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Happy New Year!

It was my first New Years eve party as a married man. I thought it would be fun to have our friends over and drink a little and just have a good time. My new bride decided to ask some of her old college friends to attend and I was really looking forward to getting reacquainted with everyone. People began arriving around 7ish and the drinking began almost immediately after. We had some snacks out along with the liquor and beer and in no time everyone was really enjoying themselves. I was playing the good host, making sure everyone had a drink and was was having a great time. My wife's former college roommate Denise was helping me and we just laughed and enjoyed the party. We played the ID game where the guys were blindfolded and the ladies bared their legs and the guys tried to identify their date or spouse. Denise had come alone but she bared her leg just to try to throw us all off.

As the midnight hour approached we all eagerly watched the clock anticipating the midnight hour. I made sure I was next to my wife and when the clock struck 12 all of us began to shout Happy New Year! and kiss our partners. We were all very d***k but since we were at home we just had a good time. I had taken all the car keys and no one was leaving til morning. As we kissed our partners things got a little out of hand and we began kissing everyone. Little Lynn, my wife's friend from work came over to me and shoved her tongue so deep into my throat I was sure glad I had my tonsils removed. Her husband did the same to my wife. When she let me come up for air She just laughed and went off to another unsuspecting male. It was then I noticed Denise. She was standing all alone in the kitchen, just looking around. I went over to her and said Happy New Year and lightly kissed her. She wrapped her arms around me and plunged her tongue deep inside my mouth. It was a fantastic kiss.

Because everyone else was in the living room, dining room area we took a step back into the kitchen and the kissing got hotter and heavier. Our tongues probed one another mouths and we began grinding into each other. I was fully erect and was somewhat embarrassed but she pressed me toward her and the kissing got more passionate. We finally broke away and she smiled and said Happy New Year to you too. I had no reply. I was just dumbstruck.

We continued partying and Denise and I stayed away from each other. I was sure it was just the large amounts of alcohol we had consumed that brought that kissing and fondling episode on so we listened to music and the party began to wind down. I was extremely warm and I went outside in the cold January air to get some relief. I also decided I needed cigarettes and the 24 hour convenience store was just down the block. As I grabbed my hat for the short walk Denise appeared and asked if she could accompany me. I agreed and we headed out the door. We walked and talked about marriage, and her new boyfriend. She was only 19 and this was her first serious relationship. My wife left university after her first year so we could marry and at 19 we were much too young. She talked about him and how he kissed and informed me I was a much better kisser. I laughed and told her I just had more practice. She looked at me. a serious expression on her face and said, no, I was a great kisser. I said thank you as I didn't know what else to say. We made it to the store and I bought cigarettes and some more snacks and some more alcohol. I couldn't believe we were running low on booze so I just wanted to make sure I had enough, just in case. As we walked back, Denise asked me some really personal questions about sex and marriage. I tried to skirt the issue but the alcohol still gave me quite a buzz and I was flattered she felt comfortable enough to ask me. She asked when me and my wife had first had sex and was surprised our wedding night was the first time we had intercourse. She was also very happy because she said she too was a virgin and wanted her wedding night to be special.

She asked if we did anything sexually before marriage and I admitted we had. She asked me to elaborate and as we passed a small park on the way home I asked her to sit so we could talk. As we sat I opened a bottle a cherry vodka and we drank from the bottle as we talked. She asked about sex and I soon learned she had done nothing sexually before. I was really surprised because she was very attractive, fun and smart. She admitted she had not had a boyfriend before because she had gone to an all girls Catholic high school. She said she had kissed and asked me how I would rate her. I told her she was an excellent kisser and she just laughed. She said she had been practicing on her pillow and was glad all the practice payed off. She then leaned over and we began to kiss. It was so sweet. As we kissed it became more and more intense and of course once again I became erect. I wasn't too concerned as my long winter coat hid my erection and darned if she wasn't the best kisser I had ever been with.

As we moved closed and kissed more passionately I felt Denise move her hands to my chest. I was still not worried because the heavy coat was protecting all vulnerable places. She then reached down and over the coat began to rub me. He hand was on my lap rubbing me through my coat and pants. I didn't move and she kept rubbing me. I was so hard. My cock was practically splitting my jeans. As she was rubbing me with one hand she began to unzip her coat with the other. She unzipped her coat half way down and took my hand and placed it on her breast. Rub me, please, she said. I began to rub through her clothing and she kissed me harder and longer. She then began to go under my coat from the bottom and was now rubbing my cock through my pants only. She commented between kisses how big I felt and began to undo my belt under the coat and unzip my jeans. He jacket was a little longer than her waist and I moved my hand down below her coat and began to rub between her legs through her jeans. She just moaned and suddenly my cock was out and she had her hand wrapped around it. The coat still covered everything from sight but at 1:30 in the morning there were few cars and no one was walking the street. We had quite a bit of privacy. She kept rubbing my shaft and asked me how that felt. I told her it was great and she asked me if she could look at it. I said not here. I had us move to a less conspicuous place in the park with our vodka and snacks. I commented that she said she was a virgin and had no experience.

She answered she was a virgin and she needed some experience if she wanted to keep a boyfriend. Her logic, through my vodka influenced mind mad sense and we continued. She unbuttoned the lower buttons of my coat to expose my rigid, uncircumcised cock. When it was in plain sight sight she asked me to tell her about it. I explained it was uncircumcised and that the glans, the head was very sensitive. I told her a circumcised cock was not as sensitive as the skin had gown a covering over the head. She nodded. She asked me what felt good to a guy. I told her a hand job or a blow job was always welcome. She asked me how those were done. This girl knew nothing! I explained that a hand job was just her stroking the shaft and head with her hand. As she would do this, I explained the cock would grown harder and eventually the guy would cum.

She nodded and grasped my cock and began to clumsily stroke it. I tied to slow her down but she said she just wanted to see how it felt to do that and what reaction she could expect from her boyfriend. As she stroked me I took another gulp of cherry vodka and extended the bottle to her. She stopped to take a drink and I was very relieved. She asked me about blow jobs and again I explained to her the technique. She then asked me what to do when the guy came. I said you have two choices. Spit, or swallow or warn him that if he feels himself cumming he better say something. I also told her she would be able to tell after some experience. She looked at me with her innocent brown eyes and asked me, "what does cum look like?" I was in shock.. She really didn't know anything. She still had her hand around my cock and I was still hard as mahogany. I asked her if she was k**ding. She replied no and said she wanted to see it. I told her she would someday and she said, I want to see it now. With that comment she began to stroke my cock with renewed vigor. I was so wasted, I was confused and it felt so good that I just surrendered and let her go at it. I turned toward her and began to feel her up. She had small b sized breasts with nipples that could cut glass. She moaned and I rubbed her nipples and she stroked my cock. I rubbed her entire breast and she stroked me faster and faster. It wasn't long that I realized I was going to cum and had to figure out what to do. I slowed her down and asked her what she wanted. She said she wanted to see it shoot out. I told her it was OK with me but not on my coat or clothing. She reached into her purse and produced a handkerchief. I said that was fine. As I got neared to my climax I warned her I was about to cum. She grabbed the handkerchief and I sat with my coat open, ready to gush my cum toward the field. I stroked myself the last couple times and the thick, white goo began to shoot. Denise was quick and she watched in fascination as it came out in spurts. She caught some of it in her handkerchief and declared, it's white. I would have never guessed it was white. As my throbbing stopped she watched as my cock began to relax. She took the handkerchief and looked closely at it. She sniffed it and said she liked the scent. Then she did something I was shocked at. She put the whole thing into her mouth. She began licking the cum off it and placed it in her mouth. She declared she loved the taste! I was amazed. We got all zipped up and buttoned up and went on back to the house. When we got home and ready for bed she showed me her gratitude. That is another story.

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