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"Tiff', let's go! We're going to be late for registration if we don't leave now!" Lisa Kollins screamed from the foyer.

From the bedroom upstairs, Tiffany screamed, "Coming, Mom!" Inside her room, the nineteen-year-old college sophomore took one last look at herself in the full-length mirror. The girl, or the woman rather, that stared back looked fantastic in hip hugging jeans and tight t-shirt that ended at her navel. Her natural blonde hair was a deep golden hue cut into a short bob and made up of a loose curled perm whose strands fell across her eyes when she cheered. Slipping her flip-flops on, she bounced down the stairs, her curls bouncing with each step. "Okay, I'm ready!" she quipped.

"Are the bags in the car, Robert?" Lisa asked her husband.

"Uh-huh," he responded without looking up from the magazine he was reading.

"Okay, we're outa here! By sweetie!" Lisa said giving her husband a quick peck on the lips. "There's leftovers in the fridge and steak in the freezer. Have the guys over and grill."

"Sounds good," he replied. "You two be careful driving and who you talk to!" he added looking up from his magazine and rising from his chair kitchen stool.

"k, bye Daddy!" Tiffany said reaching up and hugging her Father, as he gave her a peck on the cheek.

"And bring back a trophy!" Robert added as he watched the mother and daughter pull away. They were heading to the state final cheerleading tournament in Dallas, over 200 miles from their Houston suburb.

They made the four-hour trip in just under three and a half hours, pulling into the parking lot of the hotel just as daylight turned to dusk. "Registration's from 6 to 7 with rehearsal until nine," Lisa reiterated to her daughter. "You hungry?"

"A little," Tiffany replied as she continued reading up on the tournament details. As her mother mentioned, final rehearsals were tonight from 7 to 9, with the tournament beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, tomorrow, and running until 5 p.m. The finalists would compete on Sunday with the losers heading for home or watching from the stands.

After checking in and dropping their bags off in their room with two double beds, they headed to the restaurant across the street from the hotel for a quick bite. Lisa had a grilled chicken sandwich and cup of soup, while Tiffany settled for a salad and a milkshake. Paying their bill in a rush, mother and daughter headed to the local arena a mile down the road. They arrived with enough time to register and change. Lisa was not only there as a sideline participant, but as an active assistant in helping her daughter and the team win.

At 44 years of age, she had been involved with cheering longer than she cared to remember, having started at age 5 with pee wee and continuing through middle school and on to the varsity squad in high school. She had taken to it like a camel to water, and quickly excelled, leading her squads through games and competition wins. She believed her cheerleading days were over when she entered college, but the yearning was too great and she tried out for a professional cheerleading job. Her outstanding cheerleading skills, natural athleticism and "girl next door" looks caught the eye of a major NFL franchise team, and she was hired. A year into the job, she was named co-captain.

However, after only six years of professional cheerleading, Lisa met Robert, a successful plastic surgeon, to whom she had gone for breast augmentation. They married a year later, and at his insistence, Lisa "retired" from professional cheerleading to start a f****y. She figured that marriage to a doctor was a safe bet. So at 25 years of age, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl - their only c***d, Tiffany. For the next nineteen years, Lisa devoted herself to her f****y, becoming the perfect trophy wife for her husband and the perfect mother to her daughter – often the envy of her women friends and the fantasy of their husbands. This was aided by the fact that she also made sure to have the occasional nip and tuck to keep her appearance and 37D-24-36 figure in tact and looking years younger.

This was an obvious perk of being married to a cosmetic surgeon. Face lifts, botox, liposuction and other minor procedures made Lisa easily look ten years younger. Throughout motherhood, Lisa never forgot her love of cheerleading, and as soon as Tiffany was old enough, she introduced the young toddler to the sport. While she never pushed cheerleading on her daughter, she was nevertheless pleased to see Tiffany take to it so easily as she grew. Once she was sure Tiffany planned to stick with it, Lisa began to get involved again, often coaching her daughter's squad and spending countless evenings helping her perfect her moves in their home gym.

With Robert working all the time, mother and daughter spent almost all their time together. They became best friends, spending lots of time shopping, eating out and attending cheerleading tournaments. And so, they found themselves at, yet, another tournament, preparing for rehearsal. Mother and daughter changed in the locker room. Tiffany changed into a short pair of shorts and a t-shirt, which she tied underneath her C-cup breasts. With measurements of 34C-24-32, Tiffany was no slouch herself, and basically looked like a younger version of her mother. Lacing up her tennis shoes, she sprang to her feet and turned to her Mother.

"Ready mom?" she asked her Mother, Lisa.

"One minute, hon'," replied Lisa as she stared into her compact and applied some light lipstick. Lisa looked fabulous even dressed in drawstring yoga pants and a matching v-neck sleeveless top that hugged her tremendous breasts. She pulled her platinum blonde hair into a ponytail, her dark roots straining, as she said, "Okay, let's go."

They wandered on to the gym floor where squads of cheerleaders rehearsed their stunts, including tumbles, pyramids and baskets. Tiffany spotted her squad and waved, picking up her pace. Lisa went directly to Renee, the head coach, to discuss the routines. Lisa was particularly good at perfecting transitions, so she focused on them. Tiffany, meanwhile, had finished stretching and was already involved in helping her team build a pyramid. Loud dance music pumped from dozens of boom boxes as the rehearsals got into gear.

After two hours of intense practice, Tiffany was panting from exhaustion. Even Lisa, who had led the dance routines, had broken into a sweat. "Phew!" Lisa sighed as she threw her arm around her daughter's shoulders. "Great work, honey! We have a real shot tomorrow!" she added, squeezing her gently.

"Thanks, mom! I couldn't have done it without you!"

Not seeing a need to change, mother and daughter threw on some sweat jackets and headed into the warm night. In the car, Lisa asked her daughter what she wanted to do when they got back to the hotel room.

"Oh, I dunno," said Tiffany in the typical, uncaring voice of a college girl. "I'm not really tired, are you?"

"No, not really. Actually, I'm kind of wired."

"Yeah, me too," Tiffany responded.

"Wanna get some beer and just chill?" Lisa asked her daughter. The request was not unusual, for Lisa often let her daughter have alcohol in the privacy of their own home.

"Sure!" Tiffany replied excitedly. So they swung into a convenient store and bought a six-pack of crisp, light beer.

Back in the hotel room, they cracked open the beer and just relaxed on the bed, talking mostly about the competition. Eventually, even that discussion ran its course and they began to talk about school, friends and dating, as they went through the beer faster than they realized. Wanting to be her daughter's friend, as well as mother, Lisa tried to take an interest in her daughter's relationships. Some times, she behaved as a friend when they talked. Other times, it was as a mother. This time, it was as a friend.

"Honey, are you still dating that boy... Greg? No... Craig?" she asked.

"No," Tiffany said lowering her eyes in sadness.

"Oh, honey, I'm sorry. What happened?"

"Nothing, I don't wanna talk about it," Tiffany answered.

"Oh, okay," Lisa said, noticing the sudden tears streaming down her daughter's cheeks.

"Oh, honey, come here," she said reaching out and hugging her daughter.

Tiffany did not drink beer very often, and when she did, it didn't take a lot to make her head swim and emotions bubble to the surface. "Oh, mom! He broke up with me after two months!" she sobbed.

"That's okay, honey," Lisa said comforting her daughter. Still holding her, she caressed her hair. "It's his loss, honey"

Tiffany sniffed and sobbed as she added, "I... I don't think I want to date for a while, Mom!"

"Why, honey? Did he hurt you that bad?" Lisa asked concerned, but suddenly realizing he may have hurt her physically. "Did he make you do anything you didn't... "

"No, no," Tiffany interjected. "He was a nice enough guy, mom. I really liked him."

"Why did he break up with you?" Lisa asked.

Sniffling, Tiffany stared long and hard at her mother as if pondering a decision on whether to discuss something or not. Again, she lowered her eyes and stared at her beer bottle between her thighs. "Mom, do you remember Charlie?"

"Your boyfriend from high school? Of course!" Lisa answered.

Tiffany glanced at her mom. Her eyes were still moist. "Well... Charlie was my... first," she said.

Realizing her daughter was confessing something very deep and personal, Lisa tried to ease her anxiety. "Honey, you can talk to me about that, if you want. I won't get angry. I'm not your Father. You know I'll always be here for you," Lisa added.

Tiffany cracked a smile. "Thanks," she whispered before continuing. "Charlie was my first and... only... until Craig," she said.

"So... you've only been with two boys?" Lisa confirmed.

Tiffany nodded affirmatively, and then spoke again. "I was s*******n when Charlie... you know... "

"Was it at prom?" Lisa asked, trying not to sound like she was prying.

"No," Tiffany answered, "it was a few months before that. We were at his house alone. His parents weren't going to be back for hours. One thing led to another and... "

"Oh, honey," Lisa reiterated and hugged her daughter again, this time tightly. "But... what's that got to do with Craig?"

Tiffany broke their embrace and stared at her Mother. "Craig broke up with me because I was... "


"... inexperienced, Mom. I couldn't please him!" Tiffany said loudly, the tears coming again.

Lisa hugged her daughter and said nothing, letting her cry. When Tiffany had relaxed, Lisa looked at her and said, "Honey, there will be men who don't care if you... "

"Mom!" Tiffany said annoyed, halting her mother in mid-sentence. "I want to be the best at everything I do! You and Daddy taught me that! I'm not saying I want or should be a slut, but I want to be able to please a man. Do what's... expected... or... normal"

"And, what's normal honey?"

"I dunno," Tiffany shrugged, seeming to tire of the conversation.

Fearing the conversation would end, Lisa pressed on. "What, if you don't mind me asking, was Craig disappointed about?"

Tiffany glanced at her mother and again stared in silence for a long minute. She was deciding just how frank to be with her mom. She, with the help of the alcohol, decided to tell all. "He said I gave shitty blow jobs," she blurted before chickening out.

"Oh!" Lisa replied, not expecting the frankness.

"He loved blow jobs, Mom, and he was constantly nagging me to blow him. I tried, Mom. I really tried, but I had never done that with Charlie. I only had sex with Charlie and that was twice in missionary, before we broke up," Tiffany continued, her tongue loosening and the words coming out uncontrollably.

"Honey, it just comes with time. You'll meet someone that will be nice enough to show you," Lisa said.

"No, no," Tiffany replied. "He tried to show me. I just couldn't get the hang of it." She whined, as her eyes grew moist again.

With the alcohol muddying her mind and the talk of blowjobs sending spasms to her pussy, Lisa blurted out the next phrase before she had a chance to think about it, "Well, too bad we don't have anything to use, or I'd show you the art of fellatio!" Her words were slurred slightly.

Tiffany glanced at her in surprise. "You would?"

"Sure! I do anything for you, honey!" Lisa said comfortable that the statement was already forgotten.

But it was not forgotten. Tiffany sat on the bed staring into space for a second as if in deep thought, before screaming, "I know!"

"You know what?"

"I have something we could use!" Tiffany said, standing excitedly and running to her bag.

The realization of what Tiffany had said registered in Lisa's clouded mind as apprehension seized her. "Oh?" she said somewhat timidly.

Tiffany returned with a hairbrush. But this was not your ordinary hairbrush. It was a unique hairbrush she purchased at a salon supply shop, designed specifically for her loose curled perm. The handle was a blunt, rigid piece of plastic about six inches long from where the brush started back to the end of the handle. The handle tapered softly at the edges, and its width was a comfortable inch-and-a-half. "We can use this!" Tiffany said, holding up the brush with the handle pointed upward. It was a perfect phallus.

Lisa stared mesmerized at the brush and at her daughter. "You're serious?"

Tiffany realized the hint of doubt in her mother and dropped her arm in dejection.

Lisa realized she needed to do this for her daughter, and if she wanted to continue being her friend. "Okay, I'll show you," she said.

Tiffany glanced back at her and smiled, handing her the brush.

Taking the brush in her hand, Lisa made herself comfortable on the bed. She stretched out as she lay on her stomach. Tiffany followed suit. Lisa held the brush between their faces. The handle pointed upward.

"Okay," Lisa began, "the first thing you want to do is lick it." She illustrated by licking the side of the handle, up then down. Again, she licked up then down.

Tiffany stared in awe only inches from her mother's tongue, as Lisa continued her illustrations.

"If you want, you can curl your tongue around it... "

"Around what?" Tiffany interrupted. A smirk crossed her face.


"Around what?" she said, emphasizing the second word.

"You know?"

"Yeah, I know, but I wanna hear you say it! C'mon, Mom. It's just us. Say it!"

Lisa stared at her daughter for a second before replying, "Cock, okay? If you want, you can curl your tongue around the cock and even nibble on it lightly," she added. She could feel her pussy growing moist as it spasmed from the conversation and demonstration.

"Ohhh," Tiffany said in understanding.

"When the big, juicy cock is nice and wet from your spit... "

"Mom!" Tiffany squealed in mock surprise, but intrigued at hearing her mother's words.

"What? Well, if you want me to say cock, then I may as well pretend it's big and juicy. Besides, that's your first lesson. Men like dirty talk. You could ask them if they like you sucking their big, juicy cock! Dirty, nasty talk will enhance your orgasms honey!"

Tiffany's pussy spasmed, as she involuntarily squeezed her thighs.

"When the cock is nice and wet, you can slip just the head into your mouth and flick the tip with your tongue," Lisa said, demonstrating.

"Okay," Tiffany responded, still watching intently.

"Then, you slowly slide the cock as far as you can take it down your throat," Lisa added, as she slowly slid the handle into her throat to the base where the brush began. Then she reversed her actions and slid the handle back out of her mouth. She began licking it again as she stared into her daughter's eyes.

Again, her pussy, the alcohol, and her clouded mind betrayed her, and she spoke without thinking. "Help me," she said.

"Huh?" Tiffany said somewhat surprised.

Lisa reiterated her request. "Help me suck this big, fat, juicy cock!" she said getting into the act as she slurped on the tip, deep-throated the handle and went back to licking the side.

Tiffany did not respond. Instead, she leaned forward, tilted her head, and as both women stared at each other, they began licking the sides of the brush handle. After a few moments to overcome the awkwardness, Lisa picked up her pace and slurped on the handle. Tiffany followed her mother's lead and as Lisa sucked the tip, Tiffany followed. As Lisa licked the side, her daughter followed. The entire time, they stared at each other.

After a few minutes of sucking and slurping, Lisa moaned. Like a good student, her daughter followed suit and moaned also. Soon both women were slurping and moaning over the brush handle. Finding themselves back to licking the sides of the handle, their tongues accidentally made contact.

"Oops, sorry," Lisa said and returned to licking the handle. But the sudden, accidental slip had sent her pussy gushing. The thought that her tongue had just made contact with her daughter's tongue had unleashed a torrent of lust running through her body and through her mind. She wanted to do it again, but she didn't have the nerve.

Lisa didn't have to worry, because the act had not gone unnoticed to Tiffany, who got so turned on by it, that she wanted it to happen again. So, she intentionally "slipped" and let her tongue again come in contact with her Mother's. This time, Lisa knew the slip had been intentional and realized her daughter was sending her a signal. Taking a bold step, she flicked her tongue against Tiffany's tongue again while moving away from the brush. Tiffany followed suit and the brush was suddenly a distant memory as mother and daughter flicked their tongues together, as they slowly moved toward each other. Eventually, their mouths closed against each other as their tongues continued to duel. Their saliva mingling as Tiffany let out a guttural moan into her mother's mouth. "Mmmph!!!!"
"Mmmm," Lisa moaned softly back before breaking the kiss. She stared into her daughter's eyes only inches away and whispering, "Tiff', I... are you sure you...?" But her words were cut off as her daughter's lips pressed against hers again, her tongue forcing itself into her mother's mouth.

"Mmmph!" Tiffany groaned again as her hand found its way to her mother's breast and rested gently on it.

Mother and daughter continued sharing the hottest kiss of their lives, as smacking sounds filled the room. The kiss picked up intensity as Tiffany gently squeezed her mother's breast through the thin t-shirt she had put on in the arena dressing room.

"Ugh!!" Lisa moaned loudly as the kiss broke. She stared deep into her daughter's eyes as she pulled her hair from the ponytail. With her hair tumbling over her shoulders, she asked again, "Honey, are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes," Tiffany replied. She was so aroused that her nipples ached as she continued, "mom, I've fantasized about you for as long as I can remember. Sometimes, when we practiced and you held me up over your head, your hand or thumb would touch my pussy, and all I'd wanna do is shove it in your face. Once, I even heard you and Daddy fucking one night years ago. I peeked into your bedroom and masturbated myself to orgasm. You looked so hot riding daddy's cock! I just wanted to rush in there and devour your breasts!

Lisa stared at her daughter in disbelief! "Boy, you seem pretty sexual for someone who's not 'experienced'", her mother said.

Tiffany grinned. "I wasn't experienced with the physical aspect of sex, Mom. But I love the idea of sex. Daddy doesn't know this, but I know where his secret collection of pornos is and I've watched ever one repeatedly when you guys are gone to some dinner party or conference."

"Oh... my... god... " Lisa said incredulously, her mouth now hanging open in awe of this stranger before her, she called her daughter. "Well, honey, the porno collection is mine, too, not just your father's. I enjoy them too."

"The pornos made me realize I may be secretly bi," Tiffany continued. "When I first saw two women together, I came like a freight train. And, when I watched one of the videos, an older one I think from the seventies, it was about i****t and a mother and daughter had sex. That's when I started thinking about you and I started masturbating frequently. I couldn't get you out of my mind. Daddy too, but mostly you!"

Lisa Kollins simply sat there listening to her daughter and shaking her head in disbelief.

"Does that answer your question?" Tiffany asked.

Lisa grinned at the wiseass remark, as she pushed her daughter back onto the bed and crawling half way atop her. "Well," she whispered, "your fantasies are about to come true daughter dear." Mother and daughter kissed again, this time passionately. Tiffany took her mother's hand and placed it on her own breast. Lisa wasted no time squeezing and massaging her daughter's tit. Tiffany moaned into her mom's mouth as Lisa broke the kiss to speak.

"Let's get more comfortable," she gasped to her daughter, as she removed her t-shirt to reveal her huge bosom tightly wound in a sport bra.

Tiffany followed her mother's lead and removed her own t-shirt. Her eyes never strayed from her mother's breasts and when Lisa removed her bra, a small moan escaped from Tiffany.

"You like?" her mother said squeezing her breasts together and teasing the nipples with her fingers.

"Fuck yeah!" Tiffany hissed, leaving all pretenses behind. Her mother had turned her on to the point of no return, and she couldn't wait to get her mouth on her mommy's tits.

"Come suck mommy's nipples, dear," Lisa said opening her arms and accepting Tiffany, who was now also naked from the waist up. Tiffany wasted no time wrapping her lips around her mother's stiff, turgid nipple, as Lisa caressed her hair and moaned, her eyes closing. "Ah!!!! Yes!!!! That's it, baby! Suck mommy's nipple! Lick 'em, baby! Bite 'em!!" she begged as Tiffany broke the contact and kissed her mother passionately.

"Hmmph!!!" Lisa moaned upon feeling her daughter's nipples make contact with her own. Continuing to kiss her daughter, Lisa slipped a hand into her daughter's shorts and panties. Feeling the thin, whispery hairs of her daughter's mound as she grazed passed it, she immediately sunk her long, slender, middle finger into her daughter's cunt. It was sopping wet.

"Mmmm!!!!" Tiffany groaned into her mother's mouth before breaking the kiss momentarily. "Oh, mom! Yes, mom, finger me! Finger my cunt, mom!!" she said, taking a cue from her mother's lesson to talk dirty.

"It's mommy!!!" Lisa gasped passionately yet sternly.

"Yes! Yes! Finger me, mommy!! Finger your daughter's cunt!!!"

"Ah!!! Fuck!!! You like that, don't you?" Lisa hissed.

"Uh... huh!!" Tiffany squealed in return.

"You're mommy's little slut, aren't you?" Lisa added. "Mommy's little girl can't wait to get her pussy eaten, can she?"

"Oh!!!" Tiffany moaned, "yes, mommy, yes!!!!"

Lisa fingered her daughter mercilessly as the women alternated between passionate kisses and slurping on each other's breasts, sucking each other's nipples to stiffness. Stopping suddenly, Lisa stood at the side of the bed and stared at her daughter before quickly untying the knot on her sweats and whisking them and her panties off in one swift motion.

Tiffany thought she would orgasm on the spot as she stared in awe at her gorgeous mother. Her breasts were magnificent: Two huge, pendulous globes that sat just above a narrow, flat stomach, before her body flared nicely out into womanly hips. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, not as thin and sparse as Tiffany's, but neat nevertheless.

Lisa leaned forward and grabbed her daughter's shorts, making sure to grab hold of the panties also, and pulled them off in one, clean motion, much like she had done with her own. Tiffany smiled at her mother as she raised her hips to help get her clothes off. Naked, she laid back on the bed, spreading her legs. Her fingers found her pussy lips and spread them open for her mother's lusty gaze. "Come and get it, mommy! Come and eat your little girl's pussy! See how nice and wet it is for you?" Tiffany whispered coquettishly, as her fingers rubbed her pussy lips, slipping a finger into her hole now and then.

"Mmmm," Lisa groaned as she crawled onto the bed and between her daughter's spread thighs. "Oh, baby!! Look at this beautiful cunt!!! Mommy's gonna love tasting you," she gasped one last time before diving into her daughter's pussy. Her tongue lapped at the nether hole from stem to stern, as Tiffany writhed in pleasure.

Tiffany's back arched at the feel of her mother's lips on her pussy, and she couldn't help let out a guttural moan when her mom thrust her tongue inside Tiffany's hole. "Ugh!!!!" Tiffany screamed as her pussy sent a fresh gush of cream over her mother's tongue.

"Mmmm," Lisa moaned as her mouth and chin were suddenly covered in her daughter's juices. She ate her daughter's pussy expertly, lapping at her slit, thrusting into her hole and flicking her clit back and forth. With each touch of her mother's tongue, Tiffany squirmed and begged for more. This lasted for a few minutes before Tiffany began to squirm uncontrollably.

"Yes, mommy, yes!!!" Tiffany continued to gasp, as she felt her orgasm approaching fast. "I'm gonna cum, mommy!! I'm gonna cum!! Eat me!! Eat your slut cheerleader daughter, mommy!!!" Tiffany screamed as her mother picked up her pace, lapping at her daughter's labias and hole before focusing on her clit as her daughter moved into her climax. "Yes!!!! Oh!!!! Fuck!!!! I'm... cum... ming!!!!!! Omigod, I'm cumming, mommy!!!!" Lisa massaged her daughter's clit with her tongue until her daughter's convulsions began to subside and her moans quieted.

Finally, Lisa glanced up at her daughter from between her thighs, her mouth still covered Tiffany's pussy, as her tongue made gentle swirls around her daughter's clit. Tiffany's body twitched with every touch. Lisa watched her daughter's chest heave repeatedly as her breathing finally came back to normal.

Tiffany lay in post-orgasmic bliss with her eyes closed as Lisa planted tiny kisses along her daughter's torso. When she got to her daughter's tits, Lisa took the tender, candy-colored nipple into her mouth and sucked gently, while playing with the other. She alternated licking and sucking each nipple until her daughter's nipples were stiff as pencil erasers. Lisa shuffled up to her daughter's face and they both stared at their tits as they rubbed the nipples together. The sensation caused both women to moan simultaneously. Tiffany closed her eyes as Lisa threw her head back in ecstasy.

Resting on top of her daughter, as their tits smashed together, Lisa kissed Tiffany long and hard. Her tongue searched for her daughter's tongue as Lisa ran a hand through Tiffany's hair, grasping her head and kissing her harder. Tiffany kissed her mother, tasting her own juices and moaning her contentment.

"Mmmm," Tiffany moaned into her mother's mouth as she grabbed handfuls of her mom's succulent ass and squeezed it. Lisa began to rub her raw pussy against her daughter's leg, which she found she was straddling. Her gaping, pulsating pussy lips rubbed against her daughter's thigh as fresh pussy cream leaked onto Tiffany's thigh.

"Mmmm! Oh!!!" Lisa groaned, breaking the kiss and sitting up into a seated position. She pulled Tiffany up into a seated position, facing her, and scooted herself up against her daughter. Both women were sitting on the bed, facing each other, as Lisa intertwined their legs such that they were "scissoring" each other. Lisa continued scooting herself next to her daughter until their pussies touched, their tits rubbed together, and mother and daughter could kiss.

The second Tiffany felt her mother's raw, moist pussy touch her own pussy lips, she groaned. "Ah!!!! Fuck, mommy! That feels so good!" she wailed, embracing her mother and kissing her. Like earlier, Tiffany followed suit when her mom began to rock back and forth, causing their pussies to rub against each other, the sensations were unlike anything Tiffany had ever felt before. She began mumbling uncontrollably as their tempo picked up. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, mommy!! Fuck your daughter!! Mmmm! Yes, oh yes!!! Fuck! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! That's it, mommy!"

"Oh!!!" Lisa moaned as she alternated kissing her daughter and sucking her nipples, while the rocking caused her pussy to rub back and forth against her daughter's tender hole. "Yeah! That's my good girl! That's mommy's little good girl!!! Cum again for mommy! Cum all over mommy's pussy!!!"

"Ah!!! Ah!!!! I'm get... ting... close, mommy!!!" Tiffany gasped breathlessly as both women picked up speed.

"Me... too... ho..ney!!!" Lisa replied, also out of breath. "Mommy's... gonna... cum... all... over... her... little... girl's... pussy!!!! Ah!!! Oh!!! Fu... ck!!!! I'm cum... ming!!! Mommy's cumming!!!!" Lisa bellowed as both women rocked uncontrollably. A fine sheen of perspiration covered their bodies.

"Ah!! Ah!!! Ah... " Tiffany started to scream before the intensity of her own orgasm was too much and she stopped. Her eyes were shut tightly and mouth hung open as everything around her seemed to disappear except for the excruciating pleasure shooting through her pussy, as she rubbed it forcibly against her mother's.

Lisa lapped up the slight drool from the corner of her daughter's mouth before covering it and kissing her daughter through the end of their mutual orgasms. Both women moaned into each other as their climax mellowed and their rocking slowed. Finally, their orgasms ended as their rocking turned into a gentle sway. They continued kissing for a long minute, until Lisa finally broke the kiss and stared back down as their sweaty, pendulous breasts, glistening with perspiration, as she rubbed the nipples softly against each other.

"Mmmm," Tiffany whispered, resting her forehead on her mother's shoulder. "That was incredible, mom!"

Lisa smiled a great big beautiful smile, as she placed tender kisses on her daughter's shoulder. "Thanks," was her only reply.

Raising her head and glancing at her mom, who had done the same, Tiffany asked, "Where did you... you know... learn to do that stuff with a girl?"

Again, Lisa displayed her perfect, pearly whites, as she smiled and coyly replied, "Donna."

"No way? Your best friend from your NFL days?" Tiffany said, an incredulous look on her face.

"Mmm-hmm," Lisa replied affirmatively. "We stayed in the same hotel room when we would travel as pros, and one night, we got d***k and one thing led to another and... "

"Do you still get it on with her?"

"No. When she married, it kind of came to end on its own," Lisa replied.

"Does daddy know?"

"Of course. Your father knows everything, honey,"

"What was his reaction?"

"He fucked me for a week straight!"

Tiffany laughed as her mother disengaged from her and stood. "I'm gonna shower? Wanna join me?"

"No," Tiffany replied curling into a fetus position on the bed. "I'm too pooped to get turned on again. I'll go when you're done."

Lisa moved to the bathroom and showered. Afterward, she came out of the bathroom naked except for a towel wrapped around her head. She started to say something to her daughter when she noticed Tiffany was fast asl**p. Lisa smiled a smile of contentment, thinking she must've done a good job, as she covered her daughter up. She set the alarm on the clock radio, called the front desk for a wake-up call as back up and turned off the lights. Slipping into her own bed, she thought about what had transpired tonight, and how Tiffany would feel in the morning. She hoped her daughter wouldn't feel differently, because Lisa hoped for more lust-filled sessions with her daughter – her slut, cheerleader daughter.

Morning came with the incessant buzzing of the alarm clock, as the telephone rang simultaneously. Lisa sat up on her elbow, shut off the clock and answered the telephone. In the other bed, Tiffany had put a pillow over her head to drum out the waking sounds, but she heard the muffled sounds of her mother hanging up the phone and saying, "Come on, sl**py head! It's six thirty. We have two and a half hours to get ready, grab a bite to eat and head to the arena." Tiffany simply groaned. "C'mon honey! Seriously, it will be nine before we know it!" Lisa added lifting the pillow from her daughter's face and kneeling next to her daughter's face and looking into her eyes for any unspoken reaction to the night before.

"Good morning to you too," whispered Tiffany hoarsely and kissed her mother on the lips. Her tongue snaking briefly into her mother's mouth.

After the kiss, Lisa simply stared at her daughter and smiled, pleased that her daughter was unfazed. "Good morning," she replied and stood. "I took a shower last night so I just have to get dressed. The hotel has a continental breakfast. We can hit that and save time."

"Okay," replied Tiffany, as she bounced into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Nearly one hour later, both mother and daughter were ready and looked incredible in their competition uniforms. Tiffany had on the typical college cheerleader outfit: A tight fitting red and white sweater with her college name across the chest. A matching, pleated cheerleading skirt with red panties completed the uniform. Saddle shoes and socks completed the outfit. Her short, loosely curled blonde hair seemed a perfect compliment to the outfit. Her brown eyes sparkled with natural tone eye shadow and a little too-thick liner.

Lisa looked equally as hot in the same sweater, but her tremendous breasts seemed to pronounce the school name scribbled across her chest. Instead of a skirt, Lisa had on skin-tight, red spandex shorts that stopped at her upper thighs, just barely covering her taught ass. Tennis shoes and socks matching her daughter's completed Mom's outfit. Her platinum blonde hair, was not in a ponytail this time, but rather, styled so that it tumbled across her shoulders. Her make-up was similar to her daughter's with perhaps a bit less eyeliner. Her brown eyes had that 'come hither' bedroom look as they looked around the room for one final check. "Are we ready?" she asked.

"Yup," Tiffany replied heading to the door.

Both women made their way to the hotel lounge area, where tables were set up and a buffet of cold breakfast awaited them. As they went about their business, they seemed unfazed by the gawking and lustful stares coming from the men around them. Professional men on business, retirees, and even young boys seemed to be drooling and craning their necks as they stared at the mother-daughter cheerleading team. The unmistakable resemblance between the two only added to the men's lustful i****t fantasies. Little did these men know that the mother-daughter pair really did enjoy fucking and sucking each other! Finishing with their breakfast, the pair made their way to the packed arena.

The contest was heated, and the competition fierce. But Lisa had never seen her daughter behave more confidently as captain of the squad, leading the girls through their routines flawlessly. Even Lisa seemed to have that extra spark, as she watched and coordinated the day's events for the team, supporting the team's coach and working with her to make sure everything went off smoothly.

And at the end of the day, Tiffany's squad came in first! Everyone cheered as their college name was listed at the top for Sunday's finals competition. Everybody was giddy with enthusiasm as the first day of competition came to an end. The coach wanted to celebrate with a team dinner, so everyone returned to their hotel rooms and changed. They reconvened at a trendy, chain restaurant, where the group sat together and ate, talking incessantly about the competition. At the end of dinner, the coach announced that everyone could go to her room to wind down. Lisa shot a knowing glance at her daughter. They were both thinking that they rather go back to their own hotel room and wind down by eating each other's pussies. Lisa smiled at her daughter. Tiffany stared into her mother's eyes and every so slightly, ever so briefly, licked her lips. Lisa squeezed her thighs in anticipation.

In the parking lot, Tiffany saw her mom discussing something with the head coach. As mother and daughter walked back to the car together, Tiffany asked, "What was that all about?"

"What?" Lisa teased, the corners of her mouth turning upward into a wicked smile.

"Don't play dumb, bitch!" Tiffany teased back, whispering.

"Oh! Oh, that? I told her we were going to go back to the hotel room and eat each other's pussies!" Lisa said, winking. Tiffany rolled her eyes at the wise ass remark before her Mom continued, "Actually, I told her we were really tired and that we were going to go over some last minute details of tomorrow's routines and hit the sack early. So I told her we were passing on the get together in her room." Lisa said, smiling and adding, "She was impressed with our... ahem... dedication."

As they pulled away from the restaurant, Tiffany glanced at her mother and said, "You are such a slut!"

"A slut for my daughter!" Lisa groaned her reply.

"Mmmm," Tiffany moaned, resting her head against the car's headrest and closing her eyes as if in thought. "Hurry mom, I can't wait much longer to get my mouth on your pussy," she whispered, squeezing a breast through the thin t-shirt she had slipped on to go eat.

They made it back to the hotel in record time. As soon as the door to their room clicked shut, Tiffany pulled her mom into her arms for a long, hard kiss, her tongue penetrating her mother's mouth and seeking her tongue. Spit dribbled down the corner of Lisa's mouth from the sensuous kiss.
"Mmmm," Lisa moaned into Tiffany's mouth, before whispering, "I wanna take a shower. I feel grungy, and besides, I wanna be all clean for my little girl."

"Can I join you this time?" Tiffany whispered sexily.

"Of course," Lisa replied, adding, "but I'm not responsible for what happens in there! You might get your tits sucked, your nipples pinched, or your pussy eaten!"

In response, Tiffany turned on the shower and began to undress in record speed. Her mother watched briefly and laughed before undressing herself. Naked, mother and daughter stepped into the shower and under the hot spray. Once soaked and accustomed to the temperature, they embraced for another hot kiss. Lisa leaned down and took her daughter's nipple between her lips, caressing the tip with her tongue before sucking on it. Tiffany returned the favor.

For several minutes, mother and daughter enjoyed kissing each other and sucking each other's nipples. Moving on, they each ate each other's pussies. The hot spray cascaded over their wet bodies as mother and daughter writhed in ecstasy, as orgasm after orgasm rocked their bodies.

Satiated for the moment, they sensually washed each other's hair. With their hair rinsed, they soaped each other up and washed each other's bodies, paying particular attention to each other's tits and pussies. At one point, Lisa turned and bent over as her daughter dripped soapy water from a washrag over her mother's ass. The water ran down Lisa's ass and in between her cheeks, seeping into her nether hole, as Tiffany used the rag to run her hand between her mother's cheeks, wedging her fingers deep inside her crack. She could feel the entrance to her mother's asshole as she rubbed the rag around, feigning to clean.

"Mmmm, yeah!!!" Lisa moaned longingly upon feeling her daughter's hand inside her ass. Tiffany's other hand palmed and massaged her mother's pendulous breast, as it hung downward.

"You like that?" Tiffany asked her mother, who had closed her eyes and thrown her head back, the hot spray hitting her forehead and face.

"Mmmm, yeah baby, mommy likes that very much!" she said turning her head to stare back at her daughter.

Tiffany increased her efforts in rubbing her mother's crack and pressing against her asshole with the side of her hand. She stared into her mother's eyes, noticing the lustful gaze that suddenly came over her mommy's face.

Lisa's eyes spoke volumes as her mouth went slack. Staring back into her daughter's eyes, she whispered, "stick your fingers in my ass, honey. Finger your mommy's asshole. Please, honey? Mommy loves having her ass played with!"

Tiffany smiled as she soaped up her hand. Continuing to massage her mother's breast and pinching its nipple, she slowly inserted an index finger into her mommy's asshole.

"Ah!!!" Lisa groaned, "Yes! That's it! Bugger mommy's asshole!! Stick it in!! It feels so good!!!"

Tiffany moved her index finger in and out of her mommy's asshole a few times before whispering, "You want another?"

"Yes!!" her mother hissed almost cutting her off.

Tiffany smiled at the sudden control she had over her mother, not to mention the vulnerable position she seemed to be in. While buggering her mommy, Tiffany recalled all those times when her mother had laid down the law, not allowing her to do what she wanted or go where she wanted to go. And now, here she was - her beautiful statuesque mother, a pillar of the community, married to a well-respected physician. Tiffany wondered what people would think if they saw her mother now, bent over in the shower as her own daughter buggered her, shoving a second finger deep into her mother's rectum.

"Ah!!!!" Lisa threw her head back in ecstasy! "Yes, honey!! Yes!!! Another!!! Put another finger in!!!! Please!!!!"

Tiffany was surprised that her mother wanted, yet, another finger in her ass, but she was not about to dissatisfy her horny mommy. Slipping her fingers momentarily from her mommy's asshole, Tiffany stared at the gaping hole before it closed on its own. Quickly soaping up her hand again, she reinserted two fingers effortlessly and buggered her mom's ass for a few seconds, before inserting a third finger to the loud moans of contentment constantly emanating from her mother. "Yeah! You like that, don't you, 'mommy'?" Tiffany hissed, emphasizing the word "mommy". "You like having your daughter bugger your ass, doncha... 'mommy'? You like me shoving my fingers deep inside my mommy's ass!" she added, each time emphasizing the word "mommy".

Tiffany released her hold on her mother's breast that she was still massaging and held on to her hips, for support. She began pistoning her fingers in and out of her mommy with a fervor she'd never exhibited before with anything else.

"Ah!!! Fuck!!!!! Ah!!!!" Lisa groaned, half in pain, half in pleasure.

"Are you okay?" Tiffany asked, worried. This was new to her, so she had no idea what her mother was feeling.

"Yes!! Yes!!! Don't stop, honey!! Please!!!"

Tiffany continued sliding her fingers in and out of her mother's ass, wondering how this could possibly feel good.

In her ecstasy, Lisa had the presence of mind to realize the pain was more than it should be. Looking around, she spotted the hair conditioner and handed it back to her daughter. "Use this! Lot's of it!!"

Tiffany grabbed the open bottle that they had used for their hair and dripped a copious amount over her fingers, watching it seep in her mommy's asshole, and immediately feeling the ease in pressure as her fingers slid easily in and out.

"Oh, god!!! Fuck, yes!!! Fuck my ass, sweetey!!! Fuck mommy's ass!!!" Lisa gasped.

Her mother's sounds of pain were gone, and she simply writhed in ecstasy as she played with her own pussy. With her hand in a rhythm buggering her mom, Tiffany moved her other hand back to palming her mommy's breast and pinching her nipple.

The feeling of her nipple being pinched, her clit being strummed, and her daughter's entire hand shoving in and out of her asshole was too much for Lisa as her orgasm slammed into her. "Ah!!!!! Fuck, yes!!!! I'm cum... ming!!!!! Fuck!!!!" she screamed, biting her lip in ecstasy as her body convulsed from the collective sensation. Her groin spasmed, as her asshole flexed around her daughter's hand and her pussy did likewise around her own fingers. She nearly blacked out from the power of the climax.

Finally, after a long minute to catch her breath, Lisa moaned in contentment. Tiffany still had her hand in her mother's asshole and was still toying with her mother's breast as she planted tiny kisses on her mother's back. Upon hearing her mother come around, Tiffany slipped her fingers from her mother's rectum. Lisa moaned her displeasure in the empty feeling that was created, but managed to straighten and turn to face her daughter. They kissed lovingly.

"Wow!" was all Tiffany could say, when the kiss broke. They continued embracing as their tits rubbed together gently.

Lisa kissed her daughter again, and then whispered, "Honey, that was one of the best orgasms I've ever had! Better even than with your Father!"

"Really?" Tiffany replied, beaming with pride!

"Really! It's always great with your father, but with you, it was... indescribable! I think it was the thought that my very own daughter was buggering me. Oh how depraved!!" Lisa said, giggling.

"We're sluts!!" Tiffany said, kissing her mom briefly.

"Ass fucking sluts!!" added Lisa.

"Pussy eating, ass fucking sluts!!" added Tiffany.

"Pussy eating, ass fucking, mother-daughter, cheerleader sluts!!" said Lisa.

"Here! Here!!" replied her daughter.

They kissed again. Lisa squeezed her daughter's breasts briefly before moving behind her and pushing her into the warmth of the water. Tiffany closed her eyes and tilted her head back as the water sprayed over her face and body. Her mother wrapped her arms around her daughter from behind and kissed the back of her neck lightly, moving to her shoulders and down her back. When she got to the top of her daughter's ass, she whispered, "bend over," and Tiffany assumed the same position her mother had held just moments earlier, holding on to the faucet for support.

Lisa continued placing tiny, wet kisses on her daughter's tight, firm ass cheeks, while slipping four fingers into her pussy from behind.

"Ah!!!!" Tiffany hissed, her eyes closing, as her mom wrapped her other arm around her daughter's thighs and brought her thumb to her clit. Tiffany groaned again, this time louder, as her mother moved nearly her whole hand in and out of her daughter's pussy from behind, while she played with her daughter's pussy using her other hand. "Ugh!!!! Mom, ah!!!!!"

Lisa slapped her daughter's ass hard. "It's 'mommy', remember?" she said sternly.

After a surprise yelp, Tiffany caught on to the new game and replied obediently, "yes, mommy. I'm sorry mommy!! Please, finger my pussy mom... I mean... "

A second slap came harder and immediately on the other cheek.

"Oh!!!!" Tiffany groaned, delighting in the newfound pleasure and pain sensation. "Yes, mommy! Thank you for spanking me, mommy!! I'm a bad girl, aren't I, mommy?"

"Yes! Yes, you are!! Will you continue doing these depraved things with your own mother?"

"No," Tiffany said, shaking her head from side to side, thinking that was the expected answer.

Lisa slapped her daughter's ass yet again, this time harder than previous.

"Ah!!!" Tiffany yelped. "Uhm... yes! Yes!!!"

"Yes, what?" Lisa said, all the while fingering her daughter's pussy between slaps.

"Yes... I will continue doing depraved things with my mother!" Another slap. "Ugh!!! Mommy... I mean... with my mommy!!"

"What kind of things," Lisa asked, her voice taking on a tone of authority. Still fingering her daughter with one hand, she was also now caressing her cheeks after each slap with her other hand, noticing the glowing red handprints developing against her soft skin.

"Uhm... dirty things! Nasty things!!" Tiffany uttered, waiting for the wrong answer and another slap. But none came.

"Like what, specifically?" Tiffany heard her mother ask, as she felt soft, wet kisses on the cheeks of her ass, where the slaps had found their mark.

"Like... eating her pussy, and... and sucking her beautiful, big tits... " Tiffany replied waiting anxiously, but no slap came.

"And...?" her mother said softly, as she parted her daughter's cheeks to reveal her clean, red rosebud.

"And... ," Tiffany thought for a moment through her lust filled mind, "and... fucking my mommy up the ass!" she said, just as she felt her mother's tongue penetrate her tender, virgin rose bud. "Oh!!! Mommy, no, I... " And then came the slap!

"Silence!!" Lisa ordered, and Tiffany piped up. Lisa resumed licking her daughter's pussy and asshole from behind, starting at the bottom of her pussy, as far as she could extend her tongue and running it all the way up her crack to her rose bud, where she proceeded to spread her daughter's cheeks and stab her pink asshole.

"Ah!!! Mommy! I... oh!!!! I... mmmm!!! Yes! Yes!!! Fuck it!!! Lick my ass. Mommy!!!! Eat my pussy!!!" Tiffany gasped, relinquishing her reservations to the wonderful feelings her mother was eliciting. At first she had been unsure when she felt her mother's tongue invading her asshole. But now, as she felt the initial stirrings of what was, to be sure, a powerful orgasm, she smiled in pleasure. "Yeah, that's it, mommy! Eat your slut daughter's asshole out!!! Lick my pussy!!! Stick your motherly tongue in your daughter's ass!!!"

"Mmmmph!!!!" Lisa moaned into her daughter's ass, as her stiff tongue now pushed past her daughter's sphincter ring and wedged deep into her asshole as she ate her out, the entire time massaging her daughter's pussy and clit with a free hand and a breast with another.

"Ugh!!!!" Tiffany let out a deep, guttural moan as her orgasm hit her with tremendous f***e!! "Mommy, I'm... cum... ming!!!" she gasped as her body shook uncontrollably. Her rectum flexing against her mother's tongue, buried inside it, and her pussy throbbed violently as her mother's hand strummed her clit through the climax. "Ah!!!!! Oh!!!!! Mom... my!!!!!!!!! Fu... ck!!!!!!" Tiffany screamed before collapsing.

Moments later, she came to. The shower was off but her mother was still inside the tub with her. Both lay exhausted – two heaps of crumpled flesh – catching their breaths. Finally, Tiffany turned and as both sat in the shower's tub, they kissed gently, both moaning into the other's mouth.

"Oh... my... god, mom!" Tiffany was the first to speak when the kiss ended. "That was fucking incredible!!! You are... amazing!!!" Tiffany whispered at a loss for words.

Lisa smiled. "Thanks, honey," she replied. "I have Donna and your Father to thank. They were... are... both, two of the most sexual people I've ever met!" she added.

"Mom? Do you think Daddy would let me fuck him?" Tiffany asked, suddenly intrigued at the idea.

"Are you k**ding, honey? Do a cheer for him in your uniform, but leave the panties behind, and you'll have eating from the palm of your hand!" her mother responded.

"You mean from my pussy?" Tiffany smirked.

Both laughed, as Lisa added, "But let's wait a while, honey, to invite him into a depraved world. I don't want to share you right now."

Tiffany smiled. "Okay," she replied. "Hey mom?"


"We never did get through the 'art of fellatio'," Tiffany said.

"Are you disappointed?" her mother asked.

"No," Tiffany asked, "I just don't know if I'm ever going to need to know how to eat pussy outside of yourself."

Lisa smiled and replied, "Trust me, honey. You'd be surprised." She patted her daughter's knee as she stood. "Besides, if you're serious about your father, he'll do a much better job of teaching you how a man likes to be blown. He's the one that taught me," she added.

Tiffany smiled to herself and stood, following her mother as they dried off and returned to the beds. They made some more small talk before calling it an early night.

Lisa dreamed wonderful dreams of she and her daughter naked in a field of wild flowers, entwined in a sixty-nine as they ate each other to oblivion.

Tiffany had a difficult time falling asl**p, as images of her Daddy fucking her filled her lust crazed mind. She wondered how big his cock was and pictured it to be an enormous twelve-inch monster. Her final thought before falling asl**p was a vision of her daddy spewing ropes of cum into her mouth and across her eyes, nose, lips and cheeks, as a look of contentment spread across her face.


Tiffany's college and her cheerleading squad went on to win the state competition. Mother and daughter were ecstatic to bring the news home to Tiffany's father and to plan for the nationals in Florida. They were more excited about the weeklong tournament and the time they'd have together to feast on each other.

The weeks following the tournament were ones filled with sexual frustration for the young daughter, as her nipples would harden each time her daddy was near. Her mother noticed this and would smile at her, teasing that it wasn't time yet to seduce him. She wasn't ready to share her daughter's sweet, sweet pussy.

Mother and daughter were able to easily continue their secret, i****tuous, lesbian affair since Robert was gone more often than not, as his practice grew. Mother and daughter took their affair outside of the bedrooms, to the kitchen, the den, and even the exercise room that doubled as the cheerleading practice room. They role-played as a tart cheerleader seducing her coach and forcing her to eat her pussy. They fucked one morning after breakfast when one thing led to another and they sucked pancake syrup, whip cream and other delectable edibles off of each other's tits and pussies. Lisa even purchased a strap on dildo and took her daughter's anal "virginity".

The entire time, Tiffany kept her eye on her father, enticing him with glimpses of her breasts as she jetted out of the shower to her room at just the right time; or slowly and 'unknowingly" gyrating on the chaise while sun-tanning as her daddy mowed the lawn, a thong bikini revealing plump, tender cheeks to his gaze. She knew he had noticed her as a woman, and she knew that his restraint was wearing thin. Her mother had told her again how he was weak willed when it came to women and sex, and how she didn't mind as long as he played it safe and came home to her pussy. Tiffany even practiced in her cheerleading uniform one day, while he lifted weights on the circuit machines they owned in the exercise room. Tiffany's pussy would gush each time she got a glimpse inside her Daddy's shorts and his flaccid cock and balls, while he lay bench pressing. She had worn a high, French cut bikini panties for that particular practice, and they rode into the crack of her ass. She intentionally had done some splits, tumbles and jumps and casually bent over, giving her daddy glimpses of plump ass cheeks and camel toe. She remembered his erection, and how he promptly excused his self. And, she also remembers how she described the scenario to her mother, as she ate her pussy later that evening.

Mother and daughter wondered how long it would be, before Robert Kollins' will broke, and he fucked both his wife and his daughter. But until then, they were happy with each other

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