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A Passionate Encounter

She stood with baited breath awaiting his approval of what she had to offer. The moonlight cascading through the window illuminated her slender frame coupled with sensuous curves causing a tremor of sheer anticipation to run through him. The way her flaxen hair gently caressed the nape of her elegant neck evoked erotic images of taking her from behind; Her voluptuous bosom, peaked with perky round buds which so willingly offered themselves to be suckled; The smooth transition of her small waist into the flare of womanly hips coupled with long elegant legs.

With one smooth stride he crossed the threshold which separated them and swiftly pulled her into an embrace. Gently he probed her sweet, sensuous mouth with his tongue .. Allowing it to enter into the being of the goddess that was now his for the taking.

He subtly shifted his hand to probe the smooth mound she presented. Softly, she moaned into his mouth and her legs spread ever so slightly allowing him easier access to the now wet, warm, orifice.

Gently slipping a finger inside, he was greeted with an instantaneous gasp and the weakening of her knees. In a surge of passion he scooped her into his strong, chiseled arms and laid her down on the bed that would soon become a haven of unbridled lust.

Panting heavily, he hastily removed his pants that had become a prison for his throbbing member. As soon as it was freed, the object of his desire grasped it with dainty hands and began caressing it with the most delicate strokes. Swiftly losing all abandon, he let out a moan which caused her sex to convulse in a reaction of anticipation and become distinctly more saturated with her love juices.

Without missing a beat, she quickly flipped the script and placed the situation in her charge. Sitting up, she enveloped his manhood in that delightful mouth. Capturing it with the warmth and wetness of her mouth .. Sliding her tongue slowly from the base to its head. She gently massaged his balls with her light touch, placing him in a state of euphoria. Just as he felt he was approaching the point of no return, she slipped the entirety of his throbbing penis into her mouth, allowing it to hit the back of her throat whilst tickling the head with the tip of her tongue. He couldn’t hold back anymore and so with an a****l-like groan he let loose the fruit of her labour. Not to be daunted, she quickly swallowed every drop of his love offering.

It seemed that her oral ministrations had served to whet the appetite of his carnal desires more, as even after a subsiding orgasm he still maintained a rigid erection. Unable to restrain further, he quickly flipped her over unto all fours; forcing her ass to point upwards, exposing her forbidden treasures. He thrust a finger into her causing her to squirm and push back against the invading member. Her moans were like a melody to his ears, so sweet .. so wanting. In breathy tones she begged him to penetrate her. Feeling somewhat troublesome, he replied with one word, “Beg.”

“Oh please John, I’m so wet for you..” she gasped out while pushing back against the two fingers he now teased her with. “That kind of begging isn’t going to get you anything. Beg like you really mean it”, he replied in harsh tones. “B-But”, she began, before he interrupted her with, “I guess this means you don’t want anything then. Fine, we’ll just stop right now.” At this point he proceeded to begin massaging her swollen clitoris with his thumb, pushing her further towards the edge.
Evidently, this did the trick as she lost all her inhibitions and begged him to fuck her. “ Oh God, please John .. Please put your dick in me and fuck me hard”

No sooner had she uttered the words than he willingly complied with her request. In one stroke he buried his pecker to the hilt in her warm, wet opening. She moaned loudly and pushed her ass further up to allow him to penetrate her deeper. “Mmmm, yes! That’s it baby, fuck my little pussy” .. He responded with harder thrusts and a resounding slap on her ass. At this she whimpered a bit and thrust back against his rigid dick. Not missing a beat, John continued to pound her. In between strokes, each one being harder than its preceding, he asked, “Who’s pussy is this?” .. “Uh .. All .. Yours .. Baby. This is your pussy to fuck” Quickly he spun her around and put her to sit on his dick. “Ride it good bitch”, he said. At the use of this harsh word she realized that she became even more turned-on and quickly climbed aboard his raging hard-on.

With her ample breasts now in his face, he could not resist latching his mouth to her hardened nipples. As she bounced on his cock, he spanked her ass and bit lightly on the nipple in his mouth. “Mmmm .. Yes that’s it baby. D’you like how I’m riding your dick? D’you like feeling my tight, wet pussy clenching around it?!” .. “Oh God yes, Jay!”, he replied. With that, she decided to tease him a bit and slowed down her pace. Sliding slowly to the top of his dick, until just the head remained in her, then sliding back down quickly. She could feel him begin to swell inside her and she new that he would soon cum, so looking deep into his eyes she begged him to take her from front.

He hoisted her up, still inside of her, and laid her down on the bed. This position allowed for him to go even deeper than before. Quickly he lifted her legs up unto his shoulders and began fucking her with reckless abandon .. Succumbing totally to his approaching orgasm, he lost all other thought. Soon enough he felt her vaginal walls begin to spasm around his dick as she clawed his back and loudly moaned his name. “Oh John .. I’m .. cumming!” At this, he could no longer hold back and he felt a tingling start from his balls moving straight up to his dick head before the first spasm hit and he began cumming. After about 8 more strokes, he collapsed, spent, beside her, his erection slowly diminishing. “Wow”, was all he could say, as he gently kissed her again and held her close. Gazing into his eyes, she whispered “I love you.” Before drifting off into a deep slumber.

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