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My first CD

I remember how horny I was when I was living in Hollywood. I was only there for a few months but I remember the smell of sex in the air. This story is about me and my first encounter with CD and then my first encounter with a real tranny. I was constantly looking at shemale porn and became balsy enough to email some through CL. I didn't want to pay so i was looking for nsa hook up. A couple responses came through and I started talking to one. I was all codeined out but still for some reason horny. Im 24 skinny and straight(but i wanted to try a shemale). I finally showed up and i knew from the messages it was a man dressed up.. I walked in and she said to drop my pants so i took everything off except my t shirt and my long black socks. When she kissed me I realized i was nervous. I started feeling her ass cause it was the only thing visible. she was wearing lingerie all over. I layed back and she started to suck me when i realized i was still high, so i turned over and implied a rimjob. She went in stong and completely blew my world. Sticking her tongue down my ass felt so good. I felt her move and slide under me and started rimming . while i sat on her face I kept asking if she wanted to fuck my little ass. I had fingered myself but that was it. She kept nodding and licking so she got up and right when i turned around she grabbed my head and f***ed me to suck her. I was nervous so I sucked her for about a half a minute and got on my back. After about 5 minutes of pain and working it she started to successfully fuck me. Once i felt my ass g spot flarring i cam all over my chest and face. She slow fucked me for another minute while she licked the cum up and swapped it with me. The mix of weed and codeine had me orgasing for ever .. i quickly got up and cleaned up and left.. Ill never forget that day

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