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My Wife's Sweet Pussy

My wife’s pussy is amazing and always leaves me wanting more. Her pussy is very sensitive to the slightest touch yet it loves to be manhandled and stuffed to the max. After over 20 years of wet pussy- splitting orgasms and kinky explorations she still opens up for more and more.

When we were first together I would touch her all over when we would go to bed and quickly learned where her “hotspots” are. Her nipples are very sensitive and when I play with them she gets very wet very quickly. I learned that if I pinch her nipples hard she melts and her pussy starts to gush. Once she is this horny her pussy will be twitching and responds in ways that I could have never imagined. We have had sex a thousand times and she is still tight, but her pussy will also stretch in many different ways to accommodate practically anything that is trying to find its way in. On many occasions, after drinking more than one too many, I have found myself lying next to her in bed after we both have crashed…usually with her in skimpy panties and lying on her stomach. She has a phat round ass that has always attracted attention and begs to be noticed. I would find myself rubbing her ass and then she would respond by lifting her hips up and displaying her wet booty way up in the air while wiggling her ass from side to side. I would take my time and very slowly rub her pussy and pull her panties to the side and slowly bury my face in her now sopping wetness.

I would do this for a long time, very slowly, making sure I take deep breaths and savor the sweet scent of her juicy pussy, pulling her panties down off of her round ass…and that’s when the fun would really start. While acting like she was still sl**ping she would arch her back and push her pussy up to allow me more access. I would sink one, two, three, and then four fingers into her as she pushed back and bucked all over. I eventually would have three fingers buried deep in her and then would ask her if I could put one more finger back in, but this time it would be my BIG finger, which was my rock hard dick. She would mumble “a-hah” and I would push it in, three fingers swirling all around and a big dick pumping in and out all at the same time and as deep as I could go…she absolutely loves it!! I would not want to come yet so I would pull my dick out but keep pumping her wet pussy with four fingers as deep as I could get them in…all the way up to my knuckles and then some!!! I would then stop altogether and get this crazy idea of using different objects from around the house and try to get them to fit in her now sloppy wet pussy and see which one will make her finally cum.

I had eventually done this enough times that it has become a habit. I would search around the room looking for objects to stuff into my wife’s waiting pussy keeping one rule in mind, it had to be clean and smooth…I didn’t want to hurt her so whatever the object was it had to be clean enough to put in my mouth first…before I slid it into her pussy I would clean it. While I was off washing my collection of household products that would soon find their way into my wife’s waiting and squirming pussy, she would still have her ass in the air half d***k, and waiting to cum. I would slowly start to rub one of my newly commissioned toys on the back of her thighs and on her asscheecks. I would slowly work towards her wet pussy and slide it up and down her wet lips to get it lubed up for its deep journey. She always knew what was going on and would visibly shiver from the sexual excitement of knowing that she was about to have her pussy stretched and pounded. As soon as I pushed it against her pussyhole she would quiver and rotate her hips from side to side again indicating that she wanted something to penetrate her. I would slowly work it in as she would start to buck and every once in a while she would stop writhing around and with her eyes closed let out this long muffled moan with her mouth opened as wide as her pussy was stretched. (There always seemed to be a correlation between how wide her mouth was open and how wide her pussy was getting stretched open).

She would still pretend to be asl**p and would let me go on like this for hours. I would use things like bottles (small shampoo bottles, thin hairspray bottles, whole bottles of KY lube), various dildos and vibrators, cell phones, fruits & vegetables, kitchen utensils (stirring spoons with fat handles), candles, small souvenier baseball bats, hairbrushes with fat handles, anything phallic shaped that might fit into her pussy, and her favorite…remote controls. I would slide things in her and then tell her things like, “Kath (her name is Kathi)…you have a phone in your pussy! Isn’t that crazy?…you actually have a cell phone swirling around in your pussy!!” She would moan and jerk around, she could go on like this for a long time and many times she would go on literally all night until I had to get ready for work. I would go to work smelling like pussy while she was at home in bed with a household item stuffed in her clenching pussy. When I would use the remote control I would stuff it in her as far as it would go (it was a fairly large one) and I would jerk it move it all in large circular motions around while it was inside her saying, “Kath…I don’t like what’s on TV…I’m going to change the channel…OK…do you mind if I change the channel while the remote control is lost up in your pussy?” This would drive her crazy and she would start to cum and stick her ass up the air even higher. There were many times when I hurt myself trying to stuff my dick into her while she was squeezing her pussy around other objects that were stretching her pulsating pussy beyond its limits. It seemed as though I could fit just about anything in there and got a front row seat inches away as I watched her pussy gobble everything up. There were many times when I would cum just watching it all happen. One time I was able to get her booty positioned over the medium sized wooden oval ornament on the corner of our bed’s footboard…I slowly guided her ass down on it and moved her ass all around enough to work this thing all the way into her pussy until it completely disappeared…she stayed like that just vibrating and shivering for about 45 minutes while I knelt behind her spreading her ass checks open and closed and licking and fingering her asshole. She was so stuffed and so attached to that ornament that when she started to cum her ass and hips didn’t move an inch…she just stayed motionless in one spot cumming for a long time, unable to move.

Sometimes when we were at parties in other people’s homes I would try to get her d***k and horny enough to want me to stuff her pussy in front of everyone but it never worked out…I came close several times but everyone was so messed up they all crashed without knowing that I was knuckle deep in my wife’s booty. One time when we over a friend’s house, like we were every weekend, we spent the night and I woke up in the middle of the night to her squirming around in a way that I knew that her pussy was aching for a stuffing, I was looking for something to slide in her pussy and all I could find in my d***ken state was a joystick controller (from an old Atari gameset). I wanted to turn on the game and use the joystick that was now being squeezed by her pussy to play a game while it was still inside her…jerking it all around and listen to her pussy make all those wet slurping noises while her pussyhole was trying in vain to grab it...all while telling her that we were going to put pussyjuice on everything the guy owned before we left. I tried to get our friend to wake up and play some video games with me while both of the joysticks were crammed into my wife’s pussy...using her pussy hole as the joystick holder and moving the bases of the controllrs all over the place to see how wide we could get her spread open, but he was knocked out and wouldn’t get up. She and I would end up doing stuff like this in front of the windows at home, outside on the deck, in front of the windows in hotel rooms, in our little tent when we went camping (keeping the doors unzipped hoping that someone would want to see what all the noises were about)and I almost talked her into doing it in the truck driving down the highway so she could put on an amazing pussy show for the truckers.

She also likes it when I spread her pussy open as wide as I can and make that pussy hole gape wide open. I will slide three fingers from each hand deep into her pussy and slowly, very slowly, spread it wide open, as wide as I possibly can. I will hold it open like that for five minutes at a time just staring into her gaping wetness…what is especially amazing about this is that within about one or two minutes with being spread wide open like that her pussyhole would start to twitch, tighten up and start squeezing...trying to clench down on something…opening and closing unable to grab ahold of anything at the edge of going crazy from cumming so hard. I still want to arrange to have a “pussy party” without her realizing it…make her wet and horny before everyone shows up and get her to stuff something in her pussy and keep it in there while walking around talking to people totally unaware that the reason antone is even there is to watch or take turns stuffing their fingers, objects and anything else we can find deep into her juicy pussy for hours on end. I want to share these amazing moments with others because they will not believe what they are seeing.

The thing that amazes me the most is that after all of that deep pumping and fat stretching, her pussy goes right back to being tight when I tell her to squeeze it, I mean so tight that it pushes back on your pinky finger and won’t let it in without some f***e. I tell her nasty stories of letting other guys do what they want with her while filling her up and spreading and licking her. One of my favorite stories to tell her while she has her ass in the air getting her pussy stuffed is one about going to the movies and sitting in the back row, she sits in my lap as I play with her pussy. We make sure we sit behind a couple of guys and then I pull down her pants and panties to her ankles and start pulling her pussy lips apart and spreading her hole wide open…then I nudge one of the guys in front of us with my shoe…when he turns around he gets a faceful of my wife’s twitching pussy and buries his face in it for the rest of the show while I hold it open for him. I open her pussy lips slowly and more on one side...then more on the other...then open it by moving my hands in all different directions causing her pussy to open and close in all sorts of different contortions while someone else licks her all over from hole to hole and suck on her clit. She loves it and starts cumming everywhere when I tell her this story. Needless to say I don’t get much sl**p!!
Another one of my favorite stories/fantasies I whisper to her while working her booty over is one where we are out at a bar/lounge…someplace nice…not a hole in the wall…and the place is not very busy. She is wearing a short skirt and puts her coat/jacket on the back of the barstool as she sits down.

After a few drinks I eventually slide my hand down her back and make my way to her ass as she leans forward and gives me access. She gets so turned on she goes to the ladies room and removes her panties and puts them in her purse. When she comes back and sits down she hikes her short skirt up to her waist as she opens her purse to show me that she is now pantyless. We spend the rest of the evening sitting at the bar while I give her a deep pussy massage from behind, bringing her close to orgasm over and over while her coat on the back of the stool provides some sort of cover…or so we think. Eventually someone does notice and sits at the empty stool on the other side next to her and smooth talks his way into helping me stuff her pussy. We stay there for hours while her now stretched, red, poor little helpless and overworked pussy continues to get worked over again and again by both her husband and a complete stranger. She starts to squirm and gush everywhere.

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