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Alone... with ghots

Recently I start to sl**p without underwear... One, for the season, too muc hot, and two, to give different ways to my nights... So I think a lots of fantasy, the first one to masturb for someone. I think that is very wonderful to come for the person who is with you to have sex.
The last night I was in bed and I didn't sl**p, so I start to stroke gently my cock, caress it like was alive. At a moment, while I had eyes closed, enjoying the hand's stroking on my penis, I imagined a ghost trapped in my room, and so I took out the sheets, I spread legs and I start to caress my pubes, coming to the man pleasure tree. At that time the ghost, while my hands clims the fleshy and wet cortex of my cock (it began to come out the first drops), it come down, like wants to smell the flavour creating around my dick.
The pleasure grown up, trying to resist to come; I saw my cock swollen, and the thinking of the ghost's presence it didn't nothing but increase... untill I felt on my balls... so I resist no more and I start to come out my load: on my bed I take pleasure by my ejaculation, feeling all my semen descend on my cock, and stopping on my pubes.
I don't know if that touch was only imaginated, but from that night, I start my personal show for my ghost, who await all my coming, just to enjoy it

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