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Brandy's Deep Throat Adventures: Part 1, Pg 2

“Brandy was pretty much fucked!” Bill piped in, and Bonnie nodded and laughed.
“You were, weren’t you, Sweetie!” Bonnie said, patting Brandy’s bum again.

“Throat fucked,” I added, quietly.

Brandy blinked twice and gurgled.

“Anyway, once I got everything as tight as I could, I locked the buckle with the key. And then it was easy. I just slowly eased Bill and Brandy back onto the couch. The whole thing took about 10 minutes. It actually was LOTS of fun, wasn’t it, Brandy?’” she lovingly asked the girl as she continued to pet her bum.

I glanced at Brandy to see her again slowly blink twice.

“Of course, it was her first time with a cock down her throat and she puked into her mouth a few times… but she’d agreed to everything beforehand, and hadn’t eaten much, so it was all right.”

“But to do this for four hours?” I said, again letting my incredulousness show.

“Well, no. Bill and I improvised on the length of time. We told her we just wanted to try the harness out to see how it worked. But once she had Bill’s cock down her throat, there was no turning back.”

“And what about sucking off ALL the guys from the factory?”

“No! Brandy wanted that. She’s never given a blowjob before, but some of her girlfriends at home have. Anyway, she wanted to make all her friends jealous; and what better way than to blow ALL the men at a big factory?”

Wow! My eyes returned to the cute little pony-tailed brunette with the sexy ass that continued to wiggle helplessly, and I had a whole new level of respect for her.

“That’s why the pictures and videos are so important,” Bill said, and I finally understood.

“Yup,” Bonnie answered. “She wants all these pictures and stuff to show everybody back home. And, admittedly, we want them to show our friends and f****y too.”

I nodded my head vigorously. Now I was COMMITTED to making sure I caught everything on camera. At the end of it all, Brandy and her Bonnie and Bill would have hours and hours of video footage, and thousands and thousands of wonderful pictures they ALL could be proud of.

With renewed enthusiasm, I finished setting up my three video-cams and checked on Bill’s, making sure that there was going to be nice ongoing footage from four different angles’… one close-up focussed on Brandy’s pretty face; one focussed on her gorgeous little ass, and two different angles capturing the entire scene from a distance, for the full effect. Then I pulled my digital out again and started taking nice pictures from everywhere. I started with a few distant shots, including several lovely ones of Brandy’s ass. Then I went in for some close-ups. Soon, I was back squatting inches from Brandy’s pretty face, asking her again to turn her head and eyes as much as she could toward the camera. Brandy was so sweet, once again trying to pose as prettily as she could for my camera. At one point, I asked her if she could push her nose even harder into Bill’s belly, and she did so. Of course, she already was about as far as she could go, but it was fun to see her determination trying to drive Bill’s cock even further down her throat.

Every so often, I asked her a question and had her blink once for ‘‘no’’ and twice for ‘‘yes’’. I told her, for example, about all these great websites I knew about where I was sure I could get lots of these pictures and the best video coverage posted ‘‘so everyone can see it, around the world, and asked her if she’d like that.

Without hesitation, she blinked twice.

I asked her if she was looking forward to having her throat fucked by all of Bill’s working buddies.

She blinked twice.

And a bit later, when I started to notice a little bit of clear fluid dribbling out the side of her mouth, I asked her if Bill was pissing.

She blinked twice. In fact, hours later when she had a few seconds without a cock in her mouth, she explained that Bill had pissed in her throat several times, but because she was face down, most of it was spilling back into her mouth and just sitting there. She was swallowing it as best she could, but it was difficult with his thick cock in her throat. Essentially, for four hours, her mouth was 90% filled with cock, and the remaining 10% with a little of her own puke, and lots of Bill’s piss.

And I kept asking her if she was having fun… and her answers became more and more spontaneous and confident as she went on. Blink, blink… she WAS having fun!

Of course, I also kept telling her how pretty she looked, and how AMAZING her ass looked in those tight jeans, and how I couldn’t wait to shove my own cock down her throat, and she just kept looking at me with her big, beautiful brown eyes looking so appreciative.

“Hgggggggghhhhhh!” she gurgled, happily.

Of course, I eventually asked her if I might be able to earn more than one blowjob from her’… and she just kept blinking: blink, blink - blink, blink - blink, blink… It was so sweet!

Guys from Bill’s work started to arrive at around 11:30, but Bonnie wanted to give it until 12:30 to release Brandy, so the guys could enjoy watching her with Bill and get pictures of their own. As you might imagine, Brandy’s pretty ass was fondled by virtually every guy in the place. Now she wiggled it to be cute. A couple of guys asked if Brandy was wearing panties and Bonnie said ‘yes’.

“White bikini panties. Satin ones I bought for her last week,” she elaborated.

“Nice!” the guys nodded.

And Brandy wiggled her bum proudly.

As it was, by 12:30, the whole house with overrun by Bill’s co-workers, but almost exclusively just the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift’… guys who’d gone home, rested a few hours, maybe showered, and then popped over to see Bill, meet Bonnie, and pork Brandy.

“How did Bill manage to get guys to agree to come in shifts?” I asked Bonnie a few minutes before 12:30.

“He told them that Brandy would be available all day, all weekend, including f****y Day on Monday,” she answered.

“Ahhh… f****y Day! I had forgotten about that.”

“It’s a 3-day weekend. So every shift has 3 turns with her.”

“I wish the factory worked that smoothly,” I chuckled.

Naturally, it was a bit of a production releasing Brandy from her bondage. Once again, Bill had to be helped to stand up from the couch and Brandy had to sink slowly down to her knees on the floor. Bonnie then had guys push the couch back a bit, and a couple of other big burly guys carry in two big cinder blocks with hooks on them, to place on the carpet on either side of where Brandy was kneeling.

Of course, I wanted pictures of all this, as did other guys who’d brought their cameras. Then, once Brandy was on her knees with Bill standing, we paused for about 15 minutes for even more pictures, initially with Brandy’s hands handcuffed behind her back, as they had been all along so far; and then with each wrist individually hand-cuffed to one of the cinder block hooks. That way, Brandy was stuck on her knees. Finally, Bonnie asked around to see if anyone had noticed a key on the floor when the couch had been moved. The look of realization suddenly dawned on Brandy’s face as she came to realize that the key she’d been trying to reach all morning, which still was hanging from a string, in fact, had been a fraud. Everyone laughed when word of that little joke spread through the crowd.

“I’m sorry, Brandy,” Bill said to the girl whose face was still deeply buried in his crotch. “It was just too good a joke to pass up.”

Brandy still couldn’t even look at him, let alone say anything. So all she did was wiggle her bum to tell him she’d enjoyed the joke too.

But the fact remained that the missing key remained missing, and it became clear that another joke was being pulled. As it is, it took Bonnie promising that Brandy’s mouth would be made available for a full week for someone to finally step forward with the key, but not before there was further negotiation.

“Next weekend too!” a voice called out from the crowd.

“That’s okay with you, isn’t it Honey?” Bonnie asked her, trying to coax the key thief to come forward.

Blink, blink.

Finally, the strap behind Bill was undone, and Brandy was allowed to slide off of him. She swallowed whatever puke and piss still was in her mouth and then gasped for breath as the harness was removed from her head. But she didn’t get to rest long; for even though Bill had cum about 15 times while inside Brandy’s mouth, he still had a hard-on and wanted an actual blowjob from her. So, within 15 seconds of being released from almost 5 hours of having Bill’s rigid bone down her throat, she had Bill shoving it back down there again. This time, however, thanks to 5 hours of having her throat pried wide, Brandy managed to push herself on with only minimal help from Bonnie’s hand.

Bill essentially throat-fucked Brandy for the next 5 or 6 minutes, only pulling back to empty a huge load of cum into her mouth. Everyone with a camera wanted a picture of Brandy showing off her mouthful, and so she had to hold it, her head titled back and mouth open, while all around her, people went’… click, click, click, click, click.

Then, no sooner had she swallowed down Bill’s load than Bonnie was pulling another man into place. Bonnie didn’t even know who he was’… he’d just been standing there. Introductions could come AFTER he was in Brandy’s mouth.

Eventually, Brandy was let up to go to the bathroom herself. But in a minute she was back on her knees and excitedly waving the next guy over. And, no sooner was this guy in her mouth than she was looking for me - her cameraman – she wanted each and every guy to have several nice pictures of her, with him, to bring home and to work.

The night shift shafted Brandy all afternoon, until about 8 that evening, by which time the 7 to 3 day shift started to sift in. By 10, any night-shifter who hadn’t had a turn inside Brandy’s mouth was promised ‘first dibs’ the next day. Brandy, meanwhile, was choking down day-shift guys now. Then, by about 2 the next morning, the 3 to 11 swing shift guys started to show up, and Bonnie and Bill proudly brought them in to join in the fun.

Things quietened down by about 10 that morning, as the swing shifters started heading home. I was exhausted. I had no idea how Brandy was still going. It must have been adrenaline. But when I asked to lie down on the couch while waiting for the night shift to show up again in a couple of hours, Brandy insisted that I take Viagra, while she went into her head harness again.

“Don’t you need some sl**p?” I asked her.

She just shrugged.

“Anytime a teenage girl offers you anything, you’d better TAKE it,’” Bonnie k**ded, already grabbing the harness off a nearby table.

This time, of course, I just stood there while Brandy latched on, and Bonnie held her head only lightly while Bill sauntered around the back to pull the straps even tighter than before.

“Real tight, Bill,” Bonnie urged him on.

Then Brandy and I did that delicate little dance getting into position on the couch. Finally, Bonnie helped me with some pillows so I’d rest comfortably.

“You SHOULD get some sl**p,” she told me. “Brandy will definitely want you to take more pictures when the guys start arriving again. Isn’t that right, Honey?”

Brandy wiggled her bum.

“Bill’s putting a little sign on the door, so we all should be able to get at least a few hours sl**p,” Bonnie continued.

“Okay,” I said, putting both hands behind my head.

“Are you okay?” I asked the girl whose face was affixed to my crotch as I was about to close my eyes. All I could see was the top of her head, so she just wiggled her bum again playfully and I knew she was.

“She’ll be fine,” Bonnie added. “You just get some sl**p. Again, you’re going to be busy when the guys start showing up again.”

I nodded, yawned and stretched. “Good night, Brandy,” I said, even though it was morning.

And again, this delightful little teen wiggled her bum cutely.

*** (Parts II and III to come)...

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