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My naughty cousin

my younger cousin has always been sexy and she just got sexier as she got older. she recently finished her exams and one day she texted me asking me to come round becayse she was bored and would be home alone.

i arrived just as her dad was leaving and he let me in telling me that my cousin ashley was upstairs in her room. as i got closer i could hear these low moans coming from her room. i got strangely aroused by the thought of my sexy cousin masturbating. she has a perfectly toned body with a round firm ass and big perky tits. slowly i pushed open the door and i was amazed at the sight of my naked cousin fingering herself. my cock instantly became hard at the sight and i walked further into the room. she spotted me and froze but made no attempt to cover up. she eyed the bulge in my jeans and said "did my wet pussy get my big cousin hard?" i was so shocked but so aroused that i carried on.she said "ive been a naughty girl and i need to be punished" ashley came over and started unzipping my jeans, she then pulled down my jeans and boxers and my cock flopped out. she then started sucking my cock and fondling my balls. she then deepthroated me and took all 9 inches of my dick in her mouth. she kept my dick in her mouth for 30 seconds before gagging and taking it out, she then started sucking my balls whilst tossing me off. after this i picked her up and put her on the bed and started licking her pussy. she was going mad on the bed and i took two fingers and plunged them as deep as they would go into her asshole. she screamed with pleasure as i licked her clit and fingered her ass. after 10 mins she erupted into a huge orgasm and she convulsed on the bed. after seeing this my dick was rock hard and i pushed it inside her pussy and started fucking her. i took my fingers out of her ass and fed them to her. she licked them clean and begged me to put them back in. this time i put 3 fingers in and carried on fucking her. she begged me to fuck her rough so i grabbed her by the hair and started fucking her hard. after a couple of mins of hard fucking i pulled out and shoved my dick in her mouth,fo***ng her to deepthroat it. i then face fucked her hard, making her gag, as i could feel my dick hit the back of her throat. i then bent her over and without warning i shoved my dick all the way in her ass. she screamed in both pain and pleasure as my dick pummelled her asshole. after 20 mins of fucking her asshole i could feel my balls bubbling and i squirted all my cum into her asshole. i pulled out slowly leaving behind a huge gape in her ass. she grabbed a glass from her bedside table and pushed all the cum from her ass into the glass. she then drank the cum from the glass as i lay next to her. she then turned to me and said "have i been punished enough yet" i replied "not yet you have more punishment on the way" as i said that i reached down and shoved my fist into her ass and she screamed in pain. i used my other hand to slap her face and tits as punishment for screaming. i took my fist out of her ass and made her lick it clean before ending her punishment.

we carried on as normal after that but we still have sex whenever we can

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