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A Friends' Cuckold

For a Friend

I had been chatting to Eduardo and Caitlin online for quite some time on XH, and was beginning to get to know them pretty well.

We had talked about likes and dislikes, turn-ons and turn-offs, life, the universe and everything (42), we had even vetted my potential new lovers together. Such was the respect I had developed for them, their opinions and approval became very important to me.

It was to this end that I took up with Emile - a 38 year old, bisexual, French man, who had come to live here in Leeds. He had been friends with Eduardo and Caitlin before he was friends with me, so he knew all about their involvement in my choice, and how close I was to them.

Emile was very experimental and loved to try new things, he was also very dominant in the bedroom. Both qualities which held a strong attraction for me. He was 6’3” with long, thick dreadlocks, a peachy arse and a 42 inch chest. He was very muscular and he used it to dominate me in wonderful ways (that, though, is a whole different story). He was also attracted to both Caitlin and Eduardo.

Now I will tell you about the couple who were fast becoming my mentors. Caitlin and Eduardo had been married for 27 years. Caitlin was a gentle lady who had a very respectable job, she appeared to be very proper and demure - the perfect lady - but this outward appearance hid her love for black and Hispanic men, and for cuckolding her husband.

Eduardo was white and a bit of a biker. He was bisexual, but as his marriage had progressed his tastes had switched more to men than women. He loved Caitlin very much and hated himself for finding men so attractive.

After 27 years they still loved each other very deeply and were constantly looking for ways to spice up their sex-life. I guess that’s where I came in………………………………....

I had been chatting to Caitlin a lot about Eduardo meeting up with a guy called Roberto, for amazing, fantastic sex. He felt a little guilty about enjoying himself so much without her. And so, Caitlin had come up with this fantasy wherein she punished him for enjoying himself.

This idea excited myself and Emile so we got her to elaborate on her ideas for Eduardo with us.

The fantasy involved her cuckolding him whilst he was tied to the bed, with them fucking on top of him, whilst he was wearing a chastity cage. After they had both cum they would bring Eduardo to the point of almost cumming many times, only to deny him the pleasure and increase his frustration and humiliation. But in doing so amusing and turning themselves on. Then they would fuck over him again taunting him with how easy it was for them to cum, then they would tease him again. Afterwards after fucking and teasing many times - if he was very good and they were not too tired - they might actually bring him to orgasm!

Emile was very intrigued by this idea and would fuck me using piles of pillows to represent fucking over a person as he wanted to know what positions could be used and also how many times he could cum in a 24 hour period - his record was 20! He would also have me give him blow jobs and hand jobs and not allow himself to cum, so that I could improve my recognition of his body and get used to teasing someone just enough. Emile had some very powerful orgasms after these sessions as the ideas were so horny to him.

When we started discussing these sessions with Caitlin, she became very interested and asked us to practice a bit every day, then write her a report detailing what we had done, what seemed to be good positions, what didn’t and the best techniques for orgasm denial. Emile and I thought she was just being her usual interested self - little did we know what she would strike us with next………………………….

Please let me know if you would like to know the rest of the story. Thanks Ariana xxx

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