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Mom like daughter part 3

Mother and daughter part 3

Over the next few days the only time I had was in the evening and I talked with Judy and Beck but didn’t see them until Friday. The conversations with Beck were what I had in store for her and Mom this coming weekend, which I kept to myself even as she was begging to hear my ideas for her and her Mom.

The conversations with Judy were about how come she had not shared that she was into the lifestyle when we were just a couple. Judy shared that in some sense she was just want a more ‘normal’ relationship and she had never picked up that I was also in the lifestyle. So we agreed that we both were covering up the true self. I shared that I was glad we had found out the true nature and looked forward to seeing my little ‘whore mom’ perform for me with Beck my fuck bitch.

I had several calls from both my fuck bitch and my whore wanting to orgasm, which I had told them, was not to happen without my permission. One night about 11 the phone rang and Judy was on the line begging please allow her to fuck herself to a blast fucking Big O. I refused to give in and Judy said OK and hung up the phone. Two minutes later my phone rang again and Beck was on the line begging like her Mom to please please could she continue with the dildo in her pussy to climaxing. Again I laughed and said no she had to wait. I hung up the phone and went to sl**p thinking of my two subs laying in their beds doing what I had told them to do and being fucking frustrated not able to cum.

Friday was the appointed next session for Beck and her Mom. I wanted to make sure the Mom knew her daughter was a total fuck slut and willing to please her Master in any and all ways. This time they arrived together wearing a white blouse and short black mini skirt, looking like the twin s****rs.

I had given instructions the previous evening to Judy as to what I wanted her to do upon arrival this evening. Being the submissive whore she stepped inside the front door and proceeded to rip Beck’s blouse off, with Beck fighting to prevent her Mom doing what I had told her to do. Judy did win out and Beck stood there with Mom standing behind her arms around her daughter holding her perky tits showing me that both where my submissive sluts ready to do what I desired and demanded.

Much to Judy’s surprise Beck stepped forward and turned around and with one single swift motion returned the favor and Moms tits were exposed and then Beck reached around on the counter and retrieved the nipple clamps I had placed there. Beck kissed her Mom with her tongue down Moms throat and stepped back and taking Moms right tit put the tweezers clamp tightly on Judy’s aroused nip. Judy whined in pain but said nothing as Beck moved to put the other clamp on her left tit, when both were in place Judy stood with the pain shooting through her 38d tits and smiling. Beck then reached up and took firm hold of the chain of the clamps and moved toward me with Mom in tow. Judy was struggling to stay up and each step sent a rush of pain into her body. Beck came before me and as instructed knelt down and holding the chain in her right hand she leaned forward and took my erection into her mouth and gagged on the fucking action. Mom stood there in her own world with the clamps being pulled tight begging with her eyes to join her daughter in sucking my cock.

I pulled Beck by her hair and motioned for her Mom to join her. First I had them kiss and play with the others tits. Judy flinched as her daughter fondled her nip clamped tits, but stayed with it like a good whore. I then told Beck to have her Mom suck on her perky little tits, which really was a nice hot fucking picture.

I then told Beck to stand up and strip in front of Judy. She did as told and stood naked in front of her Mom and me ready to be used. Then I told Judy to do the same and she jumped up and stripped as her daughter only a foot away watched. I told them again to go after the other and Beck to rough up her Mom’s tits really good. Beck grabbed the chain of the clamps and twisted it into a knot pulling the clamps to the center and tight, with Judy beginning to cry as it must have really been painful. I laughed and told Beck harder to which she gave a hank and Judy went to her knees with tears streaming down her face. Beck didn’t stop and Judy knew that she had crossed the line into total submission to be able to bear the pain in her tits. I told her daughter to back off and remove the clamps from her Moms tits, which you know sends the pain throughout the rest of her body. Judy looked at me as Beck removed one clamp then the other with each her eyes rolled back and she shuttered for a moment in the grip of the nips. I then told Beck to suck on each tit which she did like a good sub. Her Mom held her head to her as my fuck bitch did as she was told. I just sat there and enjoyed the moment.

I watched and then reached down and pinched Beck’s tit and told her to stop and that it was now her turn. Beck looked with those pretty brown eyes begging me not to have her do that, but know she was about to experience the pain her Mom knew all to well. Beck didn’t want to go there because pain sends her to sub space and she does what ever I want and she knew some would be embarrassing in front of Mom.

When her Mom had clamped Beck’s tits I watched as she responded as expected. Judy I think wanted to say stop but she couldn’t as Beck went over the edge and looked at me telling me to use her like the fuck bitch she is. I took hold of the chain pulled it tight and told me fuck bitch I was going to do just that. Judy sighed but relaxed and watched the show; of her daughter being what she was a fuck toy for Master.

I instructed Beck to place her Mom in the armless chair in the corner of the room and tie her to the chair with the rope she found there. Once Judy was secure I asked Judy did she want the ball gag, which I knew she hated or would she remain silent for the next step of her daughter being used by her Master. She agreed to the silence and I told her that if she didn’t remain that way I would take her daughter my fucking bitch even further than I had planned and she nodded she understood.

Beck came back and knelt before me and I removed the clamps from her tits and watched as she rolled her eyes back in her head and lifted them to me. Nice picture and I pinched each just for the pleasure of seeing Beck squirm and try not to get away. I made a call on my cell phone and told the next cock to fuck my bitch she was ready. As I hung up the front door opened and two nice looking guys walked in with the biggest shit eating grins I have ever seen. Both went right over to Beck and pulled out their cocks and took turns gagging my fuck bitch. The surprise for Beck was the size as both grew to over 8” and the one on the left was nice and thick as well. Beck was opening her mouth wider and wider as Bob the thick cock and Jake the other pushed her head hard down on their shafts. Judy was struggling to watch her daughter be taken and used in such a fashion, but I wasn’t sure that she also want to be down there with her daughter being treated like the fuck toy they both were.

The two guys back off of Beck and picked her up taking turns sucking her tits, which sent Beck into subspace once again and Judy murmured something, which I ignored as I knew she was having a hard time just watching. The tow guys were really going after my fuck toy’s tits and Beck was holding on to their heads tight. Next Bob, the one with the thick cock lay on his back and pulled Beck on top of him entering her wet pussy with one swift motion. Beck was facing Bob and I was standing so I could see the total pleasure she was getting as he had her ride his shaft and her hips in motion with each stroke. I asked her how she was doing and received a breathless response of fine as she was enjoying her fuck.

As this was going on Jake moved behind Beck and started fingering her ass, and at the same time lubing her up for what was going in next. I saw Beck take a look back and then at me as she knew what was about to come her was a second cock. Jake moved over and took hold of Beck’s hips and positioning his cock for a direct shot into my fuck toy’s ass, leaned forward and told her, enjoy, and with that penetrated her with once swift thrust. Beck let out a cry as did Mom in the corner, but Jake and Bob were now deep into Beck and there was no stopping. Both cocks started that in and out action and got the rhythm going of one in her and then the other with Beck totally gone to a sub’s pleasure and space. I watched as they used her holes for the pleasure of their cocks fucking the bitch harder and faster. I really didn’t take as long as you see in porn movies for these two to get ready to blow their loads. Jake pulled out first and Bob pushed Beck off and to the floor. With both standing over Beck they told her to open her mouth close her eyes and get ready to be a cum hunger slut. Beck hesitated and Bob slapped her face and told her again to open her fucking mouth and close her eyes. This time Beck did and with that Jake’s load went everywhere followed within a few seconds by Bob’s. Both of these guys shot huge loads covering my fuck bitch’s face getting in her hair and also getting quite a bit into her mouth. What a picture and I watched as her Mom sat in her corner as her daughter was initiated into the world of submission. I went over untied Mom and told her to get over to Beck and clean up the mess with her tongue. Beck had been told not to swallow the load in her mouth so the first thing her Mom did was take that cum out of Beck’s mouth and swallow it. Then Judy started licking the cum from her daughter’s face one stroke at a time, and in the process got a lot on her face, which Beck then licked off and swallowed.

Have to admit the two subs did a good job that Friday afternoon and their was much more action before they went home Sunday afternoon.

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