“Now,” my aunt said, “we are about to reward you for your grand performance.”

I was directed to lie on the floor. Both women stood, one at my feet and the other by my head. I looked up at Joann’s sweet wet pussy and anticipated sticking my tongue where my aunt’s had just been.

Joann slowly lowered herself on my mouth , and I began to suck her hairy cunt. I was lost in all the sensations when I was surprised to feel another. My aunt had lowered herself on to my cock and for the first time in my life, my cock was engulfed in a hot, wet, and velvety pussy. It was simply amazing. I groaned into Joann’s cunt in response.

My aunt rode my cock….lifting herself to the point that my cock was almost totally out of her cunt and then she slammed herself down once again. Over and over, again and again. Because I had cum once, I was able to last and enjoy the ride.

Joann moved so I could lick her cunt and suck on her asshole. She began to moan, the tensed, and I was rewarded with hot woman juice. I licked as quickly as I could attempting to get every drop. She tasted wonderful.

My aunt was continuing her “assault” on my cock. Joann got up, moved down, and from behind my aunt, began to lick my aunt’s asshole, my balls, and my asshole.

With all of this, I wasn’t able to last much longer. Just as my aunt moaned and showered my cock with her girl goo, I erupted in her cunt, spurting deep with 6 or 7 huge jets of cum. Finally my aunt collapsed beside me but Joann wasn’t finished yet.
She continued to lick my aunt’s cunt and sucked all my cum from her pussy.

What an incredible evening. And yet, as we made our ways to our rooms, she once again promised me, “Your education is not quite complete. There’s more to cum.”

I can’t wait for my next “lesson”.

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