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Master makes his new sub his slut

The day has finally arrived. I walk into the museum trying to stay calm. I make my way to the painting and the bench we agreed to meet at near some large doors through which my future will soon be arriving. I quickly check the time on my mobile phone and realise i still have a good ten minutes before you are due to arrive.

I take a deep breath against the stares of the other people visiting the gallery. I seat myself slowly, feeling my skirt ride up a little i try to pull it down over my bare arse that is touching the bench from the rear spilt in my skirt feeling exposed. I imagine everyone in the room is staring at me with my tightly laced corset accenuating my waist and breasts almost overflowing from it. The figure hugging skirt with a long rear split you have requested that i wear for you. The stocking tops are almost exposed when walking and along with the high heels i dont look like the average visitor here.
I sit anxiously waiting, waiting for... what? The fulfilment of my fantasies. The man who will make me complete, teach me and help me become what he wants maybe even what i really am. To use and fuck me like i've never been used or fucked before. A smile lights up my face as i think of you and i am aware of the wetness beginning to coat my inner thighs. At that moment a tall figure shadows over me stopping and a familiar voice says "Stand then so i might see all of you."

My breath catches in my throat and my knees feel too weak to support me as i lift myself to my feet. My eyes travel up your jeans, shirt and upwards to your handsome face. Those eyes under heavy eyebrows are smiling at me as your strong arms reach around me and press into my already weakened flesh. My face just above your chest and toward your lower neck inhaling your aroma. My breasts tingling where they touch you and i feel an answering bulge growing against my stomach. You lower your head and take my lips to yours sending electricity through my body. Your tongue teasing mine for a moment before withdrawing. Then as look at me with those eyes penetrating me, you whisper "Lets get away before I take you right here. I cannot wait much longer."
I nod, unable to speak and walk with you to the exit. We head to the lift and i press the button for the lower floor. The lift is very full and you position me in front of you with my arse just barely brushing against your already hard cock. I feel i cannot wait much longer either.

Once outside amongst the hustle and bustle of the city you stop me with a grip of my wrist and say "This is the only time I am going to ask you this. Now we have finally met do you trust and surrender yourself to me to do with as I please, to use you however I see fit, guide and own you?" "Yes," i answer breathlessly looking up into your eyes.

"Then we will visit the cinema I have often spoke about to you" you state with more than a mischievious smirk on your face."I was going to keep it a secret, just in case you couldn't go through with it, but I know now that I can use you any way I wish, that you need to do these things I ask of you."
I know already you will never make me do something i really don't want to or push me too far when i am not ready so with an excited nervousness i do not question it further either in my head or aloud to you.

We arrive at our destination, a very cleverly concealed entrance to the two screen cinema. We don't even have to pay an entrance fee being a couple. We pass the cashier and go down a longish corridor toward the actual entrance of the largest room of the cinema.
You stop just before we enter it and sink into a chair proceeding to unzip you jeans. I instinctively fall to my knees before you and lower my face to meet your magnificent erection. The head glistens with precum and i grip the base bringing it to my lips eagerly. Savouring you both salty and sweet on my tongue as i lick and probe the slit. I slide my tongue down the length of your shaft and then let my tongue circle round your balls. Sucking first one then another into my mouth, showing you my lust. I then slide back up your shaft to purse my eager lips around the bulging head and slide it into my mouth inch by delicious inch. My lips are stretched impossibly wide to the point of pain as you fill the very walls of my mouth and the depths of my throat. All my fears drop away as i begin to suck you greedily.
You slide easily down my throat as a result of me practicing on a dildo in preparation for the day i would finally have you. You is the first man i have trained myself for the pleasure of deepthroating. I slide up and down as your hands rest on my head gently though it is not long before they are tightening and pushing me urgently onto you. A fresh wave of excitement surges through me as I realise you are ready to give me what i have craved for so long.
You groan deeply and your balls tighten as you thrust as far as you can possibly go into my throat and jerks as you fill my throat with your creamy explosion, hot like a volcanic eruption. I am impaled helplessly as it pours down my throat in spasms. After a while you pull back a little and the taste finally fills my mouth as I suck in air and moan in pleasure, sucking the remainder out of you. I lick every drop i can off your cock then sink back on my heels smiling up at you with watering eyes from the f***e of the wondeful throat fucking you just gave me. You smile back and stroke my hair as he breathe deeply to recover. "Are you ready to go right inside the cinema now" you ask and pull me too my feet before i even have chance to reply.

You lead me through and it takes a little while to get accustomed to the darkness even though you lead us to the front row. Straight away you cup my breasts freeing them above my corset thus exposing them and begin to twist and play with my nipples. Smiling you inform me that the guy behind us is already wanking and tell me to turn and see, so i do. He is pulling harder at his cock as he sees that i am observing and although excited by the vision i turn back as i can feel another presence to the left of me. Your hand slides up my skirt making sure i have left off my underwear. You had ordered me to leave it at home as i wouldn't need knickers with you,
"You have followed my instructions then my slut?" you state smiling to me and then nudge me to indicate that the guy who just arrived to the left of me now has his cock out.
Enjoying the show too, you know the excitement is building in me "You like this don't you slut" you say and you also know that you calling me your slut right now is driving that excitement further.
The scene in front of us on the cinema scree appropriately shows a submissive slut, surrounded by several men, all wanking too. The woman has her hands tied behind her, nipples clamped and her long hair tied up into a high pony tail All the better to hold onto we discover. The men take turns to fuck her face. They take no notice if she gags, and looking in her eyes she is more than a willing victim of their actions. The other men wait their turns, slowly wanking their cocks and rubbing them against her body when they can.

"What a nasty slut she is, don't you think" you ask me. I feel sure you are almost testing me and wonder if you are trying to lure me into outdoing the woman on the film but i also know that whatever i do for you you will be pleased with me so i just respond with a breathless "yes she is" with my eyes not breaking from the screen. You grab my hair and turn me to face you kissing me roughly and feeling my body respond to your Masterful hold.
You can feel the heat growing in my cunt as you pull up my skirt and begin to explore it in all its wetness. The sounds of sucking coming from the film, the grunts from the men using the slut, all adding to our highly charged lust. I sense you are really enjoying the feeling of power you have over me and also having brought me to this place.

I look up, my eyes now accustomed to the dingy lighting. I can see now several men in very close proximity all wanking as they have been watching us. We both watch as erect cocks of different sizes appear before us. Observing intently as we see hands stroking cocks up and down at differing paces.
"Play with yourself slut, put on a show for these guys" you whisper in my ear. Handing me a glass dildo you planned to present me with later you nod for me to proceed with your request.
You watch me sit with my legs apart, slowly rubbing the dildo up and down my already wet and tender cunt lips.
All eyes watch as i slowly slide the end inside myself, throwing back my head and long raven hair with a moan as i grind on all 7 inches of the glass cock. "That's it slut, fuck yourself hard, imagine all these cocks spunking all over you" you say, encouraging me to give into the a****l slut deep in me.

I watch you watching me and them too and become increasingly excited when you stand before me pushing a guy to the floor to suck your lovely cock now hard and exposed again. They other men don't need any more encouragement and start to move closer to us both and it doesn't take long for the first to start wanking his cock close to my face then you speak "Now then guys know my rules... No touching the slut if the slut wants her breasts and cunt playing with she's to do it herself."

This removes all my fears almost as if you read my mind and i relax delighting in watching you fuck the guys mouth just as you had mine earlier.
I know well the pleasure he must be feeling and i see it in you too as you hold his head and my gaze. With your look i grow in confidence and arousal as the heady rush from all that is new, all is happening so fast. I reach out with a free hand to stroke and fondle each man in turn. I can see your approval and increasing excitement as i do. In me touching them it pushes some of the men over the edge and as they cry out. One starts spunking over me shooting all his cream onto my exposed breasts making me look like a real slut now.
The vision of this also appears to drive you over the edge and you pull back just in time for me to see you shoot all over the guy on his knees before you.
At that precise moment i writhe and wriggle in my seat, i feel my cunt contract repeatedly with excitement taking the opportuninty to pull back the skin surrounding my swollen throbbing clit as i orgasm in multiple, leaving a mess on the seat for whoever may sit there next.

You move toward me and raise me from the chair, then remove some baby wipes from my open bag and tentivaly clean me up and yourself too. Kissing and hugging me before fixing my appearance prior to our leaving and telling me how proud you are of me.
We depart making our way to the station to board the train. Once aboard i snuggle into you contented and reflective for the journey home.

As we get off the train you take me around to the deserted part behind it.I know straight away you have something else in store for me,
You grin, knowing you have me now, nothing will be too much for your slut. You have gained my trust and pushed my limits already so there are few there anymore. "Open that mouth of yours for me" you utter..."We have done so much already today but let me see if i can make one of your fantasies your reality". When i seem to hesitate too long for your liking you pull my hair so my head is pulled back and lean in close looking into my eyes. I look up at you in adoringly almost hypnotised by you. "Yes my slut. I've been drinking all afternoon are you ready for this" you almost gloat as you say it. With that you release all you have been holding back into my open mouth watching intently as the jet fills my mouth and fills it instantly. As you watch me gulping the flow trying hard to keep swallowing to your speed. You marvel as you see me comply, already sealing myself to the most intimate act i said i would ever do for you.

We arrive home and after showering and remaining naked we spend the rest of the evening relaxing and discussing the days events over a bottle of wine. We fall asl**p with our bodies pressed together your arms wrapped around your new slut protectively. I sl**p well knowing that that although it was an unique first meeting it is the start of something very special.

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