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First time with the Russian

I've been considering writing this, and a few other stories (or journals, really) for quite a while now. Everything I write about happened to me, and I'll be writing in first person. I might change a person's name or a small detail, but other than that these stories will be 100% accurate, all of this is as true as it gets.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks, and enjoy,


Because of reasons beyond my control I was f***ed to switch high schools my senior year. It pretty much sucked for me, because I had a good network of friends that I'd known for a long time at my old school, and now I was moved to a much smaller private school in a town where I didn't know anybody. I was good at making friends, but it was just too late in the high school era to add new people at that point--it also hurt that I only was on campus a couple days a week because I only had 2 or 3 classes to finish in order to graduate. I made had a couple good friendships with a two different, very attractive, girls in my grade and would often eat lunch with them, but I never hung out with them after school or got to know their other friends. I was really horny this whole time, and had just lost a hot latina fuck buddy. The girls at school were really flirty with me and may have wanted me, but they had boyfriends and I respected that. I pretty much thought I'd just have to hang out only with the people I knew from back home whenever I could until I graduated.

Then after Christmas break there was a new student who would sit in the lounge during the brief breaks between classes and just wait, this was before even every rich k** had a cell phone even. I had taken to reading in there (because I didn't have too many people to talk to) and 3 or so other k**s were always around for the snack machines. The new girl was hot: short black hair (exactly like Jolie in "Hackers"), stunning blue eyes and perfect cheekbones. She had a tight round ass, a nice handful of tits and some great thighs...the first couple days I was just trying not to stare at her, but I would always try to catch her eye and smile :)

Within two weeks of our first day back, she walked into the snack room and found every seat taken--except for one space right next to me on a love seat at the far end. She came right for me and sat down close, I remember the side of her ass touching me instantly. She was wearing a white wife-beater, light jeans and sneakers. The first thing I said to her was that she smelled like cigarettes. She said she couldn't wait to smoke one after school but her normal ride ditched her today, so she was going to have to carpool with a friends' parents and wouldn't be able to go to the park and smoke. Her parents were both Russians who'd moved here, and she certainly looked the part. I gave her a ride home and she smoked a cigarette and held it out the window of my sports car. We talked for a while and were really flirty. She asked me a lot about sex and my cock grew and grew in my boxers. When I dropped her off she gave me her AIM screen name, and as soon I got home I was online and talking about our experiences, and I think we had phone sex. I talked about wanting to fuck her face, and she said she could take it all. She told me she'd been fucked in the ass--it was all I could think about.

That Friday after school I drove her to my friends' apartment for us all to hang out for a while. After a while of watching a movie and drinking a couple beers my friends left, and we started to make out. I was throbbing in my pants and she grabbed at my cock, as soon as she felt it she wanted it. I was still a bit nervous, but at the same time I wanted so much so bad. We went back into one of my friends bedrooms and started making out heavy. Soon our shirts were off; her small round, perky tits were perfect handfuls and I remember sucking them. I pulled off her jeans, that ass was incredible. She was wearing a small thong. She took off my jeans and my boxers. When my cock flopped out she got giddy "you're HUGE!"...I remember not really knowing whether I had a big dick or not at the time. She started to suck it slowly, but soon deeper, and deeper, then all the way down.. over, and over and over...
It was easily one of the best blow jobs I've had even today. But she wouldn't allow me to cum without fucking her. She kept saying it was her "turn". I hesitated because we didn't have a condom, but then she stopped deepthroating my cock and when on "strike". She was rubbing her tight beauty cunt over my wide dick as it laid flat on my chest. I looked at her perfect thighs and her tight Russian body and I could handle it--my cock couldn't stop pulsing.

I stood up and opened her legs, pulling her towards the edge of the bed where I was standing over her with my cock so hard it was stretching painfully. I stuck the head in her tight beautiful fuckhole, I pushed but it was tight beyond the tip--but she was really wet. I remember looking down and seeing myself slightly in her with at least 6" of hard young throbbing cock between us and being very unsatisfied. I pumped, got deeper, pumped harder - deeper, harder, harder harder and soon I was all the way up in her teenage pussy. After a minute I told her to "roll over", and she bent into doggy, but after a minute she spun back around and said "I wanna watch you fuck me". I did as best I could and fucked her hard, she certainly enjoyed it; but my knees were weak from lust and I didn't have the stamina I've gained over the years. While holding her down by the shoulders I pulled out and shot a large hot load on her stomach.

I wiped her off with my undershirt and then watched her walk around to collect her phone (she'd missed a call while my entire shaft was down her throat) and inspect herself in the bathroom mirror. Backlight by the florescent lights above the sink I watched her return the missed call. All I could stare at was her ass: tight, perky, round but not fat--fuckable.
"-Hey Mom! -Yeah I saw, sorry I didn't pick up Jessica was driving and wanted to be safe.. -Hehe.. -Yeah I'll be there she was just about to take me home."
She looked at me.


That concludes part one. Part two has WAY BETTER

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