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Holly and Melissa

This is Holly. I'm 19 years old, married and kind of sheltered in my husband's world. Last week my husband went out of town and I slumbered up for 5 days with my girlfriend Melissa. She's also married. Her husband is off fighting the war in Afghanistan. That's me sitting on her husband's bed.

Oh, and I should say off the top that, yes, Melissa and I have made up after she betrayed my trust and told my husband that I had dumped his cum in her pussy. My husband made my life miserable after Melissa told him that. But that's another story. It's on Melissa's page and you can read it here: And you can also read Melissa's story below about how I punished her for betraying me.

It's been super hot in Alabama with a heat wave so we spent day and night of our slumber party inside Melissa's home. We think of ourselves as straight. But we're also Friends With Benefits or fuck buddies or whatever you want to call us. We've done just about every sex act that two girls can do together. But during this slumber we mostly looked at cocks on Melissa's computer.

Most of what I know about sex is what I've learned from my husband, Melissa or the erotic books that I read. I've watched hardly any porn because it just isn't available to me. My husband is a control freak and a computer geek and he has ways of knowing exactly where I go on the web. I think he has a tracking program too. One time he caught me watching porn and he locked me out of the computer for a month.

Anyway, Melissa has been showing me around xHamster and all the cocks on it. With every cock I saw I became more of a cockoholic and watching men jack off is just so hot. Some of the cocks are so big and thick and they shoot such big cum loads all over the place. Melissa is corrupting me something terrible.

My husband's cock is just 5 inches erect and I thought he was big. Looks like he's not so big after all. Plus, his cum just kind of dribbles out. Size isn't everything. It's how you use it too. 5 inches is okay for anal sex but my husband just starts pumping me and he doesn't start slow like he should.

If my husband knew I am looking at big cocks with Melissa or writing this story and talking about him then he would absolutely kill me. Well, maybe not that. But for sure he would make things very difficult for me and probably divorce me.

That's enough from me. Now Melissa is going to write about how I punished her for betraying my trust and telling my husband about our cum-dumping episode...

This is Melissa. That's me just above. My dear girlfriend Holly didn't visit or talk with me for 6 days after I told her husband that she had dumped his cum up my pussy. That was a terribly long time and I was getting quite sad because Holly is about the only good thing about this podunk town full of intolerant Baptists and other closed minded people.

On the 7th day after my cum-dumping adventure I was so relieved and ecstatic when I looked out my front window and saw Holly drive up. I knew she would eventually forgive me. I rushed out to hug Holly and tell her I was so sorry.

Right when I got to Holly she grabbed my t-shirt and pulled me really close and hissed, “Not so fast, you female Benedick Arnold. I'm taking you in your house and we're going to settle a few things first.”

Holly practically dragged me into my house by my t-shirt and wrestled me to the carpet. Then she lectured me, “You can't just be a big mouth and make my life miserable and think you can make up with hugs and kisses.”

Oh, oh, Holly was mad and I was a little scared. Didn't know if she was playing or what. My God, she could knock me u*********s with her big boobs alone.

With me pinned to the carpet, Holly said she would let me up only if I retrieved the bed clamps and chains that I use to tie my hubby to our bed. I said okay and Holly let me go and I went to the safe where I keep all my valuables and I retrieved the restraints and gave them to Holly.

Holly got behind me and pulled my hair with one hand while she spanked my ass with the other hand. “Okay, little bitch, in your bedroom you go. Hop to it!”

Holly walked me into my bedroom and then she ripped off my bottoms and t-shirt and threw me on the bed and restrained my arms and legs so I was spread-eagle face up. Then Holly took off all her clothes and started torturing me.

First Holly stuck two fingers in my pussy. She's the only person who knows exactly how to make me squirt. Holly knows exactly where my G-spot is and how to touch it.

“Yes, Holly, make me squirt my cum. I feel your fingers up my fuckhole. Touch my special place.”

But Holly wasn't touching my special place this time. “No, you little traitor. No orgasms for you. You know about those girls who like to gives guys handjobs and blowjobs and then leave them high and dry? That's the treatment I'm giving you right now.”

Unfortunately, Holly was right about that. Every time I was on the verge of the Big O she backed off.

Then Holly got my special strap-on dildo out of my dresser drawer. The big one that I peg my husband with. Holly raised my ass with the palms of her hands and strapped it on me. Then she climbed aboard while facing me and started fucking it.

We've done this type of sex many times before and I love to reach up and play with Holly's big tits while she's fucking herself. But now I couldn't do it with my hands restrained. Holly saw my frustrated look and laughed, “No tit play for you today. That is, unless you want me to tit fuck you.”

I knew Holly would eventually be kind. “Yes, Holly, tit fuck your best girlfriend with your strap-on cock”

Holly raised her pussy off the dildo and unstrapped it from me and put it around her waist. Then she straddled my chest and squeezed my tits around the dildo and started humping me. God, it felt good. Tit fucking is one of my all time favorite things to do. I was feeling those special sensations - especially when Holly reached in and twisted my nipples.

Then, just as I was feeling heavenly, Holly stopped. She moved her bare pussy lips so they were just just inches above my face. I pleaded, “Oh, Holly, please go lower so I can lick your pussy.” Holly shot back, “That's not what I have in mind. I want you to suck my fake cock.” She slowly put the thing in my mouth and I did the very best I could with my lips.

Holly cooed, “Oh, you are a good little cocksucker. Now let's see you take it all the way down your throat.” This fake cock was an 8 incher and I tried but couldn't quite do it. Holly pulled it out of my mouth and chided me, “Little cocksucker can't swallow the whole thing. I can swallow all of my husband's cock but you can't swallow my cock.”

I retorted, “ Yeah, but my husband's cock is 7 inches and I can take that all the way down. And your husband's thing is only 5 inches. No wonder you can swallow him.”

This really got Holly mad and she got red in the face and she started slapping my face really hard with the dick. My sassy tongue gets me in so much trouble and I really need to know how to bite it sometimes.

Then Holly got off me and took the restraints off. I figured that was it. But then Holly demanded that I lie on my stomach and then she restrained me spread eagle again.

Holly climbed on top of me and pulled my hair and yelled, “Now I'm gonna spear your rear after I loosen you up with my butt plug.” Holly inserted her butt plug up my asshole and started massaging my ass cheeks like she was kneading bread dough.

After about 5 minutes of this Holly asked, “Ready to take it up your ass, bitch?” I looked back at Holly and answered, “I'm not loose enough yet, Holly. Your massage feels wonderful. Keep doing it please.”

Holly shouted back, “I don't care if you're ready or not. I haven't got all day. I'm going in now. Gonna do it hard too.”

Holly didn't mess around. She jammed that fake cock up my tight asshole from up top and kept thrusting in and out. All the while she kept repeating “I'm spearing your rear...I'm spearing your rear.”

Oh, wow, that did hurt. Finally, Holly stopped because she was just about out of breath. She mercifully unbound me from my restraints and snuggled up next to me and whispered in my ear, “Now we are square. But don't you ever betray me again.” Then Holly kissed me on the lips, put on her clothes and walked out the door.

Yes, indeed, we kissed and made up. Now things are wonderful again. I loved having Holly over for our 5 day slumber. Her earlier punishment of me was pure torture when it was happening. But now it makes me hot when I think about it. I wonder what other bad things Holly would do to me if I gave her hot-headed husband this story to read.

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