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My first gay experience with an old man (pt.2)

Scott and I stood in the back because we didn't plan on staying that long. It was pretty dark but you could sort of make out what the others were doing in their seats. On the screen, some guy with a fat cock was fucking a beautiful girl in the ass. It was hot and both Scott and I commented on how horny we were getting. Scott leaned over and jokingly said, "from behind, she looks like you" which I took as a compliment. Even though were just friends now, we'd still throw sexual innuendos at each other.
As we were standing there, the door opened and the light from the outside poured in. An older gentlemen, fairly tall with gray hair, walked in. Before the door closed, I noticed he was wearing a tank top and short shorts like you'd wear to go running. From the size of his arms, you could tell he was into fitness and the short shorts showed off his nice tan legs.
He walked by me and gave me a nod then sat down in the last row across from us and in plain view from where I was standing, I could see him perfectly. I didn't even realize but I had been staring at him for over 3 minutes without even looking away. When I did, I noticed Scott was rubbing his cock through his jeans staring intently at the movie.
I looked back at the old man and was shocked because he had his head turned watching me and when the lights of the movie brightened, I could see that he had his cock out and was rubbing it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but I couldn't look away. He noticed I was looking at him then he started to stroke himself slowly at first then got faster. From what i could see, he was well endowed. By this time, I was rock hard. I looked back at Scott and he too was noticeably hard.
I looked back at the old man and although it was too dark to see, I could tell he was cumming by his mannerisms. I watched him put his cock back in his shorts then quickly got up to leave. He nodded again as he left and I just stood there in aw staring at him as he left.
At that time, Scott and I decided to also leave the theater and look around some more. I didn't tell Scott about the old man but I did tell him I was horny as hell. He said he was too and needed to leave to take care of himself. We weren't about telling each other when we jack off. (continued)

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