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A Pet's Performance Part IV

In the pet's rooms...

After a short walk Tabitha showed off her little suite.

Anna was in awe of the game room with actual arcade machines including a wall of pinball games. At the other end of the room was a huge multi-screen video game set-up. 3 people could have their own space for any sort of game from playstation to x-box to Wii. A whole bunch of stuff she did not even recognize.

One whole room was her wardrobe. The girl had enough clothes to open a small shop. Dresses, shoes, A wall of cabinets for purses and accessories. Another fantasy come true for any girl. From this room Tabitha selected 2 outfits.

Then it was off to the showers. Anna's butt was sensitive and the water stung like crazy. When they got out Tabs gave her a couple of shots of a cooling spray. It both made her feel better and helped her skin return to normal.

They get back to find a table set up with various fruits along with a few cheeses. There was also a stunning array of exotic chocolates. He was sitting in his chair with fruit and cheese on his plate. The TV was on.

Anna was first entranced by the food and especially the chocolates but when she looked to the TV she froze and then had to remind herself to breath again. On the screen she saw herself twitch and writhe as the rod came down on her ass. A very clear image with very crisp sound. He was watching her when she looked over at him. She smiles softly if a little awkwardly.

"Chocolate!" the pet almost yells.

"Yes you did well today at the mall. So a reward is in order. You can have anything you wish of course Anna. You did well too."

Anna blushes at the compliment. Tabitha beams but then makes a beeline for the sweets. Grabbing a plate and piling a bunch of different types on it. Anna is a little more sensible and gets some of everything. Although she does try a few of the fruits she has never seen or tried before. He changes the TV to a music channel.

Eating is fun. The girls are barely dressed of course. Anna in basically a purple belly dancers outfit. But the panels of the outfit don't cover all that much and are transparent anyway. Under it she has a very tiny light purple thong. The pet going darker. Her outfit is mostly a web of straps and rings. Between some of the straps there is leather but not over anywhere important. Her breasts were nicely framed with metal rings above and below them. She has a tiny black thong. Her collar around her neck.

They eat and talk. They two girls cuddle on the couch to his left while the food is cleared away. The servants are silent and very efficient. By the time the room is clear and he is sipping at a glass on wine the girls have been whispering for some time.

He frowns just a little, "Might have to set a time limit on whispering. Don't like having to ask. But..." he turns to look at the girls, "What?"

They look at each other.

Tabitha is the bold one this time, "Well master we were just wondering how much Anna has to do to prove herself to you. She wants to stay and be your pet. You told me magic is forever unless it is broken or changed so can't she just stay like this? I really, really want her to."

He looks at them for a long moment.

"My pet you know I live by my own rules. My abilities make that very easy. I can do almost anything. Because of that I have always tried to draw a sharp line between what is right and what is not. Anna did not choose to fall under my spell. She would never have chosen that. The Anna you have in your arms now is my creation." he explains.

"I would have. If I had known. If I had not been afraid. Deep down I would have." Anna says passionately.

He tilts his head slightly. Shaking it slowly.

"Perhaps. And if that is true then when I remove the spell you will still stay won't you? Because now you do know."

Logic is kinda a bitch sometimes. Both girls frown. They look at each other. They do smile at his next words.

"But. We can stack the deck if you wish. I do not have to remove the spell tonight. You can stay until tomorrow evening. Then I will undo the magic and you can decide what you wish to do. That is if you can convince me you really mean it. I am not entirely convinced yet."

"Your wish is my command master. Anything you wish me to do I will do. Anything you wish to do to me you may. My body is yours. My mind is yours. And with each passing second it seems more of my soul is yours." Anna says clearly and with a lot of conviction.

"Yeah he does that. He takes everything. But then he gives... well everything." Tabitha giggles.

He stands up. Waving both of them to follow. They go deep into the house and then down a spiral staircase. A long set of black stairs. When they reach the bottom there is a huge wooden door. Carved and ornate. Dragons roar and claw along the outer edges.

The door swings silently open as they approach it.

"This door only opens for me. Works that way from both sides." he says as they walk into the huge room.

An oversized 4 poster bed is center and against the far wall. At the foot of the bed was a large circular pet-style bed in pink. The bed was done up in black. Very sturdy and somewhat ornate. A large cage sits in one corner. There is a large desk and tall black chair facing into the room. A couple of big overstuffed black leather chairs sit around the room. The center is open and carpeted. One wall is covered in closed cabinets. There is a bathroom visible through one door. Two more doors are closed.

The pet points as she talks. First to the little bed. Then to the cage. And finally to the big bed. She starts out with a very happy upbeat tone.

"When I am good I get to sl**p in my pretty pink bed. When I am bad I sl**p in my cage. When master is very pleased he lets me sl**p with him. I loooooove that. I sl**p in my own room when I am sick or... well if I am really bad and he does not want to even look at me." she finishes much quieter.

"Anna I will be blunt. I don't want another pet. Tabitha is all I need. But I can see how you could be both. Perhaps. You could be her handler. She would be yours in a way. You would fuck her, whip her, and do all the nasty things she loves so much. When I am not of course."

The pet drops to her hands and knees. She rests her face against Anna's leg. There is purring.

"But I should warn you. I rarely let other men touch her. That is a treat she almost never gets. But I have brought in many women. Some very skilled with other girls. Some very used to taking control and they did make her scream quite nicely. So you cannot just play with her. You have to take her. Make her yours. Convince me and yourself that this is what you want."

Anna reaches down to grab Tabs by her hair. She pulls her up and kisses her hard. Making her squirm with the pain from her hair and melt with the kiss and the dancing tongues.

"I understand master. May I begin?" Anna asks just a touch out of breath.

He climbs up onto the bed. Sitting up in the center a pile of pillows behind him.

"Yes. You will want to look in the first and third cabinets from the left. Use what you wish."

"Biggggggg....." the pet murmurs as she clings to Anna. Standing up and holding tight.

"What?" Anna asks confused.

"In 3. Go big please."

Anna walks the two of them over to the 1st cabinet. It swings open at a touch. Covering most of the height of the wall it contains a nice selection of items. A couple of whips but a full range of rods, paddles, straps, and a few things she does not even recognize. There are also a few different lengths and styles of leash. She takes a light chain. She also takes a 2" wide leather strap. Closing the cabinet she moves to the next.

It opens like the first. Where the first was about pain this one is about pleasure. The first was lined in red. This one in pink. There is a selection of strap on cocks. Vibrators. Plugs. Straps and harnesses that Anna does not understand. Objects she does not quiet understand.

The strapons have a strange fascination for both. Some distant part of Anna said 'no' but the rest of her feels a primal pull. A desire to step into the skin of the other sex. To be one of them for a while. For the pet they were all memories. Every one had been used on her including that insane scary one at the end. As much as she loved them all she really did not want that one right now.

Anna throw the strap over her shoulder. She clips the lead to the pet. "Down."

Tabitha drops to all fours eagerly. They walk to the nearest chair. Pulling on the chain the blonde puts the other girl's arms and face on the seat of the chair. Ass sticking out.

"So I guess I need to tell you what I want right? What I want is to prove to master that I won't hold back at all. To follow his example and find new things to do to you." Anna states as she swings the doubled up strap in her hands experimentally.

When she swings it down on the girl's butt it makes a pretty satisfying Smack! The pet flinches forward but pushes her ass out more a second later.

"I doubt I can match the creativity of the other women. But I know what I wanna do. Fuck you. I am going to pick out my cock and then use it on you. Constantly. You will be sucking on it or bouncing on it as often as possible. Before... before you two I did have one fantasy. Some shadowy man who would just appear and fuck me. Anywhere. Never even gave him a name. But at times I would just sit and think about it over and over. I am gonna be him. For you."

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

She goes hard enough and fast enough that even the very used to being punished pet is having a hard time keeping her ass presented properly. Grunts of pain and long moans tumbling from her lips in a steady stream.

On the bed the master was a little impressed with Anna's plan. He drinks some wine and watches.

Tabitha eeeeppps in surprise when she is jerked off the chain by a hard pull on the chain. She wants to rub her sore bottom but she drops to the ground and follows. They go back to the open cabinet.

"So which one will be be? Go big huh? I would like to be able to be able to maybe sorta hide it under a pair of jeans. Except. I don't understand. Sir. I realize I don't know much about dicks but these all look well soft." she asks trying not to sound too ignorant.

Tabitha chuckles. He answers.

"Those are all very expensive. 4 buttons. Soft, full, hard and cum. As close to real as it gets. If you want to know how big they really are take them down and see." he explains with a small grin.

They were very expensive indeed but they made the illusion very real and that was all that mattered. For the next few minutes there is an almost intolerable amount of giggling. Anna decides to really take the choice seriously and starts with the first one. There are some ooohs and awws as she hits the first button and the small dick turns into a moderately thick 7". The next button makes it jut out from the harness with the same strength as a real one. She giggles about the last button only to be told.

"It won't have anything in it. Have to." giggle "load it with those silver things." Tabs explains.

The last 3 were all judged as more than Anna wanted although the pet seemed a little disappointed. Anna jerks on the chain.

"Hey! It's my dick bitch. Quiet." she orders in a mildly harsh voice.

"Sorry.... um.... ma'am."

In the end Anna selects a cock that goes out to a good long 8". A very thick slab. She strips out of her outfit and the pet helps her get into it. The straps fit very well and secure very solidly. When Anna reaches down to gave the foreign member it feels very connected to her. Sitting high on her pussy too. The back side of the harness a very soft material that conforms to her body. She pumps the cock and sighs. Ok that feels gooood.

Pressing the second button the cock gets nearly it's full length. A jerk on the chain and the pet has both hands and her lips around it.

Anna feels... powerful. Different... again. She looks over at the man on the bed.

"Can we use your bed master? For the first time." she asks suddenly feeling a touch shy.

He considers that for a moment and nods. The pet is hauled up. Hands not actually leaving the very real feeling cock. The hands do let go when her new handler pushes her the rest of the way onto the bed. The other girl jumps on her. Landing on her ass.

"Didn't think I was going to be all romantic did you pet?" the blonde asks

She presses a button and the cock gets a little thicker and a lot stiffer. Just like a man's at full arousal. Rampant and wanting. Anna grabs the pet's thighs and pushes them apart a little. Tilting her own body and shifting down to point the tip of the cock down. Trying to think of what little she has actually seen of sex.

Anna does well enough. Finding the other girl's wet pussy and pushing into her. Rewarded for her efforts with a deep groan. It is a very big piece of meat and the pet is a small girl. Anna leans forward supporting herself on both arms as she starts to roll her hips. Each time going in deeper.

She finds it easy to drop into a steady rhythm. The girl below pushing back. There is a twisting mix of pleasure and pain inside Tabitha. The cock pulls and almost tears her it is so big. But it also scraps the gspot and that is getting her hotter with each stroke. When she pulls herself down as Anna goes up she grinds her crotch into the blanket.

There is a soft chorus of ooooos and little sighs. The pet's body adjusts. Pleasure takes over. Anna goes faster. She looks up at what she hopes will be her new master. He seems to approve. Sipping from his glass of red wine.

"oh fuck yeah." is one of the somewhat coherent things that makes it out of the pet's mouth. She is drooling on the bed a little.

"You like that pet?" Anna asks.

"Ooooooooooohhhh yesssssssssss."

"So you are going to worship my new dick? Suck and fuck and do everything I tell you?"


Anna is fucking her really hard now. Driving her down into the bed. Smacking her ass with slaps of her hand now and then. The little butt is nicely red from the strap and each slap does bring a howl of pain. But mostly they both breath harder and moan a lot. The pressure back against the blonde's crotch really pushing her as fast as the fat fake cock with pushing the other girl.

The new arrival was obsessed with making both of them cum now. The feeling of control totally new but she liked it. Her way. After his always. But her fucking way. Her new pet was going to spend a lot of time just bent over getting fucked. And the list of things she was going to squirt into her mouth as cum was growing. Nothing too gross but a lot of very inventive ideas.

Someone, probably a woman, once said that if cocks shot out chocolate no man would ever be in need of a blowjob. Her's probably could she giggled to herself.

Under her Tabitha grips the blanket hard in both fists. Her breathing nothing less than a hard a****l-like panting. Thrusting back hard against Anna.

The two cum one after the other. The pet first with a loud howl than winds down into a sort of mewing sound as she grinds. Anna is gasping and just freezes for a split second and then explodes. Fucking hard and seeing flashes of light the pleasure is so intense.

The blonde slumps down across the pet. Both lay panting and lightly nuzzling against each other.

"Nice start." he says dryly.

Anna shakes her head and climbs off Tabs. The cock comes out of the girl with a slurp. There are some snapping sounds as the harness is unhooked. Reaching down she grabs the pet by the hair. Anna moves right next to him. Laying back on the pillows and pulling the other girl down between her legs. The pet needs no orders and starts to lick her wet pussy.

"Thank you master. That was amazing." Anna says with a bit of pleasurable sigh in her voice.

She looks down. He is wearing very light silk pants. His cock a long visible lump along his leg. She smiles an impish smile. He follow her gaze and looks back up at her.

"I said nice start." with a hint of chuckle.

Tabitha presses her face hard against the wet slit. Thrusting her tongue in as deep as possible. Anna strokes her head as she works.

"You know I will keep her busy master. Do you have any other reason to doubt me?"

"I don't doubt you. It is not that at all."

"Then what?"

"I like you far too much. Tabs is a pet. She lives to serve and I love her for that. I want her because she gave herself to me. She knows her place. Knows what she cannot do. It is natural for us it seems."

He rolls on his side and reaches over to pull the pet by the collar. She resists until she is well away from the pink slit. She ends up just off to Anna's side.

"Rub your little pussy and watch pet." he orders and she nods.

Rolling on her back grabbing a few pillows. She spreads her legs which are pointed in their direction. Bending her knees to get closer. He moves above Anna. Hand between her legs. Fingers moving slowly.

"You little girl are different. Dangerous. I like you. Too much. Right at this moment I have to take you. You will challenge me. I am not used to that and it can get old."

He moves directly over her and his cock finds his desired target. When he penetrates her she sighs in happiness. She feels alive and every touch is electric now. After the rush of fucking the pet she suddenly feels very much like a girl again. A different primal feeling as his manhood fills hers. The weight of his body on hers both a cage and home.

Tabitha has a huge smile on her face. Her hand a blur between her legs. So charged up she is cumming and shaking in a couple of minutes. Watching her master fuck her new handler made her so hot it was almost frightening. The truth was Tabitha was always in heat. Granted living with him had brought it out completely but it did not start with him.

As a teen she had discovered her oral fixation. Picking up quite the reputation but she went through a lot of boys. Seeing her disappear with some guy at a party and then seeing them come back 20 minutes later was common. The guy with a dopey smile on his face. Her looking pleased. She lost track at the number of cocks she sucked when she hit 100.

She did not have sex until she was 18 and that was with a girl. But through it all she was horny. All the time. Going to the girl's bathrooms to rub her pussy hard and fast before someone came in. Locking her door at home and riding her toys all night long. Her body reacted fast to almost anything sexual. She came hard and long. Had to work really hard to keep quiet. Usually she was very loud.

So now she explodes again. Groaning... loudly. Anna lost in what he is doing to him. Her legs locked around his waist. The view from the pet's angle very graphic and erotic.

As the feelings build and he knows he cannot hold back he kisses his new toy hard. Capturing her lips and chasing her tongue. Almost lashing it into submission. The smack together harder and there is a groan that seems to come from both. The pet watches as they both explode at the same time. The almost frantic grinding and the kiss that does not seem to end.

The pet cums again. Adding her growls of pleasure to the mix.

They slow.

He unhooks her legs and falls over onto his back. They all lay and breath. Anna shifts her hand to touch his thigh. The pet extends her legs. Her foot on the back of the blond's calf.

"Both of you on all fours right here." he says patting the bed next to him.

Both girls move a little slow at first. There is some bumping but both end up close to him side by side.

"I am pleased. Tomorrow I have to go out a hour after breakfast. You two will have much of the day to yourself. I will be switching on all the house camera's so I expect a good show. Now pet take her to your bed and lets all get some sl**p."

He leans up and kisses each on the forehead. They scamper down the end of the bed and crawl down into the soft pink circle. It is set high enough off the floor that he can see them when he is sitting up even a little. He watches as they wrap around each other. Cuddling up in the little space.

Tomorrow they would find out.

He realized how much he wanted her to stay. So much that if he had not already pronounced what would happen he knew he would never remove the spell. But once he had spoken on something he was loath to go back on it. Being moral had come back to bite him on the ass he snorted lightly as he closed his eyes.


Has it only been one day?

Seems... longer.

He sighs and drifts.

I may be in trouble here.

He chuckles and falls asl**p.

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