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Brandy's Deep Throat Adventures: Part 3, Pg 2

A couple of times, the postman prematurely said “Hello, Brandy” and it wasn’t her. First, after my weekend with Sean’s wife, he convinced Melanie to try out the ‘dog hoist’, and Brandy was willing to share. So, on a Saturday morning, Sean drove Melanie over to Bill and Bonnie’s place, where I was to meet them at 7:30. I, in fact, decided to get there early to set up some cameras on the front lawn; and it’s a good thing I did, because Melanie was too excited to sl**p that night and convinced Sean to get there at 7. Sean was laughing when he drove up, because Melanie had spent almost an hour in the bathroom making sure her make-up was perfect, and STILL was fixing it in the little car mirror.

“Rambo and Atlas are going to LOVE you,” he told her, jokingly, but lovingly. He wanted her to have fun. In fact, Melanie looked gorgeous.

“You’re a lucky man!” I told Sean as I watched Melanie being shackled into place. She’d just washed her long blonde hair and it was so silky and smooth looking, extending half way down her back. Her face was angelic. Her make-up was perfect. And her figure was unbelievable. That she’d chosen to wear a tight pair of white short shorts, a light pink top and black heels was enough to push my testosterone level up past gorilla level. I, for one, could hardly wait for Mr. Classen to arrive with his two pals.

As it was, Rambo and Atlas did think Melanie looked wonderful... enough to pork her throat continuously for a combined 4 hours. Then, it was Mr. Classen’s turn; followed by Mr. Aiken; followed by Bill; followed by an endless stream of others. By mid afternoon, someone tried the O-ring gag on her and, predictably, it stayed on once put in place.

Now’… I know what you are thinking’… mail isn’t delivered on Saturday OR Sunday, so how did the postman come to say “Hello” to Melanie? Well, we can all thank Melanie’s own sweet hubby for that one; because he just disappeared mid afternoon, taking all the shackle keys, and even the O-ring key along with him. He called long-distance at around 10 that evening, saying that he’d caught a 6p.m. flight and now was in Las Vegas with some buddies, a little practical joke he’d been planning to play on Melanie for weeks.

“I’ll pop by with the keys Monday morning after my Sunday night shift,” he said. “Tell Melanie I love her.”

“She’s right here,” Bonnie said, smiling broadly over how Sean really seemed to have started something that first night he forgot the keys in his pocket. Bonnie then placed the wireless phone up to Melanie’s ear so Sean could tell her everything herself. All Melanie could do was roll her eyes, shake her head and say “Hmmm (men)!”

And then the next guy in line inserted his cock in the O-ring and down Melanie’s throat as Bonnie announced to everyone mulling about that Melanie’s mouth would remain available for another 40 hours or so.

“Call your friends and tell them ALL to come on down!” Bonnie urged, as Melanie stared up at her with big grateful eyes.

Incidentally, Melanie had decided to wear a very sweet pair of red, nylon bikini panties under her white shorts and, by the time Bonnie and Bill came to check on her on the Sunday morning, her shorts were just being pulled down to around her knees. Now, Bonnie argued that the neighbours wouldn’t want to see bare ass on the street – no matter how cute the ass – so she insisted that the panties stay up. But that didn’t stop a 12+-hour stream of ass-to-mouth for Sean’s young blonde wife. Bonnie told the guys to leave Melanie’s panties up – “they look so pretty on her!” – but to just push them a little to the right to insert their rods – “that way, the people on the street get to still see the panties on their side.” When Sean called to check on his beloved late that afternoon, in fact, she had one guy in her mouth and one guy in her ass at the same time, a situation Bonnie told him had been virtually continuous since the morning.

“Guys start with her ass and then go to her mouth, with two guys on her ALL the time; but they’ve been great about leaving her panties up,” Bonnie said.

“What?” Sean erupted, laughing uncontrollably. “Put her on.”

As she had the evening before, Bonnie held the phone to Melanie’s ear while Sean chatted gaily with his wife for a few moments’… this time, though, poor Melanie had to really concentrate on what her beloved hubby was saying, because both her throat and ass were being pounded mercilessly. All she really remembered was him telling her that he really wished he was there to see all of this, and for her to just keep having fun.

“I’ll be right over tomorrow after I go home from work, sl**p for a few hours, and have a shower and breakfast… no later than early to mid afternoon. Love you.”

Eventually, Melanie’s nice shorts were pulled up again, and guys returned to just fucking her mouth for the last 16 hours or so. When he finally showed up, late afternoon, Sean had his own camera out to take several dozen pretty pictures of his wife to show both his and Melanie’s parents and all their friends. But he also took several of the dog hoist itself, announcing loudly to Melanie and everyone within earshot that he intended to return to build a similar device for his wife to use right next to Brandy’s, facing the opposite way, so the two girls could enjoy watching each other.

“They could have races! First one to 100 blowjobs!” one voice piped in from the back, to universal approval.

Anal Valley
“How about 200?” another called out.

“Next weekend definitely!” Sean promised, nodding and lovingly patting his wife’s bum. He knew she’d have fun giving 200 blowjobs in a row, even if it did take a couple of days. “We could invite your folks and sibs down to watch you, Honey!” he said, encouragingly.

With a huge black cock buried all the way down her throat and just held there, Melanie just gurgled her approval. You could tell just how excited she was! And, true to his word, all week Sean showed up at the house to work for about 1-2 hours every day before heading off to the factory for his evening shift, and even stopped by a sex shop to buy Melanie her own O-ring, so that, by the next weekend, he himself got to strap his lovely blonde wife onto her very own device, with Rambo and Atlas already lined up for her and Brandy both, so as to start the weekend-long festivities off right. The two girls had a blast watching each other’s throat being mercilessly pounded while they were helpless to stop it. But perhaps the most fun came when someone thought to pull down Brandy’s pink shorts and Melanie’s white shorts to start the ass-to-mouth thing for several hours, this time going from Melanie’s ass to Brandy’s mouth, and from Brandy’s ass to Melanie’s mouth. Suffice it to say that each girl’s eyes grew wide with anticipation each time a shit-coated cock emerged from the other’s ass destined for her own mouth. But finally the girls’ shorts were pulled up again and seeing how gorgeous those asses were in those tight shorts was fun too.

The second time the postman addressed the wrong ‘Brandy’, it was our city’s own wondering reporter, Kaitlin Smith, who’d come to do a follow-up story on the pretty Canadian exchange student enhancing international relations on the lawn. Come noontime, when Brandy was ready to go inside to resume her activities there, Kaitlin decided she’d like to see what the whole device felt like… so she was strapped in. In her patented black dress pants and heels, plus a cream-coloured blouse, she looked just like the Kaitlin Smith viewers usually saw on television… except for the O-ring gag, which her producer put into Kaitlin’s mouth immediately. Then, taking directions of Sean’s page, the producer left Kaitlin like that overnight, because he wanted to “finish the story up with Rambo and Atlas”, since they were the two everything had started with. Needless to say, Kaitlin could hardly say no to the merits of that idea. (In fact, she couldn’t say anything at all.) In the meantime, let’s just say that Kaitlin got to really know the men of our neighbourhood all through the night and morning, while waiting for the big climax with Mr. Classen’s dogs about noon the next day.

But, with those two exceptions, and because Melanie and Brandy (or sometimes Kaitlin) can work together now (and often do), Brandy gets to greet the postman every day that he comes around now.

“Is that Brandy again today?” he calls out, approaching the house from the sidewalk behind her.

“Hmm, hmmm!” she answers happily, when she can. Otherwise, she just pushes out and wiggles her bum playfully, proudly displaying whatever jeans or pants or short shorts she’s wearing (my favourites are still those insanely tight navy blue jeans she has, her pink shorts, and a nice pain of pale yellow, front-pleated, front-pocket dress pants that show off the lines of her underlying satin bikini panties very nicely). Of course, the postman says “Hi” to Melanie as well, whenever she’s there, which is at least 2-3 times per week. And Melanie is always pleased to see him and wiggles her bum too.

Now that Brandy is back at school, she does her ‘community service credits’ in the morning on the front lawn. At around noon, a couple of her girlfriends show up to watch and envy their friend and, when she’s there, Melanie; then Bonnie let’s Brandy loose, and the pretty teen walks with her friends the 1’½ blocks to school to catch classes from about 12:30 to 3:00, usually fixing her make-up in a little pocket mirror as she walks and talks. Then, right from school, she gets picked up by Bill on his way to the factory to earn her ‘work study’ credits. The dog hoists are almost never vacant, however, because various other girls from Brandy’s school or young wives from the neighbourhood are always getting strapped in, followed immediately by a line-up of men showing up to utilize the pretty mouths that have now become available. The understanding is that any pretty girl 18 or older can use the hoists, so long as they are neat and clean, dress nicely, and free them up once Brandy and/or Melanie show up to use them. And, if the girls do ass-to-mouth, their panties stay on.
On weekends, though, it’s Brandy who spends all her time on the front lawn ‘catching up’ with all those who can’t make it during the week. Bonnie shackles Brandy in at around 8:00 a.m., usually with the O-ring locked into her mouth, and then Bonnie heads off to a new volunteer job she’s taken, from 9 to 5 on Saturdays and noon to 5 on Sundays, through her church. Bill usually sl**ps in, but it doesn’t matter because (1) Bonnie always takes all Brandy’s keys anyway; and (2) the girl always is kept busy well into the evening.

As for me, I wouldn’t miss Brandy’s weekend fun for the world. I’m usually there setting up my cameras as Bonnie is getting Brandy ready. And it’s usually me who is Brandy’s last throat fucker of the day. Then I go home and spend a couple of hours downloading all Brandy’s pictures and video coverage to a really nice free-access website I’ve set up for her.

Brandy LOVES knowing that millions of guys all over the world, including almost all the guys she knows, are beating off to her now over 200,000 pictures. Don’t you, Sweetheart?

Guess what?
She just looked up at me and blinked her eyes twice.
What a cutie!!!

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